1965-06-24 - Even Nerds Are Safe Here
Summary: Another fine night in Saganaki's courtyard.
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Kai is working at Saganaki tonight. He's in his uniform, all nice and neat. There's an illusion on him, just a minor one to make his eyes look more normal and his ears less elfin. Sometimes he doesn't bother with it, and people just have to deal with being served by one of the surreal-looking ljosalfar. Today, though, he's humaning it up.

The courtyard is scarcely occupied, and there is plenty of room to find a peaceful, quiet place to get settled while Kai lingers in the kitchen, stealing baklava and glancing into the courtyard in case someone needs service.

Teddy is wearing a baby blue button down tucked into some slacks, and he approaches Saganaki at a leisurely pace. At the host stand, he asks for a table on the patio, since it's nice out, and is led there quickly enough. Since he doesn't see Kai right away, he asks if the elf is around and then sits back to have a look at the others dining tonight, not touching the menu for now, because he already has a pretty good idea about what he's going to order.

Kai perks up when he spies Teddy through the window, just in time for Marcy to tell him someone's asking after him. He gathers together a plate of saganaki and a basket of bread on a tray, along with a bottle of wine and some glasses. Then he comes out of the kitchen, into the courtyard, and he says, "Teddy! Right this way, here, I've got something for you." Who knows who's expected to pay for what around here. Kai is pretty free and easy with the food he can get his hands on.

One minute he's not there, the next, he is; Billy steps in into the street outside of the restaurant. Its magic but not showy, it just…happens. He steps around and into the restaurant, and looks around, "Hi, I'm Billy. I was looking for Kai? And my friend Teddy? Big blond teenager?" He's dressed in jeans a polo t-shirt, not really fancy, but neat and fitted, at least.

Teddy blinks over at Kai and looks surprised, even though he just asked for the guy. "Woah, is that all for us? It's like you were…ready with it." Did he call ahead? He can't remember! "How've you been?" he asks, smiling wide and craning his neck to better see all the goodies on the tray. It's then that he catches a glimpse of Billy out of the corner of his eye. Turning, he lifts an arm to wave his boyfriend over.

"I saw you in the window," Kai says with a nod toward the kitchen. There are windows that look into the courtyard. "I'm great," he adds, with a broad grin. Then he spies Billy and waves him over with the hand not balancing the tray. "Billy! Look, I've got cheese, bread, and wine for the two of you." Saganaki is fried cheese, basically, all gooey and delicious. Elves know what is best in life.

Billy catches sight of Teddy and Kai's waves both, and makes his way over, and blinks. "… Is that fried cheese?" He asks as he stares in wonder, "Wait people fry _cheese_? I mean I know people fry almost anything but that's like the most brilliant idea ever. Ooh, you spread it on bread? Will you join us or do you have to work, Kai?" He subtly bumps against teddy to sit down, his version of a We Can't Hug In Public But This Is Me Hugging You.

"Oh, right," Teddy says, eyeing the window between the courtyard and the kitchen. When Billy walks over, he hug-bumps his boyf back and nods to the seat across from him. The scent of fried cheese then wafts his way and he can feel his stomach start to growl. "It's so good. I had it the last time I came here, along with everthing we're going to order tonight?" Asked in a questioning tone, he looks between Kai and Billy to see if they're both OK with that idea, because it's a lot of food.

Kai sets down the sagnaki and bread, then the glasses, and then he pours the wine. Then he snags a third (clean) glass off another table and pours wine for the three of them. "I can sit for a bit," he decides. It's nice, making one's own rules, when one technically isn't on the payroll. "Do you want what you ordered last time? I could get that started if you already know what you want."

"Just as long as I can get some fasolada and baklava before the night is over…" Billy nods his head and spreads his hands wide, "We'll have one of everything." he declares, nodding to Teddy with encouragement. A lot of food? Has anyone met Billy? Or Teddy? Just be glad Tommy's not here or they might run out of food. He reaches for the bread, a knife and slathers some warm fried cheese on it, then bites in with a sigh, "Greeks are geniuses." Pause, "Though if what Teddy ordered last time is better then one of anything, go with that. I trust you guys."

Teddy glances between the two as Kai sits and reaches for a piece of bread to smear some cheese on. He, too, seems to be in a kind of heaven at first bite. After swallowing, he says, "Sure. One of most things." That sounds more reasonable, though he has no doubt that between the two of them they could put away a whole menu. Maybe in a couple sittings. Reaching for his wine, he lifts the glass to cheers everyone at the table.

Kai takes a swallow of wine, then sets his glass down and says, "I'll just grab us whatever I can." Then he heads into the kitchen, where he does just that. Braised lamb stew, sure. Dolmas? Of course. Gyros? Why not? Roasted vegetables, warm marinated olives. The tray he brings back would be too unwieldly for a human of his proportions, but he carries it with uncanny ease.

Teddy is sipping on wine and chatting with Billy when Kai comes back out. "Wow, that was fast," he blond says, eyeing the mass of food that's heading his way. He sits up in an excited kind of way, like a puppy might when dinner is served. "I smell lamb. This is good," he says to nobody in particular, though he does turn to Billy and repeat himself, just so the other man is clear.

Riley is the new girl, and well, she's still learning everything around the place. It is her first shift, after all. Red hair is all bundled up in a bun, and she's been told to go back and check with the kitchen, to see if anyone needs help or relieving or anything. The kitchen smells like heaven, but she'll move through it, and poke her head out onto the patio. She sees Kai carrying a tray that should be too big, and her eyes widen just a bit. She'll follow up behind him, hands rubbing together just a little nervously. "Did you need help, or a break or anything? Marcy said I should ask and make sure no one needs a break, or anything." Her words are just a little nervous, touched with a twang that is neither quite Tennesee or Georgia.

"I'm sort of on a break," Kai tells Riley amiably as he carries the tray to Teddy and Billy's table. He sets it down and starts ditributing plates. "I'm Kai, by the way. I kind of do what I want." And yet he still has a job. Rumor has it he just showed up one day and started waiting tables. "This is Teddy and Billy, they're friends of mine. Has Lambert told you anything about the courtyard yet?" As he asks the question, he nudges food in front of both men. Eat!

Mmn, food. Billy goes for a gyro, and proceeds to put it away like its nobody's business. He doesn't eat like the slender guy he is, that's for sure. He looks around, "Was there fasolada? I have a special place in my heart for that soup." He tilts back some wine then as well, and nods with a friendly smile towards Riley, "Hi." He flashes dimples, then looks back to Teddy, "Lamb gyro. So good."

Teddy makes room for the food by putting aside his glass and cutlery and anything else that's part of the place setting. He happily takes the nudge as a sign for him to assist in arranging everything so that it can all fit, because there is a lot. At some point during this, he lifts his eyes to Riley, smiles, and says, "Nice to meet you." Then he grabs a stubby dolma and takes a bite, which he washes down with some wine.

She will nod, then flash a quick smile at the men at the table. "Pleasure. Riley." Then she's looking back at Kai, shaking her head in the negative. "Is there something special about it?" She asks, all wide-eyed and curious. "Do you need me to cover tables, while you're on break?"

"Actually, that would be great," Kai says. "I was just going to try to keep an eye on the place." He uncovers a tureen and sets it before Billy. There is in fact fasolada. "The thing about the courtyard, is it's a safe place for people who are a little different, and that can mean a lot of things. You don't have to be special to hang out here, you just have to be cool with whoever is." He beams as he sees Billy and Teddy dig in.

"I'm a Wizard of the First Order." Billy says, as 'special' is mentioned, and he says it with a completely straight face like he's not even slightly making a joke. But, he goes for the bowl of fasolada, and scoops some into a little bowl of his own, and offers it over to Teddy, "Its a white bean soup, its _delicious_, its like The National Dish of Greece or something. I don't know if it really is but people say it. Try it." He likes feeding Teddy, yes he does.

And Teddy likes being fed, so he reaches out and takes the bowl of soup, eyeing it and smelling it and looking very pleased by what his senses pick up. "Yum yum," he says, setting it in front of him before reaching for his spoon to dip it in. "No joke," he tells Riley in regards to Billy's occupation, but he doesn't offer up anything about himself. Instead he tastes the fasolada and looks to Kai once he swallows it down. "So good! I seriously love this place."

Riley nods like Kai is imparting pearls of wisdom, starting to move and make sure that no tables needed any bussing or anything. Then she'll take a stuttering step, blue eyes widening as she looks back at Kai. She's blanching enough that all her freckles seems to stand out on her face. "D-different?" The word is strangled, as the new waitress feels terror for a heartbeat. Her heart will hammer in her chest, and her hands will go a little numb as they clutch together. She's blinking, looking between all three of them, torn between terror and surety that this is all a joke on the poor new girl. "What kinda different?" She tries so hard to make it sound casual.

If Lambert knew Billy better, he would definitely say something obscene to do with 'first order'. Or at least silly. As it is, he opens the small door from his private stairs to the courtyard, and kisses the hand of the middle aged woman who is departing "Thankyou," Lambert tells her sincerely "A clean house is always a perfect thing. Free meals for a week in return and, er, the house special." And then the chef is making his way across the courtyard as the woman leaves through the back gate.

"Lambert makes the best," Kai tells Billy. As if he'd even heard of Greek food before meeting Lambert to make a comparison. He pours wine into the three glasses on the table, taking up one of them for himself. "Like a mutant," Kai tells Riley. "Or even just socially oppressed. Queers, negroes, even nerds are okay here apparently." When he spies Lambert, he waves him over. "Chef! There you are. I want you to meet two friends of mine."

Sighing profoundly, Billy looks to Teddy, "Why does no one ever believe me? Its like they think I'm a Second Order Wizard, like anyone would take one of _those_ people seriously. Charletans and hedge-witches the lot of them." There is _so_much_ food on the table, and Billy is working his way through his share as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. He looks to Riley, "Don't worry, I won't let anyone hurt you. Wait, you let _NERDS_ be here?!" Billy tries to sound aghast and shocked as this last statement is directed towards Kai, but the grin of his dimples belies the lie.

Teddy shrugs and makes a circle with his hand near side of his face, glancing over to Billy as he stuffs his face with the white bean soup. Only crazy people would think the man across from him is Second Order anything. He grabs another dish when he finishes the next mouthful of soup and loads it up with some of the lamb, glancing to Riley when he notices how she might be a bit nervous. "Don't worry, though. We don't bite." There's a grin on his face, which moves along with his gaze to Lambert when Kai calls him over.

Her breathing doesn't come in evenly on that next inhale, the faintest of whistling sounds. Her head spins a moment, and she'll almost waver on her feet before she's closing a tiny bit closer to Kai. "They're all accepted here? Mutants, queers, black folk?" That voice has gone from nervous to something very much like relieved. "Honest?" It's almost too much to hope.

"I do make the best," says Lambert, one ear rotating towards Kai. Can he _hear_ Kai getting up to mischief? His eyes are milky, but apparently he can work out from voices - and profoundly knowing the layout - where to go. He sidles on over to the table, and then he settles down, and he says "So what's the difference between first and second orders? Is first when you first join, and second is second year?" Now Lambert must be teasing. He has some lipstick on his collar, and he folds his hands "Hello Riley," he adds. Lambert himself does not look…well, entirely human. Two little black horns, a fuzzy goat tail, and he is a bit rotound, like the traditional satyr "Kai, can I get some wine?"

Kai eyes Billy, and he ndos to Riley, "Even nerds," he says. Nnng, nerds. Kai, personally cool, himself, is so generous not to give them flack. "You can just sort of let your freak flag fly back here as long as you don't get into conflict with anyone else." Kai tells Lambert, "You got it, boss." Then he swipes another clean glass off a nearby table and pours wine from the bottle, handing it to Lambert. "Teddy, Billy, this is Lambert. He's the guy in charge around here. Lambert, these two guys are so groovy, I dig them a lot." Since he has declared himself on break, he sits and helps himself to a little braised lamb.

"The First Order…" Billy says primly, tone serious, "…accepts only the most skilled and wise, while the Second Order lets anyone in who can afford the pointy hat." He glances at Riley for a long moment, then smiles at Lambert, "Oh, we've met, Kai. He knows my dad." He nods to Lambert, his voice going serious again— though there's a twitch of a dimple, "Don't mess with the First Order, that's how newts happen." He looks back to Riley, and to put her at ease? Flicks a finger up, and a ladle rises, flicks a finger to the right, and it scoops out some soup, , flicks it to the left, and it pours into a bowl, flicks it to him, bowl comes over and he digs in, "Wizard." he explains to her with a full on dimpled grin.

"Evenin', Mister Lambert. " She sees that lipstick, lips parting before she can help herself. "Oh, let me help you. You've got somethin' on your collar." She will reach for a napkin from a nearby table, to try and rub that lipstick off. She'll stop, staring as Billy pulls off some wierd magic stuff. It might not help put her at ease, it drives the point home. "So no one cares?"

"Is he doing something?" Lambert asks Kai "Is he doing anything with the crockery? I know they say Greeks love to break plates, but I do need that crockery -" He then rolls his eyes a little - like a jock - at 'groovy'. Lamber lifts his hand out to find the wine, and he says "Yes. And there is nothing wrong with nerds. I have a nerd I like quite a bit." He grins, his teeth showing, and they are all quite sharp and carnivorous, and then he says "I do know Doctor Strange, indeed. But we're not…that is, not in a professional sense. I? Am just a chef." He allows Riley to help him, and he says "Thankyou, dear. What. Cares about…different people back here? I should hope not. I may not be able to see properly, but I could probably still headbutt most people up over the wall."

"It's one of the few places in New York where you don't have to be afraid," says Kai, who could probabaly do with some fear, for his own good. He takes a sip of his wine and nibbles on a little more braised lamb, watching the ladle with some interest. "I'm not even human," he mentions. With a flick of his hand, he dispels the illusion that humanizes his elfin features. He could still pass at a glance, but if one looks closer, his eyes are luminous, and his ears pointed. His features are refined, and there's something to be said about the surreal beauty of the ljosalfar. "Oh! Lambert! I met Loki's other brother, Prince Balder. He's alive! He's really nice, too. We were drinking beer on the steps of the Embassy before Thor found us and brought him back home."

"No one is _just_ anything." Billy pauses for a moment, "Okay, right, when someone is compared to dad, 'just' might be appropriate, unless you're mom. Wanda is not just anything _ever_. That said, you're not just a chef, you're an _amazing_ chef, this is _awesome_. I usually teleport to greece to get my greek take out, screw that. We're coming here for now on." He reaches over and gives Teddy's arm a squeeze, deciding not to be afraid of a little subtle PDA. He then goes back to eating his gyro that had been neglected for awhile.

Riley finishes fussing with Lambert's collar, and then just.. stares at all of them. "I'm just a waitress." She says quietly, shrugging. "A mutant waitress, but just a waitress. I don't.. do anything.." A gesture to Billy's bowl. "Flashy or anythin'."

Lambert glances towards Kai, sensing the magic shift even if he cannot see it properly. An eyebrow goes up, curiously, and then he says "Really? Wait, isn't he the one who Loki was supposed to have…ahhh." Lambert coughs "You know." And then he says to Billy "I'm 'just' compared to my dad too, trust me…but thankyou!" The praise clearly works - Lambert even visibly preens, and then he says to Riley mildly "I am not even a mutant. I am just a product of some. Ah. Romance." A broad grin "Mutant? How so?"

Kai says quickly, "Those are just mortal stories. Things get twisted over the years." He gives Lambert a hard look. Then eases up and says, "Besides, it's complicated. Families are complicated." He takes another drink of wine. Riley gets a smile, and he tells her, "Mutant? Cool. We love mutants here." He beams at the two boys stuffing their faces. Yes, come to Saganaki all the time. It makes his work day more interesting.

"My twin brother is a mutant." Billy nods to Riley encouragingly, "My other brother is a cosmic spark." He grins, then waves at Lambert, "Its not polite to ask a mutant their powers. It isn't what makes them special." He smiles back at Riley, "Seriously, flashy doesn't matter. I was kinda joking on that whole order and wizard business. No one's just anything. Embrace who you are, all of it, and be all, look at my awesome!" Billy is apparently a cheerleader today. "Even if you're 'just' a human. My little brothers have no powers and they are awesome. Awesome is you being you without hesitation. I know, it takes work to do that. Don't worry. You'll get there." Then, fooood. Moar foood. He is a bottomless pit.

Riley bites at the inner edge of her lip, looking at Lambert as she swallows against that lump in her throat. "I.. I'm not sure exactly what it's called. Psychic? Mind-readin'? I mean.. I prefer to keep everyone's thoughts to themselves, but emotions are harder. They can kinda creep in on me." Her hands are twisting that napkin she'd used on Lambert's collar, wringing it again and again. Blue eyes blink at Billy. "You're not supposed to ask? Then how do you know how to help someone, if they need it?" She'll just stare at Billy a moment, before she'll glance at the other men grouped around the table.

"Polite comes second to useful, if it's something that means she can reheat up food, or make rats leave the food stores alone," Lambert says to Billy, without a hint of self consciousness. Not that he actually seems to have that normally "Besides, for those of us who wear it on th outside, we never really get a chance to hide - not that I'm a mutant, butttt…everyone thinks I am. Wow, look at you et, boy. Are you going to go through a growth spurt?" He peers, and then he shoves across a plate of more bread, before he says dryly to Kai "Any family with Loki in it is complicated, my dear." Grin. Lambert says to Riley "Ah! Well, if we have some forms of trouble, that might be useful, but let's hope we _don't_ have any forms of trouble. I need a seeing-eye Kai. Or something…before I'll be able to aim straight."

Kai pats Lambert on the arm and says, "I'm here for you, man." Then he works out from under his sleeve a piece of twine tied round his wrist. He guides Lambert's fingers to it. "Feel that? That's a handfasting bond Loki put on me. We're family. Not saying you're wrong, though. It's complicated." He then asides to Billy and Teddy. "My boyf is the Norse god of mischief. I'll try to introduce you sometime. He's dreamy." He asks Riley, "How'm I feeling right now?" Hint: he's in a great mood. Then again, he usually is.

Psychic? Billy freezes a moment, and then lifts a hand to his forehead and Teddy's instantly, and closes his eyes, murmuring, "Mind ward mind ward mind ward mind ward." There's no visible effect to anyone who can't see magic, but his entire consciousness vanishes from anyone telepathic or empathic. He glances at Riley, "I was teasing. Sorry. I'm in a lighthearted teasing mood. And sorry. I've recently had a _really_ bad experience with a telepath. Its not that I think you'll try to control me too but I'm still a bit paranoid about telepathy." He flashes a grin at Lambert, "I dunno. Magic seems to use a lot of calories, and I spent the afternoon practicing in the Mirror Dimension." He blinks at Kai. Apparently boyf is a word now. Okay! "Man, a norse god of mischief must be — wait." HE immediately blushes. He was gonna make a sex comment. He does not DO THAT. You don't need to be an empath to read him in this. He murmurs, "I'll keep my god of studliness." He grins a bit goofily.

Throughout this whole conversation, Teddy has been carefully and diligently consuming the food in front of him. He's not known for being especially wordy in public, even less so when food is involved, so he's more than happy to have people chatting around him. He does, however, introduce himself to Lambert, compliment the food, and smile over to Billy when his arm is squeezed. The mind ward, however, has him crossing his eyes and looking up at the hand on his forehead. "I think she's ok," he says, grinning. For his part, he's calm and happy, though the god of studliness comment warms him considerably and makes his heart beat just a touch faster.

"You don't need to be a psychic to tell you're super happy and in a mood I wish I could bottle." Riley will say to Kai, before she's blinking, a faint frown at Billy as the faint sort of .. glow her empathy reads off people completely vanishes. "A little bit rude, but if it makes you happy. And I'm not.." She shakes her head. "I'm not that good at anything. I'm pretty sure I'd need a lot more oomph to do anythin' like control someone else. I have enough trouble cotnrolling me, why would I want to add someone else to it?" There's no sarcasm, just words spilling out in a rush of honesty. "Truth is, I've never been able to tell anyone outside of Momma."

Lambert feels it, indeed, and then he says "Oh, yes, I know you two are family. You are just _troublesome_ family!" He grins, and he then squints "Boy_f_," Lambert says disapprovingly "I spend all this effort learning English, then you peons wreck it for me." Lambert has no resistance against telepathy - or empathy. However, his mind is probably _not_ the kind of place one wants to casually duck into. Unless you happen to like blushing. The satyrling says "Tch! Well, being wonderful takes a lot of calories too. Though…I have to admit, without Riley and Kai here, I would need to close this place." He beams at everyone, regardless of if he can see them or not. Lambert is generally, well. Not quite as good a mood as Kai. More, uh. Saucier. He then says "Aww, my _dear_," to Riley, and tries to reach out to pat her hand "My dear, you are _safe_ here."

Kai grins at Riley, and lo, there are dimples. "Thank you," he says. To Lambert, he says, "It's not my fault my family's troublesome." Then he clucks his tongue and says, "It's a fine word if you understand what it means." He refills wine glasses. "We're going to get you fixed up in no time, Bertie," Kai says. He explains to Billy and Teddy, "Lambert's going blind. We're going to fix it, though. It's a crime against nature to create someone like Lambert then make it so he can't tell if the babes are checking him out."

"Rude isn't the intent." Billy offers an apologetic dimpled smile to Riley, "Its not about you. Until I figure out how to resist compulsion— well it appears I'm _particularly_ susceptible, and that's dangerous. Consider it me not wanting to suddenly have a Happy Mood and have it flood your brain with Crazy Happy. Its possible. I'm told the whole barrier between in my head and out of my head isn't even paper thin." He blinks over at Lambert, "You would need to close this place?" He sounds confused on that front. As for Teddy, he's decidd to leave a hand resting next to his boyfs. Just touching. But not like holding hands. Barely. He glances over at Kai, looking suddenly worried, "WAit, he's going blind? Do you need help? I've done some healing before, though healing isn't my specialty … so maybe me trying to heal him directly is a bad idea, but maybe I can help some other way? Look I have access to…resources…" Pause. "Aren't the babes always checking him out? He has that babes-check-me-out vibe."

Teddy is fine with close-touching hand, which he glances to only once with another smile. He'll be eating with one hand for a time. "Sorry to hear that, Lambert. Between everyone here, though, I'm sure we can figure something out." A bit of optimism is what Teddy can offer in this situation, though from the way Kai says things, he feels like there might be something in the works already. Leaning over to Billy, then, he asks, "Is it too soon for baklava?"

Riley stills under that pat to her hand, and she's looking up at Lambert. "Thanks. I know you don't even really know me.." She's all but whispering. "Blind?" She looks from Lambert to Kai to Billy. She won't mention anything about intent or compulsion or any of that. She just looks a little overwhelmed. "I'm going to go make sure nothing needs to be cleared or anything. You guys have fun!"

"The babes are absolutely checking me out, and I need to see it," says Lambert, who is proof that a big smile and complete confidence can certainly carry a man far in the romance world. That and possibly offering the cleaner the 'house special' - whatever _that_ is. He tilts hsi head "Crazy happy sounds amazing. I approve of it. I should get you drunk." And then he says "Yes. I headbutted, er, my relatives, and…look, it's a satyr thing. But my horns aren't as…" Mumble "Big. I'm just not well endowed, and…I don't really want to talk about it. But it turns out that repeated concussions can give you cataracts. Who would have thought so much headbutting could be _bad_?" He rises to help Riley.

"He means his horns," Kai says, "and they're getting bigger all the time." He pats Lambert as the satyrkin gets up. "I'll keep this table well-stocked with wine," he promises, and he pushes some baklava to the fore before Billy and Teddy. It's never too soon for baklava. It's always baklava o'clock. He smiles up at his boss. "If you need anything, just holler."

"I have never believed in the orthodoxy." Billy nods to his boyf, grinning, "Why does dessert have to come _after_ dinner? Says who?" He nods in encouragement with Kai, then blinks over at Lambert, "Okay, so…headbutting bad. I'm tusre there's a way to reverse this." He looks to Kai, "Do you have a plan?"

Teddy has things to say about the headbutting and the horns and the growing of the horns, but he doesn't want to embarass Billy, so he just says, "Right? Let's do dessert /then/ dinner next time we come." Because there will be a next time. After, he looks over to Kai and says, "Yeah, what's the plan?"

Kai rests his elbows on the table, his attention swiveling to Billy and Teddy. In a low tone, he says, "We're going to Asgard. Their medicine is millennia ahead of what we've got here. Now, will the All-Father agree to help a mortal? No. But. If his beloved son Thor asks, he might. Now, Thor is a friend of mine, and he's going to intercede on my behalf trying to get my parents out of prison. While he's doing that, would it be too much to ask him to help Lambert? I don't think so."

Billy flashes a smile over at Teddy, nodding, but then… has to just stare a bit at Kai. HIs plan goes completely over Billy's head. He furrows his brow, "So… you're going to attach one favor onto another? That seems dangerous like it might just ruin either favor happening. If someone's doing one thing for you, seems not the right time to ask for a second. Favors… are quiet burdens. What if you asked for a quest? For Lambert's eyes? Then go I don't know, fetch a golden goat or something."

Lambert comes back out, drying his hands on a towel "A golden goat? Now, I'm a _very_ flexible man, Mister Billy, but even I have limits…"

Teddy eats a bit of the baklava as Kai goes over his plan and Billy chimes in. "I don't know, from what Kai said about this Thor guy, it seems like he would be the best judge of whether or not it would work." He stares hard at Kai, though, and asks, "You /are/ going to tell him in advance, right?" Otherwise, the move would be not at all groovy.

Kai glances up at Lambert and smiles. To Billy, he says, "It's a small enough matter when it's a favor to your son, is the thing. I won't be asking. Thor will. Besides, Lambert creates booze that can get gods loaded. If he presents some to the All-Father, it might be deemed an acceptable gift. I'm returning what my parents stole. We're covering our bases." He chews his lower lip, then adds, "And I don't know what Loki plans to do so we might have to plan for a coming out scenario. I hope he doesn't bring it up until after my parents are free." He nods then to Teedy and says, "Sure, sure, we've glossed over it. I intend to fill him in once we get closer to the time."

"Err?" Billy blinks at Lambert, not getting the goat thing. He's missed something here a bit. But he shakes his head, "Well, let me know if you need any help." He finishes off the last of what he will eat, and leans back with a contented sigh, "Most excellent food, chef. Will you cater my birthday? Its in march, so not soon, but still. I'll be… well. I think 20. Hard to say." He half-shrugs at that, relaxing, and sipping wine. He hesitates a moment, then shifts, tilting his chair, and lifting legs to lay them across Teddy's lap. Its the next best thing to sitting in his boyf's lap.

"I can, in fact, get just about anyone drunk," Lambert says "It is my strongest skill. I would be curious to see what I could do to the All-Father in this respect. But it works on Asgardians, and it works on people that think they cannot get drunk. Including people like Captain America." He grins and his fangs show, and then he admits "I am partly relying on Kai, but I have backup plans. None of them include Greek Gods. Because my people's Gods? Are bastards, through and through. And…" He pauses, and then he says "Billy. Do you swear to find someone undeserving. Someone you do not like particularly. And help them - as long as it endangers no one else - just as a random act of kindness?"

Teddy looks impressed at what Lambert says. "Wow, that's some serious hooch. I kind of want to try some." While it may not be the smartest idea, it's an honest one. He nods over to Kai when he's assured the elf will deal with his plan wisely enough, then lifts a brow at Lambert's question. It remains that way when he looks back over to Billy, whose ankle he squeezes under the table.

Kai claps Lambert on the shoulder. "We'll work it out," he says. "And if Odin says no, we'll try the technology here on Earth." He sounds uncertain about that. No offense, Midgard, but. "Or find a healer. It's just cataracts, I'm sure they can be dealt with relatively easily. I would try it myself, but the artifact I have doesn't undo scarring or anything like that. Either way, I'll bring you guys something back from Asgard or Alfheim while we're there."

"I… don't really like alcohol. I think wine is okay. I *do* like daiquiri's, but most? It just hurts or tastes bad." Billy admits, being innocent and pure that he is. He looks to Kai, "If push comes to shove, come bring him to me and dad. We can figure something out. I'd need to know how cataracts work, I don't know them, but if I knew them enough— completely enough— I may be able to help." Then does Lamber's words sink in. That sounds like a magical oath, so he seriously looks at the satyrling, considers, and says binding assurance, "Yes."

"I'll set some aside for you," Lambert promises Teddy "However, I have been told that the hangover can be atrocious unless you have some serious stamina." He turns his head to smile at Kai, and he says "Yes, just cataracts. Something they can remove even here. I know that Asgard will have better technology. I am sure this sort of problem happens everywhere…" And Lambert says "I am hoping to bring back a Queen bee from Alfheim!" And he then says to Billy "I don't really understand the…the medical terminology. I am sorry - your father might. I don't actually mmind where it happens as long as it does." He tilts his head, then Lambert fingerguns "Okay. I'll cater your birthday!"

Teddy beams at being promised some of the potent brew. It's something to look forward to. "Thanks! I'll do my best to keep it together." He smirks and reaches for just one more bite of whatever is closest to him, because it's there. "Oh, Kai, if you /do/ bring us back something, no insects please." He nods over to Lambert and his mention of a bee, which is a monstrous thing in his ignorant imagination.

Kai rotates out dishes so the two have a steady stream of food coming their way. Even taking his break, he's all about the hospitality. "I won't bring you insects," he promises. "I'm only going to try to get Lambert a queen because I wrecked his beehives." He then tells Billy, "I should ask your dad if he can do anything about it, though magic always has consequences. I don't want to put anything on him like that. Though I guess it's up to Bertie what he wants to do. One way or another, he'll get his sight fixed."

"Magic always has consequences?" Billy stares blankly at Kai as if he'd never heard such a thing, "Apple apple appleappleapple." And an apple appears in his hand. Half red, half golden, the color swirling. "Are you trying to say like oh, some orchard is going to die now? Careful, there's all these _rules_. Some seem like a habit." He reaches out to grab a knife, slice the apple in half, then in quarters. A quarter is offered to Teddy, Kai and Lambert, and he rises, "But I have an early day at school tomorrow, and have to go home. I just leave you with, magic can have consequences. That 'always' I don't think is strictly accurate."

Lambert reaches out to take the apple, and says "There are supposedly consequences for everything," he says to him "But I did manage to convince a sophisticated older woman that she should clean my flat as long as I gave her a good time." He beams and bites into the swirling apple, and then he nudges Kai "Here. I need to get working on the bread for tomorrow. But I'm going to steal this apple."

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