1965-05-20 - It's Not Security Without Turrets
Summary: Without security, almost anyone can wander into Avengers Mansion.
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Back in New York after an extended undercover mission, Ava has things to check up on. Especially since the SHIELD rumor mill says that the Winter Soldier is once again not actually dead. And even if he asked to be dead the last time, the 'kill me before you let them get me' promise is one of those things you generally want to check up on to see if it's still valid. Dressed in a coat two sizes too big for her over pants and a short-sleeved sweater that look like they came from a thrift shop, the redhead walks up to the front door of the mansion, takes a deep breath, and knocks.

Tony is on his way up from the lab, and he happens to be in the foyer when the knock comes. "I'll get it!" he calls. Then he walks over to the door. He's in jeans and a long-sleeved light pullover with the sleeves pushed up. He's found rarely in suits at the mansion these days. One might think he's starting to relax. When he sees who it is, he looks her over, then says, "If you're about to ask if Cap can come out to play, the answer's no, he's doing his homework."

"Actually, I'd rather play with him inside." Noh-Varr says as he wanders up the walk. "Hi Tony. I accept. Is there a secret handshake I need to learn how to do?" He's been watching old movies since he arrived. Coming to a stop next to Ava, he looks at her curiously but waits till the doorway's not blocked.

When Peter comes to the mansion, he almost always comes via Spider-Man suit; after all, Peter Parker has very little reason to be in Avengers Mansion. So! He swings through the air, lands at the side of the mansion and sticks his fingers to a window to slide it up, then slips in. Soon he's wandering downstairs, pulling off his mask and looking around, "Mr. Stark! I took a break from the Skin Project to make a muscle sleeve. Its just a plastic wrapper that goes around the robo-arm so its contours are more muscle-like and natural, and then the skin adheres to it. Because I was thinking? The skin wrapped around a metal arm wouldn't look natural at all." He's all super enthused about this project of his. Then he notices other People. "ohhai." Ahem. He needs to stop taking off his mask when he is in the mansion until he changes _out_ of his suit.

"I was not under the impression that the Captain…played," Ava replies to Tony with a smirk, glancing past him to make a quick assessment of the inside of the building before she looks back to him. "I was actually looking for Sergeant Barnes." As Noh-Varr approaches, she steps to the side to allow him to pass, but she doesn't look like she's going to wander off any time soon. "Speaking of unnatural looking metal arms," she adds with another faint smirk at Peter's comment.

"You're not wrong," Tony tells Ava. He then mentions, "I don't know where Barnes is. All my homework's done, by the way." Just letting that hang there. Then he steps out of the doorway, and he turns his attention to Noh-Varr. "He gets that a lot, I just don't thine he notices. No secret handshake. Welcome aboard." To Peter, he says, "That's why I keep you around. How do we put it on and take it off?"

Noh-Varr nods to Tony as he moves aside then steps into the mansion. "Peter." he greets. So now he knows what the secret project is that he was working on. "Why take it off at all? Apply it with an adhesive and just repair it if and when it gets damaged." Not that he knows who Barnes is but if he's got a metal arm, it's a safe bet he'll be in situations where it gets damaged.

"You just slide it on and off; it's quite tight and flexible— its really mostly just shaped rubber— so should stay put once its on." Peter nods his head over towards Tony, lifting a hand and running it through his hair, before glancing back over to Noh-Varr, "Maintenance. Plus the skin will adhere to the sleeve permanently, there's no good way I can think of — yet — to repair the skin. So if-when it gets damaged, we gotta pull the sleeve off, dip it into the solvent to dissolve the skin and then put a new coat on." He looks over to Ava, "We have a _lot_ of Barneses these days."

"You are Tony Stark," Ava notes to the man as she follows Noh-Varr inside as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "You are paying other people to do your homework." She quirks a brow at Peter's comment, curiosity piqued. "How so?" she asks, attention on the younger scientist for the moment. He does seem talkative, after all.

Tony nods along with what Peter says. "Every once in awhile I've got to get in there and give it a good cleaning." He asides to Peter, "Though with that sleeve, it'll keep some of the day to day gunk out. Another win." He offers Ava a signature crooked smile. "You know me so well. Coffee? Something stronger?" He offers a hand to Ava. "I don't believe we've met. Have we?"

"Why not just apply some solvent with a brush to even out the damaged area then do the same with the skin compound to cover it up?" Noh-Varr suggests. "I'd think it would blend relatively seamlessly if you were careful." Glancing over at Tony, he says "The other night, I had this drink with coffee, whiskey and whipped cream. It was very good."

"Because there's no reason to." Peter sounds exasperated, shaking his head, "This works. Why complicate it? The simplest solution is usually the better solution." He looks over to Ava and hesitates, "Uhh, that might be classified." he notes a bit awkwardly, a little grin rising onto his features, before he nods over to Tony, "Yeah, it should ease cleaning and keep things… gunk-free."

"There's a size issue as well," Ava tacks on to Noh-Varr's comment on the arm. "After a certain number of layers, one arm is noticeably larger than the other. Which draws more attention." Turning back to Tony, she reaches out to take the offered hand, her grip firm. "You were slightly distracted the last time we encountered each other. I am Ava," she introduces herself, head tilting at Peter's answer. Interesting.

"Devise both options," Tony says. "Spot repair and complete removal, covers all our bases, deal with the problems that arise on a case by case." He gives Peter a quick nod, then. Yes, yes, that's classified. He shakes Ava's hand, maintaining enough dignity not to try for some cheesy knuckle-kissing play. "Yeah, people tell me I get distracted." He gestures toward the kitchen. "Why don't we have coffee with whiskey and whipped cream? That's a good one."

"It also had something sprinkled on top." Noh-Varr says. "I'm not sure what it was." To Ava, he says "I'm Captain Noh-Varr of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt. What precisely is your interest in this man with the metal arm?"

"Skin #2 would actually be perfect for spot repair, when that's done." Peter says this as if the thought just occurred to him, though he blinks a look over at Noh-Varr, furrowing his brow. He inches over towards Tony and side-speaks to him, "…is he always going to introduce himself like that? Its not very…covert." he murmurs. But he nods over to Ava, "I'm Peter." He leaves off 'spider-man' since its obvious and his cover's blown already. "We need some sort of signal when visitors are coming over so I know not to take off my mask." But, he will follow for coffee.

"You live on a public street and don't have a security station," Ava points out to Peter, amused. "If you are looking for secrecy, you are going to need to make some changes that are probably larger than a signal. Or get used to the mask." She blinks at Noh-Varr's introduction, taken-aback by that at least. "We have diplomatic relations with the Kree now? I…have been gone for some time. Hmmm." There's a long look for the Kree as she follows Tony to the kitchen, speculative. "The Sergeant and I had an arrangement. But the last time I saw him, he was dead. So. I felt as though it would be wise to re-establish contact."

Tony asides to Peter, "I think he is. I like it. Let's see how it pans out." He smiles at Noh-Varr. Hey there, how's it going. "Yeah, that's a bit of a story," he tells Ava as they head into the kitchen. He puts on coffee and takes down four mugs. "Barnes is feeling a lot better these days," he mentions. "All around less murdery, too."

"I am not very covert." Noh-Var says, sounding amused. "Unless there's a true need for it, I prefer not to hide. I don't represent the Kree here so no, there's no diplomatic relations. I'd suggest being very cautious of them and their motives. They certainly do not include what is best for your species." As they get to the kitchen, he looks between Ava and Tony. "How is he no longer dead? Or was it a ruse or just not truly dead?"

"I don't _live_ here, and the curtains are always covered. I always come by way of webbing." Peter says, tone a touch defensively. "I was under the impression we didn't have random visitors in our homebase, apparently wrongly." He shrugs a bit, but blinks when Noh-Varr hears him, "Well its just not very smart to just… let all that out there." He shrugs again, going to the fridge and pulling out a soda pop for himself.

"Less murdery is good," Ava nods to Tony, though she only has a shrug for Noh-Varr's question. She glances sympathetically to Peter, softening just a bit. "Do not worry. I am not random. I am with SHIELD." A pause. "Though I could have been, because like I said, you have nothing keeping people from coming up to the front door, and eventually someone is going to come looking for him with a newborn," she concludes, pointing a thumb at Tony.

Tony tells Noh-Varr, "I have no idea." Magic or mutant ju-ju just isn't his department. Mugs are brought down, just three as he sees Peter getting himself a soda pop. Tony then starts whipping the cream. Storebought is too thick. It needs to be whisked just so. "Yeah, it's a bad idea to let it all out there," he says with a wry curl of his lips. He looks up from his whisking at Ava. "Hey, now. I'm working on a newborn detector so I know not to open the door."

"You should have an electronic gate and an intercom." Noh-Varr suggests. "And the tops of the walls should have impediments to them being climbed. Defenses should include an electrified walk and turrets that can fire energy of varying strength."

"I don't really have an issue with people coming to the front door." Peter shakes his head, tilting his soda back to take a swig, "It's letting people in that is problematic." He then turns an incredulous look to Noh-Varr, and just stares at him.

"He had me until the turrets," Ava seconds Noh-Varr. "Well. Electrified walk might be a bit much. Honestly, I was just thinking a manned gate. But. That is none of my business, I suppose," she smiles faintly. "I only came to see that Sergeant Barnes was in his own mind, of his own will." And to kill him if he wasn't, but that's just not the sort of thing you share in polite company.

"Kids," Tony says, "Other-Dad and I will talk it over, and we'll figure out what we figure out." With the cream whipped to his satisfaction, he assembles the coffees. He's generous with the whiskey, but not so much he throws off the balance of the drinks. He then passes them around. "Peter, til we establish what's what, it might be a good idea to desuit when you come in. We can leave a change of clothes at your entry point." He raises his drink to Ava as he says, "He's doing well. Drastic improvement over the prick living in his head."

"With such a public headquarters, you will be attacked sooner or later." Noh-Varr says to Peter, also glancing at the others. "It's just a matter of time till one of your enemies decides to strike preemptively so it's best to be prepared. The turrets weren't intended for random visitors." Taking the mug, he takes a sip then licks the whipped cream off his upper lip. "I should leave a spare uniform here as well."

"Yeah, I'll always come in at a certain door and bring some clothes over." Peter nods his head at that, finding that a reasonable solution, before he glances around, lifts his mask and slides it on, "In fact I'll go do that now. Bye!"

Ava looks amused at Tony's characterization of him and Steve as parents here, but she takes her coffee without complaint, taking a sip of the drink. "He seems nice," she says as Peter flees. Whether or not that's a compliment coming from her is…less than clear. "I'm glad to hear that Barnes is well," she nods to Tony.

"He's a good kid," Tony says. "Smart kid. He interns for me, and I don't want to give him a big head, but he's hands down the best I've ever had." He inclines his head to Ava. "Happy to be able to tell you. He and I had a few run-ins while he was Sgt. Prick. Never thought we'd hit it off, but here we are." He nods to Noh-Varr, asiding to him, "I keep a change of everything here. You never know when you're going to come in soaked, shot, or on fire."

"Let me know where I should store it." Noh-Varr tells Tony then reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. This gets slide across the table to Tony. "I have an apartment now and a phone. You can reach me at the Baxter Building, 17B." Not having encountered Bucky, he just listens and takes note about man who seems to have multiple personalities.

Ava takes another sip of her drink, looking between the others. "You are just starting with this, yes?" she asks. "Can I ask…what your goals are?"

Tony takes the offered paper, glances, and says, "I'll put it in the Rolodex." He tucks it in his pocket. "We've got rooms here. Not too many of us live here, but there's a room you can claim. Store your uniform there." He smiles, adding, "Again, welcome to the team." He looks to Ava at her question, but leaves it for Noh-Varr to answer.

Noh-Varr nods to Tony and drinks some more of his coffee. "I once promised someone I would defend this planet. It was in another reality so might not really apply here but as long as I'm stuck here, I might as well do what I can. And from what I've seen, you need it even more here."

"I meant the Avengers in general, honestly," Ava smiles faintly to Noh-Varr. "Though as someone who lives here, I do appreciate the help. How is the public heroes thing to work? Your young friend Peter is clearly still trying to balance being someone else with whatever you're doing here.."

"Yeah, not everyone is in a position to announce it on national TV," Tony says. He leans against the counter, takes a sip of his coffee, then says, "I imagine everyone comes here for their own reasons, but we share an overall goal: we protect the people of Earth and, when they need us, we fight the battles they never could."

"It's the natural continuation of being a diplomat." Noh-Varr says. "When diplomacy fails, it's time to fall back on force. It saves time when both options are available to the same people."

Ava tilts her head, considering the answers in silence. She takes another sip from her mug, then nods once, quietly approving. "It is good," she says eventually. "The public part, I am not so certain of. But it is a good thing to do. I am glad that the Sergeant is with people who have such goals, and who will let him help to work toward them."

"Some of us have reasons to work in secret," Tony says with a nod in the direction Spidey left, "But putting on a public face means we protect with our name without lifting a finger. How many assaults didn't come because the Avengers would answer them? We continue to hold bad guys at bay with the threat of fixing whatever problems they start." He shrugs. "Sometimes they have to be reminded in person, but that's the nature of the job."

"Is this man with the metal arm also a member?" Noh-Varr asks Tony. "It would be helpful to have a full roster and list of what their abilities are so I can plan on how each member can be deployed most effectively."

"Mmm. I was born in Russia," Ava notes with a tight smile. "I am familiar with the benefits of intimidation. You are ahead of SHIELD," she adds, rueful, as she takes another sip. "There was a push to train people with abilities as agents, but it seems the organization and action have been…slower. But then, there is a trust issue when it comes to working for a secret agency."

"It's a trade off," Tony says. "You guys get to do a lot with impunity that we'd never dare, including gathering intel. I think our agencies could benefit each other with some cooperation, but it's not entirely my call." As for the question of the metal-armed man, Tony makes a so-so gesture with his hand. "He and Cap go back a ways. He helps us. Is he on the official roster? Maaaybe not. You're right, we need to get a who's who."

"You're an member of SHIELD?" Noh-Varr asks Ava. "I've been meaning to ask, is there a facility named 'The Cube' in this reality? It's used by SHIELD as a place of incarceration."

"Not that I am aware of," Ava arches a brow at Noh-Varr. "But…it is not impossible that there would be one and I would be unaware of it. There are always secrets in the agency, though I am usually able to find them. Eventually." She sets her mug down, carefully straightening it on the table. "If you find you need assistance with something more discrete, I might be able to help. Sergeant Barnes can vouch for my abilities."

"Does Sergeant Barnes know how to get hold of you?" Tony asks. He takes a business card from his pocket. Since it was in his jeans, there's foxing around the edges, but he offers it over with the careless suaveness that comes naturally. He's used to giving ladies his card. "And if you need anything from me."

"If it does exist, depending on who the current warden is, he should be killed." Noh-Varr tells Ava. Slowly. That part he leaves out. That being said, he falls silent with nothing else to add.

Ava eyes Noh-Varr for a moment, but simply nods. "Noted." The card she takes from Tony, giving it a look before she tucks it into her pocket. "He will manage," she answers Tony with a flicker of a smile. "Or I will stop by again, see if the security has improved." That last bit might even be humor.

Tony echoes her smile, maintaining eye contact. Then he lays a hand to his chest and says, "But we're such warm welcoming people." He glances out the window, and he takes another drink of his boozy coffee. Mmm. "It's on the list. We've been delayed by this, that, and the other thing. I was in Berlin til recently, and I'm still playing catchup."

Definitely turrets. "Just how long ago were the Avengers formed?" Noh-Varr asks, suddenly getting the impression it wasn't all that long ago. Security being limited to a single guard squirrel who doesn't even know it has the job and not having a current roster might be small hints.

Ava looks as though she's about to stand and make her goodbyes when Noh-Varr asks his question. Instead, she settles in a little more, taking another small sip of her drink. The heat it nice, but the extra booze is something she's usually a little more careful about.

"About a year," Tony says, "and a lot has happened in that time. Missed connections, people coming and going. The Avenging, of course. You'd be surprised how much goes into something like this." He finishes his coffee, then takes his cup to the sink. Cap usually washes up what he finds there, so Tony leaves it. "In any case, if you'll excuse me, I should be getting back to the lab. I've got timed experiments down there that are due to count down soon."

"No I wouldn't." Noh-Varr disagrees and stands as well. "Now I've let you know what I decided, I need to get going. You can contact me now so let me know if you need anything. I'll be by in order to meet others."

"Best of luck with those, Mister Stark," Ava smiles faintly, leaving a good deal of the drink left in her mug as she stands. "And thank you. I'm glad to hear that Sergeant Barnes is well. I'll show myself out." Probably. Since Noh-Varr is also leaving and would notice if she stayed to poke around.

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