1965-05-20 - Bar Room Talks
Summary: Nate Grey, Julie, and Forge enter a bar…and somehow nothing crazy happens.
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Julie comes on in, half-leading Forge as she starts making her way toward the bar, her accent a local New York Italian, and she says to the fellow, "Great neighborhood place, here, anyway, they got a nice burger and fries, sometimes they got pastrami or whatever's the sanwich of the day." She gives a wave to the barkeep as she comes on up.

Forge pulls his jacket on as he climbs out to join Julie. "I could go for a pastrami burger and fries myself," he chuckles. Business casual doesn't exist yet, but this afternoon he's just a half step above it.

Already awaiting in the Eight Ball, Nathaniel Grey looks at Julie and Forge as they both enter, deciding not to try to read their minds for the moment out of standard politeness and not wanting to cause up any kind of trouble. Nate's dressed up as more…punk rock. Leather jacket, leather pants, no shirt. Iron necklace around his neck that happens to be in the form of a star..or a styled one. Nonetheless, he makes no greetings for now, instead sitting in a booth by himself.

Julie laughs, a bit. "Hungry, are ya?" She nods to the barkeep, "I guess just a burger and some fries for me, Bob, and, howsabout a cawfee." Her mind would be presently full of various thoughts about various scrapyard parts, engines, and other projects, at the moment, apart from 'lunch' of course, so Nate might not be missing all so much, telepathically. An Xavier's school X logo dangles from her jacket's zipper pull, though, as she settles herself down at the bar, and she says to Forge, as coffee arrives, "Well, we got some tanks and fittings, anyway, that oughta be a start for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang there." She winks.

Forge laughs, and nods "I'll have a coke as well, thanks." Leaning, facing Julie, he nods. "We still need to go upstate for the sheet metal, but we got plenty today, for both our projects. Definitely worth taking a break before heading back up."

Nate Grey watches Julie and Forge apparently being all laughs and the like, so he decides to go over and introduce himself. "Hello. Mind if I join you two?" Plus he saw the X-symbol on Julie's jacket zipper, so…there you go. THough they might also think Nate might be an X-er….because he has the X-men logo tattooed on his right pectoral.

Julie nods to Forge, "Yeah, we don't get so much aircraft aluminum in the city here, but I bet we can," She glances up as Nate comes along, "Oh, hey, sure, pal." She gestures to a seat, then seemingly first notices the shirtlessness, which stands out, obviously. "How's it, ah, going? Hungry or anything?"

Forge ifts a hand to give a polite wave to the an approaching. "I don't mind, nto sure how long we'll be." Looking at the shirtless man, he forces a polite little smile.

Sitting at the bar then with Julie and Forge, he looks to the two of them. "Thanks." and of course, when Julie asks him if he's hungry, he nods. "I could use something to eat." he looks to the bartender. "Just a cheeseburger or something like it. Surprise me with what's good." and he pays for it ahead of time. "I'm Nate by the way." he doesn't drop a last name…justin case they happen to be good friends with one Jean Grey.

Julie smiles. "Dizzy. This is Mr. Forge." She offers a hand. "New in town? Or I guess, just got back?" She taps where Nate's X mark is, "Kinda taking 'be true to your school,' to a whole new level, there, looks like. " She winks.

Forge nods and offers a hsake himself after Julie does. "Well, it is a common letter of the alphabet. It could be a coincidence. Even here."

Nate looks to Julie as he accepts the hand, shaking it firmly then to Forge, nodding as he shakes his hand too. While he's mighty tempted to tell him that he's from the future, he's content with letting them think that he's just your random guy who decided to get an X tattoo. "Nice to meet you too. Yeah…you could say I just got back." a kind smile on his face.

Julie nods, "Heck of a time to do it, but it's pretty good people in this neighborhood, for the most part. Kinda worry about them with all that's been happening, but that's how it is from time to time. Was gonna ask Bob here if there's been any trouble."

Forge shakes with the metallic hand, which NAte may notice. Then pulling it back, he sips his coke, and sees the food will be right up. "Times get rough for all of us. Have to start somewhere."

Nathaniel looks to Julie first and he nods a bit. "Yeah. Well, either way, it's good to be back." he's really sticking to that facade. How else willa time traveler make friends? Nevertheless, his eyes move to Forge. "Agreed." he noticed the metallic hand. A possible weakness to exploit if they ever come to blows. Duly noted. His eyes shift back to Julie. "and has he?" he looks then to Bob.

Julie nods, looking over to Bob the barkeep, questioningly, who shrugs a bit, as he sets out burgers and fries and a steaming pastrami sandwich, "Nuffin too serious, yet. Lot of folks on edge, though, after last time."

Dizzy nods, "Thanks, Bob. Guess I hope the, ah, neighborhood watch types are up to it if it's a hot summer."

Forge picks up his burger, loaded with ground beef and pastrami, he squeezes it in a bit and takes a big bite. "So, Nate, where have you been? SEeing the country? Seeing the world?"

Nathaniel seems to ponder this a moment as he listens to Bob. "Fair enough." he didn't need to ask what 'last time' was, since he very covertly read Bob's mind and saw the incident himself. With that in mind, he turns his head to Forge as he asks him what he's bene up to. "I've been…a bit of everywhere." the nice way of saying he's been -when- though he does shrug. "Guess you can say that. This place is…a little different from home, as they say."

Julie tilts her head, there, ahs, nods. "Not so used to the big city, eh? Guess that's different from, well, everywhere else I've seen," she says. "It's home, though, really, as much as I dig California. Anything in particular bring you here? Lotta people come chasing dreams and all. Which is kinda what New York's famous for."

Forge digs into his burger some more. "Good question. New York is ap opular city to just wander into, and hope for the best. But I don't now if it's smart to do that."

Nate looks to Julie first. "Yeah, not so much. I'm used to the .." baron wasteland. "..the country, as it were." He smiles softly to her. "Not really..kinda wound up here by accident really." time travel mishaps. "But, I guess I like the place because I can't bring myself to leave." more time travel mishaps. "But yeah…lotta people are lookin' for the 'american dream' and try to find it here. Few are lucky enough to get all of the dream or any of it at all.

Julie nods. "Eh, it's a big place, a lotta people really *do* make it. Guess it can chew a lotta people up, too, though. You in any particular line of work, anything like that?"

Forge is enjoying the burger. He's had a lot to do today, and could really use the food. "It sure can chew people up. A lot of people cramped in one place."

Nate nods lightly to Julie. "Yeah…it's a give and take." he shrugs. "Guess you can say that. In certain circles I'm a therapist and in others, just a guy who knows where to get good food." He LOVED the food in this timeline…especially since, ya know, nothing was radiated or obliterated in this timeline. His smile was very evident as he looked to Forge. Finally his cheeseburger arrives and Nate bites into it…SO GOOD.

Julie digs in somewhat, herself, having started out on fries while they're nice and hot. She ahs. "Therapist, like one of those fancy shrinks I heard about?" Well, that's also perhaps part of the times, too. "Guess there's a few bucks in that, probably a lotta people got a screw loose here and there," she perhaps teases. Adds about the food. "Yeah, I heard Bob did a stint as a short-order cook, though, once upon a time." She does take up her burger. "Real community treasure, and all."

Forge squints at the word as well. "Therapist?" he asks as well, definitely unlcear on the term. "I'm sure a man willing to work can find work though. Some folks come to the city thinking success will fall in their laps."

Nate nods. "Yeah. I help people deal with their own mental shit. You know…everyone has problems, so I just help fix it." he shrugs then, looking between them. "When you're young with no college experience, you justh ave ot make do with what you get."

Julie ahs. "Cool enough, I guess. All by, I dunno, reputation or something? More than a few folks around here who maybe could use it, I dunno. There's been some pretty nasty things happen over the past few years, when someone raises some kinda mob or something."

Forge nods. "Oh a psychiatrist? You could make good money doing that around here. Lot of neurotics. And bored housewives popping pills. It's often about the pills."

Nate looks to Julie and Forge as they share the usual cases with him. "Yeah….it's not exactly fun to listen to and deal with, but it is what it is." he shrugs lightly. "It's always the worst when it comes to business when mobs rise up. Sometimes I get to deal with bosses telling me why they walked that road and yatta yatta yatta. Boring stuff if you ask me, but depending on how good I do, I get paid well."

Julie nods. "Fair enough. Me, I just drive, usually. Sort stuff out that way. Some people just don't treat each other right, in this world," she says, sipping at her coffee. Couple rich clients pays for a lotta gas."

Forge takes some time to finish off that burger. Well, most of it. "WEll, hopefully being new in town you have a place to sleep and whatnot."

Eating his burger andbeing mostly done himself, his eyes drift to Julie first. "I hear ya…but, people have problems. annoying problems, but problems nonetheless." his eyes drift then to Forge. "Yeah. Mutant Town's been kind to me so far, despite being a stranger here. But…I'm grateful." saves him trouble of taking it…even though he'd feel bad.

Julie nods. "Yeah, a lotta folks here know what it's like. People gotta do for each other, yaknow?"

Forge nods. "That's good. Some of us try. We find our ways of doing it." NOW he finishes off the burger. "Now if you'll pardon me, I'm going to walk off thie burger a bit before we get back on the rod. Good luck to you." He goes into his pocket to leave plenty of cash for the food. For all three of them."

Nate then finishes his burger, and he watches as Forge pays for his meal. Nodding appreciatively, he smiles. "Thanks Forge." and he watches as the man starts to take off. His eyes shift back to Julie and he gets out of his seat. "I'll be seeing you Julie. Best get back." he looks to the both of them. "Nice meeting you both." and he turns heel to leave.

Julie nods, "Yeah, hey, seeya around, and good luck."

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