1965-06-14 - Baklava and Ballads
Summary: Strange comes by for baklava and Lambert and Kai take a break.
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There are people out and within. As Kai is aware, Lambert is retreating from the kitchen - he now does a lot of his work when there is no one here, and where he can move around easily without knocking into someone.

Right now he is out under one of the orange trees, and there are bees moving around in the bright sunlight. Lambert has a normal sized guitar in his lap and is singing, crooning along "End of the spring and here she comes back… Hi Hi Hi Hi there! Them summer days, those summer days, that's when I had most of my fun, back high high high high there, Them summer days, those summer days." His voice is good, from practice if nothing else, though he is clearly self taught - or only taught by other family members. It is warm out here, quite.

Kai has wordlessly picked up what slack he can, including schmoozing the customers with his own brand of charm. If nothing else, the Elf enjoys making people feel at home. He would do well in the hospitality business if he had the wherewithal to commit to it. He's been coming in for shifts more often, too. With his gallery opening and enjoying a modest but nice reception, he's got the time. And Lambert has the need.

It's one of those moments where, for the moment, everyone has been handled, and Kai slips out back to take a breather. Spying Lambert in the courtyard, he's brought two glasses to go with the wine he's purloined. Is it theft if he's sharing with the person who owns it?

The need is there. So is a new envelope in the pay packets slot at the end of every Friday. Whether Kai wishes to pick it up is his own affair, but one can clearly see that as well. The neat writing is begining to get very wobbly. Lambert lifts his head, wrinkles his nose as he scents the wine. For many, near-blindness would be more catastrophic, but his excellent hearing and sense of smell - and touch - are helping a lot. Lambert turns his head to Kai, and he grins, and then he tells Kai "So this lady I've been seeing has gone back to her husband." He heaves a sigh "Am I losing it, Kai? Tell me I'm pretty!"

Kai is too curious to pass up an unopened envelope. It's in his nature. He sets down the glasses, then pours wine into each. He sets the bottle down, the better to clasp Lambert's shoulder as he passes the glass into his hand. "You're gorgeous, Lambert. So much so the gods strike you blind from envy. We'll get that sorted soon enough, though."

He settles into a seat beside Lambert, and he takes a drink from his own glass before sighing in the simple contentment of getting to sit down for a spell. "Don't let it get you down, mate."

The envelope has a standard set of wages - not the +best+ wages. But not terrible either. And no deductions for meals or stolen sweets. Lambert actually has been keeping a startling amount of attention to the hours worked. They are accurate. Creepy. Lambert takes the glass of wine, his lap and other hand full of a guitar rather than the usual syrinx pipes he uses. He settles into plucking with one hand, unable to form a complex melody "I am a bit," he admits to Kai "I know so many people here experience worse things." They are out the back - and there are a few others in the shadows. Perhaps an _actual_ vampire rather than Morbius. A woman with snakes for hair and mirrored glasses. Lambert is leaning in to talk to Kai "Thanks." And he means it.

The tall man in the black blazer and dress pants walks into Saganaki's like he owns the place — fictitious status, of course, but his air of confidence precedes him like the breeze before a spring rain. He holds up a hand and quickly explains that he's seen the proprietor out back, no worries, he'll be attended upon if need comes forth, and then he's exiting out into that back outdoors seating area.

"Ah, Lambert, good — and Kai." The Sorcerer Supreme, decidedly civilian save for the naturally-charged aura about him due to his mantle, grins charmingly at them both. "I wondered if one of you would be back here. Two is a boon. I've come to ask after some baklava," he admits, pausing to stand before them with hands in jacket pockets. "Wanda's very enamored with your honey, Lambert. Whatever it is you do to help the bees along works very well in terms of quality. Actually…"

And he squints slightly at the Satyr-kin. "Do you sell jars of it?"

The money disappears, but goodness knows what he does with it. He had mentioned something about saving some for himself. This new life on the Upper West Side is turning him responsible whether he likes it or not. Then again, those wages buy a lot of poor people meals they might not have otherwise gotten. "It's a drag, man," he says. "Just because people experience worse doesn't mean it's not bad." He smiles crookedly, and he gives Lambert a little shoulder-nudge. "Any time," he says.

When Kai sees Strange, he smiles at him. "I'll go put the order in," he says as he gets to his feet. He's in his waiter's uniform, for all that he's lounging with the boss in the back. "Do you want some tea while I'm up? It'll be no trouble." Then, to Lambert, "Have you eaten? I'll bring you some kebob."

Probably Strange more or less walks into _every_ place like that. Lambert might well assume so! He lifts his head and he sniffs at the air, and then he tilts his head, and shivers as the fragments of burned off excess magic dissipate into the air. The kind of inaudible crackle that sets everyone's hair upright. He laughs, suddenly, and then he says "I have about ten jars left since we had a bit of a beehive accident, Master Strange. If you want, you can buy all of them yourself. Kai and I are working out how to get alien bees." He hisses at Strange "He still says he's an alien."

And then Lambert puts his wine down and goes back to plucking the guitar "Not yet, Kai - bring that out and the sour cream dip. Maybe try our friend Strange on the new Lapsang out of China Town? It's a bit strong in the nose for most, but I think he'll like it." The music starts to trickle out, and Lambert says to Strange "We're going to try to get to Kai's home for a holiday."

Strange looks to Kai and nods his head respectfully. "As Mister Petropolous suggests, I'll take a cup of the Lapsang. Insofar as the honey jars…I'm sorely tempted to buy you out, yes," he admits, his voice having dropped lower and almost conspiratorial. A finger draws along one line of his goatee even as he idly scans the crowd about the outdoors space.

Finding nothing of immediate and pressing concern, his attention slides back to Lambert and his guitar, with its gentle pluckings of notes. "How much would you be selling them for? I'll be happy to take them off your hands before this holiday. I presume Prince Thor agreed to aid you in this?" He glances to Kai in passing.

Kai eyes Lambert at the hiss, and he just shakes his head. Nothing short of a space ship will convince the satyr-kin of his origins. "I won't be but a tick," he says, "and we are going to bring some Alfheimian bees and hope they don't take over the planet. I have no idea how bees work."

Then he's off! Traipsing into the kitchen to duck and dodge around the chaotic place, a creature in his element. Kebob and sour cream dip for Lambert, and order of baklava to go, and the Lapsang. With honey on the side, of course.

Lambert says to Strange "Oh, that's easy. I want to go on an adventure with you, once my eyes are completely fixed." And he knows, given his sharp toothed smile, that he is the one asking for too much "That's all. I am not…as strong as most you know, but I am very good at making friends." And he beams, and then he says "If the queen looks very different, they won't be able to interbreed. But yes, I think…Prince Thor has said that he will consider it? I was actually hoping you might come as well. I'm finding it very difficult getting around now. Kai says they have advanced technology in Asgard, and I'm begining to really need this problem fixed. But…I also trust you. Er. No offence to the Princes. But I know Loki _quite_ well now." He coughs, and he beams, one ear pointed towards Kai. "He's becoming responsible," he says in wonder.

"Ah, I see. Well…goodness. I can report that the eldest Prince is entirely trustworthy. He's given me no reason to doubt him, even in times of great risk and sorrow. If I ever get permission from him, I'll share a tale of his shining example in this." Strange gives Lambert a small, understanding smile. "If you truly find yourself concerned for your safety in his presence, I will consider attending. Please understand, however, that my duties lie here, on Midgard and within this reality proper, and not beyond unless necessary."

He looks towards the restaurant and back, shifting in place. "Would you rather that someone here on Midgard attempts the correction of your vision?" he asks of the Satyr-kin.

If only Kai were there to defend his Loki! Then again, what could he possibly say? Being trouble is part of what makes Loki so attractive to the Elf. Who returns with a tray balanced in his hand. Very waiterly. "Here we go," he says. "Tea for you, Doctor, with honey on the side. And for you," this to Lambert, "food. Don't forget to eat." He sets the lamb and dipping sauce in front of Lambert. "Put this in your face." He's got a nuturing soul. A bossy one.

"I hope you can make it at least for part of the revels," Kai tells Strange. "It will speak well for Midgard to have you there, even if only for a little bit. If my parents get released it'll be a fine celebration, and if they don't, a fair condolance."

"Thank you," replies the good Doctor as he takes up the small platter, steaming cup of tea and golden cuplet of honey included. Carefully balancing it on his palm, he takes up the small spoon with his other hand and stirs in a small amount of the sugary sweetness, heedless of an initial taste of the Lapsang.

A small and knowing smile curls at one corner of Strange's lips as he taps off the spoon quietly and sets it as well as the small plate and container of honey off to one side, on an empty table. "Speak well for Midgard, hmm? How so? If I am present in terms of my mantle, I can't be seen quaffing goblet after goblet of wine and acting the lush. I would have Midgard be seen with respect."

"It's Asgard," Kai points out, "Quaffing goblet after goblet of wine is the perfect way to win respect. Have you seen celebrations at the Embassy?" He beams, then sighs quietly, wistful as he says, "That Yule Feast made me wish I could go back to the Higher Realms at least for a little while. I spent so long running from it all. I'm telling you, love makes you do warped and weird things, mate. Anyway, come with us. Add it to your list of many experiences."

"I have attended more than one Asgardian revel, Kai. While every experience is something new, I have been present and seen precisely how they celebrate. Mmm, excellent tea, Mister Petropolous," he asides, lifting the steaming cup to Lambert in salute after sipping at it.

"Understand, what I've observed is that quaffing wine is the way of the warriors there. I hold court at court, you see, with All-Father Odin and Queen Frigga. I can't be blundering about and making a fool of myself. Celebrate for me, hmm? Do it in my honor, since the mantle allows me little sway in these matters. All the more reason to lift a cup and curse my name as a rule-bound Sorcerer?" He grins.

"Tell you what," Kai says, pausing to refill Lambert's glass of wine and then his own, "I'll celebrate for you, or seek condolances in a cup depending on how it goes, and you can do all the court-holding. While you're there, tell the All-Father that I'm a nice person, and that I'm nothing like my parents. You know, put in a few good words. That way, we both win, because you won't have to get drunk." He smiles, and there are dimples. He's got this all worked out.

"Presuming that I have the ability to attend this fete, then yes, Kai, I have no issue whatsoever in placing your name in a good light with the All-Father and Queen Frigga." He nods and continues. "It will something that I need to speak with Prince Thor about. I can't go about arriving abruptly out of the blue. Bad manners unless it's something dire…and I'd rather not have that reason. Again." His lips thin before they disappear behind the rim of his cup. Another happy hum of appreciation from him in regards to the tea; equal parts smoke and sweet, something singular on what might have been a potentially boring day…at least, in terms of Sorcerer-ing.

Kai shakes his head and says, "You are a hard man to talk into a good time." Not that he seems the least bit deterred. "The way I figure, we should arrive with Thor, whoever's going, brought by him. That way there is no presumption. We'll be his guests. Except for Loki, he's not a guest, it's his home. But we all arrive together."

He leans forward, sharp eyes regarding Strange with fascination. "What reason did you have to go before?" he asks. "Was it when we went to the alternate you-know-what? That was pretty intense."

A quiet baritone chuckle wends from Strange's chest. He lowers his tea and considers Kai from across the short and open distance between them.

"I once tutored an apprentice who thought herself both clever and candid. She was powerful enough to separate the veils between realities and step into the Asgardian palace. She was going to speak with the All-Father about a perceived slight, whether he cared to entertain her or not. I stepped in and prevented what could have amounted to a percursor to war if taken in the worst light. Needless to say, she was grounded." He sniffs to dismiss the story even as he ends it. "I'll enjoy my time at court, have no fear. I enjoy crossing blades with the hanger-ons. They tend to underestimate Midgardians." The Sorcerer indulges in a briefly toothy smile before taking a large sip of his drink.

Kai's brows lift. "Wow," he says. "I can only aspire to have that kind of audacity. The mere thought that the All-Father is aware of me blows my mind, you dig me? It freaks me out. To swan in with demands? I just…" He shakes his head. Even the Elf has a line. He smiles, though, as Strange says he might cross blades. "I would love to see that."

Lambert has been vagued out, and it takes him a while to respond suddenly "I don't mind who fixes my eyes, I just want it done _fast_. If it's done here, I can ask surgeons in Asgard to check on the work. And vice versa. Both will be useful."

"It's not all that exciting, Kai," Strange admits with a little shrug, though his grin is no less relatively toothy. "There's no literal swordplay…not as of yet, anyways. Everyone is aware that attempting to duel with Midgard's Sorcerer Supreme is a risky thing. The nobles begin a conversation looking smug as they attempt to outmaneuver me and end looking either haggard, offended, or intrigued, all of which I relish to some extent." So ego. Much pride. Very hubris.

He glances to Lambert at his sudden input and is certain to give the Satyr-kin a once-over to be certain that he's alright. Curiosity assuaged, he finishes his cup of tea and sets it aside on the serving platter it initially arrived upon. "If you haven't spoken with Doctor Morbius on matters within the near future, Mister Petropolous, come and speak with me at the Sanctum Sanctorum. I will do as I can. Your payment in the jars of honey is perfectly acceptable in lieu of actual money."

Suddenly, as if something jarred up his spine, Strange straightens and turns on a dime to stare into the distance. "Gods be damned — offspring! Excuse me," and a crackling oculus is something to travel through at nearly a dash. It collapses just as fast, leaving the scent of ozone in its wake.

Kai blinks in surprise, then calls after Strange, "I'll drop the baklava by tonight!" He then asides to Lambert, "Please don't ever let me reproduce." So solemn. He takes a drink of wine and settles back in his chair. He stares off into the middle distance, then laughs. "One way or another, we'll bring you to Asgard. It'll be fun."

Lambert shakes his head a little at all of the hubris "I hope he _never_ runs into a Greek God," he tells Kai "It would be insufferable. Well, you and I might suffer." He quirks his lips and picks up the wine. A goodly sip, and Lambert returns to plucking out tunes on his guitar, this time by Creedence Clear Water Revival, and he says "I don't think I've ever reproduced, but, er, we're very fertile. So I might have! I hope if I have that she lets me know so I can help her out."

Kai grins. "With great power comes great confidence," he says. He looks at Lambert, and he says, "You would have the cutest babies. Loki would make beautiful babies, but neither of us are cut out for parenthood. Plus we're both men, but that doesn't stop us from trying at every possible opportunity." He takes a long drink of wine, his expression bland save for the mirth in his eyes.

"Healthy fat babes that like being tickled," says Lambert, a little wistfully "It could be fun, Kai. But I don't think I could do that to a woman." As Kai speaks, Lambert snorts, and then he says "You know I don't think I'm _actually_ going to be able to bed either of you, but…well. As you said. I have to try at every possible opportunity!"

Kai says, "You've got to be true to your nature, mate. Even if you don't get the spoils, you should still be every bit who you are." He claps Lambert on the shoulder. "Just wait until you see the ladies in Asgard, not to mention Alfheim! I'm told their beauty surpasses all others. And you'll be surrounded by them, all getting drunk. It'll be a nice holiday."

"Oh, God, that sounds amazing," Lambert has to admit, his eyes a little wide, even if they are clouded "Well, I should remember to take some home made wine and mead. Oh! And gifts for everyone. We should smooth the way, shouldn't we? Just in case it helps. You should take _music_, Kai - art is easily transported like that. Records. All the stuff from Midgard!"

"I don't think they have any way to play our kind of music," Kai says. "We'd have to bring a record player and hope they can make it work. But we could try. Maybe we could give a gift of a record player and some records. Though, to be honest, I'm not sure Asgard is cool enough to handle our music. They're rather terribly traditional. Things don't change quickly there, and we've got new music all the time. It would still be a nice gift, though."

"Then we bring it in written format," suggests Lambert "Both you and I can write it down, you more so than me. You have perfect tone." And Lambert's hearing is sharp enough to detect that, easily. He smiles, generously, and then he says "So, ah, before we _get_ to Asgard, how 'human' are they about men flirting with men?"

Kai grins and ducks his head when Lambert says he's got perfect tone. "We'll work something out," he says. "Maybe we'll just perform something." He mulls over Lambert's question. "It's not really done," he admits. "Not to my knowledge. It's still pretty odd for two blokes to get together. I'm not sure what they will make of Loki and I, or if Loki will even tell them. They don't have the vicious, religious conviction against it, though. It's just not really seen nor talked about."

"Less strong than the similarity in Greece, though there the problem would be that one always had to be older, and one a youth," says Lambert to Kai "Which is…er…not to my taste. I prefer mostly older men." He shakes his head a little, and he says "Well, Loki isn't limited to one gender, so they may just have to cope. Here. Why don't we practice some music together and see what we can come up with? You have to do the singing, though - I can do volume, but my voice isn't _pretty_."

"Your voice has personality," Kai says. Then he agrees, "I'll do the singing, though." He takes another drink of his wine, then says, "Loki has always marched to his own drum as far as I can tell. That's one thing about being the black sheep, you can get away with stuff the golden children never would." He sits up straighter, then says, "Play something. I'll sing."

And Lambert settles back, guitar on his knees, before he pauses, and then begins to stum something all country, with just the faintest hint of more modern rock. Something for a _ballad_.

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