1965-06-16 - At A Club
Summary: Nightclub things happen.
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It is a club. Music pulsates the walls and if they could bellow and shift with the funk going down, then they would. Instead the curtain entry just blows in the breeze. A large heavy stands there, vested in quality black material and complete with boy tie. Inside is where it is happening. The vibe and grove will be a thing baby. On different stands girls cut their own jive. The kids have thier own hangouts, jive should have gone out of fashion ten years ago but here it is alive and the heartbeat of the place for the older crowds.

Eva's in square cut boots, her outfit cut for the times as she cruises through the location. The black and white duo-toned outfit find her bopping and bobbing her head with the beat as she scans through the crowd. The eyes shifting and giving insight to an opportunist amoungst potential. So much potential. Gloved black hands occasionally flicking to the beat as she readies a smile that tries not to reveal her teeth.

"Oh, for God's sake.", Amber sighs. "Jimmy, remind me t' put y' down for a kicking sometime soon." she growls in her purring, Southwest Texan accent. "Gotta have a game back here?".

In direct contrast to Eva's cruising is Halgrim's weaving, which would be more awkward except a not insignificant portion of the patrons are,consciously or otherwise, avoiding him. Several that do collide with him make eye contact and immediately find whatever they were doing before to be much more fascianting than engaging with him. All this, despite him never saying a thing or getting so much as a frown on his face. He eventually makes his way to the bar and, after scanning the crowd, sighs and orders a drink. No person can possibly look more out of place here than him.

Jimmy? Just hearing the name turns the 'pretend happy' smile into a scowl as Eva searches for why the name was here. Jimmy better not be here, because her brow had pulled together and begun to knit promises of pain if he was. Eva looks more through the crowds. A nod given to Amber before looking for Jimmy. "Sorry, did you say Jimmy was here?" the voice calls out as she moves through the floor rock'n their jive. Her path just pushes her past the bar, bumping off the chairs and patrons as she has to begin to weave to get closer to Amber. Intent and determination already suggesting if Jimmy was here, he was about to find himself dragged off by the ear.

"Whoa, hey, miss!", Amber replies, holding up her hands. "The Jimmy, that I know, bein' one James Constallano, likely ain't the one you're lookin' for.", she explains. "Less'un y' got the two hunnr'd buy in for th' game.", she winks.

Halgrim, sitting at the bar and still scanning the crowd forwell, someoneblinks as he sees a faintly familiar face in Amber. He's got that look that says he's not certain he recalls where he met her, or even if he properly did, so he just raises his drink (soda water with lime) at her, nods, smiles, and goes back to keeping a lookout for whoever he's trying to find.

Eva squints long and hard at Amber. Left eye only, right eye only and still both sides of the brain engaged and she's stuggling to understand that there Texan accent. While the hands are raised she looks all about her and not seeing who she'd worried was here. "Sorry, Jimmy's my kid brother if he were here…. well. That wouldn'tbe good." She steps back, unblocking the view to the bar and the gent saltingwith his soda. She tries to recapture some of that danc'n buzz while flicking her finger to the beat. A little ackward she suddenly realises a wink should get returned and there you go, there it is more than a few heartbeats belatedly and defintly out of context now. "I didn't mean to come on so stong, just worried about 'im that's all."

Amber gives Halgrima tip of her hat before taking it off as she makes her way into the club. "Diff'rent person, miss." she replies politely. "I'm sure he's just fine.", she nods politely.

Halgrim scans the club a bit more, then gets an 'ah ha' look on his face, and sets his drink down. The bartender waves him off when he asks about paying for the soda water, and he leaves a small tip and resumes his meandering through the music-goers. This time he stops at a small couch, on which a middle-aged woman is seated; she looks pale and frazzled, and her outfit, while cute, has had a rough night of partying. He leans over to speak to her, and she brightens up immediately, relief clearing her troubled expression. They start chatting in German, which gets them a few curious looks, but no one seems willing to actually interact with Halgrim much.

"Sorry again." Eva murmurs to Amber and then moves to get out of the way. She begins dancing about the club. The good thing about jive is that it comes with bumps and knocks, quick steps and movements. Gloved fingers just looking for that wallet to be bumped on out of someone's pocket. Or knocked a little closer for fingers. "Just on way may to get a drink." she tells one unsuccessful mark. "Heading to the ladies room to powder my nose." she tells the next failed mark. A pair deep in their own world? That looks like easy pickings. Grabbing an empty bottle in passing she's painting a picture if drunk partygirl.

"No worries, ma'am.", Amber replies, making her way to the bar. There's a discreet conversation, and she's quickly escorted into the kitchen.

Halgrim is helping the woman up, and she nodding at whatever he's saying to her, and for a moment he looks right at Eva. There is a sense that, even if he doesn't know she's up to something, he senses something is amiss about her, and equally so there's the distinct impression coming to close to him would prove to be an unwise move. There's no reason it should behe has 'frumpy academic' stamped all over him, and the woman he's helping out of the club has 'partied a little too hard and called for a bailout' on a neon sign on her headand just the same, it's there. The notion that coming near them (him, really) won't go as planned.

Eva can adjust a plan. Warning lights, neon signs and a look managing to somehow get through to even her. She leaves him alone but the person being helped. "Hey lady, you alright. He's not giving you a hard time is he?" the question comes out slurred. Yep, whatever turps she's on its local to New York. The gaze slips between the two and checks exactly where purse, wallet and easy access pickings might be.

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