1965-05-18 - Anti-Bugotic
Summary: Carson heals a tree and learns from Reno that he's not the only weird guy in Harlem.
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The weather was beyond nice. It was super pleasant and that left Reno chasing ghosts in the park. Hey, sometimes it was just a thing he's got to do. Today he had a glove in his hand and he was looking for… who knows what the Puerto Rican Mohician was looking for. "Lessee… should be around here somewhere, man." Said he to the crow on his shoulder. Friends today it seemed.

Carson can be spotted in the park… seemingly, talking to a tree that appears to be wilting instead of thriving during the spring season. Seemingly, because he's rather quiet about the whole thing but it's clear his attention is entirely focused on that tree. He seems so wrapped up in this conversation that the presence of anyone else doesn't even stop him, it nearly looks like he's trying to cast a spell on it, the vigorous way he's speaking.

Reno waded over in his nice, but worn shoes. At least he had style on his budget. He stopped at the event in his ppath and tilted his head to teh side, "Heeey if you some kinda tree wizard, amigo, you wan' give the squirrels some packin time? I think a few of em is usin it if you gonna make it float away or somethin."

'Tree' and 'Wizard' used in the same sentence seems to get Carson's attention. Might have been 'amigo' too, some combination seemed to be the password to unlock Carson from his trance and he turns slowly to look over at Reno, one hand steady on the tree's bark. "I'm no wizard, I'm… giving this tree… a pep talk?" Normal human words were hard. "He is dying, you see? I am convincing him that it would be in his best interest to live instead of doing that.. the dying instead part. The squirrels will appreciate this, I think."

Reno stopped in his tracks. He blinked and arched an eyebrow looking up at the tree, "You got that ennui, Gramps? Awwww, that ain't okay. Like ya know it's okay. Lotta things go through this. My Tio did once and we had to introduc him to just a new hobby. It them bitey-bitey box elder bugs? You need us t'like ask em to leave?" He looked to the 'druid' and didn't seem to regard the tree-wizard as crazy but offered, "How we know? He droppin leaves all over, have sproutin oroblems," He broke away and said to teh tree "I hear that happens to like all osrts a guys after fourty-five. Nothin t'be embarassed about man."

Carson is more than prepared for the other man to think he's insane, that's a normal reaction to Carson speaking but instead, this man looks up at the tree and /helps/ give him this peptalk. It even manages to make Carson smile which is almost foreign on his face. "Dropping leaves, yes and here," He points out where someone has carved a name into the trunk surrounded by a heart. "People do not know the damage they do and he has, what I believe you referred to as 'bitey-bitey' bugs. I cannot tell them to leave but I can make him poisonous to them and they would vacate."

Carson kneels down and presses his hands into the soil over the trees roots and as he does so, the trees leaves turn green where they had been brown and the heart scarred into the wood disappears.

Reno watched curious and interested as the carving vanished, "Wooooah dude what if you just caused two people to break up?" He paused and considered, hesitating before reaching out to touch the spot on the tree. He flinched a bit frowning, "Yeah okay nemmind. Seem they already did. So… wow so you can give the tree a cold like an anti-bugotic or somethin? That's pretty cool. So you like really good with plants? Bien much, dude." He paused and almost forgot, glove still in hand, "Oh, ummmm me llamo Reno man. Reno Cordova. Nice t'mee'choo"

Carson's eyes narrow at the way that Reno touches the tree and seems to just know that whoever carved the names into the tree had broken up. "If they bond over harming the environment then I very much do not mind having broken them up over my actions." Carson admits, maybe a little more passionately than he intended. "And sort of, I made the tree poisonous to the bugs so that they would vacate the tree and I'll leave him like that, so they won't come back but it doesn't hurt the tree."

He takes the hand offered to him and shakes it. "Me llamo Carson.. Flores." He hesitates on that last name because it surely all sounds like a joke, first name incredibly not Spanish, last name Spanish but it means 'flowers' and he heals trees, it's like the beginning of a really bad stand up routine.

Reno watced, a bit awed and impressed. The crow shifted on his shouder and Reno nodded looking to the bird, "yeah man, you can go check it out. You ain' my sidekick or nothin. Tell me what you think." And with no hesitation after did the bird take flight up to go look. Reno chuckled, "Yeha man, I get it, truuuuust me. Still, sometimes people just dunno, ya know? And sometimes… man.. I dunno." He just shook his head offering, "Still, at least you canhelp. Not that it should be all like on you but it somethin." He paused and looke dup tot eh tree, "Normally I'd say like don't jump but you's already on teh gorund."

Carson cocks his head slightly to the side watching the crow fly up to the tree. "Can you talk to him the same way that I can talk to the tree? Did you know that their brains are the size of human thumbs? It puts their intelligence level at the same as a primate, which is only a step down from us." Carson explains, demonstrating how bad he is at this human communication. "I.. uh.. I don't mind helpin', better the environment, better for the people. More trees means more oxygen for us, after all."

Reno held up both hands and waved him off, "Woah don' tell em their brain like the size of my thumb. They'll be like that's right it huge! and man there really be no livin with em after this. Really though? What I can tell they know a whole lot more about a whole bunch of different stuff than we do. It is what it is man but, yeah, ya know, we talk." He paused and nodded more agreeable to that, "Yeah that's a decent way of puttin it anyways." He tacked on in rapido Espanol, "Hey, good news for you, you ain't the only weird dude in New York by a long shot, soooo it's all good" Looking around his fingers worried the glove and he asked, "Heeey Carson, you see like… an old guy carryin around a cigar box around here anywhere by chance?"

Carson laughs a little at that, the idea that Reno's crow was going to get a big head knowing they had a larger brain than regular birds. "I'm so sorry, I'll try to be quieter about my crow facts from now on, we wouldn't want them getting a big ego, would we? How will you ever talk to them then?" He teases and winks at Reno. He switches to Spanish when Reno does, easily able to comprehend the words as they rapid fire off his tongue. "Now, I didn't even say I was weird. I'm wondering if I should be offended." But he smiles, telling Reno that he obviously isn't upset at the idea of being classified as weird. "An old guy with a cigar box? Yeah, like a few minutes ago." He points to the left. "Went that way."

Reno shied a grin and wobbled his head from side to side, and siad " Weeeell I kinda am one. SOooo talkin comes easy. My buddies? They tell me gettin me to shut up? That's like the hard part, but ya know htey cool about it. So I dunno if you should be offended, but I certainly, Carson Flores, didn't set out to insult you. So like if I did? Peace man, that's an accident." He was pretty comfortable with some things were just weird. He was one of them. Looking where Carson pointed though he squint and head tilted, "Awww man, okay. I'll lettum take a bit of a walk. THere someone wantin to talk to him."

"Your brain is significantly bigger than a thumb, until you are a crow, then it's the size of a thumb." Clearly, this doesn't phase Carson at all to hear that Reno was a crow, or he just blind to the weirdness of someone telling him that. Or, perhaps, Carson was glad to hear, as a man who talks to and heals trees, that he wasn't the only weird one around. "Is it about the cigars? Because if it is you should tell him not to smoke them, they're bad for him /and/ the environment."

Reno looked with a dimpled half grin, that didn't quite reach his eyes, "heh, yeah this is true, amigo. This true." The look turned to the path seeming to hone in on something distant and the warmth in those dark brown eyes flinched and he looked at the glove in his hand. "Nah, ain't cigars in teh box. Is like personal or somethin. But he ain' gonna have to worry about smokin. I gotta go have a talk with em. Is his last walk around the park. He shouldn't have to be alone right now, or at least know like there' people wanna talk to em. Sounds crazy I know but, Carson, you ever out by Pops' in Harlem? Look me up. We' grab lunch or somethin."

"I will do. Harlem's my home." Carson says and nods at Reno. "It's good to meet fellow weird men. We'll have to start a club." He waves Reno off to find a man with cigars as he goes off to give another pep talk to another bush.

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