1965-05-07 - Dwarfbots Attack!
Summary: But Spider-Man, Hulkling, Jackrabbit and Noh-Varr save the day.
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It's a bird! Its a plane! Its your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Swinging through the city, the red and blue suited superhero goes looking for someone to save. As he nears Central Park, a tingle in the back of his head goes off and he flings himself off to the side just as a beam of light shoots out and almost zaps him. He lands deftly and takes stock of the situation.

It's about noon, and the park is crowded, only there's some conflict going on. There's maybe two dozen people who seem to be in the process of kidnapping someone: no matter how hard their victims struggle, they can't get free of their captors. Even when the captors are quite a bit smaller then their victims.

One captor in particular lifts his hand in the air, and out of his palm a circle opens, and then another beam of light shoots out towards Spidey.

He throws himself to the side quickly, and the beam hits the tree he was by— and it cuts right through said tree.

Severin occasionally gets bored lying around in a sunbeam at the garage, accumulating scritches from unwary individuals that don't realize that there's a man inside that cat-form. Sometimes, he goes a-wandering while the others are tinkering, looking for trouble, or fun, or both. What he comes upon is an unexpected light show, a flying superhero, and an army of gnomes attempting to kidnap someone. Are they gnomes? Are they just small people? He can't really see all that well from where he is, and so he ambles on over closer to take a look, because Severin Bonaventure is nothing if not a curious creature, and this bears a closer look.

Central Park holds a certain fascination for Noh-Varr. It's this large swath of greenery set into the middle of this huge city. That it's so popular says something about the humans living here. Just what it says is what he's trying to figure out. Rounding a curve, he steps out of the trees and catches sight of the kidnapping in progress. "I didn't know your world had dwarves." he says to one of the people standing there watching. "Do they all shoot lasers out of their hands?"

Sometimes walking around Central Park grants you the opportunity to become a hero. Other times? Well, you end up like Teddy Altman, who was in the middle of a casual jog when the smallish thugs pounced. Despite his size and strength, they managed to subdue him, which was surprising until the first laser blast was shot from one of their hands. "Um, help?" is the first thing to come to his mind. Then, when his struggling is for naught, he says it louder. "Hey! Help me out here!"

Spider-Man flings a web out as it attaches to one of the dwarfbots, then tugs with all of his might: it comes flying off of Teddy and smashes into a tree, … cracking. Electricity and wires and such are seen within. "Whoa, cool. Robots." he breathes, and then he's flinging himself out away as another laser shoots out to try to strike him. Yay for Spidey-Sense. He's leaping up into the air and comes crashing down on top of another dwarfbot that is attacking Teddy, "You okay, guy?" he asks, bashing the robot's metal-brains out. For once he doesn't have to hold back. There are quite a lot of them, though.

There are times when Severin might idly sit by and just observe, but when the blue and red guy starts flinging dwarfbots around and they crackle with electricity, he chuckles, "Aw, hell. JP an' Elmo are gonna be sorry they missed this." There's a moment where he seems to consider his options, and then, he transforms. It's like a melting of one form into the other, muscles shifting and bones taking on a different configuration, and suddenly there's a large man-sized ape leaping toward the robot dwarves and grabbing onto one with a powerful arm, pulling it off of its victim and smashing it into the pavement a couple of times until it stops moving.

"Oh, not real dwarves." Noh-Varr almost sounds disappointed. Leaping over the bystanders, he grabs onto a streetlight lining the path and easily scampers up it till he's balanced on top. The golden wristband flows down his hand and reforms into a rather large blaster, one that's set to a wide beam and powerful enough to warp steel. From his vantage point, he fires over the heads of the humans and into the mass of robots, quickly shifting his aim a bit as a large ape appears.

Ask and you shall receive. Teddy asked for help, and here he is with a bunch of it. The first little robots are flung aside by Spider-Man, who is greeted with a warm, if frazzled, "Oh, hey. Um, I was!" Then it's Severin to the rescue, and suddenly the Kree/Skrull has even more breathing room. It's the shots from Noh-Varr that lift his attention skyward next. Ah, a friendly face! "Thanks, guys," Teddy offers, before giving himself a few strong shakes to try and get some more bad guys off him. As he does, his shifts into a more Hulkling version of himself, gathering mass along with some brilliant green skin. More surface area on which the robots can gather, perhaps.

"Whoa, you got bigger. And green. Hey, you're not the Hulk. He's not blond. Or a teenager!" But still, Spidey is to the rescue. He flicks a wrist and more webbing comes out and slams a dwarfbot into a tree, where it struggles to get three— a few more flicks and its well and truly stuck there. He spins when robots start being blasted apart, and looks up to where Noh-Varr is, "Hey, wow, nice blaster!" But he has to blink at Severin, "Is that a bad guy or a good—- oh, he's against the robots. Good guy. Check."

Severin does seem to be anti-robot and anti-kidnapping. He continues to peel robots off as they advance, grabbing one and tearing its arms off, leaving it spinning in circles on the ground. Another one, he flings toward another pair, bowling for dwarfbots. The one crashes into the other two, sending them careening in opposite directions. Spare! A dwarfbot grabs onto one of his legs, which he gives a shake, and then places a foot on its face, pushing away.

"The finest thought controlled liquid metal weapon the Kree Empire can produce." Noh-Varr agrees and narrows the beam in order to drill a glowing hole through a robot's head. "Are these robots belonging to the green man with the larger head?" he calls to Teddy. "He is getting annoying."

"Nope!" Teddy says to Spider-Man, "I'm Hulking!" He flexes a bit, but this ends up being the distraction a few of the little robots need to leap onto the blond's back. He stumbles forward and away from the group of robo-busters. "Gah, get off me!" Reaching behind, he manages to get a grip on one of the robot, which he tigs off his back and flings aside. "I don't know," he shouts up to Noh-Varr. "If they are, try and grab one."

"Hulkling. Hah. I'm Spider-Man. Obviously." Peter flicks a wrist again and the webbing shoots out to attach to one of those on Teddy's back, and he yanks, sending it flying. He points at the one struggling in the webbing against the tree, "Hey, if you guys wanna keep one, you can have mine. I don't actually want one." He looks up to Noh-Varr, "That's _so_ cool. Alien weaponry. I wonder how it works!" But his eyes are back to Severin, "Hey!" He offers by way of greeting.

They don't all have lasers in their hands, though a second one lifts its hand up and shoots at Noh-Varr. He seems the greatest threat with the blaster.

Severin uses his foot to push the one trying to hang onto his leg over by its face, knocking it backward. He lifts a long arm to wave in greeting to Peter in greeting, a broad grin on his apelike features which might look somewhat threatening with all those big white teeth. What can you do? He then reaches over and grabs another rushing at him by placing a hand on its head and holding it at arms length. It's almost comical to watch the robot flail until it pulls up a hand and points a laser at him. Squinting, Severin bops it solidly on the head. It whirrs and makes a sproing sound before sitting down heavily on the ground.

"If they aren't, you have a lot of enemies who build robots beyond the technology level of your world." Noh-Varr points out. Leaping forward, the laser passes under him as he flips in the air, the large knife he's holding that the blaster transformed into slicing off the robot's hand as he lands next to it. The second knife in his other hand, flashing out to decapitate another robot. "Why are you letting us do all the work?" he asks Teddy. "Break them."

"Obviously," Teddy agrees without giving it a thought. There's no time for thinking, because there are still two robots attached to him. When Spider-Man yanks one off of him, the little bugger holds on tight enough to pull Teddy with him for a moment, and Hulking uses that momentum to drop down hard onto his back, crushing the third with his enhanced bulk. When he pushes up, he hopes to see a tech-splatter on the ground. "Broken enough for you?"

"Oops." Spider-Man says a little bashfully, after he knocked Hulkling over. Ahem. He leaps away, leaping far higher then he should be able to, and comes down on another robot, just bodily pulling its head off. He looks over to Severin at the wave, having finally decided that his friend-or-foe system has the giant ape man in th efriend column. "I'm keeping this." he tucks the head under one arm, even as he flicks some webbing at another, attaching it firmly to a tree. Striding forward, he crushes its head with his hand.

They're almost out of robots.

Running out of robots means that it's running out of fun for Severin to have playing with them. With the targets rapidly running out, he shifts once more, going into a tall shrubbery as an ape and coming out the other side as a large hawk, winging his way up into the trees to watch the remainder of the fight from a safe altitude and preening his feathers idly.

More than broken enough but that should be obvious so he doesn't comment. "A battle trophy." Noh-Varr approves. "Display it proudly." Grabbing one of the last ones by the neck, he uses it as a club to batter another one with. Puny robots.

Teddy watches as Severin shifts into a bird of prey. For a moment, he appears jealous of this ability, which is something he was just telling Kellan about the other day. "So cool," he whispers, before spotting one of the last 'surviving' robots not far away. He dips to collect a solid chunk of robot part among the debris left behind by his smashing. "Heads up!" he calls, before lobbing the piece hard through the air. It whizzes toward the robot like a large fastball and collides it in a shower of sparks and a groaning of collapsed machinery. "Trophies for everyone," he says, looking to the webbed-up robot promised to them by Spider-Man.

"Oh, no. I'm going to _study_ it and learn how it works." Spider-Man is apparently a little bit of a nerd. And then there's a sizzling sound in all the robot parts— even the webbed up one, as it twitches and starts smoking. "Ow!" He drops the head and leaps away, frowning, "Self-destruct protocol. Man, I wanted to get a look at that tech."

"Why give your enemies an advantage by letting them study your weapons?" Noh-Varr asks. It's a rhetorical question. His weapons have reformed into the wristbands he wears. "He could have equipped them with powerful explosives but instead is just destroying the robots. Another message or test."

Severin takes off from the branch and makes a slow circle around those gathered, eventually coming to land near Teddy. Projecting his voice so that the others can hear him, which is kind of odd, a dude's disembodied voice seeming to come from the hawk, "What's the story with this green-headed guy?" He then tips his head to one side in an avian sort of manner and looks at Hulkling, "The.. other non-present green-headed guy?" Does the bird have a cajun accent? It does.

Teddy stops moving toward the webbed robot when it self-destructs as well, frowning at the thing. Well, if signs didn't point to their new big-headed enemy before, it sure does now. He barely notices Severin land next to him in his disappointment, but doesn't seem too startled when he hears the voice in his head. He glances to the bird and shrugs. "That's what we're trying to figure out," he answers, motioning toward Noh-Varr. "He's used robots before, but I have no idea what they were trying to do here. If they're even his."

"Is that bird talking?" asks Spider-Man of Hulkling, but he looks over at the robot parts, "Those looked like people, that level of tech, I don't think even Stark or Richards could reproduce."

"I'd switch back, but this parks pretty crowded an' while I'm not the sort to worry much 'bout wanderin' around naked, I figure it's just polite to refrain while we talk robot invaders," Severin drawls, in bird form, when Peter asks if the bird is talking. "Seems an' awful lot like they were tryin' to drag your big green friend over there off. Maybe he wanted to do some examinin' of his own."

"Another mutant." Noh-Varr guesses then gives the bird a more thorough look. "Or maybe a Skrull." He shrugs though keeps an eye on the bird. "No, they're definitely above the level of current human ability. But not so much to be from a more advanced species though."

"Well, it's not Stark or Richards," Teddy says. "It could be something else, yeah," he sighs to Noh-Varr. Turning back to Severin, he says, "It did look like that, but why here? There really are a lot of people." A lot of people who are probably staring at them right now. A quick check confirms this. "Maybe we should get out of here?" he suggests.

"Not everyone with powers are mutants." notes Spider-Man to the alien guy, glancing around. At the stares, he just lifts a hand and waves, "It's all safe now people, don't worry, Spider-Man and friends are here for you!" Since he's not exactly a low-profile superhero. Having a mask helps with that. "So, let's get out of here. Anyone need any help?"

"Oh, I'm a mutant," Severin says, confirming that much. Then he glances around when Teddy mentions they should head on out and he says, "Sounds like a plan to me." Launching up into the air once more, it doesn't seem that he needs any assistance. Clothes a mangled mess on the ground from where he changed form, he only goes back to fish his wallet out of the pocket of his jeans, and then takes off. It's a good thing he steals most of his clothes — or that those might be JP's.

Teddy joins in a slow wave to the bystanders, ending up waving to Spider-Man last. "I'm good. Nice to meet you Spider-Man, you sure are friendly." Grunting, he he flexes his back and leans over, growing two leathery wings in mere seconds. Maybe some people scream, he can't tell. "See you around the neghborhood," he says, launching into the air with a few powerful flaps, but not before grabbing a robot chunk to test against the one he has at home.

"Wow, cool." Then Spider-Man is off, racing at speed— and he's fast— and leaping clear over the road to land on the wall of the nearby building, and then speed crawling up it the whole way.

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