1965-06-06 - Strike Team Awesome (pt.1)
Summary: Agent Barton heads up a field up with Agents Pryde and Fitz to recover or permanently decommission a weapon in Hydra's clutches before they can unleash it on the UN conference coming up to discuss the Vietnam situation
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The jet was inbound with three SHIELD agents on board. As they were headed in to the nearest LZ they could reach undetected in a remote area of Kamchatka.

Fitz looked to both of them and clarified, "Right so when we land this bird mission summary is: Get in. Kitty, get the weapon offline. Best we can tell it has a ton of computer security and cameras. After that it's just get it back here. Which sounds easy buuuut it's a heavily guarded Hydra base and there's just the two of you to get the most heavily guarded piece of artillery they have and get back here. What could poooosibly go wrong." The tone suggested 'everything. Absolutely everything could go wrong.' "So SHIELD orders are if we can't get it back we permanently decommission it so they can't use it on the council of world leaders. I'll do all I can to keep their radio signals scattered and give you as much lead time and radio cover in and out. Get back here for evac. Barton, you're point on this on the ground. If the plan changes, Sir, tell me what you need and…well… we'll see what we can do. It'll be thinking on our feet and… well we're pretty lucky enough. I hope. Questions?"

Clint takes pilot's seat be 'screw you, that's why'. Barton multitasking might terrify some people, but he seems to handle it abley. At least he doesn't look like a homeless person, but rather he seems an actual agent. With a uniform and everything! Though heavily altered. He's no Maria Hill up in here in a damn jumpsuit. Psht.

"Sure. How about 'Do we got time for lunch?'" Barton offers up in question, deadpan. "I skipped breakfast. Besdies that? Well it sort of sounds like you expect me to take down a whole base. I'm pretty awesome but that might be a tall order."

Kitty nods, "Right, nothing to it." one corner of her mouth lifts in a wry smile "Hydra will never be able to figure out hit them." She glances down at her notes, reviewing what she knows, or thinks she knows, about the Hydra weapon. She glances slyly over at Clint as he cracks-wise, "I'm pretty sure the Hydra base has a kitchen. We could raid that while we're there."

Fitz sighed and noted, "Yes, and you'll love what's in your lunch box. A few warheads for your quiver, Barton. Two low and one high range EMP arrowhead, Tranq arrow, and a grease arrow that needs a better name. It's got a conductive fluid in it. Very friction resistant. Do not eat. I'd hate to tell the director we're short an agent due to lack of crepes."

That assessed the trip neared touchdown. Off in the distance the makings of a low building could be seen that looked like, yes, large bay doors in the side of a thick concrete building. Standard Hydra base with guarded entrances and also likely all of the fun things like ventilation ducts and also drainage systems below the facility.

"Steal their weapon and their lunch?" Clint low-key thrums with mischievous glee. "I like the way you think, Pryde. I hope that it's eggsalad day in the evil cult cafeteria."

"Fitz, you pack me the best snacks in my lunch box. I'm not even mad that you keep forgetting the pudding." Keeping things light and irreverant while they fly toward not just possible but likely doom. "Grease arrow? Nah, that's a slick arrow, friend. Unless we want to get suggestive about it, but Director wouldn't approve." schoolboy Barton. LUBE ARROW, BRO!

"Heads up, kids. Target's in sight." He gives it a large birth, flying low. they don't need to get picked off before they land. "You got easy entry, yeah, Cat's Meow? I'll have to play catch up, but I can perch and get eyes for ya. Create an opening."

Kitty cracks her knucles, "Yeah, I think I've got a way in." She turned to Fitz, "Any last words of wisdom?"

Fitz shook his head and readied the radios. "Just… good luck. We'll need it." He looked from Kitty to Clint and half grinned, "Go Strike Team Awesome?"

After touching down and Clint inevitably dropping a comment about how the problem with Hydra is they never have good parking or something near the like Fits took over the jet turning it into a broadcast relay for them, tested the gear and said to Kitty, "I know you're adept but… be careful all the same." Looking to Barton he said flatly, "You won't so I won't bother asking."

The land surrounding was a think wooded area in the side of a mountain? No that might be a volcano. Yup the ground was warm, but not dangerous and the verant landscape suggested that it hadn't erupted in many years. The duo were able to get close enough to see a familiar sight: Ferrocrete doors, a communication box and a crude cameraabove the panel and also to the right above the opening. WHile teh rest looked secure there also had to be some form of ventilation and also water somewhere.

"Strike Team Awesome," Clint parrots back to Fitz cooly as he drops the bird and lands without so much as a jostle. The engines whine as they power down with each neat flick of Clint's fingers on the myriad intimidating switches. Shoving to his feet, Barton neatly snags his gear with the casual air of a man grabbing his car keys and gym bag for a soft ball game at the Y, or something.

Clint pauses to square off with Fitz when he doesn't bother. "I'd be offended if you weren't right. you want me to be careful or complete the mission? You can't have your danish and eat it too, Mittens."


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