1965-05-17 - The Captains Meet
Summary: Noh-Varr meets Steve.
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Given that SHIELD, surprisingly, had no reason to call him in today and it seems that currently nothing needs to be Avenged, it brings Steve to linger about the mansion in the afternoon. He's taken up residence in one of the chairs in the parlour, the area refurbished for use as a conference room, and is currently indulging in his quiet time.

Before him on the table, an encyclopedia, volume A, with its pages spread wide and cast in the wane light shining in through one of the windows of the room. He chews on a bite of blueberry muffin while reading about atomic power in particular. Wheat-gold brows knit in a thoughtful frown.

Most people who weren't Avengers wouldn't just wander into Avenger's Mansion. Noh-Varr isn't most people. Granted, he's met several of them and half expects to run into at least one of them. Having entered via the sliding glass door that opens onto the grounds, he glances over at Steve. "Hello." Stranger greeted, he looks around the interior.

At the sound of the glass door riding in its frame, Steve glances up from the book. With one cheek full of muffin, he probably looks far less intimdating and righteously staunch than normal — civilian clothing in jeans and a grey-blue shirt likely doesn't help his case. He sets the mostly-finished pastry aside on the small plate before closing up the thick book.

After clearing his mouth, he stands and speaks, fingertips still resting on the gleaming surface of the board table. "You need help with something, son?" He eyes Noh-Varr up and down, expression openly curious.

Son? Noh-Varr glances back over at Steve, giving him a quizzical look. "No, just looking around. Who are you?" Stepping over to a bookcase, he takes a quick look at the selection on the shelves before turning back to the man. "Is Stark or Peter here?"

"Not at the moment, but given you know names, I can assume you know where you're at," Steve replies as he begins to walk around the table. "Steve Rogers," he's quick to add with a genuine little half-grin. "Did you need to speak with one of them about something? A note'll do it. There's pens and paper all around here. People tend to leave them behind after the meetings conclude."

To prove his point, once having walked around the table and to the same side as Noh-Varr stands, he leans and fishes out a small spiraled notebook from one of the complimentary shelves hanging from the table's underside, complete with pen clipped to the curled wire strand. It's offered out towards the young man in one hand.

"That would be an accurate assumption." Noh-Varr agrees. "No, I don't need to talk to them. But if they'd been here, I would have." Glancing at the notebook, he shakes his head. "No need. Thanks though, Steve. Are you a member here? Do you have a costumed name?" One he might recognize? "I'm Captain Noh-Varr of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt."

Steve sets aside the notebook and takes up an easy lean against one of the pushed-in conference chairs. He tilts his head quizzically at the full title, but offers out a hand nonetheless in light of good manners.

"Captain Noh-Varr, nice to meet you. Yes, when need be, I step in as Captain America. What brings you to visit us here then? In New York, at least?" The broad-spectrum definition of 'here' is thus limited with more certainty.

Noh-Varr clasps the hand. "I've heard of that name." he notes. "I'm not really visiting New York so much as trapped here. Well, not New York but the planet. For the time being anyway; I'm working on it but it'll take some time."

Steve pumps Noh-Varr's grip twice before pulling his mouth to one side in sympathy.

"I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Tony's your man, if it has anything to do with technology advanced beyond that of the current times. Stark, that is," he amends, lifting a hand and dropping it back into the loose folding of arms across his chest now. "Do you have any questions in the meanwhile?"

"I've already talked to him." Noh-Varr assures Steve. "And Reed Richards too. Like I said, it'll just take time. Building a spaceship isn't a quick process, especially on a primitive planet." Questions? Hmm, questions. "What do you do as an Avenger? Who else is one? I've met a few but I'm sure there are a lot more."

With a nod, Steve squints as he listens. Primitive? Huh. The questions are few, but he frowns thoughtfully as he looks off to one side, his attention far more distant than his present self.

"It's ultimately more complicated than this answer, but defend the planet. Defend humanity, its basic rights. Push back invasions. We're a collective of folks from all walks of life, all abilities, but we share the belief that humanity is worth saving from anything and everything that threatens it."

He sighs and meet Noh-Varr's eyes again. "You've met Tony Stark. You mentioned Peter, who I've been informed is a protege of Stark. We've got someone who can…catch on fire and survive it," and by Steve's expression, it's a trick every time for him to see it. "We have someone who can summon lightning storms with a hammer." Blond brows lift and he shrugs. "Someone who apparently…eats souls, is how I heard it described. I can't confirm that, but she's a force to be reckoned with. Can't forget the tiger-lady." He points and then laughs to himself. "Never thought I'd be saying that."

Noh-Varr listens as Steve starts listing Avengers. "I've also met someone named Chris and a woman who uses Captain Marvel's name." Walking over to a seat, he flops down into it. "Tony asked me if I wanted to join. I'm considering it."

"Danvers, yes. She's Captain Marvel. Chris, I haven't met in person yet, though the time'll come soon enough, I'm sure." Steve watches the young man take up a chair and seems to be considering him in turn. He pushes off from his lean against the table and wanders back around, over to where his book and muffin lie abandoned.

Well, not anymore. The muffin, he takes up and gestures towards Noh-Varr with it. "What do you intend to bring to the team?"

"You require people to buy their way in?" NOh-Varr asks curiously. "Tony didn't mention that. Though maybe he thinks the technology advances we discussed will cover that."

"Buying their way in? No," and Steve shakes his head. "It's not a matter of monetary value. It's a matter of what aid you can lend to our cause. It doesn't matter if you're the fastest typist this side of Manhattan or if you can…" He draws a distracted circle in the air with the pastry before deciding upon, "…sprout wings and fly like a bird. If you can bring us support, we can use it. What technology did you and Stark discuss then?

"Nothing that concerns the Avengers." Noh-Varr answers then pauses. "Well, not directly. I'll be teaching him things that will, among other things, let him upgrade his suit. But if you were asking what I can do, the answer is simple. I'm a Kree warrior. I was also designed to be superior than most Kree."

"That's enough to warrant some further discussion," Steve concedes. "I'm sure Tony is thrilled to have more ways to further his research in regards to his suit. You've probably made him happy for…at least two weeks." The blond grins to himself.

His air sobers soon enough, taking on the impression of something rather akin to a job interview. "So you're a warrior. How's your hand-to-hand combat? Weaponry knowledge? Define 'superior'."

Noh-Varr's expression as he looks at Steve is… mixed before it clears. "Oh. I forgot you aren't really acquainted with Kree yet, are you? I heard some showed up at one of your official buildings but you've never fought them, right? Or with them." He nods to himself and settles more into the seat, making himself comfortable. "Kree are masters at combat, both armed and unarmed, ranged or close combat. While the average Kree is superior in most ways to the average human, I am stronger, faster, smarter, more durable and more attractive than most Kree."

Steve nods and indulges himself in polishing off the last bit of muffin while Noh-Varr explains. Of course, not a crumb on the polished table surface, book cover, or his face once it's entirely gone — impeccable eater, this Captain.

"I don't see an issue with you attending the next meeting," he says from across the table. "The team can meet you, better get to know you. I think many of us will appreciate the knowledge you can bring, given your capabilities."

Noh-Varr nods his agreement. That goes without saying. "Next meeting? To what purpose? Do you regularly meet and discuss… what? Where and when to act? You said defend humanity, not just some geopolitical entity, right? Do you have standing in countries other than this one?"

Steve remains standing behind the chair he once sat in, his hands resting easily on its back.

"Lately, we've had nothing monumental to discuss in terms of geopolitics. I can't speak for everyone, seeing as we're a team," and he lightly stresses this. "What standing we have in other countries comes from a humanitarian perspective. We aren't there to interfere with their government unless absolutely necessary, and this is part of what we discuss from time to time."

"And what is the rank structure?" Noh-Varr asks. "Who leads, who decides? Who picks the missions or says 'we don't do this'?" He's not just seekign information but sounds curious about it, being unfamiliar with being on a team. There's the Contingency Plan but that's also new and on a smaller scale than the Avengers it seems.

"Well," and the older man reaches back to scratch at the nape of his neck briefly. "I suppose, upon reflection, it's been me and Tony for some time now. Still, I prefer to hear all opinions before putting forth any proposition on the table during the meetings. We have connections to a more clandestine portion of N.A.T.O., in which I am a member, and these sometime influence what reaches this place." He tap-taps a fingertip upon the wooden surface of the table.

"I see." Noh-Varr thinks a moment as he considers Steve then stands. "I should be going." he decides and walks over to get that notebook. "I have an apartment in the Baxter Building now with a phone. This is the number. Tell me when the next meeting is and I'll be there."

Steve watches him gather up the notebook once more and then proceeds to make his way back around the table. He eyes the written number, has it memorized with enviable serum-based ease, and then nods, looking back to the young man.

"It may be our secretary contacting you, but rest assured, you'll be informed. Glad to meet you, Captain Noh-Varr," and he offers a hand once more for a parting shake, all proper manners and upstanding air. "I look forward to seeing what you can bring to the table."

And yes, that was a Rogers pun.

"Noh-Varr." he corrects and clasps the hand. "There's no reason to be formal. I'll be bringing the awesome." Giving Steve a quick grin, he heads out the same door he came in.

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