1965-06-07 - You're a Good Man, Kaleb Marshall Miller
Summary: Jeb and Kaleb have a heart to heart in the park.
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Jebediah has never actually been invited by someone else to come and draw with them, so the invitation from Kaleb is met with more enthuisasm than Kaleb might have expected, hell, Kaleb might have even been treated to another aggressive Guthrie hug for it. So, whatever time that Kaleb asked him to be there, the excitable Guthrie brother gets there fifteen minutes beforehand, with a bag bouncing off of his hip filled with his sketchbook and pencils. He's made a nice little place for them on the hill, with a clearly home made blanket set out and he's also brought a tiny wicker basket, which is full of snacks, Jebediah really has gone all out, and to a blind eye, it might look like the pair of them were on a date.

Jebediah is once again wearing pants at least that look like they're brand new, form fitting and not a size or a size and a half too big for him. The plaid shirt he's got on may have belong to Jay before it belong to Jeb, but the pants were new! He waits patiently, sketchbook open on his knees for Kaleb to join him.

Kaleb was still in waistcoat and slacks, though still linen so they were summer weight even though he looked stuffy as hell. Alas, no tie! Will wonders ever cease. Sunglasses were on and his messenger bag was over one shoulder. His footsteps remained unheard as he trudged up the hill and sat. "Someone was intent on not using the freight elevator to move furniture." Miller for, sorry I'm late.

"S'alright, Cabbage, good to see you anyway!" He hears the apology in Kalebnese and acknowledges it, scooting over to give Kaleb plenty of room on the blanket. "Ah brought us somethin' to eat and Ah know, you'll appreciate this." He reaches into the basket and hands Kaleb a thermos. When he takes the lid that also functions as a cup off, he'll be greeted with the scent of freshly brewed coffee. "Ah knew you would need some."

Kaleb sat and unshouldered his bag as there was a folk tro, Peter, Paul, and Mary strumming in the clearing where many weere just gathered to listen and lay around. Kale cracked an amused grin, "Makin me sound like an addict. S'a good plan, Thanks. I thought," He upnodded while he unpacked his portable book sized straight edge and pencils and eraser, "being your brother's brother and all, that you'd dig this kinda music and might want to work on sketching some stuff out. THey're relaly pretty damn good. I like to come here to work on architraves and kinda catch teh city. Sort of… has a voice to the city to be ehre when I work. I dunno."

"Cabbage, you is an addict." Jebediah teases with a wink. "Ah really like any kind of music, especially when it's Jay singing it, he's my favorie singer, always was, always will be but yeah, Ah like this, this spot, the ambiance, it's a real good atmosphere for drawing, you know? Well, of course you do, you just told me you did." Ambiance, Jebediah, that's an impressive word, you have been studying. "What's an architrave?"

Kaleb nodded and added, "You missed last summer, Jay and I sitting up in teh old balcony singing with em. It was pretty groovy. Should come over some night when we do that next." He paused taking a moment to filter out the other human sound and voiced relegating them to be solely background murmurs as to not interrupt the song tuning it up into the foreground.

Echo thought about Jeb's question as if deciding how high or low to go with it and split the difference extending his pencil like a wand towards the bank that had a classic good example. "Sooo you see how the sides of the bank there go up? Those up and down vertical pieces are referred to as columns even if there's no actual column present because… well back in teh old days they all were, long and short. That cross beam that rests on top that forms the doorway is called an entablature. Not to be confused with an Entiman's. Only one should be edible." He nodded with his usual serious expression and continued on, "So that entablature is made of three pieces: architrave, frieze, and cornice. The cornice on top looks a lot like that crown molding you see in ceiling corners. That's the cap piece that sticks out there. The Freize is teh fancy part and often has sculpture of some sort wether it's a pattern, or angels, or soldiers and shit. THe architrave is teh base piece it's resting on and sort of fits things togehter. A lot of folks just like the fancy squiggly bit of the freize in the middle but I've seen some //really super neat things folks have done to dress up the architrave so it's not just this unappreciated faceless flat slab." He paused and looked down at his half drawing he'd started a while ago, "Support is just never really appreciated until it's not there, man."

Jeb tries to follow along with Kaleb as he explains with a bunch of words that Jeb wouldn't understand if Kaleb didn't immediately after define them for him. He appreciates that Kaleb does that, just talks the definitions out in a way that doesn't make Jeb feel like an idiot for not knowing int he first place. "What kind of buildings do you ultimately wanna design, Cabbage? Do you want to build banks or do you wanna build conference buildings, courts, apartment buildings? Or do you just wanna design buildings in general?" He's honestly curious about what Kaleb wants to do, he finds this all fascinating, learning new things about Kaleb.

Kaleb really thought about that and tilted his head, "Maximus and Kellan asked me that. I don't… I don't know. There's this guy I watch and he's got this… vision about how all things aren't limited to what's been done and it's…" There was a curious and wistful look that was a rarity on Kaleb's face letting a bit of his actual self peek out. "I got to see this place totally off the map last year right before I was laid up for the fall and, Jeb, I swear, I am not a religious man, but sometimes I see things that make me wonder where inspiration comes from ya know? I mean." His brow furrowed really thinking about that answer as the trio sang languidly about Puff the Magic Dragon and Kaleb's shoulders relaxed, "Maybe some sort of house. I dunno. Max challenged me to make the perfect amphitheater. Be kinda far out to listen to someone play there. like… you ever hear of this place called Tibet?"

Jeb leans against his knees to listen to Kaleb talk, Kaleb truly has all of the younger Guthrie's attention, enraptured in what he's saying, as if there really is not a damn thing in the world that Jebediah would rather be doing right now. "Ah think Doug's talked about Tibet yeah, you /should/ make an ampitheater though! You would know how to make the seriously best one because the way you hear, Cabbage. Ah think you'd be incredible at it!" Jeb encourages excitedly. "That where you wanna build it? Tibet?"

Kaleb grinned faintly with a chuckle. IT wasn't modesty. On others it might have been but for Kaleb it was simply being assured and satisfied that maybe it was the way to go. The smile turned into a quiet laugh and he shook his head. "I dunno. I liked it there. Maybe. I didn't have to worry about… anything there. BUt like," He set the notebook down and flapped his hands in a bit of a circle like a thought was trying to build momentum, "So like there are these bells on teh top of these hills in this sort of open structure that's designed in such a way that sound coming out of it is amplified by the natural environment and can be heard for several miles. Like 18 miles of a wave rolling and traveling and resonating off the entire valley. It was amaaaaazing." Way to find something he was exceptionally passionate and in aew of, and this is what happens. "I was thinking maybe like that or… maybe someday I'll buy property there but… mostly leave it as it is… I dunno. Could be easy for everyone."

Jebediah easily falls in love with anyone when they are talking about something they are passionate about, so hearing Kaleb describe the place in Tibet, the way sound rolled and traveled off of the valley, leaves Jeb a little doe eyed as he listens, mouth just slightly open, enraptured by Kaleb's words. "Wow, you really loved that place, huh? Well, you got the money, Cabbage, you can go anywhere you want and Ah know that any place you touch would be made better just by havin' you there." He encourages with a warm smile. "You usually aren't talkin' about sound as somethin' you enjoy, so this might be the exact place for you. Do they have a lot of open sky there?" Because obviously, Jay would be going with Kaleb, right?

Kaleb looked from up to Jeb and grinned, "It's an open valley. The people in that hilltop don't… see any two people the same. They see difference as a evolutionary step to discovering the self. I didn't have to worry about who… my family is, or my station, or societal reprisal- like… the people around me judging so I didn't have to worry about losing my position cause… there were no positions. Hell they didn't even give a shit I'm …gay or… whatever the hell I am. Shit I dunno even what I am, but I was happy ya know? But… I can't live there because it ain't fair." It near pained him but it was a truth he accepted.

Jeb bristles a little at the word 'gay', looking around to see if anyone gives them a look or is going to start trouble with Kaleb, because then Jeb is going to have to shock the whole park to keep Kaleb safe and so Kaleb doesn't deafen the whole park instead. "You had a girl once, didn't you? They got a word for that too, 'bisexual', Ah think that's one that Ah would use for most everyone we know, 'cept maybe Kellan, he's only ever had Vic, rahght? The labels, though, Cabbage, they ain't fuckin' matter. There's not a damn thing wrong with who you love, Max is good to you, that's what matters. You love him? You like kissin' him? You ain't hurtin' nobody, you're fine. Nothin' wrong with you."

"What do you mean you cain't live there? What's stoppin' you? You got the money. Go, Cabbage, what isn't fair?" Jeb asks, cocking his head to the side.

Kaleb never seemed to worry abou- oh yeah, he was keeping their conversation enclosed to that little 5'diameter and could have a private conversation anywhere. "Yeah I mean I've had a few girlfriends. This… relationaship I have right now is variant for me." He blinked and shook his head, "Shit didn't know there was a word for it. That's… convenient. And no Kellan's always been Kellan long before Vic." He arched both eyebrows at Jeb getting spirited in teh discussion, but also not being one to really discuss himself near ever in candid capacity. He waited and patiently went back tohrough the litany of things. "Max has been… amazing. A lot of people don't see it that way but we're a lot a like. I know how difficult some things are and communicating can be…I dunno. He effortlessly understands me and he likes that person, Jeb. It's kinda surreal. But I can't just move there because it's running away from…. this. All this. I don't wnat to fight, but if we're equipt to do so then we need to be using that voice and that influence when and where we can to help protect those that can't man."

Jebediah smiles when Kaleb says Max has been amazing to him. He knows that Jay isn't a fan of Max but Jeb's never met the guy, just knows that he'd probably rip him in half if he had any idea that Jeb had more than platonic feelings for the man in front of him. "Why wouldn't he like that person, Kale? It's you, you are that person. You're really incredibly, Ah know that you probably don't get that vibe from everyone because you're emotionally distant, at least when you first meet someone, but you come around little by little. That doesn't make you any less of a good person. You got a good soul, it's just got a lot of walls around it, but you feel things too. Ah don't know why anybody wouldn't like you, you're a wonderful man. Ah'm proud that you my friend." He says, patting Kaleb's shoulder before releasing him, knowing that Kaleb isn't a huge fan of physical affection. He smiles slightly when Kaleb talks about not running away. He points at Kaleb. "See? That's just proof right there that you a good man."

Kaleb shook his head and looked down at his page furrowing his brow. "Growing up it was pretty much decided I was a monster, Jeb. There's expectations and really. When you're 7 and you're taught to play to win and get told your ruthlessness is adorable? It's messed up. But these are the people that shape things and I'm… not really different from them I guess. I just see and am affected by a bigger picture and resource pool they see to exploit and condemn. NAd Max? Well we'v eboth lashed out and people have cleaned up our messes in teh past but we aren't… monsters. I don't know I'm really much a good person, but I want… things to be better."

"You aren't a monster and Ah ain't know much about Kaleb but Ah know he ain't a monster either. Ain't no one a monster but the people who call us monsters and try to change us. We cain't be anythin' but what we is. There ain't anythin' that can change us. You're a good person, Kaleb, you hang out with me, you help me, you took me in when Ah just showed up like a wet kitten on your doorstep. You care about mutants so much, you care about anyone that society ain't like. You wanna change the world, only good people wanna do all that, Cabbage, so ergo, you is a good person." Jebediah insists.

Kaleb sighed and looked to Jeb, "I can't stand most people. Most people are pretty awful but some people? THey don't get many choices. THat… that ain't alright." He took a deep breathand started sketching just letting it go. Curiously he asked, "Hows your cat project?"

"Most people are terrible, we just established that. Your dislike for the general population of mindless sheep doesn't make you a bad person, Kaleb." Jebediah lectures him sternly. "Buttermilk? She's doing great! Got her using the litterbox now! All on her own. Ah'm real proud of her. Took her to the vet and got her on some antibiotics and shit, she's not sneezin' and coughin' no more and she's takin' to her bottle like Ah ain't never feed her so she's finally putting on some weight."

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