1965-06-20 - Candy and Scream
Summary: Teddy and Billy go for fudge, find zombies, flee, have ice cream with a dragon slaying elf.
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Billy wants candy. Magic uses up, apparently, alot of calories and while that is often solved just by eating an inordinate amount, sometimes he needs to bring the sugar. "So I heard of this place…" he explains to Teddy as they walk down the street and step into the Candy Shoppe, "And I have a need, and that need is fudge. With peanuts. You will buy me fudge with peanuts, Teddy, as a test of your love for me." This is said low and quiet and with a grin, because of course he's got his dimples on full power.

What Billy wants, Billy gets. This is a rule Teddy adopted for himself early in the relationship and it remains a constant pillar. "I think I can handle that," he says as the pair walk into the Candy Shoppe. His own grin is turned to his partner for a moment and there's a gentle nudge to go along with it. When he turns away to survey the goods on display, he looks for a moment overwhelmed. There certainly is a lot to take in. "So, with peanuts then," he says, nodding and moving to a nearby display that looks to offer something fudgey.

Billy pauses, "Well, some sort of nut product. I'm not actually as picky about the nut in particular." He grins, then heads over and grabs a basket, and starts adding a few handfuls of salt taffy in, "So what's _your_ favorite candy, Te…" Its then that he notices there's totally a magical rune there, in the chocolate bars, and he just….stares at it.

Teddy finds a box of small squares of fudge, an assortment that includes various shades of chocolate and different add-ins, such as nuts. He beams, feeling like he hit the jackpot straightaway. Snagging two of such boxes, he starts to wander over to Billy. "Hot Tamales," he says, sliding up next to the other man with a smile on his face. "What did you find?" He looks at the chocolate Billy is staring at, but since he doesn't know much about magical runes, to him it's just another bar.

Billy points at the rune, and says with an odd tone, "Teddy, that's a rune. I'm not an expert on runic magic b ecause my magic doesn't use it but I'd recognize it anywhere. There's no way that particular organization of chocolate bars accidentally ended up in a real runic configuration." He sounds.. baffled, looking around, he points over there, "And those licorices are in a repeating runic pattern in the jar. Teddy someone's making candy magic." Pause, "What the heck?"

Teddy stares at the arrangement of chocolate bars for a moment, then takes a step back from them and stares some more. "Are you sure?" His head tilts, then turns to the licorice when his attention is pulled that way. "But…candy is already magic." His gaze eventually falls on the boxes of fudge in his hand, which have now taken on a new nature and thus are held as something more precious than before. "I wonder who owns this place."

"I dunno if candy magic is actually good. I know blood magic is bad. Sex magic is dangerous." CUe, Billy blushing, "STuff that draws peoples passions out … no, no." He carefully starts putting all the candy *back*, murmuring, "Uhh, look at the employees. Really look."

Teddy looks over at Billy for a moment, unsure of whether or not they're in a dangerous situation here. Then, the employees get his attention. It takes a moment, but those glassy looks and distant smiles seep into him and he, too, moves to put the fudge away. "I think I remember this place a few blocks up that has really good fudge," he says on the way back over to Billy, to whom he lowers his voice when they're standing next to each other again. "You want to stay or go? I've got not clue about candy magic or how to even dig into it. Except, you know, sampling."

"I don't know, but I don't want to be a zombie. It is firmly in my not-planned-to-be-a-life-choice thing, you know? Wait are zombie movies a thing yet?" Billy says fervently, but careful to put everything back almost exactly where it was from, "I'll need some magic-expertise to tackle this weirdness. Let's… get out of here. Try that place up street. Or just anywhere that does not have zombie employees."

Despite the situation, Teddy chuckles at Billy and leans in close on reflex. "Yeah, zombie movies are a thing." The leftover warmth from that reduces as he looks back to the employees. "Agreed, let's go not be zombies somewhere else." Should one of them glance he's way, he'll offer a smile and a wave. Otherwise, he leads the way past the candy displays at the front of the shop and then outside.

All the candy put away, there's one last look at the glass-eyed candombies back there, before he's out with Teddy. He bumps shoulders briefly with Teddy in a manly, he's-not-a-gay way. "But I'm still into fudge. If I have to conjure it, I'll conjure it, but the last time I conjured fudge it had _cherries_ in it." He shudders visibly.

Teddy eyes the shoulder-bump with a grin, then exits the shop. Outside, he shakes off the experience, which ends up being a full-body affair that does leave him more relaxed. "You don't have to conjure anything. I was serious about the place up ahead." He motions up the street and starts walking in that direction, casting only a quick look over his shoulder at the Candy Shoppe. "I'm going to ace this test, alright?"

Kai is in Queens, because he's everywhere. This is his city, man. Except for that candy shop. He gives it a sidelong look as he passes on the other side of the street. That's when he spies Teddy. Teddy and someone with him! Kai waves his arm. "Teddy!" Then he starts to cross the street. Somehow, he doesn't get hit. "Teddy, hey."

"I have all the faith in you, Teddy." Billy gives a dimpled grin to Teddy, but then Teddy's name is called. A pretty elf-boy knows his boyfriend. Billy considers being jealous, tugs at his earlobe, then shrugs. The pretty elf has a beard, thus he is not true competition. Beards obscure dimples. But he goes quiet, to let Teddy make introductions. There's a bit of an arched look at the sudden running-across-the-street thing.

Those dimples, though. Teddy can get lost in them if he's not careful. That's not going to happen now, though, because a distraction presents itself. When he hears it, he looks about and eventually spots Kai on his way across the treacherous street. "Oh," he says, sounding surprised to run into the elf. A warm smile is offered, though, along with an overhead wave. "Hey, Kai." He looks to Billy, then to the elf. "Billy, this is Kai. Kai, Billy. He served me some of the best lamb I've had in a long time."

Kai does have to work harder for his dimiples to show, but they're there! Still, there's no reason to be jealous. Though he looks spectacularly happy to see Teddy, there's a blithe innocence in the way he bounces up. "Hi!" he says. Then he looks to Billy, and that smile broadens. "Billy! Hello." He glances back at the traffic that didn't get him this time, then admits, "It's a dreadfully dull day. So happy to run into friendly faces."

This gives Billy pause, blinking as he glances sidelong at his boyfriend, "You know, I never go out for lamb. I haven't had lamb since Passover Seder. I don't think I've _ever_ had lamb outside of Passover Seder." He eyes Kai a long moment, "But you don't look Jewish to me." Pause, "Not that I scream Jew or anything, so who am I to judge? Then again I'm adopted, so I'm not—" He realizes he is rambling, stops, and blushes. "Soo, I'm Billy, and I'm a foodaholic. Its been like four hours since my last meal. I almost got turned into a zombie." Pause, "You know what, Kai, yuo wouldn't understand. So do me a favor. Run in there.." They're only one place past the Candy Shoppe, "Carefully look around, smile and wave at an employee, then come back and report. This is a test, a test of the Emergency Billy System, it is only a test."

Teddy catches the blush and tilts his head slightly to one side. "Well, I actually mentioned that we should go have dinner there sometime. At the restaurant Kai works at. All the food was really good." He still has on his smile, even as Billy then suggests that Kai go into the shop they just retreated from. "Are you sure…?" There's a brief look of worry, though it dissipates when he looks back to Kai. The guy can probably handle this particular dose of weird.

Kai shakes his head and tells Billy, "No, I'm not Jewish. I just work at Saganaki, this Greek place my friend Lambert owns. He's the best cook. He's really Greek. Like, mythologically so." He eyes the Candy Shoppe and shakes his head. "I'm not going back in there, man. Once was enough. When I went there, they had this easy bake oven type of thing, and I bought one. No idea why. Kids were acting weird, the cookies made me the non-fun kind of high." He pauses to stroke his beard, sparse (yet neat) as it is. "Is it still weird in there? Someone should do something about it."

"Oh, you know it? Yeah, someone should do something about it. I'll grab one of my parents, they'll fix whatever is going on in there." Billy is thoughtful for a moment, rubbing on his completely beardless jaw line for a moment, before he blinks at Kai, "WAit. Like, mythologically so. That's a very strange turn of phrase. If I said my dad was the Lord of the Pointy Hats and Grand High Poobah of the Wizarding World, would that mean anything to you?" Because it barely means anything to anyone, on the best of days.

Teddy wrinkles his nose at Kai's story, though he feels pleased only because he wasn't involved with the place before today. "Yeah, your parents could make quick work of whatever that place it." As the conversation moves on to other, better things, he slips his hands into his pockets and glances to Kai to see what he has to say about that particular title. His smile becomes a smirk, stretching out one side of his also beardless face.

Kai's brow knits as he listens to Billy. "Gosh, that does sound like someone I know," he admits. "Never seen him in a pointy hat, but he's definitely the man in charge of all things magical. On Midgard anyway. You know him?" Kai perks up. "We're good friends, he and I. We have tea all the time."

It's the tea that is the password, so Billy nods. "That's my dad." He pauses, "See where I come from magical power is directly related to, either, A, pointiness of hats, B, length and whiteness of beard, C, how many rings you thread into your beard. Since he's like _impossible_ he doesn't do any of these things." He pauses to glance back at the shop, and flexes a hand with thought; there's a light ripple that spreads out from his hand, invisible to most mundane things. But he nods to Teddy, "Teddy's taking me for backup fudge. Come with? Promise, no tea without its water-honey ratio being _at_least_ 2 to 1 if not 1 to 1. I wouldn't do that to a fella." He pauses, and asides to Teddy, "When someone has a Mythologically Greek friend, and had previously experienced Weird Candy Magic, I perform a test for Yo, you in the community bro? Kid passed. Despite the beard indicating he is a figure of very low stature." Says the beardless one.

Teddy turns his smirk on Billy, offers a thumbs up, and gives a knowing nod. That's one test passed for the day. On to the next one. "Yeah, come with, Kai. There's fudge just down the street. My treat." He waves to them both and starts walking off, putting the Candy Shoppe and whatever Billy just did to it behind him. Should they follow, he'll manage a leisurely pace. "You know, I would like to see your dad with a long white beard, Billy. Or maybe…" He ponders and lifts his hands to make a frame with four fingers, which is used to consider what Billy would look like sporting some Gandalph-style facial hair. "Oh yeah."

Kai's eyes widen. "You're his son! That's… that's… oh, I could hug you!" Kai clenches his fists at his side to control himself from flinging himself at Billy with hugs. Nope, he'll be good and stand there. Even if he is bristling with energy. With a bubbling over of laughter, he admits, "I have no stature at all. Thank the gods. I would love to go with you guys." He falls into step with the pair. "Goodness, Stephen with an old sage's beard. I want to see the look on his face when you float that idea."

Billy flat out glares at Teddy, stabbing him with eyes. Stab! Eyestabs! "I do not do facial hair, you want a guy with a beard you pick a different guy then me." This last bit is muttered, "And I might kill you in your sleep." Hmph, but he then follows along with Teddy. Kai's enthusiasm has him a little startled, "Its actually super complicated. My twin and I, well. There's us and Vic. And Vic's even more complicated. Well. No. Different complicated. Okay we don't do things the easy way in this family." But then he grins, "The goal isn't to float the idea but cast a spell." There's mischief in his eyes at that.

Kai tells Billy, "You look quite handsome without the beard." He strokes his own. "Without mine, I look like a child." He sighs quietly. "I'm over three hundred, but you wouldn't know it." Not looking like he does, no. He might pass for a young twenty, if one tilted one's head just so. "I can't imagine things in your family not being complicated," he says, rather kindly actually. There's fondness in his tone. Strange is one of his favorite people. Apparently this paints Billy and, by extention, Teddy in a positive light as well. "My man doesn't have a beard," he rambles. "He's got such a fine face, it's just as well."

"Exact dates aren't clear yet but I'm currently negative years old." Billy shares the lets be weird together vibe with Kai, "Since I haven't been born yet. Holy crap I just realized that makes Vic my _older_ brother. While simultaneously being my younger brother. Oy. Where's the fudge, Teddy." He pinches the bridge of his nose. Pause, "Wait over _three_hundred_? How'd that happen? Spell go weird? Not-humanness set in? Hey don't worry, I have all kinds of nonhuman friends." Pause, "Well a couple. Mostly aliens."

"That sounds about right," Kai tells Billy. "I always figured whatever kind of family Stephen and Wanda had, it would be…" He waves a hand toward Billy. "Delightfully complex." At the question of his age, he says, "Oh, I'm ljosalfar, we live thousands of years. I guess I'm an alien, too, except I was born here. In London." He sounds it, the accent lingering after all this time.

Teddy goes silent after the eyestabs. It's not that he looks upset or defeated or anything, he just lets the other two bond a bit, since they seem to have hit it off. As he listens, he looks about the neighborhood for the shop in question. For a moment, he wonders if it closed down, but on reaching the street corner, he point to the opposite side and says, "Over there. They do ice cream, too. I think I'm having both." He grins and turns to look over at them while waiting to cross.

"OOh, ice cream on fudge." Teddy is clearly Billy's favorite boyfriend, "If they have strawberry slices I'll marry someone." Billy grins over at Kai, "That's the first time I've heard of complex being designed as _delightful_, but I'll take it." Pause, "You're… leeejoesalfear?" He utterly ruins the pronounciation, looking up to Teddy with a, have-you-heard-of-that question in his eyes. "Are you a refugee too?" he wonders of Alien-Kai, not revealing Alien-Teddy of course. "OOoor did you have an Alien-Father you made out with Human-Mother?"

Teddy shuts his eyes at Billy's question and sage-nods. He has heard much of what the two have been talking about, or at least enough not to be terribly surprised by the rest. That's how he's able to focus on ice cream so well. "I didn't realize you could live so long," he mutters, looking thoughtfully down at himself for a moment. When he glances back up, people are moving across the street, so he says, "Ooh, come on. Almost there!" It seems like the closer they get, the more excited he becomes.

Ice cream? Relevant to Kai's interests. He keeps close to Teddy, though not too close. Not weird close. Just following the guy who's going to get him ice cream. "I'm going to eat so much ice cream," he says with the fervor of an ancient uttered vow. He means it, too. The mangling of his species' name causes him to wince a little, but his smile comes easily as he says, "Like the light elves of Norse myth. I'm not a refugee, though. I just live here because my gran's house is boring and I don't want to make babies."

Billy gives Teddy a thoughtful look too, at this long aging thing. Maybe he can figure out a spell. "Though fudge is what brings me, it is not frowned upon that ice cream be a thing." He follows quickly behind Teddy, but pauses, to stare at Kai, "You're…an elf. You're a norse elf. You're a norse light elf. Not to, I assume, be confused with a norse dark elf." He looks over at Teddy, "You think they have dwarves too?" he wonders, "And are dragons real? Or, I don't know. Unicorns? Where's the ice cream?"

Here's the ice cream, at Jack & Cindy's, a neighborhood creamery that also sells chocolatey things. Teddy pushes the door open and holds it for the others, smiling to Billy with lifted brows. "You know, Kai fought a dragon. Allegedly." He glances to the elf for confirmation about that and also dwarves, then heads into the shop. It's a small place, mostly taken over by a display case for the ice cream, though against one wall there's packaged squares of fudge alongside toppings and sauces in various homestyle containers. A few small tables are arranged by the window overlooking the street. "Look at all the happiness. I'll check if they have some with nuts, Billy. Otherwise I'll just buy fudge and nuts seperately? Or is that a B-plus?"

Kai grins at Billy and ducks hiss head. "Definitely not a dark elf. I have stories about those guys." He grins at Teddy. He remembers the dragon! "It was just an ice dragon," he says. "I've met a dwarf, but I've never seen a unicorn, but I don't see why they wouldn't exist." He studies the variety of ice cream available to him. This. This is important. "I want chocolate," he says. "With fudge on it, and nuts, and whipped cream and a cherry." He has no problem piling on his order to the others' and let someone else pay for it. It's how he's gotten by in the world for the past three centuries.

"'Just' an ice dragon? You say that like I woulda assumed it was like I don't know a crystal dragon of doom. Coolest thing I've ever fought was a giant crystal spider, which was less cool because it tried to eat my dad and I Unmade it and that made him mad for reasons I'm not entirely clear on." That said, Billy grins over to Teddy, "Oh, we're so far past the nuts. Fudge, with vanilla ice cream on top— vanilla bean if possible— and frozen strawberry slices on top. Nuts are for another age, another time, another place." He doesn't even know there might be innuendo in there. Poor innocent Billy.

Teddy was all ready to make the nuts and the fudge happen, and so looks defeated at Billy's change of heart. Instead, he grabs a package of plain fudge and moves to take a look at the ice cream selection for today. "I fought a dinosaur," he says, since everyone is bringing up heroics. "Sort of?" He glances to Billy when he says this, lifting a brow, as if something about that particular story was left unclear to him. Then, with a look to Kai, he says, "Chocolate with fudge sounds so good."

"I've never seen any crystal dragons," Kai says. "I think I encountered a crystal spider, but gosh, I couldn't unamke it. You can unmake things? That's amazing." Teddy gets an impressed look from the Elf. "I didn't even think there were dinosaurs anymore. Was it hard to fight?" There's a wicked glint in his eyes, though he says nothing of nuts. Noth-thing. Instead, he just tells Teddy, "You're damn right it does. If chocolate were poisonous I'd die doing what I love: eating chocolate."

Billy's tiny, cold little heart breaks, and he looks imploringly at Teddy, "No okay! Nuts are great still. They can be on top too. They're always good! I just didn't want to be demanding boyf—-boy." He flushes slightly. "It was a dinosaur more or less and he kicked its butt." Pause, "Well he punched it so hard it broke." He looks to Kai then, and hesitates, "Apparently I can but shouldn't? Not clear why. Seems a crystal spider from another dimension trying to eat people doesn't belong here, so why not make it Not Be?" He adds after another thoughtful pause, "I like chocolate but too much and I go into a coma."

"No, no, no," Teddy says, waving the box of plain, nutless fudge around. "This is all you get now, boyf." He smirks, though, and offers Billy a playful wink before looking to Kai with a shake of his head and a sigh. "No, it was not difficult. It pretty much exploded at first punch." He's not telling it right, maybe, but that's what Kai gets because Teddy is then walking off to order. His first question? "Do you have frozen strawberry slices?"

Kai glances to Billy, catching that slip, and he grins when Teddy calls him boyf. If anything, he relaxes further from that little revelation that these two are a couple. He's among his people. "Probably because when you unweave something, you've got to mind the lose threads. You can end up unraveling a whole lot more than you intended. Also he's kind of the guy in charge of patroling that sort of thing."

Someone, someone who is tall, blond, and handsome, gets their ass pinched not gently. By a ghost. Billy attempts the innocent look, which he is good at anytime he is actually innocent, less so when not, such as now, when he telekinetically pinches Teddy's butt. He asides to Kai, to add to Teddy's explanation, "It was kinda a robot but not one meant to move a lot that got sorta turned real through Weird Day Number Twelve Thousand Six Hundred And Seven." Because he's had that many weird days. He attempts the I Am Still Innocent by not commenting while Teddy orders, and adds to Kai, "Well if I Unmade the whole crystal spider collective that seems like it'd be a good thing to me. They were all annoying with a capital A."

Teddy lifts suddenly onto his tiptoes, hip jutting forward just a tad at the telekinetic pinch. He tosses a scowl over one shoulder, then looks back to a briefly-flustered employee. Whatever news the young guy gives him causes his shoulders to slump. "Fresh strawberries it is," he says, before placing the order. When he's back with the others, his brow furrows as he asks, "When were the spiders again? I get some of these things mixed up they happen so often."

"I don't know," Kai admits. "He probably has a good reason, but I don't know much about magic or its ramifications. My boyf is a sorcerer, but I have no idea how he does what he does." The pinch, though he's not quite sure what's transpiring, does get a bright-eyed look of mirth. There's trouble afoot, and he loves that shit. "Is it wrong that I think it's even better that it was a robot dinosaur you punched out?"

Billy offers dimples to Teddy's scowl. Can you stay mad at dimples? "Oh, fresh are good. I just figured they'd be frozen. It wasn't so much a frozen preference." On the spiders? He hesitates, "A year ago? Ish? Kinda? My timey-wimey is weak. But yeah, interdimensional … invasion. They were stealing people. It was bad." He looks back to Kai, perks a bit at another boyf, and grins, "Robot dinosaur is like double cool, I admit. Right, Teddy?"

Maybe there's someone out there who can stay mad at dimples, but that person isn't Teddy. He does, however, wince at the people-snatching spider story. Thankfully, there's talk of robot dinosaurs to distract. This perks him up in the same boyish way that ice cream did just moments before. "Oh, you are both so right. Two of my favorite things in the world are dinosaurs and robots." Here, he holds out a hand to Billy, palm down, as a sign that he does remember Current Events. "Not /all/ robots, of course, but the general idea of them." He smiles a wide, happy smile full of teeth. "I felt /so/ bad having to punch it out."

"I would've liked to have seen you punch out that robot," Kai says. That there was a dinosaur, that it was a robot that turned real for a moment, none of this Kai questions. He's lived in this city long enough to know not to. He stays close to the ice cream counter, patient as a croc at a drinking hole. The ice cream will come. "I haven't fought anything in a long time. I'm going to get rusty if I'm nto careful."

Billy gives a meaningful nod to Teddy: yeah, some robots are bad. He has to laugh then after a moment, "You were a hero, Teddy. No need to feel bad." He blinks over at Kai, "Do elves fight? I thought you all, I don't know, used bows and arrows and surfed on shields and occassionally sang monsters to sleep just because why not." He has, alas, decided that Kai is Legolas plus something weird.

Teddy shrugs at the title of hero, but he can't shake his grin and so turns it away from the group. "Fine, fine," is all he says. While he's looking away, he watches another employee scoop balls of vanilla and chocolate into little cups. It's on hearing that Billy thinks elves sing monsters to sleep that he turns back. "Wait, what elves do that? Kai, you said you sing sometimes at the restaurant. Are you a lullaby machine?" Apparently, dinosaurs and robots nudged out elves for room in Teddy's youthful fantasies.

Kai scratches his head as he says, "I don't know about all that. I'm not sure what military Elves do in Alfheim because I didn't interact with very many. I punch things hard, sometimes, but I also fight with knives. That's just me, though. This Dwarf I know made me the coolest knives." He's quick to add, "I only fight bad guys. I'm not just randomly aggressive." He grins at Teddy. "Next time I see a monster, I'll sing it a song and get back to you on that."

Billy watches the ice cream being scooped; mmmn, ice cream on fudge. He is momentarily lost to imagination. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberries. How can this go wrong? He smiles over at Teddy, expression warm, "You're my hero." he murmurs sincerely, though, before he blinks at Kai, "There's 'military elves'? But, hey, I don't know anything about anything." He laughs softly, "Don't worry, Kai, I don't think we thought you were aggressive. Everyone knows elves prefer peace. Well, except for dark elves who worship the spider goddess Lloth."

What amounts to far too much sugar and cream gets piled into the bowls, which are topped as each has hoped. Two very chocolatey ones are offered to Teddy and Kai, while Billy gets a sort of neopolitan. Teddy grabs these and hands them off, cheeks getting a little pink when Billy says what he does. "Dig in," he says, pulling his own spoon from where it stands like a sword in stone. He licks it off, mmms, and goes for a big bite.

Kai squints at Billy. "I don't think there's a spider goddess, but the dark elves are pretty nasty. I was caught by them in the Wild Hunt, and their bastard of a leader turned my best friend into a wolf and made him kill me. Then I had to go to Niflheim and be dead. I hate dark elves. And we do prefer peace in Alfheim. We rely a lot on Asgard to keep us safe, but we can fight, too." He takes his bowl of ice cream. Yessss. He's far too obscene, the way he licks the whipped cream off his spoon, without even trying. Maybe Elves come with an auto-flirt mode, but he's not directing it at anyone in particular. "Mmmm."

Ooh, ice cream. On fudge. With strawberries. Billy dives in, but sounds disappointed at Kai's declaration about the spider goddess, "Damnit, Dungeons and Dragons did not get it all right? I can not tell you the profound sadness that is my sad. Please tell me the dark elves at least live underground." He pauses, lets what Kai says sinks in, and he stares mid-bite, "You had to go be dead. You're an undead elf. Umm. You don't hunger for the flesh of the living or anything right? I don't mind a little bit of nibbling in the right circu—" Suddenly what he said sinks in, and he blushes deep, and scoots closer to Teddy. Where to hide. How to hide.

Teddy glances sidelong at the source of the Dungeons and Dragons comment, smirking because it's adorable. Kai's tragic story soon grabs his attention, though. Like Billy, he stares while eating a spoonful of ice cream. "That's terrible," he offers, before being distracted even further by the elf's removal of whipped cream from spoon. While Kai may not be directing it anywhere, Teddy definitely notices. Then, there's a blushing Billy nearerby. "Um, how about we take these to go," he suggests, nudging Billy and nodding to the door.

Kai shakes his head. "I'm not undead. I was brought back to the living world as a trap for my boyf. Long story short, I was dragged to another underworld, not Niflheim, and my boyf came to get me." He smiles crookedly. "I'm alive, just well-traveled." He scoops chocolate goodness onto his spoon. "I only hunger for the flesh of one person, and he doesn't seem to mind." Clueless Elf. Dungeons and Dragons is lost on him. "Are we going?" he asks, and he heads toward the door, licking ice cream off the spoon.

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