1965-05-28 - Drinks At Lux
Summary: Lambert, Douglas, and Kai hang out at Lux.
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Kai cleans up well, it turns out. He's in a smart, tailored suit, his hair swept back neatly. He's cast a minor illusion on himself to humanize those elvish features, so for all the world he just looks like a young (maybe too young) diminutive fellow with money. He leans against the bar, a drink in hand, as he watches the flow of people coming and going.

In Lux, there are occassionally arch angels and arch demons, so possibly a young monied fellow is going to make it through without being noticed too closely. Someone who also cleans up relatively well is Lambert - though he relies on being good natured and somewhat silly to get away with his version of 'good' looks. He owns no tailored suits, and right now he is pretty much blind in here. Not that it matters - Lambert navigates around easily with scent, sharp hearing, and feel, and he makes his way across towards Kai. Perhaps he can scent _trouble_. He is in dark grey all over - shirt, waistcoat, slacks, shoes.

Doug is just wearing a comfortable white shirt and black slacks, shiny shoes… he removed his tie somewhere along the way. Sometimes it'ss nice to go out and have a drink or two in a place you don't own, even if Lux is technically his competition for the super-set; though it draws a different sort of crowd. But the manhattan? Not bad. He takes a sip. "…Sam's is better," He decides, finally, "But this is good." Then Lambert comes snuffling by his table. "…Huh. Lambert?"

Kai looks up as Lambert approaches, and he smiles. It's one of those slow, easy smiles that promises all kinds of trouble. His attention drifts, and he notices Douglas. He raises his glass to his lips, and he watches for the moment. Now that he's spotted Lambert, he can be patient.

Lambert orients quickly enough towards Douglas - even with very poor vision right now, he has his other senses to compensate "Hello Douglas," he says "Have you met Kai? Perhaps I shouldn't introduce you two…I'm never sure what's wise. Here, come with me - is that a manhattan?" He grins, and offers an arm to the mutant, and gestures towards the elf, though right now, Kai does look entirely human "Come on. Let's see what he's up to. It's often something a little interesting - or a lot dangerous."

"It is." Doug says, before he gets up, "But the bartender at my club makes better ones. This one's ratios are just subtly wrong." Doug shrugs, and gets up, and raises his eyebrows. "Huh." He says, "Nice disguise. A little interesting or a lot dangerous, huh? Story of my life."

Kai's smile broadens when Lambert brings Douglas with him. "Bertie," he says with warmth. His voice has an English accent. "And you've brought a friend. Hello, my name is Kai." He pushes off the bar and offers his hand to Douglas to shake. "It's nice to meet you."

"How did you know he was disguised?" asks Lambert, honestly curious. He is well aware Kai uses magic. And then he quirks an eyebrow up as Kai speaks, before he takes a seat at the bar as well, and leans in to order a manhatten for himself. He wants to try it now. "Kai, this is Douglas. He's someone I've been curious about introducing to you. I'd love to see you two play cards together. Except for the mess we'd all have to clean up afterwards."

"Doug. Doug Ramsey." Doug gives Kai's hand a firm shake, and then he says, "Lambert and I are acquaintances." Then he looks back to Lambert and says "Oh. It's… hard to explain. It's half intuition, and half things I can see that other people don't — it's just… me, I suppose."

Kai has a firm grasp for a little guy. Quick eyes dart between Douglas and Lambert. "Whatever he's told you about me, Doug, it's exaggerated or an outright lie. I'm a good man, and I hardly ever cheat." He winks. Then he gestures to his spot at the bar and says, "Come join me. The next round is on me." Beneath the glamour, his ears taper to points, and his eyes are a little larger, flecked with silver. Subtle oddities. "How do you and Bertie know each other?"

"Oh, he got me a date," says Lambert cheerily "With someone who had a pretty good right hook. I mean, not the, you know…fastest I've met. But I wouldn't actually want to get a date with someone like that, so I'm happy." He leans on the bar, and he looks sideways at the other two, as his drink arrives, and then he says to Douglas "Kai here is, ummn. I don't know. An entrepreneur!" He seems to decide on that, and then he says to Kai "I was thinking of keeping the restaurant open, actually, when I get the eye operation done. But I'll need you to do something a bit terrifying. I'll need constant responsibility for like, two weeks, while Sam does the cooking."

Doug looks between the two, and then shrugs his shoulders, before he adds, "One of my employees decided to fight Lambert for reasons of family honor. He didn't think it through, but I thought Lambert beating the snot out of him was so adorable I had to set the two of them up. He's a good kid," Doug says, "But… not real sensible."

Kai regards Lambert oddly, but Doug's clarification gets a nod of understanding. "That sounds like Bertie's type," he says. "And I'm not an entrepreneur so much as an artist with a generous sugar daddy. I'd introduce you but he's away on business." He takes another swallow of his drink, showing no more response to the alcohol than he would to water. "What is it you do?" He asides to Lambert, "I'll keep your restaurant from going under, relax."

Clearly Lambert does not seem to mind Kai knowing he is going on a date with a man, but then Lambert has shown precious few signs of being concerned that anyone is aware of his general shenanigans in the romantic sense. Or non-romantic, come to think of it. He is just happy to have a drink, and then he says to Doug "Adorable? Now I have to wonder about you, too. Though I should probably be clear that I'm, erm, generally a _free spirit_ in that sense." As Kai uses _that_ description, Lambert regards his drink as a marvel, then looks up, and says "Have you ever called him that to his face? Actually, I don't really know what Douglas does, but I sure hope he'd consider attending a few different Greek restaurants if I paid for his meals…"

Doug lets out a sigh, and then says "Lambert, I'll be straight with you. You're a heck of a cute guy, but I was raised a Mormon, and as much as I see the appeal of the new free love ideas taking the country…" He pinches the bridge of his nose, "I'm still sorting out my feelings about things like polyamory." He glances to Kai, and then says "I'm a translator, the best in the business. As a side venture, I run Club Atomic, in Mutant Town."

"Who, Loki?" Kai asks Lambert. "I'm pretty sure I've called him just about everything at one point or another." Then to Doug, he says, "You should check out the restaurant. Whatever one might say about Bertie, he is one of the best cooks in town." Then his expression brightens. "I've been there! Top notch. I love that place."

"Oh! I don't know anything about mormons," admits Lambert to Douglas "Perhaps you can teach me more?" He grins. He has sharp teeth in that happy mouth. And then he laughs, and he says "That's fine. What I meant, though, was that I'd pay you to act as a…er. Taste tester. In some of the other restaurants." And he smiles, innocently, before he says to Kai "What, really? I always got the impression that he, errr. You know. That he could be. Psychot-…sensitive." Lambert then narrow eyes "What else _might_ you say about me - I haven't been to Club Atomic yet. Though if it's in Mutant Town, that's not a bad idea. I can't really pass for human any more, and I don't want that to cut into important socialising time."

"Loki is lying…" Doug says, "The problem is, he's lying about things I know were objectively true. So I don't know WHAT he's lying about." Then he glances at Lambert, and says "Professional espionage? That's not really ethical…"

Kai tells Lambert, "You should see us fight." He flashes the satyrkin a grin that's just a little too manic. He then tells Doug, "That sounds about right." He flags the bartender down for another drink, having laid waste to his own. "Bertie, you don't need to sabotage the competition. Your food speaks for itself."

Lambert says to Douglas "Wait until you find out what we do to one another to get the first catch of the day. All restaurants are rivals. And they've sent people in to work out what I'm worst at cooking. Though, ah, not with your skill set." He grins, unrepentant "That skillset is something they _can't_ get ahold of." And then he twirls a finger "So there's another Greek restaurant in the Green, right? They sent someone around to let down the tyres on my delivery van so I wouldn't be there at 4:00am for the fish. I know, because I _caught him_ letting down the tyres on the van of the plumber next door. I don't have a van. I carry everything in my yoke. Hilarious…" And then he says to Kai "I don't want to be near a mad Loki, thanks. Or a mad Kai, for that matter." And then he wrinkles his nose "It would be so much easier if I could just headbutt competition…never mind. I don't quite think I can afford translator rates. Anyway, like I said, I need to take a break for a couple of weeks shortly. Cataract surgery."

Doug considers this, and then says, "I'll do it—" he says, "For all the tsipouro and retsina I can drink while I'm at your place. On the house." Then he looks up at Lambert and says, "I understand. How about you borrow Jebediah? He's a fine Chatelaine, I've trained him well. He'll keep your place running until you can get back to it."

"There you go, Bertie," Kai says. "Jebediah can watch your place. I'll just keep waiting tables. People don't really listen to me anyway." Not something that seems to disturb him in the slightest. He winks at the bartender as his new drink comes, one of the strange house concoctions. "And I never get mad, dear fellow."

"You're on," says Lambert to Doug "Though you might need to grab a membership at a gym after it. On the house - and out the back, where it's more relaxed, if you want to bring your beau. Wh…what? Trained _how_?" He wrinkles his nose, and then he beams "You know, that could be really good." The satyr-kin has zero fear of being around relative strangers while temporarially blind. Stupidity, or just friends in high places. He wrinkles his nose at Kai "We do listen to you. But…you're right, most people see the pretty, and that's it. What, no, _now_ I don't believe you. I've seen you chased by trolls." He lifts his own drink to salute them both "To your very good health, may it continue forever, and may those who would cross you all step on large spiders."

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