1965-05-21 - Being Heroes
Summary: There's trouble afoot at the bank.
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In the main area of the restaurant, normal people are having a good time, and the pre-dinner rush is in full swing. Kai doesn't go in through the main room. He's got bullet holes in his clothing, and that could cause questions. So he enters the courtyard over one of the walls, scaling it neatly and jumping down. He winces when he lands. So many bruises. The courtyard is quiet tonight. Perfect. He heads over to one of the tables and sprawls in a chair.

Amber screws her Stetson down tightly onto her head before jumping up and swinging herself over the wall. "Nice place.", she notes, pulling her hat off and shaking out her hair before pulling it back on. "This is what's his name's place, right? Lambeau, Lambaugh?", she asks, frowning as she tries to recall. "Only met the feller once.", she blushes.

Following along, Spidey can keep quiet and stalk after people if he wants to. He leaps very, very high— he doesn't really need webs to swing between most buildings. He runs very, very fast. And despite being all red and blue, who looks up? So he stalks along. Once its clear Kai has a place where there's privacy, he flips in the air, spins around, and comes down landing after a fall that by all rights would break bones, and has him just landing with an easy, natural grace. For the moment he relies upon his Spidey-Sense to keep him out of sight. He rises and looks around, …seeming slightly awkward in posture, suddenly.

The kitchen has a lot going on in it at the moment, and things are noisy in there. So far, no one in the courtyard has been detected. Kai, he might just be clever, because the table he finds them is the one most in shadow, with angles that might not be seen from the window. Kai says to Amber, "Lambert. He's probably in the kitchen tonight." He rises to his feet when Spidey touches down. "Over here," he says. "Why don't you two get comfortable and I'll bring us food."

Amber gives Spidey a grin and a friendly wave as she perches on a chair at the indicated table. "Glad ya could join us.", she says, nodding. "Everythin' get cleaned up back yonder?", she asks in her inimitable Southwest Texas twang. "You believe that's the second damn time somethin' like that's happened to me? Inside of, what, six months?", she sighs. "That tears it, from now on, it's back to coffee cans an' mattresses."

The Spider-Man hesitates, looks between them… and shrugs. He reaches up and peels off his mask. He's young. Considering how many years he's been in the newspapers— about four now, though he was a local Queens thing for awhile before that— he's maybe VERY young. He's certainly the youngest of anyone here, though how do you tell how old an elf is? He shifts around to make sure he's sitting with his back to the door to the restaurant, relying on his Spidey-Sense and speed to keep privacy from the…civilians? "Hi." He sounds just slightly awkward, though he nods to Amber, "More or less. But hey, this stuff happens _all_ the time."

"Do you want me to get you some clothes?" Kai asks Spidey. "To cover your uniform?" He stretches, then rolls his shoulders. Who can say how old he is? He looks like he's maybe a year or two older than Spidey, if that. Then he makes his way into the kitchen. The voices that rise within greet him rather than react with surprise. He's a known quantity. His blond head can be seen as he moves about, putting a bit of this and that together on plates.

Amber's eyebrows do raise for a moment as she takes in Spider Man's real face, but only for a moment. "That's a lotta trust you're puttin' in.", she notes simply, nodding slowly before offering her hand. "It's appreciated.", she says firmly. "Don't worry about Kai, he's good people. No way he'll crawfish on ya.", she reassures him. "You must've been the same age when you started all this as I was when I left.", she muses. "Funny thing, ain't it, how young people always get underestimated?"

"Sure?" offers Spidey, because like, the uniform is not exactly covert. A shirt at least might be nice. He glances at Amber, "I can't eat in a mask." He shrugs, "And you still don't know whoI am. Also, obviously, you're not a supervillain who would use my family against me to gain control of my awesome spider powers and bend them to evil purpose. After all, you set bankrobbers pants on fire." He hesitates, then nods after a moment, "I was 14 when the spider bit me. Next day.. hey, cars are things you can throw, who knew?" He glances sidelong off after Kai, "…'crawfish on me'?" He's more worried about eating crawfish then..whatever that means, but still.

Kai emerges, and in a waiter's carry, he's got a tray upon which rest plates of meats, cheeses, breads, and delicacies like dolmas and olives to share. There are also three wine glasses containing a house red. No funny business with this wine, he's behaving himself. "Here you are," he says with professional ease as he unloads the tray. Once that's done, without missing a beat, he heads up a flight of courtyard stairs to the private residence on the second floor. He jimmies the lock, trips it, and heads inside, humming under his breath.

"Kai, you are my new personal God.", Amber sighs, wasting no time in starting to assemble a plate of….well, to be fair, she's not sure what, but she's learned the hard way not to look gift horses in the mouth. If it looks like food, and smells like food, it's food. So shut up and eat it. "Means he won't cheat or tell on ya.", she explains to Spidey. "Kind of archaic now, I s'pose.", she notes. "Gramps used to use that one all the time when he was livin'.", she notes. "You got bit by a spider?", she asks, cocking her head inquisitvely. "No offense, meant, sir, but that must've been one hell of a spider.", she chuckles teasingly. "Me? I dunno how I got this way. The fire thing, I mean. Just…", her voice trails off as she shrugs. "Kinda started happenin' around the age of twelve, the Prof…I mean, my boss says it's some kinda genetic mutation."

Peter is not especially used to greek food, so is a little hesitant. He tries one dish at a time, testingly, consideringly, nibbling, then…hmm. He likes it, clearly. "The spider had been exposed to radiation as part of a science experiment. It escaped, bit me, and.. voila, Spider-Man." Pause, "Except the webshooters, I invented those." He nods, then peers at Amber, "But yeah, I'm not a mutant. I was just a kid. But my understanding of the phenomenon of mutation, is it often comes out around puberty— so twelve for a girl isn't outside expected range." He says that with a clear Science tone.

Kai rummages around upstairs, then he comes out, locks the door behind him (wouldn't want any thieves to get in) and comes down the stairs with a long-sleeved shirt and track pants that are big on Spidey's slender frame, but they'll do for hanging out in. He offers them to Peter, grinning over at Amber as he says, "I'm not a god, but I live with one."

"Oh, dear Lord, where are my manners?", Amber declares, slipping off her hat and setting it beside her. "My apologies, gentlemen. Think was I raised in a barn someplace.", she blushes. NO HATS AT THE TABLE. Indoors, or out. "Mm…Not sure what this is, but I like it.", she grins as she starts to tuck in. With surprisingly delicate manners.
"So you invented those shooter thingies? That's pretty keen.", Amber grins between bites. "Was watchin' ya take off from that bank. Boy, howdy, you was climbin' like a homesick angel. Told Kai you oughta sell tickets, you'd make a fortune.", she chuckles.
"Yeah, yeah, you mentioned that.", she adds, turning to Kai, "Pardon my memory, but what'd you say his name was? And thank you for the meal. It's very welcome."

Peter takes up the loose shirt and pants, and quickly slips them on over his uniform. The one part that really shows is the gloves, but he's not taking off his webshooters and gloves right now, no. But, his attentionis drawn, and he blinks with Kai, "You… live with a god." The scientist that is Peter Parker has such a tone of skepticism. What? He flashes a grin to Amber, lifting his hand, pulling the shirt back, showing the shooter mechanism that is mostly under the sleeve of his suit, "I invented both the shooters, and the web fluid— the latter being a lot harder. It's fun, I admit. There's a freedom to swinging— letting go and just soaring, and as gravity starts taking you, fling out another web. Its not quite flying. Its almost more fun I think then flying would be." But who knows.

Clothes that one might get from Lambert are designed for a solid, somewhat comfortably portly frame. Lambert does not look athletic, never mind the fact he can beat most at the hundred yard dash - or, for him? Bound. Peter and Kai know him well enough, but only Kai would be used to the voice from the kitchen "Get your damn head out of the clouds, Sam, and - see? Now Marcy's going to have to get the - just don't bleed on the _food_. Okay. It's not deep. Put a bandaid on and a glove. What do you mean? Of course you have to get back to work! THIS IS A RESTAURANT -" The last comes out as a bellow as Lambert opens the door into the back courtyard and steps out. He has a full chef's uniform on, hat and all, all hair and fluff tucked away neatly. Even the little horns on his head that cannot be hidden away now have had the fingers cut off a set of rubber gloves and popped onto them. Lambert clears his throat "So tonight the speci..als…are Kai?"

"Loki," Kai tells Amber. Then he glances at Peter, one brow lifting. "His name is Loki." Go on, science boy, explain that with all your fancy knowing-stuff. He's just helping himself to a seat when Lambert addresses him, and he rises again out of habit to the bossman (who he obeys so consistently and so well). His shirt and mod jacket have bullet holes, though there's very little blood. More like scrapes in his skin than puncture wounds. There's some bad bruising that's starting to darken his flesh where it can be seen. "I'll pay for the food," he says. "We just needed somewhere to hang out for awhile. You wouldn't believe the day we've had."

"Wow, you must be powerful smart, comin' up with a rig like that.", Amber replies to Peter, nodding between bites. "That's good, smarts'll take ya far in this world, or so I'm told Ain't got much of my own, so gotta go with hearsay for now.", she chuckles. "Consider that ticket idea, son.", she teases. "You'd make a /fortune/."
"Loki! Right.", she adds to Kai, snapping her fingers in recognition. "Ain't he Scandanvian?", she inquires.
When the proprietor of the establishment enters, she rises to her feet politely. "Pleased t' see ya again, sir.", she says, offering Lambert her hand. "Mighty fine spread y'all put on here."

"Isn't Loki the name of that Asgardian alien who they thought killed the President?" Peter asks with a sincerely quizzical tone: science boy he may be, he needs data points to form hypothesis and theories. Still, Peter nods to Amber a moment, "I'm a scientist. I don't know my focus yet, but I'm thinking biochemistry. I have a" He pauses, "scholarship to my school." He nods slightly, then looks to Lambert, blinking, recognizing him. Well. that's one secret not out. He seems… nervous. He folds his hands in his lap, holding those hands tightly. Anyone else put their hands between his, they'd have their bones ground to dust, but to Peter, its just a grip. There's a sidelong glance at Amber, "With the Bugle's coverage, who would join? They'd think I'm trying to trick people into dropping them."

Lambert eyes those holes, and then Kai, and he snorts once or twice, before he says "Ooookay then." The satyr-kin flips his notebook closed again, and he says "Okay, then, I think that'll be a serve of red meat for you. And some butter sauce on things. We better feed you up. All of you, I suppose?" He glances to Amber and is suddenly beaming at her. While his teeth are a bit sharp in his mouth, the smile is generally friendly "Asgardian, I think," he says "That's somewhere near Norway, or something. Er, yes, so I gather. So why is my waiter full of holes?" Lambert raises a fuzzy eyebrow towards his hidden temples. He wrinkles his nose at Peter "Stop looking so nervous, I'm not going to eat you. Or anyone, heh. Now, my sisters…I do have a sister who ate someone." He ponders this, and then he smiles brightly "Okay, I think you all need more food if you've had such a rough day. I'm going to light the outside fire pit. May as well be comfortable. And - there is no nice way to ask this - is anyone bleeding because my health inspector is a demon.

Kai smiles. "Yes, that's the one." To Amber, he says, "Loki and Thor spent some time in Scandanavia awhile ago. They're from Asgard, which is far away. I come from a place near there called Alfheim." As he shucks off his coat, he says, "It's a long story, but my Loki isn't the one who went on TV and said all those crazy things. He is but he isn't." He helps himself to one of the glasses of wine. Priorities. He has a drink. "Well, I can tell you it has absolutely nothing to do with the bank robbery in Queens that'll be on the news tonight. I don't think anyone's bleeding."

:takes a polite sip of the wine she's been offered, letting the conversation that's obviously confusing her more by the moment wash over her "Well, gentlemen, I propose a toast.", she says, raising her glass. "Here's to Spider Man, Kai, and Lambert, for what turned out to be a damn fine evening out.", she says, extending her glass.
"Nobody's bleeding, but there might be a couple additions to the burn ward. I warned 'em. I truly did, didn't I? Kai? Spidey, y'all were there."

"You couldn't eat me if you wanted to." Peter snorts over at Lambert, shaking his head, but he sitll shifts a little uncomfortably under his disguise. "Still." He looks to Kai, squints, "Okay I'm reading 'aliens' out of all of this, not 'gods', though I admit, well, lack of experience, but it'd take some turning water into wine before I'd buy god much, and, man, I _work_ with _Thor_. He's this super strong alien with stupid hair that everyone who isn't me thinks is the hottest thing since sliced bread." He snerks, "He's not a god." He looks to Amber then, lifts a drink, "But I can accept that toast."

Lambert brightens, noticably, as he is toasted "Aren't you a lovely lady," he suddenly purrs to Amber, his voice doing an odd thing - deeper, more liquid. Kai has, sadly, seen the flirt turned on before. Now he is making cow eyes at Amber. At least on Lambert, the effect is of a fairly cheery guy in his early twenties just making a giant ham of himself. Then he says to Peter "Trust me, I could." And he beams, before he says "Aliens _aren't real_. Don't be crazy. Gods, now Gods? Are real. My great grandfather is a God." He taps his rubber-thumb-gloved-horns "See? Dionysis. That's why I can't be poisoned by anything I drink. Just makes me drunk."

"Technically he's an alien too," Kai tells Lambert. "The terms aren't mutually exclusive." Laying a hand to his chest, he says, "I'm not a god, mind you. I'm just god-adjacent. If we say, for the sake of argument, that we're speaking of godlike-beings who happen to be alien to this plane or planet." He sprawls in his chair and has another drink. This wine won't even get him close to tipsy, but it's the thought that counts. "Thor's great. Loki, he's…" Kai's grin gives him away, all doe-eyed and smitten. "He's very clever." He then asides to Amber, "You did warn them. I was there."

"Aaand..you're more'n a li'l bit drunk.", Amber replies, hopping up to help take half of Kai's weight across her shoulders. "Aliens, Gods, six of one half dozen of the other.", she grunts as she feels his weight. "Spidey, my apologies, is it okay if I call you that? if you'd be so kind, please help me escort our resident godling.", she giggles, "To his all too mortal bed?".
"Lay it on a little less thick, son.", Amber whispers to Kai. "I hear ya, you ain't gotta shout."

"I know for a fact aliens are real, I've met… oh, two recently? I was possessed by one not that long ago. Venom was a monster and tried to subvert me to become …us." Peter says dryly, shaking his head, "Gods aren't real, though. I don't care how much you can drink. I can tear steel like paper." At Lambert gesturing to horns, he reaches out, lays a hand on a fork, and lifts it up— but the fork clings to him. "See? Spider. I can't be poisoned either. Because a spider bit me. No gods involved." He squints over at Kai, "Define 'godlike'? I'm an Avenger. I'd bet on the Hulk over anyone— anyone at all— on them getting beat up. Including Thor. This god designation seems nonsensical, just like… beyond normal human … norms." He nods to Amber, "Spidey's fine. I like Spidey." he grins even, at that. But what's this about his bed?" He flushes slightly, at that.

"I don't believe in aliens, that isn't logical," complains Lambert "Now magic, magic makes sense - I was having a long talk about it with Strange the other night. Oh. He says I've become night-blind, Kai, so I might need a bit of help." He stands and then he heads over to light the small fireplace out in the open here. Lambert kneels, and he takes out the little twigs, quickly building a pyramid "He can't be drunk. He didn't get out the special brew. His metabolism is too, you know. It's like mine. Well, I mean, his is good in general. Mine just works really well with alcohol and poison." He then looks up at Amber, a little, head tilted "Aww, you don't have to go, right? I mean, if he needs to lie down, you can take him up to my flat. I'll just sleep on the couch. You guys are all beaten up. I don't want you to push yourselves." Now the lecherous satyr is actually frowning at them, as if they are all children "Everyone pushes themselves too far," he grouses "You only get one life. Two, if you are Kai." And then he shakes his finger at Peter "I have been to the realm of death and seen the Goddess of Death. I am not sure _anything_ is going to escape her. Eventually. No matter what, they all kneel." Then he adds, cheerily "But she likes being flirted with, so I have her recipe for mead. Now. Are you hurt? Tired? How can I help the th…" He suddenly eyes Amber oddly "…wait. Are you three…but no way. LOKI WOULD KILL YOU. All. Starting with Kai."

Kai winks at Amber, then he shrugs a shoulder and tells Peter, "My people never worshipped them as gods." Shaking his head, he adds, "I see these magic versus science conversations go south all the time. You mortals act as though they're mutually exclusive. I've seen my share of both. Of course, to a sorcerer, magic makes perfect sense. I don't know how they do it, though. As for science, I can barely get my TV to work. I just know that, sometimes, it does." He pops some fried cheese in his mouth, then gets up and stretches. "Loki won't kill me. Besides, it's not like that, Bertie. I'm going to have a nap on your bed. Those gunshots wore me out." He'll be healed by morning, but first he's got to sleep it off.

"Okay, Spidey, let's get this idjit to his rest.", Amber giggles. "It was a pleasure meeting you, sir.", she nods.
"Mister Lambert, if you'd please keep the mumbo-jumbo to a minimum.", she calls. "It'd be appreciated. Whatever, whatever. We all gotta deal with what's in front of us. What it means, I know not, and, honestly, don't give a shit." , she says firmly, starting to lug Kai up the stairs. "As the man once said, 'what doesn't kill me, is goddamned dead when I'm through wih it."

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