1965-05-31 - Heavy Metal
Summary: Dead Girl freaks out some squares, and then Thor shows up!
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It's dusk in Central Park, with summer on it's way- so people are enjoying the nice weather. A large group, in fact, has staked out a bit of a claim on a large section of green space in the park- more than one charcoal stove going to feed those interested in an evening cookout. Churchgoing conservatives, all dressed very plainly with simple haircuts.

The group has already pushed some of the 'undesirable' hippie element away from them- music of Satan and all that jazz (Devil's music!) So, when Dead Girl arrives to hang with some of her hippie friends and sees them being forced out of a public space by some jerks she does what comes natural.

She plays a trick.

A trick that unfortunately has set off a solid panic- people screaming, running into the streets to cry foul about arcane magics and evil zombies attacking innocent children! Dead Girl, herself, is trying not to giggle as she shambles towards the crowd. "Brraaaaaaiiins!"

The Thunder God of Norse Legend, Thor Odinson, was standing on the edge of a building with Stormbreaker in hand. Dressed in his full armored regalia, except his armor is pitch black with that crimson cape. His ocean blue eyes look to Dead Girl as she apparently seems to be intent on freaking people out. With a sigh, he lifts Stormbreaker and stamps it onto the ground, causing a bolt of lightning to strike in between Dead girl and the people she's trying to tease, though the bolt wouldn't hurt anyone…it might get the point across.

Thor lands right where the lightning struck, and he lifts stormbreaker to the zombie foe. "Cease your crimes, monster. Or face the wrath of hte mighty thor! What master do you serve?" Thor demands of the zombie woman…though…why is she wearing normal clothing that hasn't been torn nor isn't covered in blood. The Thunder god's suspicions are rising….

"Woah! Lightning guy!" Dead Girl exclaims suddenly- eyes getting wide. Those glowing, evil red eyes. And a warrior like Thor would know a corpse when he saw one- this woman is most certainly dead and walking around. "Serve?! What are you on about man, those squares were hogging the park!" she says, hands on her hips as she stares down Thor- not showing a lick of fear. "I haven't committed any crimes!"

One of the men there points at the Zombie Girl. "Thor! FInally, a real hero! She's chasing us- she wants to eat our brains, she said so!"

"What brains?! You couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel, jerk!" Moonbeam interjects.

Thor looks at Dead Girl and to her accusers, a small sigh escaping his features as he plants Stormbreaker into the ground as he approaches Dead Girl. "It's unwise to scare people in such a manner. Instead of humor, you could bring down a cruel vengeance upon yourself." Thor speaks wisdom…plus he knows Loki's standard tricks by now, so it's not uncommon to see others performing similar crazy stunts now that the world knows he exists.

He turns his head to the group that seems to be dominating the park. "I suggest you leave this place. It seems only hostilities will only arise, and if they do, I will exact my justice on both parties." A narrowing of his eyes before he turns to Dead Girl.

"Tell me, how do you live? I can see easily as day that you are dead, yet you are no mindless 'zombie' as Midgardians call it."

"I don't live. I'm dead." Dead girl states to Thor, looking over at the man who's getting all puffed up.

"Hey! She ruined our outing! She's just another of those godless hippies, look at her! She's evil!" The man says, "You're supposed to smite evil, aren't you!?" Indignant now, he starts to approach, "If you won't do something, I will!" he shouts, "They have no right to dirty up this park!"

The man grabs a rock and throws it- hard. It strikes Dead Girl in the head with a heavy *THUD* and a crack. She doesn't seem any worse for wear- apart from the sharp rock sticking out of her head. "Really. Throwing stones? Whatever happened to let he who is without sin?" Dead Girl says, rolling her eyes and pulling the rock out of her head- a bit of brain coming with it. "Oh, man! You better not have gotten brain on my shirt!" she exclaims, even as the wound begins to close and heal as if it never happened- stupendously fast.

Thor looks to Dead Girl and he seems to hum lightly as apparently a man seems to want to question a -god-. Thor -slooowwwllyyy- turns his head to face this apparently very haughty man who's way too full of himself. When he's apparently demanded indignantly to smite this 'evil' he watches as he tosses a rock at Dead Girl only to have no effect. With an annoyed look on his face, Thor summons his axe to his hand and points it at the man who feels like throwing rocks.

"Throw another rock and you'll find that I can throw something to your world's moon very quickly." His face is deadly serious. Lesson to be learned? Don't act tough to Thor.

His eyes then shift to Dead Girl. "She is right. There is more than enough room for the both of you. Though judging by the way your group has reacted, I suggest leaving, before the authorities are called. You may gather in peaceable assembly, but you have broken that law already. Do not make me ask you again." His eyes narrow once more, eyes glowing like blue with power.

The man puffs again, still indignant in that way some people can get. "Well, I neve…" And then there's a weapon involved, with Dead Girl leaning over and sticking out her tongue.

"Fine! We'll go, but I'm registering a complaint with the police!" he snarls before he and his group start to pack up their things and head out- grumbling all the while.

"You should have smacked him one!" Dead Girl says as she hefts the rock and then throws it towards the very distant pond. SPLOOSH! She makes the throw without issue. Quite some distance for a little thing like her, but really, what does one expect from the walking dead?

"So, are you actually a God, or is it like an act or something?" Dead Girl wonders innocently, "I mean, I know all about the Norse deities, and the Germanic equivilents- Woden and stuff. My parents were way into that stuff."

Thor watches the men leave and he lets out a relieved breath before he turns to Dead Girl. "Midgardians are often more ensnared with their personal power than necessary"

When asked about his Godhood, he was pretty clear. "Well…'God' is a loose term. it can be used to say that someone is above the rest. so…In a way, I am, but equally, It's a title. so, in the end, that's a question only you can answer. But I am the God of Thunder."

Little contradicting but mmkay.

"But…who exactly are you?"

"Dead Girl." Dead Girl answers. "I'm Dead Girl." she offers with a grin, "That's who I am, what I am- names are just labels, you know?" She offers in the anti-establishment vibe of the Hippie culture who's clothing she's wearing. A badge, surely, of her associations.

"Hey, no kidding on the power, man. A lot of people think they can't just tell other people how to live their lives, it's not cool. Not at all!"

"You shoulda let me keep giving them a fright, though. It isn't a crime to scare people." Dead Girl notes, "And a little scare never hurt anyone." she says with a shrug. "So, what do you do? I mean, do you just control Thunder? Do you have a job, or is it just heroing or something?"

Thor nods to Dead Girl. "Nice to meet you. I am Thor, Son of Odin." he extends his hand for a shake.

"To be fair, sight into the future is not a power of mind. First I thought you a minion of darkness. sadly, many enemies press against the barriers of the world. " he smiles a bit. then he nods. "I have many powers. though a few are storm related."

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