1965-06-04 - Dead and Loving It
Summary: Dead Girl is chillin' in Mutant Town when one cool cat and a magnetic individual approach!
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Summer is on the way, but spring lingers in the Big Apple this evening, and Tigra is out to enjoy the weather for a time. Even though she's not a mutant, you wouldn't know it just by looking at her as she walks down the street casually, looking at the occassional shop that she comes across. Her tail gives a lazy swish as she greets others on the sidewalk.

Dead Girl always seems to draw attention- attitude or just being an odd one- she seemed to catch attention. Pale as a corpse, the young woman was hanging out in an open lot turned impromptu green space, just laying out on the somewhat patchy grace and looking up at the sky. The radio is playing near her- just a little transistor thing. Cheap. Japanese.

"Hey! I like the tiger stripe thing!" Dead Girl calls out to Tigra as she passes, "Is it natural, or a dye job?" she wonders, innocent and interested.

The way Tigra looks certainly makes one suspect she was a mutant, especially around this part of town, which brings a rather rough looking rocker girl with green hair in her direction. "Hey," Lorna greets Tigra from afar as she heads closer to her, "bold move letting your tail swing about out in the open," she grins rather appreciatively as she makes her comments.

If any care to take any attention of the myriad of badges, patches and pins about her biker jacket, let alone the omega character out of pyramid studs across her back, one would get a clue that the green haired girl is all kinds of pro mutant cause.

She stops her approach to Tigra when another girl compliments her, and as she turns her eyes to look her way, she finds someone who has no choice but be in the open. "Damn…what's your gift?" Lorna asks curiously, standing part way between Tigra and Dead Girl.

Tigra ever so briefly tenses at the 'hey,' and almost immediately relaxes again when she's addressed with a question. "As natural as the rest of me," she answers the woman in the empty lot, and the tail that's allowed to swing out and about gives a little twitch as the girl's appearance registers with her. "Uhm, are you…okay?" she asks, trying to come up with a polite way of asking, 'Are you as dead as you look?'

Her attention shifts to the rocker who gets a curious look over. "Love the hair," she says, briefly flicking hers to emphasize what she speaks of. "And it doesn't do well cramped up, nor does the rest of me, not if I can avoid it."

"I'm dead." Dead Girl answers Polaris. And certainly, she is dead. No blood, her body seems to function without it. "Dead, dead, dead. Call me Dead Girl." she offers then to Tigra- smiling bright. Her red eyes seem to glow within a dark skull. It's creepy. Eyes facing you from beyond the grave. Refusing to let go or die.

"That's cool, though. I think tigers are amazing!" she says, as she sits up, and pulls a cigarette pack out of her pocket- offering cigarettes out to her talking partners. "Cigarette?"

"Yes, natural, but some think not everything has a place in nature…you know, bigoted idiots who deserve to die," Lorna isn't really ambigious about her perspective on things, that's for sure.

Lorna turns to look at Dead Girl and nods, "I can tell that much, does it come with anything special? Or is it mostly helpful in repulsing idiots away so they can't bother you?" Blunt? Perhaps, but Lorna tends to be direct, unlike most people. She does move closer to Dead Girl and takes the offered cigarette, "don't mind if I do…got a light?"

Tigra's mouth opens, closes, opens, closes once more. One might almost be able to hear mental gears grinding. "You're awfully…ambulatory for someone dead," she finally gets out. And I'm pretty fond of them. Tigers, that is. I'll pass ont he cigarette, thanks," she says politely, absently shifting to stand a little more upwind as Lorna accepts the offer. She quirks an eyebrow at Lorna's forceful opinion. "I'd rather change their minds, myself."

"Eh, dying isn't all it's cracked up to be. And killing just.. I don't know. It seems like a lot of effort." Dead Girl offers, perhaps from a rather different point of view than most. "I mean, I've been murdered, and it was pretty terrible at the time." she offers then, "And I mean, dying like that is really terrifying, so I mean. I don't think I'd want to do that to someone else. I think I'd rather spook'em a little." Dead Girl grins at that. "It's more fun."

"Oh yeah, I'm super ambulatory. I can even walk through walls!" Dead Girl says, offering a bit more of what she's 'got' out of it.

Dead Girl lights her cigarette with a match and then offers a box of matches up towards Polaris. "But, yeah. I'm dead. No heart beat. No need for food or sleep or water. Just a corpse that stays around. You can feel for a pulse if you want." Dead girl says with a playful grin, offering a lifted wrist to Tigra.

"How are you going to change malfunctioning minds?" Lorna asks Tigra, giving her a somewhat dismissive look as she hears her opinion, "I've been bullied brutally in school, nobody gave a damn if those bullies change their minds or not…" the mention of the ability to walk through walls makes Lorna looks at Dead Girl with greater interest, but she adds no further remark. At least not with Tigra nearby, who distinctly made her point of view clear.

As Polaris lights up her own cigarette and returns the matches to Dead Girl, she takes a puff, enjoys the flavor for a moment, and then exhales a swirl of smoke, before denoting, "being already dead…you can't be killed, I see that as a major plus."

"I've been close to death, closer than I ever want to be, and any closer and I think I wouldn't've come back, and I certainly didn't enjoy it at the time," says Tigra. She gives a small shake of her head at Dead Girl. "I'm sorry, it's not often that I'm at a loss for words, but this certainly counts." She has words for the talk of bullies, but decides this isn't the time, nor place, for it. "Name's Tigra, by the way," she offers.

"Well, I mean, I guess. I mean, it's hard to put my down for long. I come back." Dead Girl explains, "And, there are a lot of things being dead lets you do that might not think of. Like, I spent a week at the bottom of the sea over by coney island- like just.. Hung out." she continues, grinning over to Tigra, before offering with a healthy self-deprecating tone, "Oh, I know dahling, I leave everyone speechless." She manages to hold onto a serious look into Tigra's eyes before her smile cracks and she grins.

"I also see ghosts." Dead Girl offers. "All the ghosts that follow people around, or shout and scream at all hours." she says, "Oh. And I can control my body. Nothing creeps someone out more than a disembodied hand stroking their cheek." She smiles, though. "Glad to meet you, Tigra- as I said, Dead Girl. A pleasure!"

With Tigra and Dead Girl looking to be on the same wavelength, Lorna just keeps nursing her cigarette, not finding words to inject to that conversation. She figures Dead Girl might be a potential recruit, but not with Tigra nearby, and besides, she gets the sense Tigra is the wrong person to tell about the Brotherhood. Sometimes silence is the better choice. "Creepy," she remarks about the disembodied hand stroke, before asking Dead Girl for sport's sake, "do you see any ghosts around me? Maybe of my parents…?" She knows she's been adopted by the Danes, she knows her real parents are dead, but she has to wonder.

Tigra can't help but briefly glance around her, wondering what ghosts might be around, and realizing she's happier not knowing. "Yeah, that would be pretty freaky the first time or two. Sounds a little like something on that show, what is it…oh, right, Addams Family," she notes. She glances briefly at the green-haired rocker, the woman's discomfort for her easy to read. "Well, I need to be on my way. Nice to meet you both," she says, smiling and nodding before departing, the tail a'swish once again.

|ROLL| Polaris +rolls 1d4 for: 4

"Bye!" Dead Girl says, waving her hand as Tigra wanders on her way. "Ghosts around you." Dead Girl says as she allows a touch of theater to enter her movements- a bit jerky and loose as she turns her head to face towards Polaris and *GAZE* into her eyes. Those glowing red eyes have a piercing quality. It was difficult, for some, to not feel as if she were drilling into their very souls. "Nope." she then chirps. "No ghosts there. Or are there? I mean, ghosts are best left alone, if you ask my opinion."

"I don't need to go hunting for ghosts, got enough of them in the real world," Lorna snorts, and as Tigra leaves, she mutters in a low whisper, "am I correct in assuming you're a mutant? I mean…takes just a look."

"I don't know." Dead Girl states, "Someone said I was a mutant." she offers, as if that was helpful at all. "The ghosts do exist in the real world." Dead Girl says, next with a little shrug. "I mean, the guy who said it is someone you can trust. He can sense mutations or something like that." she relates, "At least, that's what he said." she shrugs again quietly, "Who knows for sure, though. I mean, realistically, all that matters is I'm dead now, and I have to transition into figuring out what to do with that."

Lorna doesn't seem all that invested in the occult, must be because she still doesn't know she has a sister, who is very much involved in such things. "Right…what matters is, how are people treating you? Have you been singled out for being a mutant? Have you been abused for it? Have you seen the abuse other mutants take…? Within and without Mutant Town…? If so…are you willing to do something about it?"

"What would any of that matter?" Dead Girl asks, "I mean, look at me. I'm a walking corpse. It only makes sense that would scare and bother some people." she offers, "I represent the eventual end- it makes people uncomfortable, and I sort of had to get used to that quick." Dead Girl remarks, fairly hippie in her outlook.

"I mean, really, what is abusive to me? I don't really feel pain, and if throw me through a chipper, I'd be fine- I'll just regenerate."

"I see," Lorna notes as she lets out another swirl of smoke, "I guess looks aside, you don't have it half bad," she takes another once over at Dead Girl, and waves her hand, "I'll be seeing you if you hang around Mutant Town…name's Lorna by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Lorna. Call me Dead Girl." She offers, "See you around! I'm pretty welcome in these parts, so I like to chill." she assures the other girl as she returns to laying back in the sun, listening to music, and smoking her cigarette.

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