1965-05-18 - Have Wormhole Will Travel
Summary: Billy comes over to Noh-Varr's new apartment to install the wormhole.
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Having gotten his key from Johnny, Noh-Varr used his brand new phone to give Billy a call and let him know he got an apartment. So if he could come install the wormhole to the Marvel when he had a chance… Where? Oh, right. Baxter Building apartment 17B.

It takes a couple hours to show up, but when Billy does, he has a dolly, and a wardrobe, and since floor 17 isn't a secure floor, he has to jump through no hoops to get up there. "Hey, Noh-Varr." he greets when the door is opened, flashing a dimpled grin.

"Hi Billy." Noh-Varr steps out of the way to give the other room to get in. And then he eyes what Billy has with him. "I thought you were just going to attach it to a door? Or is that for the other side?" Once Billy and cart are in, he shuts the door behind them. "If you want something to eat or drink, you need to magic it up. There's nothing in the fridge or closets."

"That was before you had an apartment." Billy shakes his head, and moves the wardrobe in and then over against a wall, "You can move it where-ever." He looks around the place, "Now the question is do you wan a portal to Narnia from in here, too?"

"The bedroom. It doesn't really go in here." Picking up the wardrobe, Noh-Varr carries it into the bedroom. "Another portal? I don't think so. I can just go to the ship and then use that wardrobe. It'll take an extra few second at most." And speaking of a few seconds, he comes back out after a couple.

When Noh-Varr comes back out, Billy shoos him back in, "I haven't actually bound the spell." So he follows Noh over to where he put the wardrobe, "Put your non-dominant hand on the doorknob." he instructs, reaching up to lay his hand on Noh's and closing his eyes, "Down the rabbit hole; down the rabbitholedowntherabbitholeDOWNtheRABBIThole." He steps away, brushing a hand through his hair, "This will now connect to the same door my bathroom used to; but we have to do the binding in reverse, too. So. Open up."

Noh-Varr puts his right hand on the handle as Billy does his thing. And then he opens up the door and steps through onto the ship. "No wardrobe needed for this one? Or you going to use a regular door again? What'll happen if the door is gone? I'm going to be cannibalizing the ship piece by piece and build a new, smaller one."

Billy sighs in exasperation, and stays on the Up side of the wardrobe. He lays a hand on it, holds his other hand out and closs his eyes. "Shopping for two, …" Once he's done with that, a second wardrobe appears beyond the first in the ship, and he steps through and closes it behind him. The first thing he does is touch the door that had previously bound to his bathroom, murmuring, "Revert." Cancelling spells is easy. Then he repeats a gesture for Noh's hand, and binds this wardrobe to the other, "There. You've got an apartment and a quick access to your ship."

Noh-Varr grins once the process is done. "You're handy to have around. You know, want to get something to eat and drink? Or rather, want to magic it up? I want to talk to you and the others soon. Been thinking about tactics to use against the Leader."

"Let's talk about that when we're all together so we don't have the same conversation repeatedly." Billy shakes his head, gesturing for the wardrobe since he can't open it himself and he wants to go back to the apartment, "If you're hungry we can go out to eat. I can't conjure just anything. I can do chips really well. And baklava. More then that takes, like, an example to duplicate. Otherwise why would I go out to get food all the time?"

Noh-Varr opens the wardrobe back to the apartment and motions Billy to go ahead. "Okay, we'll talk about it when everyone's together. Though I need to know, can you magic up a bomb? Or if you can't do that, can you magic up the raw materials I'll need to build one if I tell you what they are?"

"Making a bomb is easy. I know the formula for TNT— its 2-methyl-1,3,5-trinitrobenzene, though its also 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene. C6H2(NO2)CH3." Billy is studying chemistry, after all. "If I add in some ammonium nitrate, it would significantly increase the yield. The real question is what kind of detonator do you want? Or do you need something with an even higher yield?"

Noh-Varr shakes his head. "Just enough to destroy a robot. Manual detonation. From a remote detonator at relatively close range. If you can focus the explosion, even better since we might be close to it. Though I think we'll probably be protected long enough."

"How do we get it past the shield?" Billy seems puzzled by this possibility, but then cocks his head, "Really, I'm not sure if you're familiar with TNT. Its incredibly unstable, especially in its basic non-stabalized form. I might want to practice making dynamite so it can be in a quasi-stable form."

"I was thinking of giving it to Kellan then having him make a duplicate on the other side of the shield." Noh-Varr answers. "Should work once. And Kaleb. We could hear her and she could hear us so it doesn't stop sound. If he can find the robot's resonance frequency, he should be able to shatter it. At least some important parts of it." Thinking a moment about what Billy said, he nods. "Okay, I'll take your word for it. We can use my fingernails instead."

"Your… you know what, we said we're not planning individually." Billy laughs and shakes his head, "Now, the question is, have you tried New York Style Pizza yet? Because I want pizza for lunch. Come on, I'm buying."

"I haven't." Noh-Varr answers. "I also need to buy more clothes. Where should I do that?" Heading to the door, he opens it for Billy. "Actually, I'd prefer to use a bomb and not let him learn more about me than we have to. Right now, I'm mostly unknown to him."

"Uhh, you need to discover the mall. We will go to the mall and have crap food court food and get you clothes." Billy nods, and shows Noh-Varr the greatest of human inventions: Macy's.

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