1965-05-12 - What Is It With Wade?
Summary: An Amazon, a Native American and Wade Wilson walk into a bar…
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Diana has been drawn to Farrell's Bar by the unique jazz music playing on the record player, which she settled right next to. She's dressed a bit unusually, considering she's wrapped in a grey cloak, with a hood pulled over her face. While it may generally hide who she is, the outlandish look could just as easily wind up drawing attention. She has one empty glass set next to her on the table, and she seems focused quite intently on the music. A rather puzzled expression on her visage.

Wade does not belong in a bar like this. Not in his usual red spandex and not in anything that he has to put on in any of his wardrobes. Not the hoodie he's wearing over his red spandex… Hell even if he were wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase he would stand out like a sore thrumb in a basket of butterflies.

"This is definitely not where I parked my car…" He says upon entering and seeing a few off-duty officers sitting around nursing their woes away in the bottom of a glass of bourbon. "Points for originality, but can we all agree that if I break into a Bogart accent, you practical begged for it?"

If it weren't for Diana in her gray cloak he might well be the most standoutish of all. So he makes his way over to her table and sits down as if they're old chums, "Listen…" He says in a cryptically low voice, "There are a…" Turning a little to do a head-count, "….. thirteen cops here. You think we can skip the arbitrary dialog and take this outside?"

At least it's not a Church, though.

Forge stops in New York before traveling back down to Virginia. Might as well stop at a bar. Maybe get a little snack or something. He stops in, looks for a place to sit. Naturally the first thing he sees is Deadpool making a scene with Diana, so he stops, and watches a moment. Maybe this isn't the right place to stop.

Diana is a bit surprised when Wade invities himself to join her at her table, and as she turns to look his way, he cryptically whispers which makes it all the more confusing. "Aren't cops here to serve and protect? They are defenders of the civillians, what is wrong with that?" She casts a quick glance at Forge as he steps inside, taking measure of all in her surrounding.

"I don't have a reason that won't sound completely absurd and I'm really trying not to get coocoo right off the bat." Wade continues in quiet tones, glancing over his shoulder at the cops who more or less don't care.. He is wearing a mask though. "Anyways, I guess we can rewind and start over… Yeah.. Yeah let's give this a go." Both hands slap down on the table and he pushes himself up from the booth.

Carefully he walks backwards to a few steps away. A little closer to Forge this time, "Sup cat daddy." Said with a snap point his way, then he's resuming walking back towards Diana. "Of all the gin joints in all the world…"

Forge walks on up to Diana, pushing his hands into his pockets. "This guy giving you trouble? I'm sure there are a few cops here who could help you out, if he is." he asks Diana, as his eyes shift to Deadpool.

"Rewind…?" Diana asks Wade, clearly not overly familiar with any kind of technology that has a 'rewind' button. There are records, she's seen those, but they kind of get flipped rather than rewound. "Do you know this gentleman?" Diana asks of Wade when he shares a word with Forge, "hello, cat daddy," she greets Forge, failing to realize that was not his name.

She shakes her head when Forge comes towards their table, "not in the least, though he is a bit confusing…don't you know him?" She asks of Forge.

"Rewind is kind of.. it's like.. where something goes forward and then you make it go backwards to do the thing that you did forward over again." Wade explains the general idea, "I'm not entirely sure… but I may have just made it up." Brow perked behind his mask, eyes shifting to Forge, "Oh don't be like that. I was just quoting some Bogart. Ya know, hip and cultural relevance."

Motioning at Diana when she says he's not bothering her.

"She gets it."

Forge looks to Deadpool first. Hands still in his jacket pockets. "I come in here, I see a man in a mask approaching a woman who visibly doesn't know what's going on. I think my question was natural, and appropriate." Then turning to Diana again. "Name's Forge. I don't know him. I certianly don't know why he's being so familiar with everyone, since you don't seem to know him, either."

"I see," Diana notes politely to Wade, even though she doesn't necessarily get his meaning. She smiles at Forge's words to Wade, "very noble of you to offer assistance where it might be needed, Forge." Peering aside at Wade, she grins when Forge notes Wade's obvious faux pas, "I would imagine he might be exceptionally friendly? Most do not bother strangers, but sometimes, that is the only way to meet new people and make new friends…?" Give her some time, she'll find a nice twist to put on most things.

"I'm a social guy." Wade says quietly beside Forge, "I could have just sat quietly drinking my woes away in a beer or something, but what fun would that be?" Arms cross over his chest after once again motioning at Diana, "She. gets. it. I'm a friendly guy. I like to talk to people, ya know, cut through the red tape that keeps us all bound in awkwardness. I'm the climatic reveal of relatively redudent relations in movies. Boom, instant drama."

Forge lifts his hand to gesture to Diana. "A very gracious explanation." He'll then grab a chair and take a seat himself, unbuttoning his jacket as he does so. "Do people come to a place like this for Drama though, sir?"

Looking to cool down any tension that might be building between Forge and Wade, Diana tries to shift the subject altogether, "I personally came here to listen to this music," she inclines her head in the direction of the record player, currently playing jazz, "I haven't heard something like that before…it's very, unique, disjointed, but not altogether unpleasant."

"I'd argue that they don't come for the philly cheese steak…" Wade shrugs at Forge, "Or the mu-" Well, there goes Diana proving him wrong.. "You like Jazz? Really? It's like the same three cords and always so damn depressing." The whole concept quiet him for all of five seconds, "Oh, I'm Wade Wilson, by the way. Or Deadpool… or Pool. Dead.. DP. Poolio…" Ticking fingers, "Basically I'll answer to anything." Hand out to Forge, "Pals?"

Forge hums, and nods to Diana. "So you're here for the music. I was here for some food for the road." Though Deadpool's hand is met with his own. "You're not hassling the woman, Wilson, so I'm not here to hassle you."

"I haven't noticed," Diana doesn't seem to agree about the same three chords theory, she can certainly hear more than that. There's also an unusual theme, deconstruction, and return to form she can spot if she focuses on the music. It's also largely what she's been doing since entering the place.

"Nice to meet you Wade of many names, I am Diana, of one name." To Forge she adds, "you're quite the gentleman, good to have people like you around."

"There." Wade points out a cord, "There…" Literally pointing in the air, "And there goes sadness.. I just want to break into tears." Fidgeting a little forward onto his toes and then back onto his heels, "Welp, I've done my part, but I get this family friendly vibe thing we've got going and I know that with any more time spent I'm going to ruin it." Both hands are waved around in a circle dramatically, expressively, "Forge, buddy, you keep the lady safe. Cops are fiends, it'll take a few years but they are going to fall RIGHT out of favor." Switching with a little turn, "Diana, check out Blues.. so much more upbeat."

Forge squints and takes in Deadpool's new routine. "I'm glad everything was resolved so amicably, Wilson. Not sure what your problem with the cops is though." He gets a polite nod, before Diana he smiles to. "Thank you. I do try sometimes. When I'm not caught up with work of some kind."

"If you say so, Wade, fare well," Diana says her goodbye to Wade before turning to focus on Forge, "are you sure you don't know that man? He seems rather familiar with you."

"Give it time, you'll see." Wade says over his shoulder, waving as he departs. Stopping only momentarily to stand awkwardly beside a police officer trying to enjoy his beer. After slowly reaches out to lay his hand on the man's shoulder and squeeze it without saying a word he pushes out of the doors and back out into the street.

Forge snorts, stifling a snicker at the way the man acts so strangely on the way out. Shaking his head briefly. "He may know who I am, if he has the right connections, but I've never met him before in my life. Diana."

"A rather silly fellow," Diana remarks, "but fun nonetheless," she then points at the record player, "what do you make of this music, Forge?"

Forge chuckles. "I'm glad you enjoyed his presence. I thought him strange. Why is he wearing a mask?" Looking back to make sure the man left. "Jazz. I think it's interesting. It's different. Enjoyable in moderation. I like Sinatra myself."

"I didn't say I enjoyed it, merely that it was different," Diana is rather non-comittal about it, as she explains, "it's best to try and find the best in people, makes everything better." Diana nods at the mention of Sinatra, "he's pretty good, I heard him before, positive songs. I like that."

Forge lets out a little laugh at that. "I see, I see. Wel that's admirable. I like the music I grew up with. It's good enough for me. But other things are interesting on occasion."

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