1965-05-16 - A Marvel-ous Time.
Summary: Noh-Varr finds Captain Marvel but it's not what he expected.
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Noh-Varr has been thinking about Stark's suggestion since he made it. With that in mind, he head over to Avenger's Mansion again. Maybe this time, he'll have better luck in his search. Wandering onto the grounds as if he belonged here, he looks around for someone.

Carol doesn't have to be a handyman around the mansion, but she took a lot of pride (and no small amount of grief from Stark) in learning about house maintenance and the like to get the mansion up and going. Currently she's standing on the roof, bandana binding her hair back and out of her face as she does a quick once-over to make sure everything's fine. A quick glance down and she spots Noh-Varr coming onto the grounds, giving the new arrival a wave from her vantage point, "Hey there."

Noh-Varr pauses and looks up, focusing on Carol. "Hello. Is Stark here? Or P… Spider-Man?" Not very creative with names, these human heroes. "You work here? Do you know Captain Marvel?"

Carol shakes her head, "No, Stark isn't here, and I don't think Spidey is…" She blinks at the question, then grins a little wryly, "But yeah, I know Captain Marvel. Who's looking for her?" With that, she sits down on the edge of the roof, looking down at Noh-Varr with a curious expression.

…"Her?" Noh-Varr asks. "You are mistaken. Mar-Vell is male, a bit taller than I am, blond hair. I am Captain Noh-Varr of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt. I heard he can be found here."

Carol hmms, "Well, maybe the original one, but he's not been around in a while." She then hops off the roof and floats down to the ground in a gentle descent, "So I took over the name, Noh-Varr of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, since… well, it's a long story involving a Psyche-Magnetron and some rogue Kree agents."

Noh-Varr looks Carol up and down with a dubious expression. But it would explain why no one's seen the man he described. "I see. A… psyche-magnetron. Kree agents. In what way were they rogue? Were they working against the Supreme Intelligence?"

Carol considers, "Well, that is a great question, but they were working to sabotage the United States' space program, so that might be an assumption on my part." She looks at Noh-Varr, "I'm Carol Danvers, by the way. I worked with Mar-Vell briefly, before his… departure."

"I wouldn't assume they were rogue then." Noh-Varr states. "Keeping your race confined to the planet was likely sanctioned. I wouldn't think any of the empires want humans flying around this galaxy any time soon, not with the diversity of abilities your people are starting to develop."

A snort at that, "Well, in my case, it was the Kree's fault in the first place." But she does nod at that, "Good point, though. But we never really had confirmation either way about it. Is that what you're doing here, though?" Carol tilts her head, "At least, considering that you're with the Diplomatic Gestalt, I'd think that's part of the reason."

"You'd be wrong then." Noh-Varr states. "This is not my reality and my being on this planet wasn't planned." One shoulder lifts in a small shrug. "One has to adapt to what the multiverse throws your way, they say." Pause. "It loses something in the translation but it's still accurate."

Carol blinks, "Not this reali… oh, okay, so you're from a different universe. Got it." She hmms, "Well, sounds like something a friend of mine would say. She made a habit of hopping universes around, though I haven't seen her in, well, a while."

"Probably lost among realities, if she made a habit of it. It's very easy to get lost in the multiverse." The voice of experience. "So you said Mar-Vell left? To where? Or did he die? The Kree consider him a traitor and the Skrulls consider him an enemy. They'd both have loved killing him."

Carol sighs, "I wish I knew, honestly. There's still so much knowledge I have compressed in my head that is hard to sort through, and he was helping with that." She gives Noh-Varr a wry look, "Side effect of the Psyche-Magnetron, I guess. Though since it gave me my powers I can't complain too much about it."

"It was never meant to be used on humans. You're lucky you lived through it." Noh-varr informs Carol. "You should seek out a telepath to assist you." Glancing around the grounds, he asks "Do you expect Stark back any time soon?"

Carol chuckles, "Probably not while I'm loitering around the mansion… long story. But I can leave a message for him that you stopped by, though." She pauses, then hmms, "What are the Kree like in your universe? It seems like they're different."

"I've yet to meet the Kree of this reality so I couldn't say for sure. But there's also a time difference which probably plays a factor." Noh-Varr says. "In my reality, we just signed a peace treaty with the Skrulls, ending almost a million years of war." There's a certain amount of pride in his tone that's audible.

Carol shakes her head, "Sounds like a serious time difference… a million years?" She looks a bit stunned as she wraps her head around that, "I mean, yeesh, we were swinging in trees a million years ago. Hard to conceive of that type of time scale."

"More than a couple of your decades, less than a century I think." Noh-Varr guesses. "But it's hard to say from one reality to another, depending on how far apart they are." At the mention of her ancestors, he grins. "Yes, you were. And not that much further along when my people came here the first time. You're a very young species."

Carol chuckles, "Yeah, hard to believe how far we've come in about twelve thousand years, give or take." She grins, "Maybe someday they'll actually let women fly in combat, too. Though, if you ever want to have a conversation in Kree, I am fully fluent in it. And I don't think my accent is that horrible."

Noh-Varr nods seriously. It /is/ hard to believe how far they've come in such a short time. "I suspect it's something the Celestials did in addition to introducing the mutation. Much more subtle though. I'm not a geneticist so can't say for sure even if I had enough DNA samples to get an accurate amount."

Carol hmms, "That could be, especially with the recent appearance of mutants in society too." She shrugs a little, "To be honest, I've never really been much of a scientist, so it hasn't really crossed my mind all that much."

"It makes little difference aside from scientific curiosity. What was done to your species happened a long time ago and is irreversible. What matters is what you do with it." And from his tone, Noh-Varr doesn't sound optimistic about it.

Carol looks a bit rueful at that, "Tell me about it. Though, well, we haven't self-destructed just yet, so I'm hoping the light does end up breaking through."

"It's likely to be something burning." Like a city. Noh-Varr shakes his head and changes subjects. "In any case, no need to give Stark a message. I can just call him. I was nearby though so thought I'd come see if Mar-Vell was here."

Carol nods, "Well, to be honest, I wouldn't mind if he reappeared from wherever he went, but if I somehow do see him, I'll make sure to point him in your direction." She doesn't sound too optimistic about it, but is serious about remembering the request at least.

Noh-Varr just nods. He was ambivalent about meeting the traitor of his people in the first place so isn't all that disappointed he's not her. Or, it seems, on the planet. "Sure. I'll be around." Giving her a nod, he turns and heads back out to the street.

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