1965-06-10 - Table In the Back
Summary: Scott Summers and Amber chat over a bite to eat at Saganaki.
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Word has gotten around that the courtyard of Saganaki has been reserved for people who are a bit different in one way or another. It's a place to relax away from scrutiny. Kai's waiting tables today, and he keeps an eye on the courtyard in case anyone comes back there. The scent of Greek food fills the air. Delicious Greek food.

Scott Summers has decided to take an evening out on his own, a chance to clear his head and take some time away from the school. Summer coming on helps, but a lot of the kids stay at the place year round. THey don't have families to go home to, not anymore.

He's wearing a white shirt and a loose tie, along with grey trousers and well-shined shoes. HIs eyes are hidden behind the ruby-tinted lenses of his glasses as he takes a seat. Not his usual fare, but sometimes variety was fun.

Amber takes her hat off going through the restaraunt, but wastes no time plopping it back on once outdoors again. This evening, the Xavier School's new groundskeeper has a fairly sizeable bag appearing to be full of books.
For her part, Amber's in what for her passes as reasonably formal wear, black button up shirt, new jeans, clean denim jacket. She's even polished her boots.
Spotting Kai, she gives a smile and a wave before taking a seat, not wanting to get in his way. Scott is recognized and given a tip of the hat. "Cyclops, right? We met th' other day.", she asks.

Kai waves to Amber as he sees her, and he heads into the kitchen. A short time later, he emerges with a pitcher of water to fill up glasses. Scott gets an amiable nod. "Welcome to Saganaki. I'm Kai. I'll be your waiter, Kai. Can I interest you in our specials?" Then, to Amber, "Will you be joining him?"

He nods to Amber, "We did, albeit briefly. Please, join me," he says, gesturing to the seat across from him. He looks up at Kai, "That might be a good idea. I admit, I'm not particularly conversant in Greek cuisine," he says. "I'm not sure what's good. I just know it involves grapes and feta."

"Sure, thankee kindly, sir.", Amber replies, gathering up her bag and moving to sit opposite Scott. "Eh, word a' warnin', I'm not exactly up on all of this either, but I know good when I taste it. And this is /fantastic/.", she grins. "Hey Kai.", she says happily to the man. "See Mister Lambert's gotcha workin' tonight. How's it going?"

Kai says, "Oh yeah, Saturdays are his busiest nights, and Loki had something to do, so I decided to come in. Things are going pretty well, actually. I met a dead girl; she was really nice." He's got no pad or paper for writing down orders, and he didn't bring menus when he brought water, but he sounds awfully confident as he says, "Why don't I start you both off with some Florina peppers, loukaniko — it's a lamb and pork sausage — and some spanikopita? You can tell me what you like. Today's soup is fasolada and our special is giovesti, which is lamb baked in a clay pot and served with Greek pasta. If you want any wine recommendations, I can tell you just about everything we carry is great."

Scott Summers isn't exactly a regular around here, so he's just going to assume Loki is a quirky greek name and not a Norse god of mischief. "I'm not picky, I'll try whatever you like. No wine for me, water is fine. I'm not particularly a fan of alcohol," he says.

"Consider it my treat," he says to Amber. "A welcome to the Institute. Plus I'm sure your salary isn't a dream," he says. "How are you finding things so far?"

Amber gives a nod to Kai. "Hey, busy night, better tips, know how that goes.", she smies. "S'okay, I know I can trust ya.", she grins. "We can, you know.", she adds for Cyclops' benefit. "Hey, you seen our friend lately?", she asks Kai, making a funny, fingers splayed flippy motion with her hand. "Seemed a nice feller. You see him, tell him I said hi, would ya?"
"Well, thank you, sir, that's mighty kind.", she smiles to Scott. "So far, everythin's been pretty great. Finally gettin' things back up t' specifications, you take my meanin'. Dunno who had the job a'fore me, but they weren't too keen on it.", she frowns. "I even managed to correct one of our litter bugs.", she winks. "Gentle words, n' all."

Kai nods smartly to Scott as he mentions his dislike of alcohol. "If you prefer, we've got Greek coffee, too." He inclines his head to Amber as he tells her, "I haven't seen him lately. He is rather nice, isn't he? I'll tell him you said hi next time I see him." He then heads into the kitchen. Not long after, he returns with a basket of bread, whipped butter, and three plates. One contains flaky phylo pastry with spinach and feta, another with stuffed roasted peppers, and another with savory sausages. "Here we go, to start you off. So you two work together?"

"I've always been a fan of coffee. Let's try that," he says. "In truth, I'm not sure we had anyone doing that job beforehand. Admittedly, I was away from the place for a while. I think things had gotten off-track for a while, until Jean took things more in hand," he says.

He's wary of Kai's question. The Institute is still a secret, at least as regards its true nature. "In education, yes," he says. He selects a sausage and takes a careful bite, napkin at hand.

"Think I'll just stick to water, thanks.", Amber nods to Kai, picking up her glass and taking a sip. "He teaches, I just keep th' grounds.", she adds simply, snagging a roasted pepper and starting to dissect it with her knife and fork. "It's a good job, tho', no animals to have to keep track of.", she adds. "'Less'n ya count the students.", she smirks.

"Not an obedience school, then," Kai says with a crooked smile. "You look so young to be a teacher, Mister…? Anyway, I think it's great. I was homeschooled, inasmuch as I got an education." And look at him now, world! Waiting tables. "I'll get that coffee right away."

The sausages are lightly spiced and savory. All the food is made with a skilled hand. The pastry is light and flanky, the peppers freshly roasted. The place has earned its rep for good food.

Scott shrugs, "I don't know how much of a teacher I am. I'm more of a trainer. Like a gym teacher, really," he says. "Although I do lend a hand with the math classes every now and then. I have an aptitude for geometry."

He eats slowly and at a measured, modst pace. "I think if we had an obedience school, we'd be in trouble. That's probably the thing our students excel least at, is doing what they're told," he admits. "My own education was pretty choppy. Especially the early days. The Institute changed that, gave me stability, a home. That's why I came back, to return the favor for somebody else."

Amber takes a moment to nibble hungrily, but politey at her pepper, then wash it down with a sip of water. "I kinda left school 'bout five years ago.", she admits simply. "Kind of a long story.", she shrugs. "Goin' back, tho'.", she notes, moving to snag one of the pastries. "Got my books for my GED this afternoon.", she says, patting her bag. "Night classes startin' in the fall."

Kai grabs that Greek coffee real quick, and he brings it with cream and sugar on the side. It's rather strong, but flavorful. "A GED?" he says. "That's such a good idea. I'm going to get one of those someday. I'm rubbish at math, though, and whenever I start to study, I end up taking a nap." His brow furrows. "Ah, well. I'm pretty well set. Loki has money."

Scott Summers smiles, "That's a good thing. Best thing I ever did was get my pilot's license. I spent a couple of years flying up in Alaska, while I was away. The quiet and the cold did me good. And I'll never get tired of flying," he says.

He takes a slow sip of the coffee and continues to eat, "And it's never wise to depend on someone else. Self-sufficiency can be its own reward," he says to Kai.

"Oh, I'm pretty terrible at most of it, my own self.", Amber chuckles to Kai. "But, what the heck? Might as well give it a try. Worst thing can happen's I fail. Done that a time or so before, ain't killed me yet." Cyclops' tales of flying in Alaska pique her interest. "What's it like up there? Other than really cold, I mean? Didn't they have a big earthquake up there last year? Heard about it some on the radio."

"You can fly? That's so groovy," Kai says. "Never been to Alaska, but I do like the cold north." He considers the words about self-sufficiency, though he doesn't seem entirely convinced. "I try to save," he admits. "Just in case something happens. That's how we met, actually, Amber and I. We were at a bank. It got robbed, but everyone got out all right."

Scott Summers smiles, "Only planes," he says. "It's serene. Peaceful. People there have their priorities in order, because you die if you don't. They stick together, take care of each other, and don't fuss about the little things. We could all learn lessons," he says. He doesn't say anything about the earthquake, but there are more explanations for the world shaking than tectonics.

"I'm glad you both made it out okay. Greed's a terrible thing. Threatening someone else over money is…" he shakes his head. He didn't understand people sometimes.

Amber gives Kai a bit of a look at the mention of the robbery. Something she'd really rather not discuss, given her actions during it. "It wasn't so bad, sir.", she shrugs to Cyclops. "They weren't the brightest sharpest tools in th' shed.", she smirks. "They never are, are they?", she notes, pausing to take a sip of water. "Think that's got somethin' t' do with it?", she muses. "Hell, I've been starvin' an' desperate a time or two over the years, never felt th' need t' take it out anybody else."

Kai might just catch the look Amber gives him, because he doesn't elaborate on the robbery save to say, "People get desparate, but once they threaten others, they lose my sympathy." Then he smiles, all dimples and pearly white teeth. "In any case, I'll leave you two to it, and I'll take your main order in just a little bit."

He shrugs, "I hate to speculate and call someone stupid. But if you can't think of a better option than putting a gun in someone else's face, you probably haven't looked that closely," he says.

"I remember the food at the orphanage was really bad. Just soup, most times. Maybe some bread, if they were feeling generous that day. But it wasn't a very good orphanage, to be fair."

"Heh, yeah, mine weren't no picnic, either. Hence my leavin'." Amber shrugs, spearing another bit of sausage with her knife. "And, to be fair, I never called 'em /stupid/, just not…/sharp/", she notes. "There's a distinction. A nebulous an' vague distinction t' be sure, but nonetheless there.", she smiles. "So, where ya from originally, if I might inquire?"

He smiles, "A lot of places. My family moved around a lot. Mostly West Coast, Pacific Northwest," he says. "Don't need to ask you, you wear it on your sleeve," he says.

He pops a pepper in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully, "So, are you just planning to work around the Institute? Or are you going to participate in more of the extracurricular activities?" he says, raising an eyebrow. Meaning the X-men.

Amber says, "It's the hat, ain't it? Is kind of a giveaway. Funny thing, didn't get in Texas. Won it n' a card game n' Colorado, well, the funds, at least.", she chuckles. "Some folks just don't know when they're chasin' a weak ace.", she sighs. "Been to Seattle, breifly, nice town, rains a lot, tho'.", she notes. "Well, sir, that's a question you'd prolly have t' ask the Professor.", she shrugs slightly. "He ain't exactly been forthcomin', nor have I asked.", she adds. "Y'all need me for anythin', I'm happy to oblige.", she offers."

"The Professor tends to be on the inscrutable side of late," he says. "He's busy, as I understand it. I just like to know what talents I have at my disposal. I play the role of field leader, sometimes, when we go on our…excursions," he smiles. "I never played cards much myself. I like sure things."

"Oh, I'm all understandin' of that.", Amber says, nodding. "Ain't my place to go makin' inquiries. I'm just grateful for the job. ", she notes, pausing to nibble almost daintily at her pastry. She does /have/ a few manners, after all. "My opinion, an' it's just that, nothin' he's ever said t' me, is some folk might be worried about collatteral damage. Not without justification. Fires don't put themselves out, you know.", she notes. "Eh, my experience, ain't no thing in this world is sure.", she says. "Life takes ya where life takes ya. Trick's to learn to navigate the currents so's you don't get swept off."

Scott Summers nods, "Well, that's where the training comes in. To learn how to use your abilities as wisely and judiciously as possible, in all circumstances," he says. "Even if you never fight anybody, understanding the limits and potentials of your abilities can only make your life better," he says.

"But yes, collateral damage can be a problem. We don't do a very good job of winning hearts and minds if we leave a lot of property destruction in our wake."

Amber gives a nod. "Could prob'ly use some of that.", she admits. "I honestly don't use mine much. Was tellin' Miss Yuliya t'other day, first use my Daddy found for 'em was burnin' off the tumbleweeds used to stack up against our back fence.", she chuckles. "So, an' not to put to fine a point onnit, what is yours, sir?", she asks politely, but curiously. "Given your eyeware, guessin', it's to do with vision."

He nods, "I'd demonstrate, but it's a bit messy. My eyes release constant streams of concussive energy. Using the visor the Professor designed, I can focus and control them more easily. THe glasses just keep them contained, but if I took them off and opened my eyes all the way, I'd probably take out most of the building," he says. "I, too, know about the dangers of collateral damage."

"Wow, that must be a sight. Bet yer a hell of a trick shot with 'em now.", Amber smiles. "D'ya ever wonder why?", she muses, sipping at her water. "How all these powers came t' us?", she continues. "An' t' what end?"

He smiles, sipping at his coffee. "Yeah, I've managed to get a few stunts up my sleeve here and there," he says. "I used to. Professor says it's just chance. Random. Evolution," he shrugs. "I don't have much belief in anything so maybe he's right. I just know we've got to make the best with what we've got."

"Yeah.", Amber nods. "Used to believe in all that. Church on Sunday, y'know where I'm from, sir. Not a long walk.", she smiles. "Don't think th' world works quite that way anymore. I mean, it /does/, we just don't understan' it fully.", she notes, tucking in politely to her supper. "An', if I may to beg disagreement with ye, sir, you do believe in somethin'." she notes between nibbles of lamb. "You believe in th' Professor. Not comparin' him to th' Almighty, mind.", she notes quickly, "He just seems t' have handle on things."

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