1965-05-06 - For Once, Nothing Explodes
Summary: So Thor asked Carol out… what could possibly go wrong?
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Sunday is date day!

After Thor's arrival back on Midgard, it didn't take long for he and Carol to get back together, as it were and finally make themselves a romantic pair. Nevertheless, at Carol's suggestion to get dinner together in a casual setting, Thor was fairly inclined to agree. Though he had to pick the place….oh boy. With that in mind, Thor seems to have found the Cigar Factory! Something he was extremely confused about when he realized that they didn't actually make cigars.

It was a bar, sure, but also a place where they could order something and sit down to eat. Thor was dressed in casual clothing, wearing a dark green jacket with a black sweater underneath, blue jeans on his legs and boots on his feet. In his hand was an 'umbrella', which was Stormbreaker in disguise. Nevertheless, Thor is at the agreed location! now he waits for his beautiful date as he sits in a booth.

Carol waves to the bartender, as she's apparently known to the people in the Cigar Factory, then glances around for Thor. She's dressed very casually, in a simple blue blouse and actual blue jeans. Currently her hair is loose and flowing free, and she walks over towards Thor's booth and takes a seat, "Hey there. You look good." She grins and steeples her hands in front of her, giving Thor a good once-over. "Didn't think you'd pick this place… I actually know the owner. Good guy."

Thor smiles to Carol when she arrives and sits next to him in the booth. "Ah, you arrive. It's good to see you, Carol." he reaches for her hand to hold it in his own, wanting to lace his fingers with her own. "Oh, thank you. I borrowed clothing from a friend…because I do not have very many Midgard clothes and people know my face." he says with that dorky smile of his. "Oh, this place was a surprise…I thought they smoked those rolled pieces of paper and this was just a factory about it. I dunno, but then I asked someone where a good place to eat might be. Turns out…" he chuckles then.

Carol chuckles, "Yeah, they do pretty good food here." She lets him take her hand, "And it looks good on you, the outfit. I wasn't sure how dressy we were going to be so I just went with this." She grins, "At least here there's probably not too high a chance of a supervillain busting through a wall or something ridiculous."

Thor nods a few times. "That's what I heard from the random citizen who told me such. and yes, it would be extremely foolish for a doer of evil to strike at us hear. You do look beautiful today, Carol. So…tell me how you've been since last we spoke?"

Carol grins, "Well, see, I could describe my day, but it seems like that would be really boring to you. I mean, compared to what you probably do, working in the spy business can't be that interesting. No dragons to slay or trolls to punch, just trying to keep the Russians from messing with us too much."

Thor shifts his body then to squeeze her hand affectionately and his eyes look into her own. "No, no no…I want to hear about your day Carol. Yo udon't need to slay gargantuan fire demons or find ancient treasures for me to be interested in you. I want to know about what -you- did in your day." he smiles then.

Carol laughs, "Well, I did a lot of paperwork about some recent reports regarding the situation in Vietnam, and then there were some alien artifacts that we're trying to figure out how they work." She considers, "Oh, and the coffee at HQ is really bad so we're trying to change that…"

Thor 'aahhhs' a moment and he smiles to her. "Alien artifact? Veerrryyy interesting." he winks at her then as he moves a little closer to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders casually. "I have heard that Shield has some pretttyyy bad liquid sustenance." he smiles softly to her then. "But more on that in a moment. We should decide what we would like to consume."

Carol grins, "Well, the burgers are pretty good here, though I hear the drinks are more the thing, though I don't drink alcohol." She looks wryly at Thor when he scoots over to her, then chuckles, "A Kree artifact, if you must know, that's why they asked me about it. Not sure what it is yet."

Thor nods then a moment, listening to her as he narrows his eyes at the menu. "hmmm…this burger sounds delicious. Oh? if you will not drink, then neither shall I." he smiles to her softly, tilting his head at Carol. "Kree? I should investigate this….the Kree are not exactly the friendliest species in the universe."

Carol gives Thor a wry look, "Tell me about it. Wait, I'm technically half-Kree, thanks to their science gadgets, so you don't have to." And then she grins, "Well, if you want to drink, you can… don't hold back on my account. But I do appreciate it, Thor." She looks genuinely touched by his restraint in that regard.

Thor smiles to her warmly. "Never fear. I will restrain from such so that you don't have even the slightest temptation." he smiles to her then, leaning over to kiss her cheek. "The best half-kree I know. Though I think I will do the….garlic cheeseburger?"

Carol snickers. "I'm probably the only half-Kree you know. But if you're doing that, I better do it too, otherwise it's going to be horrible to be in the same room as you. They do not go light on the garlic with that thing."

Thor laughs then. "Hah! Now that is more like it." he says in great approval before calling over a waiter. "Servant of the house! I and my lady would like Garlic Cheeseburgers!"

Carol smiles, and adds on, "Also, two Cokes, on ice." She gives Thor a wry look, "It's really good to have you back, though I think we should get you some more mundane outfits. You look too good in them."

Thor grins at Carol with a small bow of his head. "It's good to be back, Carol." he smiles softly then. "Oh? I look that good? I suppose I could use more effective informal wear, certainly."

Carol Danvers chuckles, "Well, if you want, I can take you shopping. Since I'm sure you have enough gold coins to cover whatever you want, right?" She gives Thor a wink at that, leaning back to take a good look at him.

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