1965-05-08 - Gifts Worth Giving
Summary: JP fianlly gifts Severin that guitar he went to hell and back for
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JP had a bed now which was nice because it was something he could sit on and sprawl on that wasn't covered in dust and cardboard, and frankly, Sev was right: sunbeams were pretty badass. The truth was he'd been working on a project for jsut over a month and when the car pulled upoutside and hit the buzzer downstairs he seemed excited. The smack of feet found his room with all one piece of furniture in it, and his duffel, and, of course, the tacked up picture of his daughter and the drawing she made him and every letter athe 5 year old snuck out to send him. Three in total, but they were tacked up neatly. There was the ka-thwang-g-g of latches popping and a low whistle. He closed the case and called across the space. "Yo, frere? 'Chu commere a minute…s'il vous plait?" This was too good. THis thing that came back? This excited him.

Severin comes strolling on in both on two feet and fully clothed, which is a rare enough occasion. He stops inside the doorway and leans against it, glancing over toward the picture and the letters. He grins a little sidelong, having stolen plenty of time visiting the munchkin in cat form while JP was in lockup. He then looks back over to his brother and says, "What's up?"

JP nodded his brother over. He called him his little brother but in truth there was only, what? 10-11 months between them? Hardly a year that. Not enough to use the phrase to establish some familial hierarchy, but rather affectation. The jailbird ran his tongue over his bottom lip thoughtfully, rubbing a hand on the back of his neck failing to come up with words for preentation. Usually he was such a showboat bullshit came easy but this was important to him. "Hey ummm… look, Sev, I wanted to, ya know, say thank you. You do, like, a lot of shit for me and I know sometimes I keep messin stuff up, but just… thanks for always having my back and looking out for my kid." Yup. not fancy, but entirely honest. He chewed on his thumbnail flicking his fingers at the case, "Opportunity came up, sooooo I got you somethin." See in French he can actually assemble words as intended.

Severin makes his way over toward the bed, glancing at the case on it and then over at JP as he goes on about thanking him. He reaches over and ruffles the top of his brother's head, grinning broadly. You didn't have to get me anything and you don't ever have to say thank you. You're family. You're my brother. Which is even more important than family. I'll always look out for you, your kid, and your back, probably your front and sides for good measure. He smirks a little and then turns to look in the case. What he sees has both eyebrows attempt to escape his forehead as they go up in surprise. "Whoah.." He reaches in and very very gingerly takes the instrument out of the box.

Inside the case was a guitar. To a point calling it a guitar would be really shorting the beauty of the exemplary craftsmanship, and the turquoise stain in the wood. All in all this guitar may cost as much as Jean-Pierre's car. On the upside, someone knowledgably went and had it restrung and tuned recently. This one can even plug int an amp. Fancy.

JP chewed the inside of his cheek watching Severin's face. He went through more than he should have to get this thing in trade, but seeing his closest of kin go speechless? Totally worth it. "Yeah. I heard 'bout this thing so I thought t'check it out. After that? Well… I decided I was doin whatever I had to to walk out with it… it needed to be yours."

Severin reaches into the case and takes out the guitar with the reverence of lofting the baby Jesus himself, probably moreso since Sev isn't a particularly religious man, but he does love this guitar in a way that even Vitale might need to be jealous of. He sits down on the bed with it in his lap and he places his fingers on the strings. The first few notes that he plays, it's like he's the only person in the room, totally forgetting JP is there, as he pulls a few notes from the instrument. Then he seems to remember JP is there and he looks up, shaking his head, "You.. man.. how'd you come by this? Do I wanna know? Damn.. she is beautiful." He very gingerly puts it back into the case and stands up to give JP a sudden and fierce hug.

JP just watched. Severin wasn't one to hold onto connections and things with two hands. Music thugh? That was something he really spoke though and a voice, to JP, that's been far too quiet. It was a moment of reverence and he watched the payoff of 30 hours of getting his ass handed to him to make this happen. Worth it. So, so worth it. "Prolly not… no. Just be glad I got certain skills and that the cops ain' lookin for it nor ever will." Oh fun- but, then his brother was hugging him in a non-bear bearhug. and JP just wrapped his arms around him in return quiet a moment. "Missed you, frere. Shit, I miss layin around on the dock or that damn hill by the tracks and listenin t'you jes play like you Johnny B. Goode.. I miss that stuff."

Did Severin even have a guitar? He did, stashed somewhere, but he hadn't gotten it out since being in New York. He'd intended to. There was someone he'd intended to play for and when that hadn't panned out — he just hadn't bothered to go and get it. It was an acoustic guitar, though, and not a fancy one at that. This was something else entirely. He hugs JP tightly and shakes his head, "You are crazy, but you're the best damn brother anyone could ever have." He grins and steps back enough so that he can look at JP. "Now, some'd put that beauty away somewhere real safe and never let'er see the light of day to keep her all protected. But that's a damn shame and a terrible thing to do to an instrument. She oughta be played. So I'll play'er, just like when we'd go down and by the tracks or hang out on the dock."

JP just hugged his brother with a grin. Yup, all the hassle worth it. Stepping away he ruffled Sev's hair with one pass of his hand and then combed his fingers through his own a couple times, "Well, merde, you wann astash her somewhere an bury it like litter box all ya gotta do is put 'er in the room behind the fake wall in tha' kitchen. Kinda makes it easy and convenient while yous can still get your squirrel on." He pointed vaguly in a semi-helpful direction. You know, that fake wall. "We gonna be here a while. MIght as well put our mark on it and make it sound right. Speeeaking of which, Elmo got us a whole pile of records. Think you actually know a couple of the guys on teh recordin's too."

Severin smirks at JP and says, "I don't think you understand how kitty litter is supposed to work." He grins though and returns the ruffle, though with JP's shorter hair it doesn't quite have the same effect as it does on Sev's. He looks back at that guitar and says, "So, do we have an amp around here somewhere? If the neighbors didn't love us before, they're going to really love us now." He flashes a broad grin.

JP pointed at the floor away from them. "Sure do. You spill oil and you pile it up on the shop floor. Better than a damn mop." Because everything important aided in auto care, right? He grinned at teh question of the amp. Oh didn't he look studious, "A nope. Buuut I know where to get one. Good price too." Yup. They were going to steal it. "They have this sign that says no-whoever-allowed, which as YOU know en Francais? It mean 'Bonaventures, please rob my sorry ass', so it is up to us, as caring persons to not disappoint them."

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