1965-06-03 - About Lambert
Summary: Loki and Kai talk about a possible trip to Asgard.
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Kai walks through the park with all the joy one might expect from a light elf. Birds are singing in the trees, Spring has sprung. "I was thinking I would offer the All-Father my apple, since it's not really mine. My parents did sort of steal it from him. I asked Thor to bring us because I thought his presence might put Odin in a good mood. If he's in a good mood, he might let my parents go free."

"While I generally /agree/, Kai…Odin is so capricious…that there is simply no telling how much he will care. He might care a great deal. He might not care one bit. He may look at us like we are all crazy. I have no way of knowing, to be honest, until we get there." He folds his hands behind his back as he walks. The godling keeps his chin up, and truth be told, he seems…wilted, a bit. Paler than usual.

Kai admits, "I don't think he'll care at all. I'm counting on him shrugging and saying 'sure whatever' when Thor asks him to release them on my behalf." He walks closely at Loki's side, since they can't hold hands out here in the park. The Elf watches his beloved. "It's a good thing thinking on our feet is our forte. Are you well, my love?"

Loki nods faintly. "Yes, indeed. And…I am well enough, Kai. I need to return to Asgard for my own reasons too. I feel more connected there, more…powerful. And all this heat…you know how I like to wear leathers and the temperature is so much cooler in Asgard, generally. I should just use magic…" He grins. "But, I am trying not to draw attention to a massive cold spot in the park."

Kai looks around. "I didn't know there was a cold spot, so you're doing a great job." He touches Loki's arm lightly, just a small caress wraught with plausible deniability. He watches pigeons as they flock around a businessman who has jusst dropped his sandwich. "I could use a little time away, myself," he says. "Maybe a visit to Alfheim while we're out and about. I owe Lambert a beehive."

Loki chuckles when Kai mentions the bees. To the touch, he feels…a sort of luke warm. As always. Not too hot. He must not currently be using the magic. "YOu wish to bring bees from Alfheim here? My, you do want to cause a war…between bees. Or do you just mean that he wishes the honey for his beverages?"

"I figured one hive wouldn't be too much of an overthrow," Kai says, "but I haven't thought this through. At the very least I'll give him the honey. He goes through a lot of honey." The way Kai walks beside Loki is somewhat protective. That's right, the small elf next to the tall god will protect him! "We were thinking a revel, Thor and I," Kai says. "If things go well, a few days of reveling, and I thought it might be nice to bring Lambert to that. Stephen, too. I want to see the Sorcerer Supreme get drunk."

"He is too stiff. He would never do it. So, you and my brother have been talking, have you?" Loki grins in a subtle manner as his mind works through that tidbit. "Bringing anything from Alfheim to Midgard is dangerous. As you can tell…by bringing yourself here. Just think of all the lives you have wrecked by not being single."

Kai smiles broadly. "He's always treated me like a friend," Kai says, "I enjoy talking to him." He strolls amiably and unhurried, keeping pace at Loki's side. He laughs abruptly and says, "I'll have to do extra heroing to make up for all the chaos and loss I've caused."

"Exactly. You clearly owe this planet a great debt." Loki reaches over and brushes his hand down Kai's back. Everyone is paying far more attention to themselves. He's not worried. "Is Thor…seeing anyone? Do we have to deal with more of /that/? He is always intolerable when he's seeing someone."

Kai's features soften as he's touched. "I don't think he is," he says. "He didn't mention, and he seems fairly free to go wherever and do whatever he pleases. I'm not sure if he'll be single for long or not. On one hand, he's not capable of avoiding female notice. On the other hand, does he even realize it when someone's flirting with him?"

"He knows it. He just usually ignores it." Loki rolls his eyes and stops walking near to a tree. He nears the tree and reaches up to pluck a bright, green leaf off it and just fiddles with it for a moment. "Which is better than sleeping with any mortal he comes across, I suppose."

"A mortal might do for a passing fancy," Kai says, coming to a stop with Loki, and he watches the leaf with idle curiosity. "But if it turns more serious than that, one has to brace oneself for sorrow." He glances toward other people in the park, at some distance from them but still visible. "I worry sometimes about his tastes, but things tend to work out overall well for him."

"And Lambert? How is he these days? He always seems so nervous…like he's harried at every turn, whenever I see the man." Loki grins faintly. "It could just be my own presence. I should turn into a snake around your shoulders and see how he does then."

Kai smiles wryly. "He's afraid of you, and wildly attracted to you." Then his expression grows more sober as he says, "He's going blind, though. Cataracts. I think if we take him to Asgard, they'll get cured in no time, but I don't know that I trust mortal medicine just yet. Besides, his pupils are strange, and they don't make the fake corneas for them." He tucks a curl behind a tapered ear, ducking his head. "I think it would blow his mind. We should do it."

"Attracted to me? I have never gotten that sense from him. I have fully sensed his attraction to /you/, however. He asked me how to seduce you, so…it was fairly obvious." Loki reaches out to grab for Kai's hand and tugs him in closer to the tree if he can. "Are we taking him to Asgard, then, to ask for some healing for him? Or, should HE go to his own gods..what is it called…Olympus?" He arches his brows. "Is he not a mystical creature in their domain?"

"His attraction to me is a safe thing," Kai says with a wave of his hand. "I'm out of reach. There's no consequence for flirting with me, but you? You're powerful. Yours is the beauty of a predator, that makes you dangerous." He clasps Loki's hand, happy to let himself be tugged. "There are no Olympians around here," he says, "whereas Asgard's Princes drink his wine and eat his food. Besides, he came with you lot to Hel to bring me back to life. He's been a good friend."

Loki makes a humming sound that is probably his way of agreeing. "Fine enough. That makes sense enough. I just…you know there are some rules. Pantheons…of these mortals, trying not to mix."

"He's so far removed from the blood he doesn't even have hooves," Kai says, his tone low and discreet. He knows his pal Bertie doesn't like to discuss the hoof topic. "I don't think Dionysus is going to come storming in to stop us from taking care of a few cataracts." He perks up as he spies a stand that sells pretzels. "Ooh, do you want one? My treat." He's easy with spending his money… which he gets from Loki.

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