1965-05-29 - Danger Room Design & Free Rocks
Summary: Great things can happen when people pool their talents and their beverages
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On the wall outside the door to the Danger Room is a sign that reads 'CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS'. The door is ajar and inside is Noh-Varr, sketching on a notebook as he wanders around inside.

Kaleb came back with a milk crate and his own sketch book. His voice greeted without any participation from his person the Kree greeting, «Hail.» which was now the utter extent of any and all Kree he knew. Good talk. "Noh-Varr, I brought the available samples of materials they're offering, and the blueprints for the instillation of any machinery already in place so we can take an inventory of it and what was done up through March of this year. No doubt it's not enough."

Forge makes his way back himself. HEavy steel tool box in hand, pushing past the the door, sign or no. He knows something's going on. Maybe he can help. "Good evening," he says, as he opens the tool box, and it turns out to have one side filled with ice.

Julie comes on along down the corridor, pushing a tea cart lightly laden with mugs and a Thermos jug and bottles and glasses, as well as some cookies and brownies. She rolls it on up to the doors, pausing to peek in the infirmary looking for Forge, who's already gone past. Peers in. "Hey, fellas, I brought some cawffee and stuff, heard you guys was maybe getting too much done down here," she teases. She gives a wave and leans against the doorframe a moment.

Noh-Varr looks over his shoulder as Kaleb comes in. "Materials? What machinery?" He looks around at the inside of the Danger Room. "Was something done here previously? It'll all need to be removed." The other new arrivals get a nod though the toolbox of ice gets a curious look.

Kaleb looked to Julie and one eyebrow arched up, "Perfect." Wow, approval from Miller #2. Who knew? Curiosity brought his interest to what Forge was up to and he greeted in his general blunt-punch-to-the-face manner, "Kaleb. Echo. Hey." Looking back to Noh-Varr he sighed even though his lungs weren't required for talking as the words floated directionlessly around them, "A bit. It's not Kree or Asgardian tech, granted, but some of it has some talent. If we're going to go tabula rasa let's at least not junk anything that can be used for something more menial elsewhere."

Forge sticks his metallic hand into the ice, pulling out a bottle of Coke. He does have to drive. Using his finger to crack it open, he nods. "Forge. I was going to ask if there was a plan here, but it doesn't sound like there is?"

Julie smiles, "I think these are the guys with the plans conferring right now, Forge. Don't look at me, I ain't really been in on much of it." She does roll the cart in, start pouring out a few coffees, though, just giving a gesture if any of the others want. No sense chiming in as yet, apparently.

"A plan? Of course there's a plan." Noh-Varr answers. "I'm upgrading your computer so it has the barest chance of being able to run the electronics I'm going to be installing here. Right now, I'm mapping out where all the circuitry is going to go. They'll criss-cross every surface with only the emitters visible. I estimate about every ten feet should be enough. Much more than that and your computer system will crash even with the upgrade."

Kaleb was totally all over a cup of coffee as if he needed more. Noh relayed the challenge which was met with a deadpan, "Eeh, kinda like half the people running in the Danger Room." Looking back to Forge he elaborated, "He has the plan. I'm here to make it fit and look pretty and hide it when it's at rest." He turned to Julie and just blinked at her as if she were just going to magically fill him in on the question he didn't ask yet. "Have yoooou met these people, Ms. Diz?"

Forge is as little surprised. "A computer? We got a room back there to put it in?" he asks. "Lot of power draw too. But that's all fixable. Anything else you need?"

Julie ahs, to Kaleb, "Oh, right, I kinda thought you might have been introduced, by now. Ah, this is Mr. Forge, we been sorta working on another project of his, and this must be Mr. Noh-Varr, and she adds. "Ah, Kaleb, meet everyone," and she adds for Noh-Varr's benefit. "I'm Dizzy, I forget if we got to mentioning names last time we crossed paths."

"Not in here, no. It's the one that powers… Cerebro, I think you call it. We'll need a control room built off of this room. That's something you all can do." Noh-Varr gestures vaguely off to the side. Somewhere out there. "Captain Noh-Varr." he corrects. "Of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt. Yes, it'll require a lot of power. I'm told you can afford it."

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 15

Kaleb looked to Noh-Varr, and a faint, but honest grin formed and he assured Dizzy, "We know one another." At the mention of CerebroKaleb took a deep breath and hesitantly offered, "Yes. It is here and we finally got that repaired too." He sighed rubbing the bridge of his nose and sipped his coffee not immediately offering up how it broke.

Forge would fold his arms but he's holding b ottle of coke. "I've got more cokes if you want them gents… and lady." he offers. "Cerebro. That's a… supercomputer, right?"

Julie nods. Then glances around the underground chamber, thinking a little skeptically, before looking up and behind them, and around the back wall. "Ah, sure, I guess something could be squeezed in. It gonna need the main power feeds run to it, or does that go somewhere else?" Well, a practical question, at least. "Sarright, thanks." She raises her own cup of coffee, then, and adds to Forge, "Even brought youse some apple juice, actually."

"You'd consider it such." Noh-Varr agrees absently, looking back to the room and drawing some more lines on the notebook before looking over at Julie. An intelligent question. "It should draw directly from the main line. Once done, when it's in use this room will draw more power than all the rest of the estate combined."

Kaleb flipped a few paged and nodded to Forge, "Computer that taps into the cerebreal neuronetwork and allows telepaths to traumatize sonics by sending them into a future that needs to be outlawed" He paused, "And find things. Aaaan possibly make them float." Looking to Noh-Varr he sighed, "Before seeing how Max-mas makes coffee? I did think it was. Good news for you, the Danger room is on its own grid and the estate is separate from it and also on a separate generator. That much I can confirm."

Forge isn't sure what Kaleb just said there, but he sips, and nods. "I see. So this is speciality stuff. I would hesitate to touch any of this. I'm glad you two know what you're doing."

Julie hrms, and nods, maybe having missed some of the references, there, but glances around. "Sounds like power's mostly done, then." Eyes Kaleb, "Think you can come up with a design for that room? I'm gonna figure we can do the work between the bunch of us." She smirks to Forge, "I dunno much about these computers, but maybe we'll find out some," she smiles.

"Wise." Noh-Varr agrees, nodding to Forge. "Touching it is definitely off limits. Not that even Richards or Stark have the knowledge or technology base to reverse engineer it but I'm designing it so any attempt to open up the main unit or the emitters will fry them." Turning so he can look straight at them, he adds "It's only because I don't like how your race treats you mutants that I'm willing to do this. You need a place to learn to control your powers so you can defend yourselves when the others humans try to kill you."

Kaleb paused and looked at Noh-Varr with a renewed interest snapping out of his general analytical indifference, "Captain, thank you" Mark this one on the calendar, "For acknowledging us as a peoples and for the…um… the assistance." Kaleb was so not used to gratitude, nor actually being moved. That he wasn't apparently prepared for and turned to double down on the work, "I saw the future when Jean and Cerebro sent me forward to take care of Logan. They all but exterminated us. It was awful and everything was very bright and super tacky."

Forge nods to Noh-Varr as well. "Well thank you, indeed. That I don't like how some in my own government are attempting to treat mutants, that bought me here myself." He gestures at the floor with his bottle, making it clear he means this building. "I haven't fought in a war in a long time, but I do what I can."

Julie nods to Noh-Varr, just rather raising her eyebrows at whatever Kaleb's talking about in particular. "Well, that's what this place is for, there, Captain. The help's appreciated. Kinda hope we ain't in for that kinda war." There's a little look in her eyes that maybe says she remembers that carnage on Wall Street that Noh-Varr was there for, too. She seems to push the thoughts aside, there, says to Forge. "Uncle Sam don't know what he's missing in us, I figure. Not just us, either, I guess."

Noh-Varr shrugs a shoulder. "Maybe the best thing for your species would be if the Skrulls or my people were to invade your planet outright instead of the covert infiltration they're doing now. It could unite your nations and make everyone realize a single gene doesn't matter much when you're outnumbered by other races." Tearing out a sheet of paper, he closes the notebook. "Of course, lots of people would die but it would unite your species." Maybe. Offering the paper to Kaleb, he says "Here. I need your most conductive wire laid in this pattern six inches into the rock then covered completely except for where the emitters go." They're marked as well.

Kaleb took the paper from Noh-Varr nad took a deep breath sighing, "There's… no point in that. The humans won't learn from it and still blame us for being…" He clipped his woreds short letting the ire rise and ebb again, "I don't think it'll help much. They even turn on their own without. When I spoke with magneto he taught me something really valuable. We cna be angry and focus on attacking those that hurt us or healing and growing. Almost never can both happen so… yeah I htink our efforts are jsut best placed here rather than calling in global bombardment… but I think we have a couple of earth movers who can make this happen tuit suite."

Julie hrms, "Guess that's one thing about Earth people; we generally don't like getting conquered much, ask anyone. Besides, I guess it ain't no way to introduce ourselves to the galaxy, anyway. But you'd think just knowing youse guys are around would get people to think more." She herself, though, seems to prefer concentrating on the practical, "Got numbers on the loads and voltage it needs to carry? If it's really just the absolute most conductance we can get, You never know with this bunch, but a lotta stuff that conducts best, you can't get in real big gauges. Anyone got a slide rule on 'em?"

Forge finishes his coke, and leans back a bit, folding his arms. He has no argument ot make with what they're saying, really, but he's not going to bash Uncle Sam when put in those terms. . So then a clap. "Once This Cerebro is in proper working order, the task becomes creating tools for the computer brain to control?"

"Get the best." Noh-Varr tells Julie. "Once I see what that is, I'll make sure the system doesn't try to surpass its limits." He considers Forge a moment then shakes his head. "No. No tools will be needed. No robots, no machines, nothing. It produces solid light holograms. It'll transform this room into any environment you can think of and also shield the walls from damage. So long as you don't exceed its capabilities, of course, so be careful not to blow up the walls or floor. Assuming you even know where they are."

Kaleb looked over to Julie, "There's a mutant named Elmo. Electric. Could prolly do it and optimize it if we want to ask him. He helps out in Mutant Town and unbroke my brother's coffee maker for me." Looking up to Forge he shook his head. "Cerebro is fine and is separate from teh Danger Room. The Danger Room is supposed to simulate a distress environ for which the studen or trainee gets practice acclimating to and dealing with." He paused and cracked a grin, his voice asnswering without him, "If you noticed we don't evolve with an instruction manual." Looking back to Noh Varr he paused taking that all in, "That's…super impressive and I don't compliment lightly. Or…ever. All in all if we can come up with how everything needs to be inlaid into the room I can design a casing to move with it to protec tthe room itself form…well us."

Julie hrms. "Well, best is the right material for the right job. We could run big copper cable for capacity, or maybe something smaller that's higher quality, you see. We can… Kinda get what we can get, which, well, we got some friends so I ain't asked yet."

Forge keeps his arms folded, and looks around. "So I'm downright useless here," he decides with a smile. "Fine with me. I have enough responsibilities between paying work, helping folks in Mutant Town, starting on the Med Bay, and working on my own projects." He then grabs himself a second coke.

Noh-Varr shakes his head at Kaleb's suggestion. "You won't be able to design something to do that. You'll understand once you see it. You haven't been to my ship yet, have you? Remind me to show you sometime. You won't know you're in a room as everything will change as you walk through it."

Kaleb shrugged and looked back to Forge, "To be fair to you I don't know what you're bringing to the table. I'm just an architect. My job is to make things fit and pretty when they are functional. Not to do…ya know… labor." As if it were a total anathema to him. Looking back to Noh-Varr one eyebrow arched. "I'd actually love to see this. Maximus told me stories about Kree ships but I've yet been privilaged to see one myself."

Julie hrms, and smirks a bit to Forge. "Yeah, sure, pal, skip out when it comes time to actually build the thing," she teases. Says more quietly. "Outer space kinda stuff, you know what I mean? Besides, depending, we might need to go look for some real good wire and you still need some parts, I bet."

Forge chuckles. "Precision assembly and construction, I do plenty of that, putting together my own projects. I hesitate to call them designs. They're intuitive. I've learned here that it's actually an X gene matter, but it always was just my talent. Bought me a house in McLean." Isn't that the town were the CIA is? "Ah, scavenging. Sure, I can help you with that, Julie. Double effort."

"I doubt the design is the same. The Marvel would be much more advanced than what the Kree have in this reality." Noh-varr tells Kaleb. "But the others have been so you're welcome to." To the others, he says "You all know your abilities best. How you accomplish what's needed is up to you."

Kaleb didn't seem disuaded, nor particularly offput by the boast. He seemed to accept that it was for a mathematically calibrated reason. "Good. Lucky me then. Still…" He looked to Forge letting the gears spin in his head, "Julie might be onto a point, Noh. If, his ability is to do crazy things to make something work given the capabilities of materialis available… you knooooow he might be able to fix your ship. Maybe not instantly, but he migh be part of that solution you're missing."

Julie smirks to Noh-Varr. "All this and Buck Rodgers, too," she says. Then ahs, and snaps her fingers. "I got a good guess what we need. Big TV and radar kinda stuff. Ought to be a cut above Con Ed, and you know they pump what you need for a lotta wattage through that stuff." She pauses, then, and looks back. Did someone mention a broken vehicle? Not that she'd likely have the faintest idea how it works, or Forge's gift for not needing to… She does look between the three.

Forge smiles. "Fixing an alien space vessel. What the hell, Icould try." He cracks open the bottle, and takes a long drink. "This isn't strong enough for me to consider that idea. But if you can tell me what's broken, perhaps Icould build replacements."

"The Marvel can't be fixed. It's fused into solid rock." Noh-Varr points out. "That's not repairable. I'll be using parts of it to build a new one. In any case, let me know when the wires have been laid. I'll start producing the emitters so they're ready to be installed once that's done."

Kaleb stumbled on the problem for only a moment before declaring, "Rocks can be plenty aerodynamic. I used to throw them at the gardener all the time. It'll be fine." He flapped a hand, "Besides if they couldn't go through space asteroids wouldn't move. You'll be fine. I still say let the man help you. " He set the empty coffee cup down and got himself a coke with a nod to Forge. This was his usual brush with politeness and gratitude: minimal but somehow kinda present.

Julie smirks to Kaleb, "So says the guy who don't wanna learn to drive for himself," she jests, about his hamming up of class issues. She does add, though. "But, like I said, you'd be surprised what some of us can do. I know I am. It'd be only fair if we could help you out in turn. I mean, as long as you ain't trying to conquer the planet for space-commies or something." She might be hamming that bit up a little, herself.

Forge nods. "Well," he starts, looking to Noh-Varr. "If you find yourslef missing parts or components, and need something built. Perhaps I can help."

Noh-Varr just looks at Kaleb a moment then doesn't even bother. "Kaleb knows how to reach me if you need anything." he says as he turns and starts heading out. "I'll keep that in mind." he tells Forge. "But I'm a long way still from building a new one."

Julie nods, "Well, thanks again, there, Captain. We'll get all this ready as fast as we can do it right." She does eye the plans. "Bet you anything Cyclops can lay channel for these lines as soon as they get marked off. I'm gonna make a couple calls."

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