1965-06-15 - Junior League
Summary: Nate Grey meets the mechanic X-Ternals.
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It's edging towards evening on a Friday, and Elmo has an eye out for it while he's hauling car parts around the garage. There's lively zydeco playing from speakers, giving the place an air of a different city entirely. "JP, how's that repair comin'?" Elmo calls to his partner.

As Elmo seems to speak with JP, both mutants will discover Nate practically plummet straight into the ground right in front of the garage, leaving a small hole there, but nothing that can't easily be fixed. "Ow…" is all Nate says as he manages to stand up to his feet, cracking his neck as he looks around. "Huh, this place is new. He had the X-brand on his chest like a tattoo, one of his eyes were 'glowing' with psionic energy, those same eyes turning t othe men in the garage.

JP rolled out from under the Chevy at the huge Earth Shattering Kaboom(tm). His fitted white T- has grease and rust smudges on in to match his forearms and one side of his face where an itch on his cheek left a substantial smudge. "Dans le saint nom de ma m%<232>re, quelle est cette merde?!" Oh now the cussin starts and it's not even in English for Elmo to enjoy it. Still someone thuds and JP was already girding for conflict/. Seeing a dude in the concrete though he paused, "You there… you ain' cracked like an egg. You a'ight?" Looking up to Elmo who was no doubt well aware, "Sparkplug help, man. He may need a beer or V."

Elmo drops the part he was holding with a *CLANG*. He whips around to face Nate, electricity leaping to life all around him—but it's a guy and he isn't immediately trying to attack anybody. Long crackling streamers of power flicker and dance between his fingers and the power lines. "…Buddy, you okay?" He glances up trying to see what Nate might have plummeted from.

"That's the last time I try to fucking fly…" Nate rubs the back of his neck before he looks to Elmo and JP. "Hey. Sorry for startling you." He notices that Elmo was using his powers for a brief moment before they went away. Soon enough, his eye stops glowing too with that energy, instead looking normal. "Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks for asking…I'm a bit tougher than I look." he smiles lightly, then he looks to JP. "actually…a beer sounds great."

JP watched, transfixed and sort of amazed. His heart was racing like a jet engine but what could a guy do other than keep his head about these things. He murmured in that think Cajun drawl, "Not so much worryin about no apology s'much as I am fixin the sidewalk." Like Elmo he looked up. Huh! He wandered back to the cooler, fished out a beer, and brought it back for the human cannonball. "Sooo you jes tryin t'aim for the bushes ooooor…? Cause this New York. There' only like eight of em."

Elmo lets the electricity fade, sinking away. He picks up the part he's dropped, mouth twisting in annoyance as he sees it's now scuffed and dented. "Great, now I gotta buff this out or Diz'll put me in orbit." With a sigh, he sets it back down. He looks at Nate, really looks at him, and his eyebrows go up. All those muscles, all that beauty—Nate's a sight. "Jeez, you're some kinda real superhero, huh? Gotta work on that landing, pal. What's your name?"

Nate looks to JP, nodding lightly to him. "Yeah…sorry about that. No, See…where I'm from, I used to be able to fly. As fast as you could think. But now…now I can only do it at a quarter of that…I think my powers are on the fritz." Then he looks to Elmo as he was being stared at, which he didn't seem to mind. "I wouldn't say superhero. More like average joe tryin' to do some good. Yeah, sorry about that." he shrugs. "Nate Grey, at your service. Though…honestly, a beer sounds pretty good right now. Mind if I join you guys?"

JPwalked over and offered, well shit, he offered the man a beer and a handshake. "JP. This here? This Elmo. We call em Sparkplug." Then, just outside the bay doors at the end of the building the public payphone rang. JP sighed dn murmured "Gimme a sec, I gotta take this." He took a pencil and poked it behind one ear and grabbed a notebook. Why pay for a phone when you can make people call this one? Plodding over he pointed with two fingers to someone nearby, "Keep walkin buddy, Jes cause it sayin public don' mean anyone can use it." Ummm, yes JP, it really does. He murmured to himself like he missed a memo, "Who runnin this block? I swear, like the sign ain' fuckin big ehough…" Picking up the phone he rolled, 'AaaaAAlllo…" and hung around to take care of business.

"Dinner after sundown," Elmo reminds JP as his partner goes to take care of business. He kind of snorts at Nate, goes to the cooler to get a beer of his own. "Average joe? Listen, I'm an average joe. You're…I dunno you're average nothin'." He eyes Nate up and down, as if the man is a car he's judging. Cracks the beer. "You a mutant?"

Nate is given a bear and he looks to JP as he takes off to answer the phone. "Jp and Elmo huh? Nice to meet you." His eyes shift to Elmo as he speaks and apparently is appraising him. "Well thanks, means alot." he shrugs lightly, never figuring himself to be a 'specimen' or whatever. "Yeah, actually. You?"

Elmo tips his head in a shrug-nod. "You saw why the guys call me Sparkplug. JP is, too. He's Gearhead. We kinda got a team." He's got an accent anybody in New York would instantly recognize as Yiddish. "So, uh…where you from?" And the nosy questions are New York as heck. This guy's a local.

Nate nods a bit. "I know, just polite to ask anyway. I'm X-Man." He points to his X brand on his right pectoral. "If you ever forget, just look at this." he shrugs. "As for where I'm from..well…" the future where pretty much everything dies and it's one hell of a place to call 'hell'. "..just out of town. Border of the city really."

Elmo has to think about that, and takes a swig of beer. He eyes the X brand. "You can't fly here, but you can fly out of town? How's that work?" He's genuinely curious, if not a little suspicious. "I ain't likely to forget X-Man," he adds, amused.

Nate swigs on his beer. "No, I can fly either way. that's a definite….I just can't go as fast." He sighs lightly. Plus my powers fidgeted for a second." The affects time control had on his powers were CRAZY. he can still use a shit ton of them, they are just..toned down. Nevertheless, his eyes remain on Elmo. "It's a long bloody story." he takes another swig. "So…a team huh?"

Elmo smiles a little, unable to resist it while talking about the team. "Yeah, me, JP, his brother Sev, and our buddy Vitale. Couple other guys too. We run the garage, keep an eye out in the M.T." By which he means Mutant Town. "Anybody come in wanna mess with mutants, we straighten 'em out."

Nate nods a few times. "hmm…interesting. See, I've also been keeping an eye on Mutant Town. Might as well see if I can roll with you guys, huh?" he asks curiously, putting a hand in his pocket as he sips his beer. Man that shit was good.

Elmo's eyebrows go up, surprised. "Yeah?" He's looking at Nate's physique again. "What kinda stuff do you do? Besides not great flying?" He flashes a lopsided grin at Nate, laughing with him, not at him.

Nate looks at Elmo with amusement as Elmo is just as nosy as his soon to be TV counterpart. with a small smile for him. "yeah. Well, I'm Psionic. Telepathy, Telekinesis…my mind is my power."

"That's cool," Elmo says, impressed and not even trying to hide it. "Show me! Do somethin'." He gestures at Nate to go on. "Only fair, right, you already saw what I can do."

Nate ponders then what to do since Elmo is so adamant about showing him. So he closes his eyes for a second and suddenly.. everything in the room starts to float and move. From tools to the car to the truck across the street. His left eye glowing with that psionic energy and he smiles a bit. "How's that?"

Whatever Elmo might have expected, it wasn't that. "Oy gevalt," he mutters, wide eyed, as things start floating. He's looking everywhere, seeing that literally everything not nailed down is in the air. "That's…that's pretty badass, Nate." A bolt is hovering nearby and he taps it, making it spin in place. "Yeah, okay, you can do some high level stuff, huh?"

Nate chuckles lightly, everything that was floating slowly being set neatly back down. At Elmo's words for him, he smiles. "Thanks." He wasn't called a Mutant Shaman for nothing. Either way, he shrugs a bit. "Guess so. Not as big as I used to be able to, but…acceptably." he smiles lightly.

Elmo's looking at Nate in a new light. "Ya know, we're kinda junior league compared to you? Not sayin' that should stop ya. We used to have a guy, Bobby de Costa, was more like you. Just, you oughta know, the rest of us, we can't do that kinda stuff." He shrugs, tipping his free hand over in a whaddayagonnado gesture. "We ain't the Avengers around here."

Nate chuckles lightly at his words. "So long as you have a mutant power, anyone can be like me." he says lightly with a shrug. "and if ya ain't the avengers…well, good thing many hands make easy work." he teases him lightly, standing up to approach him. "Well, either way, the offer is still out there. Don't exactly have a place to belong either so…" he shrugs.

The display's made Elmo really thoughtful. "I'll talk to JP," he says. "He's the guy who calls the shots around here. There's other stuff we do, too. Can't talk about it yet." He glances out the window, where it's twilight. "Hey, I gotta close up the shop. You wanna stay for Shabbat dinner?"

Nate smiles softly to Elmo. "Sure thing. I'll keep in touch." and he turns on his heel with the clear intent to leave before he's asked to stay for dinner. "Shabbat?" seems he has no idea modern practices or even culture, but he shrugs. "Sure, I don't mind."

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