1965-06-01 - No I do not need a haircut
Summary: Loki comes to harass Reno a bit, Strange joins
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Its been a while since Reno was harassed by Loki. Loki likes to do that…make people think maybe they've escaped his notice, then, suddenly show up, like he does right now. Poof! Suddenly there's a Loki, sitting with one leg crossed over the other in the nearest chair.

Reno came out of the back room and walked to teh front and set down a box and passed the empty chairs. That's how they were when he left them. He came back and nearly did a slip and fall passing what was not not an empty chair. One hand clenching his chest the other pointing to teh God of Mischief. A half grin formed that was only slightly terse, "Yoooooou almost made me molt. How you snneak up on a guy while you're sittin down I dunno, but like here you are dude." And hten a thought occurred to him and he looked at Loki, very careful, "You ain' gonna kidnap me are you cause I got a 5:30 comin in in a bit at…well… 5:30.

“I have no idea what that means. I imagine that everyone on this side of the continent has a 5:30 coming.” Loki smiles slyly. “No, not to steal you…you are already mine. Though, I get the impression that quite a few claim such.”

"I…well… maybe not alla the people I like, but couple." He- was he preening? He was preening a bit. Man throw a bird a bit of a compliment and he'll feast for a week. "I- wait do I wanna know what you mean by that, man?" Yeha let's back up to he didn't remmeber signing a contract or… did he. No he didn't remmber one. Awkward. Watch the quasi-mortal's brain wheels spin there. Tapping one hand agains tthe other idly he had to admit, "'suppose I gotta thank you though. So tehre is that. Hey you in the chair, did you wnat a haircut or this like a social call?"

"This is a social call. If I let you cut my hair, it will be because we are sleeping together. But before I get to what I /want/…what are you thanking me for?" Loki arches two dark brows, curiously.

"I…" THe bird stopped and tried to wrap his brain around all of those circumstances in such a way as one might expect a cartoon 'no sale' sigh to pop up in his eyeballs as the confusion set in. "Oh, I thought cause this is a shop… where we cut hiar. Were that spiraly thing out front means barber pole, not a stripper pole. I mean so there's no confusion on- ya know let's get to teh gracias?" FOr once the birb man found himself in want to be able to stop talking which was not his forte. Both hands grabbed his sheers and he took a deep breath, "Thaaaaat creepy scary tree lady that like was tellin us about that way whack pri-modial being tht Meffy dude?That was…scary as hell and like now I'm afraind to sleep… or bein the dark or nothin but I dunno that's really that new. Anyways Thank you I think Ifigure out why you did that."

"Did you then? Mmmm. " Loki hums, nebulously thoughtful, revealing little of his thoughts. He does, however, stare at Reno with a piercing green gaze. "And what is it you think I did? Do you yet know /whyyyy/ I keep harassing you at all?"

GOD he was looking at him! Well, a god… truth be told the third this week. Whyyyyy did this keep happening?! The barber shifted his weight between his feet and hesitated an answer, "Be…because like it's bad right? Also is the thing that's comin after my cousin aaaand like people, like Dr. Pajamas need to know about it if it gets like really bad and… while it scary aaaaand I don't wanna, I might have the most chance of survivin an gettin that message out if like, you couldn't…and stuff… also I guess you ain't Earth's errand boy aaaand I sorta am…I… suppose…"

Loki smiles slowly. “It is none of those reasons. My father has ravens you know, and I always envied him his servants, as such. But they are also capricious with minds of their own. I like that I can even talk to you, whatever form. But, your fortitude does benefit the situation of getting messages through. But…” here Loki hesitates, “I do get the sense that…others may hold your desire to serve, greater than my own.”

Reno looked slightly startled by the answer in such a way any other feeling got put on the back burner for now, "Wait a great and brilliant plan was really cause you wanted a fashion accessory?!" He took a moment too calm down as the situation was over, "at least you have really good taste, I'll give you that. Don't flatter Strange too much. He's a friend but he don't pay me neither, homes. I do it cause purple needs help, especially people heroin other people. Ain't bowling, there ain't no instruction manual. Usually it's a lot of flashy people failing their way to succeed to help other people…ya know I respect the ingenuity an all but people forget that both the neighborhood and the hero sort of need to remain in tact to actually call it a win though, but," there was a but and a pause and he finally nodded, "seems you can you a friend too. Us know you just tell me what's up…." another pause and he really thought about that and laughed shaking his head, "yeah is have probably said no. You got me there but, ya know I'll try to hook you up' you really should let me take care of those split ends though. The heat from that Dwarf-heim place can really do done damage."

Loki continues to stare at Reno while he talks too much. “I like to keep people guessing as to why I do things. Your instincts weren’t wrong, but of course when I first chose you…I didn’t know you. Then once I realized what you were, I recognized the smell of power, of immortality. “ the god rises from the chair and nears him. Pale fingers reach out, “And I thought…perhaps this is someone that I could know longer than a few heartbeats.”

Reno looked as worried as he was curious. Stupid curiosity, getting birds into trouble everywhere! It didn't go great for great for cats, look at the hubris on his beak. He paused fidgeting with his fingers, "Well… yeah I mean unless someone sneaks up and shoots me like my papi? Yeah I'm pretty much here for a long run. Then someone else can I guess take care of this role for Him, soooo, I mean you're not wrong. It's jsut all sorta…new… Like your family does the whole god thing too. but lemme as you this-" Nope, maybe not fishing that whole rambling thought this year, "When you started out they give you an instruction manual or somethin or you just have to figure everythin out for yourself?"

“Yes, well…” Loki tilts his head and grins faintly, reaching out to rest a pale hand on his shoulder. “Not a manual, but lessons in dealing with essentially eternity, yes. You will likely be just as a normal mortal for a few hundred years, but…a few investments here and there, and you could well be extremely wealthy by the time you are looking at immortality as a lifestyle. And then you will be secretive, and well connected. They mysterious man who keeps having a son that looks just like him. Or, perhaps that only applies to your bird form, which means you need to make an ally that would treat a raven with such great care when your human side gets too old to function.” He arches a brow.

Reno arched both those eyebrows in surprise and listened. It really was a great sales pitch and Loki was expert at them. It was only after his brow furrowed and he considered the flip side to that. "Aaaw man that sounds kinda lonely in the long run innit? I mean… how you get on with that sorta thing?" Shoulders slumped under Loki's hand and he really took a long while to think that over. "Eeeeeh you got a point though. I can't argue seein like a couple other dimensions? Ain't so bad. And what if that's only bird me. Man, I'm a miss dancin. And bein able to make my own toast." Looking up to Loki he asked the most importnat quesiton there, "How you is with bagels, man?"

Loki is having a conversation with Reno, advancing on him properly intimidatingly seductively. "I could provide you with as many…bagels…as you desired. You may miss /some/ human things, but really, being an immortal talking bird would not be so bad, with the proper caretaker."

Reno looked like he was fretting a little bit. It was summer and therefore hot and the windows were therefore opena dn two fans were on to get some sort of draft through the place. The dimunative Puerto Rican Mohican was now pacing. He perked up, "How many bagels? Wait… I wonder if my cousin' be okay. Maaaaan… Is it bad? Like… bein ancient? I never thought of that before and now like I got sweaty palms. Girls don' like talkin to dudes with clammy claws man.

"Ladies love talking to me. I can get you in with anyone you please." Loki pauses here, watching Reno fret as he tries to tighten the proverbial rope around him. "Eventually. Young humans are obsessed with some sort of ideal, but eventually all they want is someone rich who is a good kisser."

"Unfortunately, I can confirm this." The mellow baritone announces the Sorcerer even as he approaches. In a black blazer and jeans, with a button-down beneath of pale blue, he looks the part of a city-slicker. "However, these young women who prefer someone rich with kissing abilities tend to be on the hollow and dare I say…vapid side."

Strange curls a smile at both Reno and the younger Prince of Asgard. "Might I suggest finding someone who shares your love of bagels?"

Reno paused and shook his head "Oh, well… I guess I ain't that. Maybe int eh long run I am just better off a bird. I mean…" He looked up to Strange and nodded mulling that over, "Yeah maybe." A hand lifted and he greeted, "Hola, amigo. We was jes' talkin like, about how since I can't die as a bird eventually I'm just gonna get stuck that way like… forever an ever or somethin. Weird and kinda scary ya know?"

"It seems reasonable to me, but…it remains to be seen if his human form truly ages at the same rate. I think being a bird is not a bad way to spend eternity, though. I have been animals before for extended times." Loki turns to look at Strange. "Midgard wizard…it has been some time. Still hording toys that belong to other people?"

"Collecting, please," Strange corrects even as he stops shy of the two of them, hands in the pockets of his coat. "Hoarding is such a strong word. I prefer to keep items of inherent danger out of the hands of the knowing and unknowing both. It has been some time, however, yes."

His bright eyes flick to Reno and back to Loki again. "Offering your wisdom then, your highness? I have my own, though it hinges on whether or not you retain your human intelligence once you take on your corvid form, Reno." His attention shifts back to the hairdresser and lingers. "If you're able to retain it, I can imagine that it might even be a second chance at life itself. An entire other arc of experiences and tales. I too have spent some time in animal form and while it is not the same as the human experience, I enjoyed it for what it was."

Reno offered honestly, but objectivly, "Nah I think I'm actually smarter bein a bird. I dunno man. Eat for free and like never do taxes? Eeeh ain't a bad gig." He looked up and took a deep breath and jus tlaughed grinning, "Maaaan if I'm gonna life forever and the twos of you keep stealin me across the galaxy for like help and stuff I'm gonna seriously have to liek charge you. I don' mind helpin out but that's gonna be a lotta rent and hair don't trim itself." Looking between teh sorcerers one eyebrow arched and he offered like this was the deal of the century, "THough since I know yous guys is busy proting the world from them primadonna beings and stuff I hook you up. I'll trim ya f'er free."

Loki taptaptaps his fingers against his leg. "Is this a competition now?" Loki looks from Reno to Strange, then up and down the man, thoughtfully. "Honestly…he might pay you, but I feel like his moral fiber would keep it from being lavish treasures and baths in the volcanic springs os mulsvelheim. Or…piles of gold from an actual treasury. Or weave your likeness into a tapestry to hang in the halls of Asgard." Loki throws down the gauntlet.

Strange arches a brow at the young Asgardian, his lips slowly parting in a slightly toothy smile.

"Moral fiber, hmm? That all sounds fine and fancy. I counter with this offer." He lifts a hand palm-up and holds it out, empty of all but the following: "Friendship. A listening ear. Shelter when you're weary and all the bagels a crow might want. Aid if you're injured, help with rent if you ever need it. These…the connections grounded in humanity, the bonds of brotherhood — these outlast many of the shiniest things."

Reno was about to answer when the chest puffing and cape fluffing started. Reno was a lot of things, but above all, he was a damn good business man and that meant knowing when to sit backa nd let the bidders bid it out. Taking a jar of peanuts in hand he popped one in his mouth, shell and all and greeted, "Oye, Kai. This just gettin to the good part" He just looked back and fortha nd finally, finally nodded. "Okay that works for me."

Kai steps in from the street and pauses. Some of his favorite people! But he's going to need some context here. "What did I just walk in on?" he asks Reno. It's Loki he moves toward, though. It's like the Asgardian is his center of gravity. To Strange, he says an amiable, "Hello. Good to see you out and about."

Loki smiles warmly at Kai and extends a hand to allow him to come close and in his grasp. "Oh…Strange and I were just competing to see who gets to keep Reno once he gets old enough to be stuck as a bird forever. Strange has made some fine points about friendship, but, in the end, I am shiner…and more fun." He chuckles.

"And good to see you too, Kai," Strange replies before glancing over at Loki. A small frown wrinkles at the meeting of his brows, but the smile only fades a lumen or two, never disappearing entirely. "I suppose you could be more 'fun', your highness, but I am not one for 'keeping' anyone. Reno is his own person and, as such, entitled to whatever freedoms he chooses if he ever does decide to remain in his shifted form. I will bear him no grudge if he chooses the shinier things. In a way, I understand. I spend time as a magpie every now and then for the fascinating dissonance of the state."

He glances back to Reno, his arms lightly folded now. "My offer has no ramifications, Cordova, other than attending now and then when I need someone to spy in another guise."

Reno watched this like a tennis match. To Kai he summed up, "I tol em I'm a start chargin if I gotta be away from the shop in business hours which came as this waaaaaaay wicked reminder that like, ya know, when I'm like a bird an stuff? Like I can't die soooo like I'm just kinda gonna get stuck as a bird which si like…scary but ya know at least I'll still have these guys around seems. And you. I mean elves don't age so you'll still be twenty but like… Scay but maybe not…terrible? Anyways," He looked back to them and nodded, "I accept your offers. I will stick around as a bird, and help yous guys out."

Kai takes Loki's hand and is gladly drawn in. He nestles up to Loki's side and gives him a familiar sappy look. Kai's love of the ultimate rebel badboy is palpable. "Oh, Reno! You're going full crow? I'll feed you whatever you want, every day, and I'll teach you how to talk like some crows do, unless that's ravens." He looks between Strange and Loki. "Does he have to pick either/or? If he's free, he could visit whoever he pleases."

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