1965-06-18 - Shack-Top Conversation
Summary: Yuliya and Amber chat on top of the roof of a shac
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11pm at the Xavier Institute is a blissfully quiet time, what with all the young'un's forced inside by curfew. After a long day of hard mowing, a quick bite of supper and a hot shower, it's a great time for Amber to climb up onto the roof of her shack with a Dr Pepper and just take the air.

Yuliya's on her way back into New York after having to do insurance work north of the city. Sure, she smells like smoke and ash again, but it doesn't stop her from doing social calls on those at the Institute, even if it is late. Her van makes its way down the driveway and for once isn't blowing smoke thanks to Julie's repairs and comes to a halt. Sure it's dark, and she makes her way out of the van with a torch with a red filter on it to light her way. She does turn her head away from bright light sources as well so that she doesn't ruin her night vision. She swings past the garage first, and then starts to make her way towards Amber's cabin with the red light guiding her way.

"Well, howdy, stranger.", Amber calls from the roof. "How goes the war?", she asks cheerily, referring to the van Yuliya and Juile have been slaving over.

Yuliya's brow furrows and she seems to think about the question as she glances up towards the speaker. "There are no active military conflicts in this country that I'm aware of," she replies. "Oh! Did you mean the old van? Julie's got it working great compared to what it was. I don't know how she did it, but it runs a lot better now that she's modernised it." She shines the light against the side of the shack for a moment, then up towards the roof as she looks for an area to climb with minimal effort. "How have you been Amber?"

"Eh, can't complain." Amber shrugs amiably. "Mowin' all day. Damn rain's got the grass growin' like crazy.", she notes. "'Fore ya come up, feel free t' get somethin t' drink outta the fridge.", she invites. "Then it's left, left, right, an' pull like th' dickens."

"Speciba," Yuliya offers to Amber as she ducks in to get a drink. She does pop out a few moments later, looking a little confused as she pulls herself up onto the roof of the sack. "Left, left, left, right?" she asks as she moves to sit next to the other woman. "I was worried I was going to get stuck in the lawn when I walked over here. I should have taken my heels off."

"Yeah, jus' don't grab that shingle t' yer immediate left, you get over th' crest. Need t' nail that sucker down a bit. Must'a come loose over th' winter.", she notes. "Got the front forty done today, tomorrow's for th' back.", she nods.

"Thank you for the warning, tovarish," Yuliya replies sincerely as she avoids the less shingle to her left. She clambers up to the crest of the roof and sits down. "Front forty acres?" she asks. "I knew this place was big, but I never knew it was that big. It is still strange to me to know people own houses are large as this." She finally opens her drink up and takes a little sip. "How far back does this property go? Another forty acres?"

"Shit, think it's way bigger n' that, honestly.", Amber chuckles, moving to clunk bottles. "Dunno how they say it in Russia, so…cheers.", she adds. "Pull up some roof n' stay awhile.", she smiles. "So how's th' sleuthin' goin' for ya? Got anymore clandestin' assignations in th' works?", she asks. "That was /damn/ fun.", she grins.

"Ypa," Yuliya offers to Amber. "Ypa is cheers in Russian." She clinks her bottle against the other woman's and glances off into the distance. "The sleuthing is going good," she admits. "I have a couple of things I need to plan out, then execute. Might be a little more dangerous than the previous thing. Higher risk." She then laughs softly. "Are you sure you haven't done it before? You seem to be a natural at going through people's trash for information." It's just friendly teasing. "I'd suggest doing a stakeout, but those are very boring and I ask the firm to hire people to do those." She purses her lips, considering Amber for a few moments. "Though I have got something in mind. You seem to be good at distractions."

"Ypa.", Amber echoes, the very foreign word tripping haltingly off her tongue as she clunks bottles. "Well, ain't done anythin' /precisely/ like that b'fore.", she says, swigging at her Dr Pepper. "It's poker an' magic.", she explains. "Well, not /magic/ magic, but, y'know, slight a' hand an' all. Spent some time down in Vegas workin' for this elderly English feller. The Amazin' Erick.", she smiles, sighing slightly. "We done three shows a' night fer, about six months, 'fore his liver caught up t' him.", she sighs. "Hell of a gentlemen, taught me some stuff.", she adds. "'Rest comes from poker, gotta keep yer head, y'see."

"I'll remember that if you ever offer me an opened drink," Yuliya chimes cheerfully. "Misdirection and sleight of hands." She crosses her legs at the ankle and tilts her head to the side. "Keeping your head is pretty important for a lot of things. It's all smoke and mirrors at the end of the day." Another sip is then taken from the bottle and she looks thoughtful for a few moments. "There's another case I'm working on, and this one is a bit riskier. More chance of things going wrong, too. Ever been the hired help before?"

"Heh, um, meanin' no offense, but…shit, woman.", Amber giggles, motioning to the surroundings. "What d'ya think I am /here/?", she chortles. "I been th' hired help since I was sixteen years old.", she adds, still chuckling as she visibly tries to catch herself. "Aw, shoot, that was a good'un.", she chuckles after a few moments. "But if'n it's help you require, all ya gotta do's ask."

"I meant as a worker who toils hand and foot for the rich, having to clean up after them like, well, I guess a nanny for rich adults," Yuliya offers with a soft laugh. "Not out here, taking care of the yards. Besides, the Professor doesn't strike me as one of the bad types to work for." She takes another sip. "Actually, you know what, I need to go and rummage through some things I have here. I think we're about the same size." She slowly makes her way back down to the edge of the shack so she can jump down again. "Ever thought about trying to be a blonde?"

"There's a difference?", Amber chuckles. "Job's a job, Yuli, my friend, jus' a job. Y' get 'em when y' need 'em, avoid 'em when ya don't.", she winks. "Careful gettin' down, now. Don't forget that shingle. Have you on your ass an' outta breath, y' don't.", she cautions. "Wait….a whut? Blonde? Me? Heh, that'd be a comical-ass sight.", she chuckles.

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