1965-06-13 - Fair Food
Summary: A biologist, an engineer and an insurance assessor meet.
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It's early evening, and the World's Fair is still in full swing, with small crowds of people milling about doing things and buying stuff.

Yuliya is also at the World's Fair Grounds, and while she might be dressed for a corporate setting, the Foreigner is milling about different stands, looking and different displays and trying American food. Sure, she might have her briefcase with her, but that doesn't stop her from being seated at one of the benches while she eats.

Among the presenters at the fair, the Fantastic Four have discoveries and patents to share. Of course, it takes an act of God to get certain members of the team out in public and speaking to a crowd, so it's fallen to Sue to organize the presentations. She's just finished one on a hypothetical procedure to transport products from one spot to another, and now that the show is over, it's time to seek out one of those pretzel stands for a snack…

Invisible would be a bit much just in search of a pretzel, but she's thrown a light jacket over the bright blue uniform with the 4 on it in hopes of blending in at least a little bit.

Forge likes to see ideas. It's fun. He's allowed to have fun, though perhaps some people might not guess he's capable of it. Finishing a hot dog, he walks down toward a planned display by the Fantasic Four. This should be good. This should be very good. Well, still hungry. He goes to get himself a pretzel, grasping it with his metallic hand.

Yuliya finishes eating whatever it was that she had, and thankfully no random gunfights or explosions happened. The young woman stands, and brushes down her clothing before she picks up her suitcase again. Though spotting a semi-familiar face, she does start to make her way in the man's direction to join him. "Hello Forge. If I had any idea that you were coming, I would have suggested that we come together." she cheerfully offers in an accent that's a mixture of Yugoslavian and Parisian French. "Did you seen the display on rocketry?"

Sue steps up to the booth behind the others, head tilting as she looks at the menu. Not that there's really much to choose from. Forge's hand catches her attention, though. That…looks like interesting technology. As her turn of the line comes up, she steps up to order a pretzel and a soda, still half-watching the other pair with a curious eye.

Forge starts to bite into his pretzel, but then Yuliya gets his attention, and he pauses. "Hello Yuliya. I hadn't planned to come, but I saw that there was an interesting presentation about transport, and I wanted to see it. I will probably look at the rocketry later. There may be improvements I can make for the flying car." SEeing Susan, but not recognizing her as the woman from the presentation, he raises a finger to Yuliya, and tilts his head in the direction of Susan. Turning to face Susan, he flexes the hand. "I lost it in Korea."

"I still think you need more rockets on it," Yuliya comments, complete with her usual bright smile. When Forge raises a finger, she does go silent and clasps her briefcase in front of her with both hands. She glances towards the woman that Forge is speaking with, and she still remains politely quiet. Well for the time being, anyway.

Sue smiles faintly when Forge offers his explanation, slightly apologetic. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare. It's just I was just speaking the other day with someone about advances in prosthetic technology. And if you'll forgive me for saying so, yours looks like it's at the cutting edge of technology."

Forge winks at Yuliya, then smiles to Sue. "Thank you. I built it myself." Pausing to have a bite of his pretzel finally, he manages not to speak with his mouth full before continuing. "After I came back, the war having cost me a hand and a foot, I had a lot of time on my hands. I tinkered." He then pauses. "Your voice. Are you…?"

While Yuliya might be silent, she's still listening closely to the conversation between Forge and Sue. Her brow furrows a bit at Forge's comment about losing a hand and foot in war. Though she does grin and titters softly. "Do you not mean you had a lot of time on your hand?" she offers sweetly as she takes a step to the side and she titters softly. She then coughs for a moment, and lets the grin fall back to her usual bright smile, before going silent again.

"Susan Storm," the woman introduces herself with a rueful smile, handing over her change for a pretzel and a coke. She juggles the pair enough to get a hand free to offer over to Forge. "And it's a pleasure to meet you if you came up with that yourself. I'd be very interested to hear about the specs on it. Particularly how you've integrated it for use." At Yuliya's joke she looks over to meet the other woman's eye, a glimmer of humor in her own.

Forge does flicker a smirk at the joke, but staying on point, he places the metal hand to Sue's "Forge," he nods. "And this is Yuliya. It would be difficult for me to explain. I was a soldier. I get ideas, I play with them. I'm not a traditional engineer. Unlike your work which seems to have a theroetical basis."

Yuliya offers a dip of her head, but she doesn't let go of her briefcase. "Yes, I am Yuliya. Yuliya Moscovitch," she offers. "It is good to meet you, Mrs. Storm." Of talk about engineering and science, she once again goes quiet as she listens to the exchange. Finally she does release one hand from the briefcase handle so that she can fish out a business card for a multi-national insurance firm that she offers towards Sue. "I do not keep up with science. What field is it that you specialise in Mrs. Storm?"

"Reed is the theorist, really, I'm afraid," Sue shakes her head to Forge with a small smile. "But it takes an act of God to get him out of the lab, especially for some sort of public speaking engagement, so. Here I am, translating." There's humor in the words, though there's a little something else as well. Something that's soothed when Yuliya actually asks about her specialty. "Thank you, Ms. Moscovitch," she smiles warmly as she takes the card, giving it a look. "I'm actually more of a student of biology and biochemistry myself. Mainly with a focus on what happened to us, of course."

Forge is making quick work of the warm, soft pretzel. A lot of walking today apparently. "Oh Biology, hence your interest. How do I explain this then? The… connections aren't the same as natural. So I … had to play with my hand as a baby does, learning all over again how to move it." Very high level explanation. Very typical for Forge.

Yuliya goes back to loosely clasping both hands around the handle of the briefcase again, and she seems to consider what Sue is saying closely. "Certainly impressive areas to be interested in," she offers cheerfully. "Not that I have any idea of any of it outside of basic biology." She glances off towards one of the stalls, looking thoughtful for a few moments before she glances back to Forge and Sue. "Forge, there was something I wanted to ask, but if you hit your metal hand with a hammer, would you feel it at all?"

Sue is adept at translating genius both up and down, but now isn't really the time to dig for details. Instead, she smiles and nods is her habit, smile warm. Especially when Yuliya asks the convenient question that would give her some of the same answers. Staying quiet, she takes a bite of her pretzel. Just eating here.

Forge smiles and answers the question first by rapping the back of his hand against the stainless steel pretzel cart. "The answer is not directly. I have no sense of touch in the fingers, palm, or back of my hand. But when the metal vibrates, I feel that. Most importantly, it means I have to be mindful of anything I grasp with this hand, or I might crush it." No, he's nothing like a villain. "But if you ladies will excuse me, I need to return to Washington. I stayed as long as I could allow myself. Enjoy your day Yuliya, and thank you for sharing your team's work, Susan Storm." And at that, he heads off.

Yuliya tilts her head a little at Forge's comment, but she does offer a nod and bright smile. "Take care, Forge," she offers. "And thanks for sharing that. It has sated my curiousity." She offers a wave to the man, and then glances back towards Sue. "I do not know if you ever feel like you're an idiot when you're around people, but a lot of people in this city make me feel like I am." She offers, still in an upbeat fashion.

"Oh, I got over those feelings a long time ago," Sue laughs, shaking her head. "I decided that I wasn't going to let anyone else's genius make me feel any less. I'd just…admire what they had to them. Everyone is unique. And we all have our own gifts. People will surprise you if you give them a chance."

Yuliya offers a bright smile and offers a small nod. "That is actually a very positive way to think about it, Mrs. Storm," she offers sincerely. "I am glad I am not a genius, though. I could not imagine what it would be like to be constantly fiddling with things and experimenting and seeing how things work." She then laughs softly again. "I'll just stay in insurance. I know that works."

"Ah, but if you were a genius, you would likely enjoy it," Sue smiles swiftly, the corner of her eyes crinkling with amusement. "So it wouldn't be such a terrible thing. Insurance isn't a simple field either, though. I understand there's quite a bit of mathematics in it, yes?"

"There is a fair bit of mathematics involved in it, as well as relevant legislations," Yuliya replies. "I am one of the few female assessors in the company, so there's a variety of things I have to keep in mind. Though seperating the claims that are trueful and the claims that have been fabricated or done on purpose by the claimant actually is a lot of fun. Truth has a way after all." She grins when she admits that. "Do not worry, I will not try to sell you anything. So how many of the exhibits have you seen so far?"

"Oh, most of them," Sue admits, taking another bite of her pretzel as she looks around. "I like to get a look at what's coming down the pipe whenever I'm here for one of our presentations. Sometimes it's easier than others, but…" She trails off, lifting one shoulder in a shrug. "I enjoy it. Are you here for yourself then? Or is someone already trying to make claims about something their own invention set on fire?" she asks, wry.

"It sounds like I am here for almost the same reason. I like to see what is being developed, so if it does become a commercial success I have an idea what it is and what it does," offers Yuliya as she glances back towards Sue. "Since the industrial revolution, we have always been on a technogical march forward. You only have to look at aircraft for example." She then puses for a moment and laughs.

"An advancement indeed," Sue agrees on the topic of aircraft. "Though I admit, I look forward to the day when I can say I saw something first here. For the future, and the things it will bring us." She takes a sip of her coke, quirking a brow at the laugh. "Something funny?"

"Well, new technology means that people will find new ways to injur themselves or use them incorrectly and it blows their house up," Yuliya admits to Sue. "That is what I was laughing at" A polite smile is offered again and she considers the displays. "If you'd excuse me, I go. It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Storm." with that said, she starts to make her way exit.

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