1965-06-17 - The Land of the Living
Summary: Balder returns to life after finding his way out of Hel. Thor meets his long-lost brother, and welcomes him back to the world. There's a lot to catch up on.
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How it happened, or when, Balder never really knew. He had been trapped in Hel for what felt like untold centuries, a prisoner, tortured and tormented. Time is a funny thing in the underworld. But she weakened. A defeat, a distraction, Balder didn't know how or why. It didn't matter. He saw his opportunity, and broke free of his bonds. A journey through the realm of the dead, ending in a final confrontation between his soul and the thousands he had sent here himself over the centuries of his life, and glorious battle. In the end, Balder stood victorious over the shades which sought to hold him in his captivity, and he stepped through the doorway, from death unto life once again.

Balder's eyes flickered open, and he felt the rush of blood in his veins, the beating of his heart, and the cold air of Asgard against his naked skin. Darkeness turned to light, and he awoke, gasping for breath. The once God of Light sat bolt upright on the ground, eyes adjusting as he looked for some clue to his location. The sounds of the forest around him became more clear with each passing moment, and memories of Hel quickly faded from fresh and vivid to vague, like holding onto a handful of water. "Father? Mother? Brother?" He calls out into the woods around him. He lives again, and stands on Asgard's soil, but he does not yet recognize where exactly.

It didn't take long at all for the Crown Prince of Asgard to discover that Balder was not only alive, but here on Asgard. Thank Heimdall for that one. The Thunderer was on Midgard, but once it was discovere dthe situation, Thor called upon Heimdalls name and he was immediately brought to Asgard by way of the energies of the Bifrost. Stormbreaker in hand, pitch black armor worn, and flowing red cape from his shoulders, Balder would soon discover that his brother was on the way.

Especially when storm clouds gathered overhead. With a strike of lightning, there was Thor with the mighty Stormbreaker in hand. What happened to Mjolnir? Regardless, the two-handed battle maul-axe was in Thor's right hand, and Thor's hair was shorter, and his beard was a little thicker. "Balder? Brother, you're alive?" and he actually drops Stormbreaker, the weapon embedding it's axe-side into the ground as Thor embraced Balder in a hug.

"I thought you dead."

Balder clasps his brother in an equally warm embrace, holding tightly to the Thunderer for a moment. "Thor, my brother, I cannot tell you how glad I am to see you," he says gratefully. "Dead, aye. Dead and gone, these.." he pauses, thinking a moment. "How long have I been gone?" Centuries upon centuries, since that fateful day his heart was pierced by a mistletoe arrow in a game gone wrong. The protective enchantment has since faded, so that particular game wouldn't be much fun any more. And then he points at Thor's head. "You changed your hair."

Thor clasped his brother and brought him in as tight a hug as he could, before he pulls away as he looks at him curiously. He never let a day go by that he did not feel the utmost of guilt for what happened to Balder. After all, Thor went down to Hel itself to try and claim him, but Hela was far too powerful. Nevertheless, he was here now, and that's all that mattered. "Brother…it's been Centuries." he sighs softly. "I'm sorry I failed in claiming you…I thought Hela had long destroyed your soul." a sigh then. "Oh, this?" he runs a hand over his much shorter, yet no less stylish hair. "A victim of circumstance, I'm afraid. Many things have changed."

Balder gives a long nod, his expression a mixture of grief and understanding itself. "It was not your fault, brother. That arrow was neither thrown, nor fashioned, by your hand. And to challenge Hela in her own realm would have been a fool's errand.. the All-Father himself couldn't have freed me." Or he would have, one would hope. "Whatever happened.. it is in the past. I am reborn, reawakened, as from a long nightmare." Balder looks first to Stormbreaker, and then to himself, and then to Thor. "That is not your hammer, brother. And I in need of clothing."

Thor nods lightly to Balder, taking a deep breath before he 'Oh!'s and nods lightly, pulling out armored clothes in the fashion that Balder generally preferred. all neatly folded and nicely piled as was custom. He smiles softly to Balder as he hands him the clothing. "Here, Balder. Welcome home." his eyes shift to his hammer. "ah yes…also a long story. Let's just say Mjolnir suffered an irreparable blow. That, is Stormbreaker. A kings weapon." It made sense. Thor was going to be king unless he died or rejected the throne.

"Thank you, brother," Balder says gratefully, taking the clothes and beginning to dress. "You loved that hammer. But this suits you," he says with a light smile. In moments, Balder is fullly dressed again, thankful for the protection they offer from the elements. Who knows how long he was lying out here before returning to consciousness. Death and resurrection are funny things that way. "Does father know I've returned? Mother?" There is a pause. "And what of Loki?" There is a great deal that Balder has missed in his absence.

Thor smiles lightly to Balder. "The Hammer was only an extension of my power. It was a loyal friend through many dangers, but yes…I did. Much like a warrior loves his blade or a mage his magicks." he chuckles lightly. It seems Thor has become far wiser in the time of Balder's absence, rather than the battle-craving prince he once was. Nevertheless, he shrugs lightly. "You look good, brother. Yes, father and Mother both know of your return. They wait for you at the palace. To my knowledge, Loki has traveled to some dimension or other to find a magic relic. You know how he is." He shrugs very lightly, turning half-way. "Come brother. Tell me what you remember." with a subtle gesture, Stormbreaker is summoned to his hand, and he carries it lightly.

Balder nods as Thor explains about Mjolnir, and then again when he talks of Odin and Frigga, and of Loki. He walks alongside his elder brother, eyes cast about the forest as he re-familiarizes himself with his world. "I remember the arrow, striking my heart, and the light fading.. and then, darkness. And then Hel. Pain, anguish. Hela.. but my memories are vague and jumbled. Even now, it seems so much more like a dream I had, than of anything real. I was freed, or I escaped. I remember there was a great battle, and then waking here in this forest." Balder shakes his head lightly, struggling to cling to even the vague memories he is left with. "It will be good to return home," he says with a quiet sigh. "I only hope there remains a place for me."

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