1965-05-05 - Cities by the Sea
Summary: Dazzler and Nick meet on the shore and go for breakfast.
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It is very early morning on the beach, the stretch of sand extending out in either direction. The boardwalk is quiet with only a few lights glowing to illuminate the walkways. There's the occasional jogger who heads down the beach, some alone, some with a dog or two, but for the most part it is quiet save for the rush of the water as it comes up the shore. There in the damp sand kneels Nick, and with his hands alone shapes the sand into an elaborate sculpture, a small city that at one end is already being washed away, while he builds further up the beach. In time as the tide comes in, it will all be pulled away.

It looks like she might not have slept the night before, or not made it home. She's wearing what could only be described as an evening gown, the hem of which is pulled up to avoid the sand, her shoes held in her hand along with the small clutch purse that matches the dress. Hair, well, that was once very stylishly done, but now it's half-falling down. Whatever her evening was it seems to have been a productive and good one, judging by the very soft tune that she sings to herself as she wanders down the beach.

The sand seems to lift up into his hands, moving with the slightest of touches to form small blockish houses and towers, winding walls and minarets. It's far more complicated than he should be able to make and at the speed that he is able to make it. He doesn't hear the sound over the breeze and the water, but he does see the movement out of the corner of his eye. His shoes are far up the shore. His feet are bare in the sand, and he wears a pair of jeans and a plain blue t-shirt. Watching her come up along the beach, he offers a smile and a nod of his head if she happens to notice him.

A man playing with sand is not really going to catch her attention, usually. But what Nick is doing, or rather the unusualness of the speed and style, that does. The singing cuts off as she tilts her head, moving a little more directly in his direction, "Good morning."

It's not the sort of sandcastle building that could be managed without tools and without going much slower. Entire sections of neighborhood in his appearing and vanishing city simply spring up beneath his hands. Though when she moves over in his direction, he settles back on his heels, resting his hands on his thighs and says, "Morning," with an easy smile. "Early morning gala? Or late night?"

"Late night, it seems." Dazzler replies, a hand lifting to shield her eyes as she glances around, then her hand drops, "You often come out here building sand castles?" It's small talk, but one does not just come out and say things about how strange his sand castle abilities are.

"Sometimes, when I can't sleep, and need to do something with my hands," Nick says, holding them up and turning them around a bit, back to front and front to back again before looking down at the city which washes away much faster now that he's not continuously building it, letting the water take it back. "You?" He pulls himself up to his feet then, dusting his hands off on his jeans.

"I used to, but this is the first time I've come back since I was a little girl." Dazzler replies, that smile curling upwards a bit, eyes falling towards the little sand city as it gets swallowed back by the water. "Wouldn't it be better to make something less…temporary?"

"Is it the way that you remember it?" Nick asks with some curiosity, and then glances back down as the water creeps ever closer, dissolving his creation as it does. Then he smiles and says, "I have a whole gallery for the less temporary. This.. is just for me.. and I suppose whoever else might walk by and see it."

"Mostly the way I remember it, yes." She replies, tucking the shoes and the purse beneath one arm, the mention of a gallery getting a more focused sense of interest from her. "You're an artist, then?"

Nick nods his head as he looks out across the water for a moment or two. Then he turns his attention back to her and says. "Sculptor and architect, yes. I have a gallery in the city. And you?" he asks her, clearly not having recognized her.

"I sing." She replies, that smile seeming to widen in a bit of amusement at the question, "Have you designed many houses in the city, yet?" She wonders, eyes briefly shifting down to the remains of his city.

Nick shakes his head and says, "I have done some decorative elements for renovations for some of the older buildings in the city, and I've some designs that are being reviewed — but I haven't created anything truly new within the city itself, no whole structures yet." He says then, "I've always wanted to sing, but I have no talent for it."

"Does them being in review mean that you will create something?" Dazzler wonders, not having any idea what so ever how that sort of thing actually works. "I'd love to see something, your sculptures maybe?"

"If I get the contract to do the work," Nick says. "Depends on whether or not they accept my proposal. Then, we'll see. Possibly," Nick says with a smile and a shrug of his shoulders. "Only time will tell." He smiles then and says, "Join me for breakfast? I'll show you the gallery if you like."

"I'm not really dressed for most places that serve breakfast." She points out with a laugh, gesturing to her dress, "But I can perhaps meet you somewhere if you give me a little time?"

Nick tilts his head just a little bit and looks her over from head to toe, "Oh, I don't know. I think you look perfect just as you are." His eyes sparkle a little bit, but he gives her a little bow with one arm extended. "But if you'd rather meet somewhere, then we could do that."

It's an endearing comment, and one that would probably appeal to most egos. "Well….very well." Dazzler replies, nodding, "I shall forgo changing, and go directly to breakfast. Where are we going?"

Nick nods his head toward the boardwalk, "A little place called The Cracked Egg that I found that opens early." He picks up his own shoes and then extends an elbow in her direction for her to take if she feels so inclined before leaving the little city to be swallowed by the waves as he turns his steps toward the boardwalk.

"Sounds delightful." Dazzler replies, reaching over to take the offered elbow and follow where he leads her. It's not until they are safely on the boardwalk that she dusts off her feet and slides her shoes back on.

Once on the boardwalk, he pauses to put his own shoes back on, and then resumes their walk. The little breakfast joint is just opening up and doesn't seem quite ready for customers yet, but apparently Nick has been here before, and so they wave him in and give Dazzler a surprised look. Of course, she's the one that is actually recognizable. The pair are lead to a booth by the window where they can see the water and menus are set in front of them, as well as a carafe of fresh coffee and two mugs.


"Thank you." She probably knows what that surprised look means, but since no one has gone all fangirl, or anti-mutant on her, she doesn't do much more than maintain her politeness for the time being. The menu is picked up, and she starts to quietly look through it before glancing up at him, "What do you usually have?"

The people within the little restaurant don't seem hostile at all, merely surprised to recognize her. Nick? He's nobody and has been there before. They kind of ignore him for the most part, and seem more interested in being polite, but not fangirly. Nick looks over the menu and says, "Depends on the day. Sometimes, the blueberry pancakes, sometimes the eggs in a basket. Sometimes, I am in the mood for an omelet. They have all kinds of things that are good. The bacon is excellent."

"Is it?" Dazzler wonders, casting a glance towards those within the restaurant, then back down to her menu. She takes a moment or two to read the menu fully before she sets it down on the edge of the table, "I shall try the pancakes and bacon, then."

Nick sets his menu to the side as well once the decision over what to have has been made. He then asks her, "So, tell me about the party last night. Fun? Dancing? Embarassing drunken shenanigans?" He leans back a little bit in the booth and regards her across the distance, curiosity in his expression.

Dazzler laughs at the question, leaning back in her seat ass well, "Drunken shenanigans for others, but I didn't drink enough for that." She shakes her head, a hand reaching up to start trying to fix her hair, repinning it in a few places so that she looks a little more put together. "It was a party that my agent wanted me to go to, said that I'd be able to meet a few people there that might be willing to listen to my next demo."

"I've only been to a couple of parties since being in the city," Nick says with a smile as she tells of the evening's events. "Though I have been to a couple of clubs for the music and the dancing." He lifts his mug of coffee and takes a sip from it. "And did you? Meet people who were interested in your next demo?" he asks.

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