1965-05-13 - The Old Man and the Blind Man
Summary: Matt and Loki talk in Central Park
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Loki is in central park, elaborately disguised as an old man with an eye patch, wearing a tweed vest, a blue button-up shirt, and old-man-pants that go up to his belly button. The grey-haired gentleman has long locks, and a full beard, and this disguise therefore pleases most people, so that no one is afraid and Loki can, therefore, pretty well observe as he pleases those that pass by. Under his breath, he mutters, though, little invocations that drop acorns on people's heads, or cause squirrels to try to mate with legs. Its an odd sort of mischief going on.

Down the way and enjoying the oncoming spring's turn toward summer, Matthew Murdock makes his way down the cement path of the park towards where Loki is being mischievous. He can notice something, words being spoken, but can't parse them specifically. He continues to walk in that direct, if only to investigate for his curiousity's sake.

Murdock can hear the old man shift, an interest that perks at the sight of the blind man. When Matt is just crossing into his path, there comes the husky sound, an old man's voice, but its layered, in a way that normal people could never notice, over a breath of something else. He can fool ears, but not everything else. "You know, where I come from, one blind eye means you have wisdom, and two makes you a witch."

Matt chuckles darkly as he comes to a stop not too far from the elderly man. He grips his cane between his hands and tilts his head. "Is that true? I'm afraid that it would be news to me. If I am a witch, what does that make you?" He is neatly dressed with a simple sport coat over a black turtleneck. His strawberry hair is a little bit longer, as is the case with more and more people these days.

Another shift. "Smart enough to not lose either eye." He rejoins, and while its kinda an asshole comment, its said with an air of light-heartedness. "Do you have time to walk with an old man?" Not lying. Technically…he's super old.

Matt chuckles again. It's not clear if he's irritated by the joke or if he takes it in with good enough cheer. Either way, he does seem intrigued. "I do. Sunday afternoon's are a lull for me. Where are we walking?"

Loki grunts himself off the bench and then does a good shuffle walk for a few steps before becoming more spry. "To the lake…far end." And he starts walking, staying level with Matt. "So…who is this young man who takes time for the elderly?"

"My name is Matt Murdock," the lawyer says plainly. "And what about you? This man who spends his time with witches. Who is he?"

"Some call me Serrure. And I try not to spend my time with witches. They tend to be too ugly, or if they are beautiful…they are too cruel." Serrure could be jesting, still. "Matt Murdock. Ahh…I believe I have seen a sign for Murdock in the city. Any relation?"

"Serrure?" Matt says quizzically. "That's an original name. Even for New York City." He sticks his 'off' hand into the pocket of his pants and nods. "That could be. I own a law practice with a friend of mine."

"Its…French." Serrure offers in a friendly tone. "Law you say? What do you say about the damage all these heroes are doing everywhere? Can I sue one for the glass on my shop window?" He chuckles.

"I suppose you could," Matt says tilting his head. "So far no one has actually been litigated for vigilante behavior. Where case law goes on the issue is anyone's guess. Did you have a run in recently?"

"Actually I believe things have been rather peaceful lately. I was just curious. I am not from around here. Where I am from…things are settled in the old ways. Men like you, good arguers, just make bad husbands." He chuckles. There is a ripple in the chuckle, while no one is looking, and instead of the harmless old man, now walking beside Matt Murdock is a similarly finely dressed man who appears to be in his 30s, with longish black hair that is brushed back behind his ears. The only thing that changes, soundwise, is the gait.

"We are tortured. Blessed with reason, which causes our unhappiness," Matt admits with a chuckle. "I guess it's a good thing I haven't gotten married yet, Serrure." The change goes unnoticed. At least, if the change in walking is different, Matt doesn't mention it. He seems rather oblivious.

"Yes…to be sure. Or, if you do marry, marry a lawyer even better than yourself." The breeze rustles the trees which have cooled down this approach to the lake, and the sounds of various birds…some kids running by, permeate the air. "Any prospects there?"

"Not yet," Matt says with a chuckle. "I'm not sure I'm very ready to be tied down, to be honest. And, as you've mentioned, I'm not sure I'd make that great a husband." Albeit for different reasons than being a lawyer. "What about you? Are you or have you married?"

"Yes…I have been. Sometimes I am. I currently see an Elf." Loki tells the truth, just because it sounds so ridiculous. "I make a terrible husband as well. I get distracted and absorbed easily. Just as bad as a lawyer…a mischief maker like me…"

Matt raises his eyebrows, "An elf? I thought you said /I/ was the witch." He chuckles a bit more as he thinks about it. "Of the Keebler variety, or more like Tolkein?" he adds. "What sorts of mischief does an old man and an elf get into?"

"I do not know this…Keebler variety. But Tolkein I know. Yes. Ahh…/similar/. More…interested in art and drugs and less…fighty." Loki explains. His voice alters slightly, slowly, bit by bit, almost like he's warming up by talking. "I am not so terrible these days. He is a terror though. Flirts with everything."

"Sounds like my ex girlfriend," Matt replies with a smile. Clearly it's a fond memory. "Perhaps this elf has you mellowing out, then."

Loki lets out a sudden burst of a laugh and folds his arms behind his back. "Your ex. Yes. And…for the moment, I am mellow, and it suits me. Trouble in a pattern is far too predictable to me."

"Ex girlfriend," Matt repeats. "I didn't lie earlier. I have not been married. We lawyers are often critiqued for our truthfulness."

"Ahhh…and that has never been a fault of mine." Loki retorts with a sly smile on his lips. "Are you glad she's gone, or…miss her dearly?"

"Probably the latter, but she's not the kind of girl you can tie down. Just didn't work out, I suppose," Matt says with a shrug.

Loki makes a soft humming sound. "Ahhh..here we are at the lake. I do appreciate you walking with an old man. Perhaps I will stop by sometime, by that office…give you some harassment…to keep things interesting in your lawyer life. Since…you do not have a girlfriend to do it for you."

Matt chuckles, "I look forward to it, Serrure. I do hope you will give my best wishes to the elf." Matt gives the man a nod and begins to walk off. It won't be too long until he's out again, this time under the stars, but wearing a very different outfit.

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