1965-05-12 - In the Aftermath of Bouncy Robots
Summary: Teddy, Kellan and Billy talk what to do about the situation
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After they appear in Narnia, Billy is going right for Teddy and puts a hand on his chest, "Healhealhealhealheal." Teddy might not need a lot of healing, but the power surges for him anyways, becuse Billy can't stand to see him hurt. Then he goes and slumps on the couch, "That was close. If Noh…" Who is off to his ship to get them uniforms, "…hadn't shot the floor out, I don't know if we had anything else to throw at it. Kellan, did everyone get out safely?"

Kaleb pulled the helmet off stepping back throught he portals with miraculously messed up hair that wasn't painstakingly put in place. Now he and Kellan looked pretty similar in that regard. "Teddy, you gonna be alright, man?" Okay he was callous, just not completely callous."

"Yeah, everyone was fine. I made a little fire, got some smoke going, so nobody hung back thinking it was a drill. Everyone dispersed and I put it out before coming up. So, everything should be fine back there except for the crazy bouncing robot." Kellan says as they get back to Narnia. He then wanders back toward the chair and settles back down on it. "So.. this Supereme Head .. just makes crazy robots and keeps upgrading them every time we fight them? Is that what I'm getting here?"

Teddy places his hand on Billy's when the other man works on accelerating his healing even farther. "I said…my back hurts," he tells Billy, though a grin suggests he's only joking, and he does feel better, except as Billy walks off he remains slumped against the wall and reaches out for the retreating mystic. "But but…" he starts, then groans and pushes himself to his feet. "I'll be fine, Kaleb. Thanks."

Billy hands are easily grabbed by Teddy if Teddy wants to catch him; partly it helps that Billy always wants to be caught. "Hey, where the hand goes doesn't matter for magic." he counters with a smile to Teddy, then looks to Kellan, "That's the gist. He's making an army, and they're pretty darn near invincible at the moment— unless we can think of a different way to attack them. Once he perfects them he'll use them to apparently make an empire. And he was waiting for us, so apparently we can't ever do the same thing twice to him; my second attempt to scry out his location with a piece of robot led us right into… another… trap." He frowns.

"That's going to make things complicated," Kellan says as he considers an enemy that one can never approach the same way twice, and robots that keep becoming more perfected each time. "We're really going to need to find a way to take him out quickly, since every iteration we go through just reduces our possible options and increases their difficulty to defeat." He looks over toward Teddy and grins a little. It's not that he's not sympathetic, but he knows Billy can heal him and that Teddy's strong. Nobody's bleeding on the floor so he has no doubt of their ability to recover.

Teddy stretches himself and walks over to where people are lounging, not having actually grabbed Billy, because it was the show of it he was after most. "Yeah, I'm not sure I want to do that again," he says, crawling over the back of a couch to flop down onto the soft parts. "We need to find the guy. The source." Though he's not bleeding, he has no intention of beling flung into a wall again.

"Yeah, its a conundrum." Billy hesitates and settles down on the floor by the couch Teddy's on. The fridge opens up and a cream soda floats over for him, "It almost means we get only really one shot at this. Either we end the threat decisively next time, or maybe we don't ever, and its Emperor Green Head." He looks… frustrated. "I'm wondering if we should call in my parents or if we can solve this."

"Well.. maybe, yeah," Kellan admits. He doesn't like to think about giving up on a task, but. "We could try once more to try and take care of him ourselves. But if we keep making them stronger, we probably want to call in your folks before we uh.. make them impossibly so, if we can avoid that.. if we can't take'm down. Sometimes the better part of valor is knowing uh, when you need help."

Teddy grunts and shifts so that he's parallel to the ground, lying on the couch and letting a hand hang down and over Billy. "I say we try again," he offers in a quiet voice, because someone is tired after absorbing so much of…himself? "We just need a really solid plan this time around. I know we can do it, I just need to take a nap real quick." Apparently, he's fine closing his eyes right here, among friends and a lover, because he's softly breathing against Billy in no time.

Billy smiles at the hand hung over himself, even if its with Teddy smiling, it makes the witch smile all the more. He nods to Kellan, "Yeah, well. You know maybe I'll just ask for advice. It never hurts, and Dad knows a lot. Just… not a lot about tech, which is why I've been having us handle this. I mean none of us are huge tech geniuses, but.." He shrugs, "Ugh. I wonder, Kellan, how long can one of your dupes last independantly of you?"

"The one I sent on a road trip was around for a couple months," Kellan says, "So far as I know.. as long as I can maintain it. I don't know what would happen if I was unconscious, but I can sleep in various iterations and be awake in others, so I don't have to stay awake to do it either." He smiles a little over at Teddy and Billy, and then he leans back in his own chair, stretching his legs out and folding his hands on his stomach, eyes drifting closed. "I don't know if it has a time limit on it."

"See, I… was wondering." Billy looks a little embarassed, "If I put wards on some glasses that translated metal into sight, and if one of you were to park in a car near my parents house… could you keep guard? I mean I assume that one would have to sleep from time to time, but if he traded off with another? We have the defenses up around their place as thick as possible, but … I'd still feel better if there was someone I could trust who could keep watch. If any robot comes, you'd know. Then you can get me. I can teleport there and wage hell." Pause, "By parents I mean my muggle parents. NOn the magical ones who _more_ then can defend themselves."

Kellan looks thoughtful for a moment and then he nods, "Yeah, I could do that. Wouldn't be hard at all." He says, "I figured you meant the other ones." He's met Billy's non-Muggle parents and they both left an impression. "Yeah, whenever you have the glasses ready, I can go there. You just need to tell me where I need to go."

Billy lifts a hand up before him and concentrates: "Glasses. Glasses. Glasses. _Glasses_." This last one is a hiss, but a quiet one, because he wants to neither move nor wake Teddy. In his hands, they just fold into existance, a simple pair of clear-lensed glasses. His other hand reaches over it, and this he closes his eyes for, his voice growing more intense, "I can haz metal detector I can haz metal detector I can haz metal detectoricanhazmetaldetectoricanhazmetaldetector." There's no obvious change, until he turns them around to offer them to Kellan. Immediately, through them, any bits of metal glow white around the place, even before they're fully on. "I can pay you. I feel bad having you sit there bored on lookout 24/7 until we have this Big Green Head thing solved."

Kellan watches this process with some interest, always curious what's going to happen when Billy uses his magic. Then, when the glasses are handed over, he lifts them and puts them on, looking around Narnia to see what everything looks like with them in place, particularly places where there is metal. He then takes them off for the moment and grins a little with a shake of his head. "I don't need any money. Don't worry about it. What're friends for?" And then he splits, and the recflection standing nearby takes the glasses, giving a bit of a wave as he heads for the door.

Billy, in turn, watches Kellan with interest when he splits, shaking his head, "And you … experience both lives simultaneously and it doesn't confuse the hell out of you?" he chuckles, but softly, "I don't even think I can imagine that. Though I suppose that might help with the boredom. You can have one off playing pinbull if the other is sitting there bored." He grins at that.

"Yep, and no it doesn't. I've been doing it since I was a kid.. well.. more of a kid, so I'm used to experiencing everything in multiples at this point. The road trip was the first time I'd ever had one reflection awake and another asleep at the same time before. That was new," Kellan says. "I mean, it's all in my head.. connected.. at the same time, so yeah.. I don't really get bored if I'm just .. idling part of my brain."

Billy chuckles again and twists off the cap of his cream soda with his mind, then tilts back a swig, careful his motions don't cause a possible Teddy wakening, "I can't even imagine that. Experiencing life…and the dream. At once. Did it make your dreams more real or more unreal? I imagine it might automatically stick you into a lucid dreaming stae, but that's all imagining."

"It kind of became background noise, like.. because my brain was never really wholly asleep it was just kind of there in the background and I didn't really dream, not like I do when I don't have any reflections and catually let my whole mind go to sleep," Kellan says. "Then I have more vivid dreams, but most of the time I can't remember them. Sometimes I can."

Huh. Billy looks perplexed, but then smiles, "Oh, well, that's neat. I probably won't ever entirely understand how it is to live in your world then you can really understand what its like seeing math around things where there's magic, but I still think its neat."

Kellan grins and says, "I think that's kind of awesome, though no, I can't really fully imagine what that's like either. But still.. it's interesting." Finally, he sits up and pulls himself up off the chair. "I'm going to head back. Vic should be getting back from work soon. But hey, we should talk comics sometime soon." He keeps his voice low-ish so as not to wake Teddy.

"Yes, I have the first book almost sketched out, I just need to color it. Let's meet up in the next day or two." Billy sounds enthusiastic about that.

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