1965-05-21 - A Lawyer When You Need One
Summary: Lorna does her usual and for once gets in trouble, but luckily, Jennifer Walters arrives on scene before Lorna can make a name for herself.
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Dear Senator Williams, beloved by all haters, hated by all lovers. With recent developments he's been riding an anti-mutant wave, and has recently promised some anti-mutant legislation to keep the menace at bay and the public safe.

The Brotherhood has been making some noise around Mutant Town, claiming they have plans to stop that from happening, they just never really elaborated how. There's also the matter of most people not fully certain the Brotherhood even exists anymore.

One thing is for sure, a certain green haired young woman doesn't like the good Senator, because she is standing in the middle of a Mutant Town street, tearing a propoganda poster of Senator Williams to bits. When she gets a few glances, she snaps at people, "you wanted to do the same and you know it!"

A couple of beat cops spot Polaris committing her act of public vandalism. They exhale and with a weary sort of fascism, three start marching towards the woman standing up on the planter and ripping apart the Senator's likeness. The lead one, wearing a pair of stripes, lifts a hand and beckons Polaris with a condescending bobble of his head. "Aww right, lady, c'mon down. Point's made. You can't be tearing up posters," he tells her, in a dull drone. "Them's ain't your posters, and yer making a public nuisance of yerself."

The other cops start making the 'move along, nothing to see here' gestures with their arms, shooing away a few interested young mutants who had perked up at Polaris' little act of social rebellion. The younger mutants grumble and sneer at the cops— but they do so while moving away and leaving Polaris a bit high and dry as the officers beckon her down to street level.

"Name and identification," the corporal tells Lorna, puffing his chest out over his gut a bit. "Right now, I could book you with four different Class A misdemeanours," he tells her. One of the other cops gets on the radio in the squad car, blandly corresponding with dispatch about something unremarkable happpening the vicinty. "Be better for everyone if you stopped tearing up posters, and I'm pretty sure you're the same lady we saw knocking down campaign signs over on 105th street."

"Green hair's pretty distinctive," says the rookie, tugging on his nose. "I seem to remember some witness statements to that effect."

The cops start berating the woman with their tiny little bureaucratic authorities. Lorna could probably lay them all out, but the APB for a green-haired metahuman would probably complicate things down the road.

Another certain green-haired mutant happens to spot the row as she walks out of the municipal building for the Mutant Town precinct. Jen Walters squints at the altercation and her lips press into a thin green line. The green-skinned giantess turns on a low-heeled shoe and starts walking with long, ground-eating steps towards the little altercation, pushing documents into an attache case to free up one of her hands as she does.

"I believe I can, because I just did it," Polaris corrects the cop who addressed her, but it seems there's a limit to how much of a scene she means to cause. Because she's actually coming down as requested. And not in a showy flying way, either, she's actually coming down one of the supporting poles. "You do know the guy is a facist, right?" She asks the cops, trying to soften their approach by pointing at a very recent foe of the USA.

"You could," Lorna concurs, "but you won't." She continues, pointing at his badge, "after all, you're sworn to serve and protect, correct? All of us here in mutant town need protection from that guy." She grins as they make mention of another incident, of which no doubt there are many, "could be someone who got paint spilt on their hair…?" It's an alternative, so she offered it.

Just so happens that Jennifer Walters is approaching inadvertantly, leading Lorna to point the cops towards her, "maybe it was her? See? Green hair…right there."

On the plus side, Polaris hasn't flashed her power to cause real mayhem, maybe she's not stupid.

The cops don't look particularly intimidated by Lorna's blustering confrontation. One of them rolls his eyes and exhales. "God damn, another one of 'em damn liberal hippies," the younger rookie remarks. The cops keep up their steady pressure tactics, ignoring Lorna's pointing finger and stirring diatribe.

"Yeah, yeah, /okay/ lady, but either you produce some ID right now or I take you down to the station an' we book you. Then that turns into a whole thing where I charge you, and if I gotta /charge/ you, then I'm gonna throw every one of 'em Class A's at ya—"

"Oh, shit, it's the Big Green," one of the other cops mumbles, hastily. The corporal turns around just in time for Jen Walters to come to a stop at the edge of the little gathering. They try to assert themselves, but Jen's most of a head over the tallest of them and even in her skirt and jacket, she looks like she could take them with one hand behind her back.

"Four Class A misdeanours?" Jen inquires, in a strong contralto that's a little waspish with feigned amusement. "Goodness. That's very impressive. A lone woman tearing up a poster is facing a minimum penalty of ten years in prison? I'd be very interested to hear /what/ those four charges would be, Officer…" She reads his nameplate. "Womack. Badge 4209?" she says. A notepad and pen appears almost magically and she starts writing down names. One cop almost tries to cover his badge reflexively, but thinks better of it.

"Who the hell are you?" the younger cop says, clearly not recognizing Jen.

"Me? I'm Jennifer Walters. Attorney-at-law, firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holloway. We do pro-bono work for the public defenders office." She smiles toothily and produces a business card. It's a very expensive, thick cardstock with gold inlay and dark ink. "And I see three officers needlessly detaining a young woman who's done nothing except tear down some garbage stapled to a public bulletin board," she remarks, drifting into Lorna's proximity. She smiles down at the other woman. "Love the hair," she asides, and gives Lorna a card, too. "Jen Walters," she says, introducing herself (again). "You look like you could use a lawyer. Tell me, have these officers been harassing you or threatening you?" she inquires, pen readying itself again to take notes.

It's a pretty good show she puts one!

When Jennifer elaborates on just what 4 Class A's mean, Lorna whistles, all impressed, "are you serious? They were going to give me 10 years for a poster?" Then Jennifer adds the magic words, and Lorna gets a big cocky smile on her lips, "hear that? Pro-bono. Jennifer Walters, you're a great woman." An understatement when it comes to Jennifer, but Lorna doesn't really know that yet. Lorna readily takes the business card she's offered, keeping it in her hand, as if to remind the officers that the woman may very well be her lawyer. "They have actually…but I think they were about to let me go, because, if we're being serious for a moment, it's just a poster. Some stupid paper, that's easily replaced…" and then she adds under her breath, "like the Senator, hopefully in the next election round."

The corporal seems to know Jen Walters, because he's already teetering on his heels. Unwilling to back down for a civvie in front of the rookie, he hesitates— and Jen Walters fairly pounces on his indecision.

"My goodness! You mean to tell me that while you were exercising your right to /free speech/ and protest, these sworn peace officers obstructed you?"

The corporal's neck gets red. "Now, you waitaminnit, tearin' up posters ain' no free speech—"

"/Symbolic/ speech, officer, includes actions or demonstrations of a nonverbal nature aimed at protestations or ressistance against oppressive forms of government," Jen says, almost purring as she stalks closer to him. "New York Supreme Court has multiple precedents protecting actions as a component of free speech. Moroever, your attempt to belittle her and coerce a confession smacks of an overreach of your legal authority. Given that you have no credible evidence that the desturction of those posters constitutes damages, there is no crime, and so I must ask: /Is my client free to go?/"

The cops stare at one another, a bit helplessly, and the corporal exhales. "Get the hell outta heah," he grumps— but he doesn't meet Jen's eye for very long. The trio stomps back to their squad car in a snit and drives off with an angry peal of rubber.

Once they're gone, Jen laughs and claps her hands softly. "Oh, that was fun! I haven't dressed down a beat cop in /forever/. Most of them go running when they see me coming. Now— are -you- okay?" she asks Polaris, with real concern. "They didn't put their hands on you or anything?"

"Exactly! I was under the impression we were not like the Reds, you know? Freedom and everything, not a police state." Lorna's smile gets bigger and bigger at how smoothly and expertly Jennifer is handling the cops. It sure is lucky she got here, because there was about to be a real incident here.

"Jennifer, you're a godsend, thank you for getting those idiots off my back. I really tried hard not to make them regret picking on me…" Lorna says while flashing a thumbs up at Jennifer, "mind if I keep your business card, just in case?" Lorna shakes her head, "no, I'm fine…I wasn't really in danger, they were…thank you for saving them. I didn't need that kind of trouble. Just…I really hate Senator Williams and all the vile hatred he stands for. Also hate that so many people like the idiot."

"It's yours, just don't call me in the middle of the night unless it's a real emergency or you're buying drinks at 21," Jen tells the shorter woman. She stoops carefully in her skirt and picks up her attache case, making sure it's still latched properly.

"Look, just be careful. There's strength in numbers. I figure you've got some meta-talents— the last thing you wanna do is get a special task force called down on you if you power up and ride on these cops," she warns her. "Best case, you get away and patrols in Mutant Town get a lot more hostile for the next month. Protesting's fine, but try to be discreet about it unless you're in with a pack of friends, huh?"

"I'll keep that in mind," Lorna agrees, not offering any words about the Brotherhood. After all, something like that might just tweak a lawyer the wrong way. "Thanks for helping, see you around," and with that Lorna turns to walk towards the Eight Ball, the excitment was great, but it's time to chill a bit and plot the upcoming interview with the Senator.

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