1965-05-27 - Jazz Blues
Summary: Robbie and Dead Girl decide to go into a jazz club. strangely nothing too eventful happens, minus startling revelations.
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Harlem is a special place in New York City. Musically, culturally, it is unique within the city. It has a wider reach than most might expect- particularly with the coming of Rock and Roll with its Jazz and Blue roots. It is just the sort of place Dead Girl would want to be.

Unfortunately, people like Dead Girl bring all the wrong kind of attention. The young woman stands quietly outside Jazz club, listening to the music inside without actually entering. She's smoking a cigarette- just hanging out. "Sorry, Em, I can't let you in." A bouncer says to Dead Girl, "I'm afraid you'd freak all these people out. I mean, let's be honest here, you look like a walking corpse."

"I am a walking corpse. It's part of my special appeal." Dead Girl grumps.

While Robbie wasn't exactly looking to party, having a drink sounds pretty damn good right about now. Driving on his highly modified Yamaha motorcycle, Robbie Reyes drives down the street until he pulls up next to the sidewalk, just outside of the Jazz club. Though he notices Dead Girl, he doesn't notice anything malevolent or outright evil about her. Aside from maybe she's a walking corpse. Pale in skin, cold eyes. No body heat at all.

Eh, things to worry about later. After all, he just wiped a warehouse full of demons off the map.

Walking up along the sidewalk until he comes across that bouncer, he upnods to him. "Hey Jimmy. Nice night?" apparently he's fairly regular, though he looks to Dead Girl. "Hey there." he smiles very softly.

Dead Girl's eyes are far from cold. They're red. Glowing. Deep set inside her skull- like she were nothing but a gleaming, angry red light. Beyond the grave- somewhere far beyond the grave. "Hello!" she offers, in a voice friendly and kind- very different than her somewhat corpsey appearance might suggest.

"Yeah, its alright, Robbie." Jimmy offers, "Just keeping the joint under wraps, you know how it is."

"He means he won't let me inside." Dead Girl grumps, "He's afraid I'll freak everyone out." She pouts.

A fairly small smile is once again given to Jimmy as he's greeted, Robbie's eyes then look to Dead Girl's and he gives her a smile, walking up to her and even introduce himself. "Ah, yeah, I know how it is Jimmy. But think about it, someone different could spice up the party a little bit." Yeah, he was gonna try and help her out. He's probably pulled this in the past with varying results. "As Jimmy said, I'm Robbie. Robbie Reyes. What's your name?" he extends a hand to Dead Girl with a small smile.

Though he looks back to Jimmy, as if with a bit of a mischievous smile on his face. What? It could be fun! Besides…Jazz speaks to the soul. One cannot simply 'not' participate in Jazz parties. Dead or no.

Dead Girl takes Robbie's hand- her hand is cold. Corpse cold. "I go by Dead Girl. Or Em." she offers with a smile, "Nice to meet you." she says next with a smile. "A pleasure."

"Man, I can't have a riot in there. She's obviously weird, something weird." The bouncer says, shaking his head, "I'm supposed to make sure things keep safe and quiet. I can't be lettin' walking dead mutant girls into the place." he grumps.

"Well, you're just no fun!" Dead Girl says with a frown, "Well, At least I can't be thrown out from the street."

Robbie gave Dead Girl's hand a firm shake. "Nice to meet you, Em. The pleasure is mine, I promise." Though he then gives her a little twirl and wraps an arm around her shoulder casually. "Ah come on Jimmy. Do your old pal Robbie a solid and let her in? She's even my date." He was really trying to help her, though it was up to her to either laugh or punch him in the face.

"and if ya don't, I guess we'll just dance out here however we want, likely even freak you out a bit Jim." he laughs in good humor. "Worse things have happened in there man. Remember the lizard dude who wore human skin? now -that- was a fun night." a look to dead girl. "It was a good riot. Especially since everyone thought it was like a reptilian version of the Terminator."

Dead Girl blinks, "What's 'The Terminator?'" she wonders, first. Her blue-pale skin is certainly out there. Her hippie-style clothing doesn't quite fit with the ambience of the Jazz club- but the bouncer frowns, "Alright, look. If people start freaking out, you gotta go." he says towards Dead Girl.

Dead Girl grins, "Deal!" she says , with a clap of her hands a wide grin on her face. "I'll stick to the shadows, no one will be any the wiser." she assures the bouncer, as he steps aside.

Dead Girl takes Robbie's hand and tugs him along, "Let's go, Robbie!"

Robbie shrugs. "I have no idea." It's what happens when you make friends with a time traveler! references get lost in translation. Least he thinks it's called a Terminator. but oh well, his eyes look to Dead Girl and he smiles as Jimmy gives her permission to get into the club and just have -fun-.

"Works for me. Thanks Jimmy, you won't regret it!" that last bit is a bit of a yell as Dead Girl tugs Robbie by the hand into the club, laughing a little as he walks with her hand in hand.

Well, if anything, it was gonna be a fun night. He didn't orginally plan on dancing, but hey..plans change. Just have fun, Robbie!

"Okay.." Dead Girl offers quietly as she grins wide and gets into the club with Robbie.

Jazz is playing. People are paying attention to the act and don't notice Dead Girl as she slides into the shadows with Robbie with a grin, giving a little clap of her hand. "Check it out, there is a lot of people here, wow.." she smiles with a smile, a grin over towards Robbie.

"So, where are you from, Robbie?" Dead Girl wonders as she seems happy to stick to the shadows for now- just watching with those ominous glowing eyes.

Jazz is playing, Robbie's surprise-date is grinning wide at him, he doesn't seem to be havinga problem at all! Sticking with Dead Girl as she leads him on into the shadows, which he was actually pretty good at sticking to, he offers a small little grin to Em. "There are. Kinda makes me want to try and start something just for the fun of it. But…nah, let's have fun tonight." a light chuckle.

"Hm? Oh, I'm from South side California. Just came up here just to see what was so great about New York City. Must have been pretty good if I decided to stay, huh?" a smile for her. "How about you?" he asks her now, giving her a light and playful shoulder nudge.

That is, until the musicians play that perfect jazz beat, and it sings to his soul. He sways a little bit in a bit of a playful display of crappy dancing. "Man, that's some good music."

"No way, me too! I'm from Berkeley!" Dead Girl says with a grin, "I love Socal! I miss it sometimes, I mean, the weather for sure. It gets *so* cold here." Dead Girl offers as she bounces along to the jazzy beat. Just enjoying the sounds with a bright smile as she moves with a certain grace.

"What's with that ghosty spirit inside you, huh?" Dead Girl wonders, looking towards Robbie with her glowing red eyes. "I can seee you~" She offers to whatever is riding around in Robbie, giving a little grin.

"Whaaat? No kidding!" he smiles to her as Robbie shrugs lightly. "Yeah, it's pretty nice. Though we fell on bad times. violence got bad over there too so..another reason as to why I hit the road." he doesn't mention that he also took his little brother, Gabe, with him. Though as Em leans into him and looks with those glowing red eyes, Robbie blinks for a moment.

"You can see it?" he asks in a -very- soft tone. Meanwhile, attached firmly and unmovably to Robbie's soul is a Spirit of Vengeance. Though it's not afraid of Dead Girl, she's also not guilty of anything. She's innocent, much to her fortune.

Instead, all she gets is a growl. It's not very friendly, though it isn't malevolent either. Actually, it's a hunter of evil spirits and souls. Though she might be able to connect the dots and discover that Robbie Reyes is the Ghost Rider. "It's a Spirit of Vengeance." he says softly. "He isn't friendly." he's only fairly 'nice' to Robbie because they are partners in the demon hunting, evil slaying business.

"Oh, yeah. I can see a lot of things." Dead Girl offers simply, "Spirits, the dead. Things in the Astral Plane.." She says with a little smile and a shrug. "Most ghosts are spirits of vengeance." She notes, "AT least, in their minds. Pretty top three for ghosts." she remarks as she stretches quietly.

"So, what brought you here to New York, huh? Hunting people?" Dead Girl wonders, next, eyes still glowing there as she looks at Robbie and the spirit. "I mean, there are plenty of people around here that could use a thrashing." she says, "The Ghosts tell me all sorts of things."

Robbie nods a few times. "Yeah, that makes sense. It must be due to the fact that you're clearly dead…at least by a scientific standard." But then again, if someone's heart stops for any number of time, they can be considered clinically dead…so sometimes it can be a bit of a broad term, depending on the circumstance. Or at least it's used to describe something that strangely doesn't have the normal functions of a being that would be considered 'alive'.

Thinking about this way too in depth. moving on.

Robbie nods lightly. "Most ghosts are just pissed off because either someone killed them or they were being stupid." He's a very blunt, straight shooter. But he nods. "Yeah…I've been taking out the scum on the streets. I can see them too. They're annoying at times though."

"I'm really dead." Dead Girl offers simply, "I mean, box in the ground, murdered by my ex-boyfriend dead." She continues, "I'm taking my own vengeance on him, though, so it's all mine!" she notes- perhaps to the spirit as much to Robbie. "I've been driving him crazy." she says with a wide grin.

Wicked, that grin.

"So, I'm sneaking into his house, right, and I wake him up by laying in bed with him…" She teases, "Why did you kill me, Chad? I loved you, Chad!" she says, "And then, when he's about to freak out, or tries to touch me, I just go all ghost and sink down into the bed."

Robbie listens to Dead Girl as she explains that she's definitely very dead, her boyfriend killed her, and in return she's making him suffer for extremely long periods of time. Reyes has no regard for murdering bastards unless the killing was done in self defense or the killing was -very- necessary. either to save someone else or to generally help society. Nevertheless, he won't lose any sleep over that story.

"Huh, serves him right. Though uh..if we get drunk and end up in places, try not to ghost me through a bed, mmkay?" Hey, not saying it would happen, but he just doesn't want to wake up inside a bed. Plus the building that bed is in would probably burn down in a glorious blaze of hellfire. All at once. Robbie does't like confined spaces. He's not afraid..he just really likes freedom of movement.

"So…what did you do when you were alive then? Judging by your outfit, I'd say…dancer?"

"I wanted to be on Broadway. I was in a few shows, but not on Broadway- I managed to get off Broadway, though. My career was taking off, and Chad was super jealous." she explains, "So he stabbed me. Twelve times." she explains with a wide smile- talking about her own murder.

"As for my outfit- this is just what I normally wear. It's comfortable." Dead Girl says with a smile, a friendly thing. "Comfy shoes" she explains showing her moccasins. "Super comfy." she then looks over to Robbie. "I can't get drunk, anyways, Robbie. So you don't have anything to worry about." she offers with a wink.

"Broadway? Wow, must've been good if you were even considered." then he hears more details about Em's murder. "Boyfriend kill. Doesn't surprise me…scumbags will do anything to try to get ahead in that business. Pretty sure more than half of them are so infatuated with themselves that they might be literally insane if something doesn't go their way." A shrug of Robbie's shoulders, though when he hears that she can't get drunk, a chuckle escapes his lips.

"Whew, alrighty then." though he does still wrap an arm about her shoulders in idle flirtation. "Oh wow, really comfy." he admits. "Though depending on how today goes, still an option." he's just being playful now, not seeming to mind that she's dead.

"So then..what do you do for a living now? Torture incompetent ghosts or deal with jerks who have it coming?"

"Well, I mean. I don't need to eat or drink, or even really sleep." Dead Girl says simply, as she's given the ole' stretch and cuddle. "As for what I do, whatever I want, I guess. I mean… I try to help people, mostly. Dead or alive." she continues.

Her body is cold. Very cold. It is unsettling to most people. "Anyways, I was never much of a drinker." She continues on the first line, "Used to smoke a lot of weed, though. Man, that was my favorite."

Robbie is one of the guys who really doesn't mind if she's unsettlingly cold. She did tell him she was dead after all. Why should he be alarmed if she's cold as ice. Nevertheless, Robbie gives her a little smile. "Good. I wish that's what everyone would do….but when some people get powers, they can get a little overboard with it." he sighs. literally more than half the criminals in the city are superpowered. It's annoying as hell.

"Eh, never liked weed." he states with a small shrug of his shoulders. It ain't for everyone! EIther way, he nods. "I was more of a drinker and a smoker. I don't really smoke though…least not like I used to." Spirits of Vengeance do that to you.

"Well, aside from being my surprise date tonight, any other plans for the evening?" he asks her curiously.

"Well, you know how it is. Everyone has their vice." Dead Girl says with a quiet nod of her head. "AS for the night, who knows. I mean. There are a lot of things that I could do. I'd probably just follow my feet and see where I end up. Listen to music all night, then go lay in the sun for a while. Somewhere private, like a roof top, though. I tried that in the park and everyone had a cow." she says with a laugh, "Oh, man, I like got real distracted- not quite asleep- just sort of eyes closed, resting, and someone screamed bloody murder." she says with a laugh, "So I shoot up, and they just scatter- running in every direction."

Robbie tilts his head lightly to her. "Something tells me you have a bit too much fun being dead." he shoots her a little wink and he looks out at the crowd as they start to fight. Just three drunks who apparently suddenly decided that they don't like each other. "Heh, looks like it's starting to break down. Want to walk throug hthe park?" and he'll actually lead her outside if she follows him.

"Sure, why not." Dead Girl says, "A walk is nice." she offers, "Come on, Robbie, I know a great place near here that's really nice at night. REally pretty area of town." she says with a nod, and out they go.

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