1965-06-26 - Drink Of The Gods
Summary: Lambert hosts a booze tasting for the most stalwart clientele.
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And so! Lambert has let Kai know that he is breaking out the _special_ reserve tonight. The main restaurant is most assuredly closed, and the place outside has been converted to one long table with bench-style seating. Lambert has several bottles - all ceramic - on the table. Big, fat things with wax stoppers and handwritten labels. Right now, the gourmet goat is uncorking one, swirling it around and having a big sniff. The scent, redolent with honey, bitter herbs, and flower nectar, rolls out as if it might well be alive itself. Then Lambert calls out "Kai - where are you - Kai, do we start with the Dreamers Dilemma or just the Deadwine?" The satyrling has clouded over, cataract-shaded eyes now, but while he might be near blind, this is his home and he knows it well.

Kai is in his work clothes, though he isn't bothering with illusion to make himself appear more human. Let people look at him and wonder. He comes out of the kitchen with a tray of nibblies in hand. "Dreamers Dilemma," he says as he lays down trays of warm olives and roasted peppers, sliced bread an assortment of cheeses, spanakopita and dolmas. Food to enjoy while getting hammered. He's made sure the word has gotten around, leaving notes here and there, dropping information to those in the know: tonight, we break into the good stuff.

Everywhere which is anywher, why, Johnny gets invited to. Sometimes its to show him off and sometimes its to be shown off to him, what's the matter? With him the distinction between Fame and Notoriety is somewhat academic. He's in a sportscar, a rather big and bright green one, and one that has had its suspension and drive train modified to accommodate passengers that…are giant stone men. Its a convertible too. "It's good you're getting out, Benny-boy. I hear this place— a friend of a friend— is all relaxed for people with special backgrounds and unique constitutions." He pulls up outside, and rolls his shoulders and gets out. Now, this being Johnny, he's in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt that doesn't even know what state Modesty is in, and over it a fitted black leather jacket. He looks good, and he knows it.

Amber rrives sporting her usual work-a-day Western fashion. Clean blue jeans, red checkered shirt, well-worn denim jacket, slightly battered boots, and her Stetson. This being outside, she leaves it on.
"I got no notion a' what Kai's got us signed up for.", she says conversationally to Julie. "Some manner of wine tastin' or some such.", she adds.

It's kind of a busman's holiday, really, Bucky coming here after a shift at Lux. He's in one of his sharp suits with the dark red vest beneath, the incongruous combat boots worn nonetheless. An inadvertant trademark. He's got his hair pulled back into a low tail, but not tucked below his collar….he heads straight for the master of the house, and his elf friend, grinning that crooked, disarming grin.

Those words have reached far, even unto the halls of Asgard itself, and Balder was glad of it. A night of celebration, feasting, and drinking? Balder is *IN*. Been a long time since he enjoyed some proper carousing. He arrives alone, a soft flash of light heralding his appearance in front of the restaurant. That teleportation spell still takes the wind out of him, but he'll recover quickly enough, especially with the promise of food and drink. Balder gives a glance around, seeing the others who have just arrived, and offers a warm (no pun intended) smile and nod. He is dressed, or at least disguised via the power of illusion, in fashionable Midgardian attire, complete with the black fedora. He heads inside, and through to the courtyard. "Elf friend!" He calls, upon seeing Kai, his face lighting up (again, no pun intended). "I have heard your summons, and gratefully accept your invitation!" Balder is what you might call 'a little bit excited'.

Ben's attempted to go incognito, which for him is a fedora hat and a trenchcoat the size of a large circus tarp. He has a cigar at the corner of his mouth and he steps out of the car carefully - refurbished or not, he's got a habit of breaking delicate machinery. He doesn't always know his own strength.

"U-neek constitutions, huh? Dat a fancy way o' sayin' freaks? Dat's awright, kiddo, I get enough o' the ten dollar words from Stretch, I don't need vocablary lessons from youze, too, huh? You say dey got booze what's worth my time, I'm here to check it out. Been a while since I got a little bit blotto." he says. He eyes the others warily as he arrives. Famous or not famous, he's still a huge rock monster and so he's used to drawing attention and fear.

Lambert nods to Kai, hearing his voice, and then he picks up the ceramic container "Thus it is," he says, and begins to pour wine into some wooden bowls. The liquid that comes out is a _brilliant_ green, literally shot through with sparkles. Light plays along it, shafts of brilliance arching up, then fading away. Magic. They dance along his little horns and pop off with light fizzes. Lambert calls out "Ladies and gentlemen - the Wine of Dreams!" And he adds "Please ensure you have enough money for a taxi home, _especially if you can teleport_. We do not want a repeat of last month's shenanigans!" His voice is broad, and he has a faintly Greek accent. As Bucky comes close, Lambert grins at him, his own fangs showing "Come! Carouse! And most importantly, provide _reviews_, thankyou! We like to improve our service!" Bowls of wine are given to Kai to pass out to the revellers.

Julie smirks to Amber, closing the door to an outwardly-rather nondescript blue Pontiac Tempest wagon, which just rather sits like there's more to it: car people may notice the hood has little scoops from a GTO, and it just sits differently from how an ordinary one would. "Well, kinda," the new Yorker says to the cowgirl. "I'd be careful what wine you taste in here, though, it could really throw you for a loop, believe me, and I mean forget about what you can handle for booze. Just, hey, we ain't the only people that's interesting in town, if you know what I mean." She gestures gallantly up the side-street toward a back-garden entrance.

Kai beams broadly at Bucky. "Hello, Handsome." He gives the soldier one of the bowls of wine, and then he wends, passing them out here and there. "Balder! My friend! Please, try some of this, the Wine of Dreams. Over there is Lambert, he's the brewer and chef. Be sure to say hello while you can still walk in a straight line. Amber! Hello! Small sips, luv, this packs a punch." His accent is English, so that 'luv' just rolls off his tongue. "Be sure to space it out with some food."

Johnny strides into the courtyard, and glances back at Ben, snorting, "If unique qualifies as a ten dollar word, Ben, you're being robbed." He looks around, looking briefly disappointed he doesn't recognize anyone else, but hey, what can you do? He approaches Lambert the host, "I'm Johnny." He says it in 'but of course you know that' tones, and offers a hand to the satyr, though chances of him being disappointed his fame has not penetrated might be going up.

The greeting makes the Soldier blush, but he accepts the bowl and lifts it in salute to the elf. "Thanks," he says, before looking down into the bowl. His first sip is tentative. Even with a supersoldier's constitution to bolster him, this is clearly a wine that deserves respect. The taste of it makes him close his eyes in what might well be reverence. This may be one of the things that's capable of getting him drunk.

Amber accepts her bowl(??) with a polite 'Thank yew', and, gingerly takes a sip. "Oh, Julie, most like, I ain't gettin' a damn lick a' work done t'morrow. That is /good/. Don't know much about wine, but /wow/…", she sighs happily. "A lil' a' this goes a mighty long way."

Ben Grimm grins, "I'm used ta gettin' robbed, Johnny boy. You seen how much they charge for Yankees tickets these days? It's a cryin' shame. The Babe would be rollin' over in his grave if he wasn't such a fat biscuit eater," he says.

He finds a specially reinforced chair for his usage and sits in it carefully, "Nice to meetcha, folks. I'm Ben. I dunno whose most of youze are, but dat's awright, we'll get nice and cozy pretty quick, I figger."

"You underestimate me, my friend!" Balder says boldly, lifting the bowl to his lips and taking a long drink. The wine hits him almost immediately, and he feels it working its magic. His smile turns wider, and he turns toward to the satyr, shouting across to him gleefully, "A most excellent libation!" Now, to mingle!

Poor Johnny! The problem may well be that right now Lambert is not going to be able to recognise a face unless he knows it well. He reaches out and shakes Johnny's hand happily, and passes him a bowl of brilliant green wine "Hello and welcome! Are…you the Johnny from the song?" Because the man does seem to expect people will know him, and because Lambert likes to help. He then says "I can hear the lovely Madame Julie as well. Tell me, is she as heart rending as ever?" Someone is shouting at him cheerfully, and that is Lambert's jam. His long goat ears flick up in amusement, and then he says brightly "Hello Ben! Everyone, my name is Lambert - yes, I _am_ a satyr. No, I am not _entirely_ satyr, I am mostly human. _Yes_ the drinks here are magical. Food is on the house! We merely ask you at Saganaki to pay it forward by choosing one person to do a good deed for in the future! If you want, that can be Kai - you can rescue him next time he is charged for being ass-naked in the park throwing pants at people." He salutes them all.

Johnny blinks at Lambert, and shrugs; miracles happen and he's not noticed. Nothing is certain in life. "Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four. The Human Torch." He grins, "God of Fire." Johnny reaches over to take one of the little wooden bowls, and he looks…skeptical. "Look, guys, I've been something of an expert at getting drunk since I got hair on my balls, so I think I need bigger cups." But magical? He hmms, and looks back over to Ben, "Tough crowd here, Ben. They are not impressed with us. Isn't that weird? Oh wait, …" The teasing note in his voice is thick.

Kai finishes passing out the bowls before he takes one for himself. "I had my reasons!" he calls back. He passes by Johnny and says, "We're getting there. It's about the journey." He's only had about a half-portion, so he's still on his feet. Once wine his passed out, he brings around trays of food. It gives him a chance to visit with everyone. "Ben, was it? It's nice to meet you. I'm Kai. I work here. Balder, my friend, try the spanakopita."

Julie is just smiling as the two girls come on in, one hand waving as she hears Lambert speakin, and actually puts a hand over Amber's cup before she drinks too much. "Ay, what'd I just tell ya? How bout we say howyadoing before you're off in la-la-land." She's actually spotted Johnny by, well, a similar leather to what she's wearing, and is about to look that way for sympathy when she cues in just what big guy is there in the person of Ben. "Famous guys, even, be cool a while."

"I can do wit' a bit o' bein' a face in da crowd, you know what I'm sayin'? Be a nice change o' pace, but, then, I ain't got yer pretty mug to be recognized for, does I?" he says.

He takes a bowl easily in one hand and pours the contents into his massive, rocky jaw, opening wide and taking the entire contents at once before swallowing with an audible gulp and an 'Ah'.

"Dat's some good suds, I gotsa agree with ya. Compliments to the…I dunno, what's a booze guy called? He ain't a chef zactly, but it's close enough. Hey, pally, did he say yer name's Balder? That's a shame, I worry 'bout yer hairline, that's like one o' them curses or somethin'."

"Um, well, y'all, I'm Amber,", she says speaking just loud enough to be heard, and blushing slightly as she does so. No, it's not the wine, public speaking ain't her strong suit.
Spotting Bucky, she raises her bowl in a toast, adding. "Nice t' see ya again.".
Her reaction to Ben is brief, but she attempts to recover well, "Pleased t'meetcha, sir.", she purrs in her Southwest Texan accent.
"You're into fire, too, sir?", she nods to Johnny. "Heh, me too, kinda.", she chuckles.
And, naturally, Lambert gets a quick, but affectionate hug.

"Oh, goodness, the one with the abs?" Lambert says as Johnny speaks. With Lambert's cataracts, well…he then says "Ah! Well, as far as 'expertise' goes, let me just reach for Father's Best -" And unless Kai _stops_ him, Lambert is going to get a _special bottle_ just for Johnny. Ohhhh yes. But there are ladies to flirt with, and come to think of it, beam at. And Bucky to pat just a little tooo long on the shoulder. The special bottle? Contains a very _thick_ fluid - wine, technically. Wine is not normally totally blood red, but it does taste like wine. And Lambert turns his head this way and that, sniffing the air for a moment, before he starts looking towards Ben Grimm. Something about the Thing's scent has labelled him as Not Human in Lambert's mind, even if he cannot see it "…huh," he says, then calls out "I am the chef, and the vinter!" Hey, Amber. A quick hug? One of Lambert's arms reaches out and he sweeps her up for another one. Just because he thinks no one will stop him "Hello! Beautiful Amber as well!"

Those are names he's heard, and Buck looks up from the bowl of wine, cradled in a left hand that looks, at least at first glance, as normal as any other. No glove, no gleam of metal. Someone's been helping with the paintjob, so to speak. "Human Torch?" he says, a little blankly. "Wait, didn't I know you in the war?" Only one war for Sergeant Barnes, though he didn't exactly sleep through Korea. "Hey there," he adds to Amber, flashing the default grin given to pretty girls.

Balder laughs loudly, first at Kai, and then at Ben's joke. Is it the first hair joke he's endured in a lifetime? Certainly not. Will it be the last? Let's hope so. "And you are made of rocks! Most impressive!" There aren't a lot of Rock-people in Asgard. Just rock trolls, but they're not actually made of rocks. "And a god of fire! I am the god of light. From what pantheon do you hail? You cannot be Asgardian, or I would know you.. and you do not have the look of the children of Zeus," he says, cocking his head to the side, before he takes another sip of the wine, letting it distract him. Spanakopita! Balder takes a piece of the flaky pastry, popping it into his mouth whole, and making some very satisfied sounds while he chews. Once the morsel is swallowed, he drinks again, and glows a little bit more brightly; it may be intentional, or it may be the drink. He's not exactly taking it slow. Asgardian constitution and all, but this is no run-of-the-mill liquor.

"Did the girl just 'sir' me?" asks Johnny to Ben with a slightly bewildered tone of voice, "People at the Foundation might sir me from time to time until I get them charmed, but really… 'sir'." He glances back to Amber, lifts a hand up and reaches a finger out…and proceeds to write 'Hi!' in fire in front of him. It just hangs there, and Johnny grins. It is then that he takes a long swig of the drink, before looking to Bucky, "Oh, that guy wasn't me. Similar application, took his name to honor his contribution. I'm the new and improved Human Torch." He blinks at Balder, and chuckles, "Pantheon? The Fantastics.. Not greek, certainly. Have you seen drawings of Hephaestus?" What? Johnny _knows_ greek myth? He plays down the fact that he's actually educated, usually. "He does _not_ have my handsomeness down at _all_. Ben there, he is the god of strength in our pantheon. Also grouchyness. My sisters a goddess of light, and she has doe-eyes for the water god. I expect rainbow children eventually." He sighs, long-sufferingly. There's a special bottle? He peers curiously towards Lambert. Does Kai stop him?

Julie smirks and laughs a bit as Amber is scooped right up, well, among various assertions of godhood, which she hasn't particularly seemed to know what to think of. Shakes her head and raises a finger halfway to Amber, not that she's likely paying attention. "What'd I tellya about this stuff!" The accent's New York Italian, and she rather gravitates toward Ben, pile of rocks as he may be. She's surprisingly-used to really big guys, too, perhaps less so celebrities. "I probably shoulda known better," she scolds herself, by way of greeting.

For better or worse, Kai doesn't see Lambert break out the special reserve. If he had, he most certaintly would've stopped him! But he didn't. He's too busy working the room, making sure people are getting fed as well as drunk. He has one job tonight! Make sure things go smoothly. Is he doing his job? He's trying! But he can't be everywhere at once, and that means that no, he does not stop Johnny. He's too busy trying to ply Amber and Julie with baklava. "Here, just have a taste. It's wonderful."

Ben Grimm snorts and shakes his head, "Don't let firebutt blow smoke up yer ass, I ain't no god, just a kid from Yancy Street got dipped an' deep fried in cosmic rays. Gave me a nice crispy outside, but I'm still the same ol' Ben Grimm underneath," he says.

He looks a little bashful at any female attention going his way, showing a shy aspect to his character that might not be immediately evident, his thick brow overshadowing his blue eyes, "Ain't it always the way?" he says to Julie and then hears Johnny wanting the special stuff. "Watch it, kid, yer sister'll put me in an invisible mousetrap if I bring ya home with yer brains turned t'sauce."

Lambert says excitedly from where he is "Do _I_ have the look of the children of Zeus?" He stands up, and strikes a pose. Lambert is definitely on the 'cuddly' side as far as men go - even if he has muscles, they are under a pretty solid coat of his own cooking. "I hope someone is refilling Baldur's bowl - he sounds as though he needs more." Everyone needs more, it has to be said. Then he is handing the 'special' bottle brewed by his father to Johnny. Lambert is one quarter satyr - which only makes him one eigth god. But his father is purer blood, which means that Johnny will be ingesting the wine created by the grandson of Dionysis himself. This is the stuff of legends and dire portents. Brains turned to sauce? Perhaps to prophesy and glimpses of the future. _Certainly_ to being hallucinogenically drunk.

Balder laughs again, and drinks. You can safely assume that he's pretty much drinking between laughs, words, breaths.. "I do not know these Fantasticks," he says, "But I know of Hephaestus. Not an attractive fellow, but have you seen his wife? Sometimes looks account for little, young God of Fire." It dawns on him, however, that perhaps Johnny is jesting, and he cracks a wide grin. After all, how can one be a 'human' torch, and be a god? What nonsense these mortals! Drink!

"A generation or two removed perhaps, my good fellow!" Balder laughs, raising his bowl in Lambert's direction. And then to Ben: "You look strong, my rocky friend. We ought to test your might! A friendly challenge!" There's probably a stipulation against such things here. A man made of mountain, and an Asgardian throwing down, even in a friendly match, is likely to cause no small amount of property damage. Someone ought to put a stop to this. "Yes, I would enjoy another bowl of this.. Wine of Dreams?" He drains the bowl to the last. This is going to hit him hard, soon. It should also be noted that Balder is the Norse god of prophecy. Hallucin- I mean visions? Bring it on.

"Huh," says Buck, nodding at that. At least it's genuinely different people, rather than one of those memory fugues he hates so much. He doesn't introduce himself - times like this he remembers what kind of infamy's still stuck to his real name. Then he's turning a thoughtful eye on Balder. "Asgardian, eh? You know Loki?" Surely he knows Loki.

Julie smirks up to Ben, taking out a pack of Chesterfields, slightly-rumpled, and offers one before lighting one for herself. "So, I guess we're both playing chaperone, right? Believe me, maybe we shoulda both brought some halon." She laughs. Realizes. Offers a hand, gingerly. "Anyway, you got a name we all know. They call me Dizzy around here. Real glad to meet you. Oh, ah, a lot of these guys could be from Planet Asgard but they're usually pretty all right."

Kai glances at Bucky when he asks if Balder knows Loki. "They're brothers," he says. He would elaborate, but there is more wine to pass out, and he loads his tray up with bowls. He's good, too, doesn't spill a single drop. "Here we go, mates. Drink up. Here, Balder, don't slow down now." Because the god of prophecy having hallucinations is bound to be good!

Amber /avoids/ the special reserve, favoring food instead. Johnny's antics are met with a grin. "Nice trick, sir.", she smiles. Yes, she calls him /sir/, being raised by parents that urged towards politeness and all the social niceties that come with it. "Like to try one myself,just ain't tryin t' burn the place down.", she smiles. "Lambert's a friend a' mine. Hate to see his place come to harm.', she adds, looking carefully at Johnny's cup of rocket fuel.

Lambert is outright pleased by Balder's response, and it shows. He murmurs to Kai "Get that wonderful observer more baklava." And then he says "Well, I have insurance! I mean, we could have just a little tug of war game, perhaps with one of the chains on the gates I used since those trolls got in and tried to eat my good friend Kai here the other month. Winner gets a free dinner. Loser has to pay for any damage." There, that sorts all that. And then there is Bucky being all cautious. Lambert throws an arm around him, and he says to him "I'm due to get my eyes fixed real soon now. Isn't that great? Then I'll be able to see Dizzy there properly. Tell me, Buck - is Dizzy still as hot as mexican sauce?" Oh ho! He heard that, Amber - those long ears are really keen, and he laughs "Well, maybe the lady with excellent taste can take one home. If I can get a kiss on the cheek from each of you."

Ben Grimm takes the cigarette from Dizzy, letting her light it for him although she can easily strike the match on his hide if she feels like it, "Thanks, dollface," he says. "Usually more've a stogie man, but when in Rome an' all dat," he says.

"Seems like the goat feller's already been hittin' the sauce a little bit himself," he says. Between that and Johnny talking about his hairy balls, he almost wanted to cover the ears of the dames in here just out of a sense of decency.

"It's just alcohol, Ben. Things get dozy and I'll go plasma body and burn it all off." Johnny says dismissively of Ben's concern, taking up the special bottle, peering as he tilts it his way, that, "Little think, isn't it? What's the proper accompaniment? I know, right, you never think Johnny Storm knows about that, but I know good stuff when there's good stuff to be had." Pause, glance at Ben, "Seriously, you're Earth, Sue is Air, I'm — duh — Fire, and Reed is Water. Admittedly that one is a…stretch…." He laughs. He's a little drunk off the regular stuff already. "I'm not saying we're actual gods but since actual gods don't exist, we're as close as anything, Benny boy." He tilts his first bowl back, and pours an inch of the new reserve into his cup. "How old are you thinking I am?" asks Johnny of Amber quizzically, but he swirls the new drink around, "Besides, I'm not gonna burn the place down." He flicks a wrist, and the HI! in fire vanishes. So he goes to take a sip.

"Loki?" Balder sobers just a little, giving a look to Kai, and then to Bucky, who he answers. The soft glow around him dims slightly. "My brother, yes. Of a sort," he says, glowering slightly. It lasts only a moment though, and the smile returns to his face just in time for the next bowl of wine. "Thank you, my elvish friend," he says, the volume and a bit of literal brightness returning as well. He sips, and cheers up even more when the alcohol touches his tongue and the owner of this fine establishment endorses his suggestion for a contest of strength. "Wonderful! Drink and feast, and when you are ready, my stone-faced friend, we shall have a.. war of tug?" That sounds *awful*, but hey, not Balder's words. Baklava is eaten, and enjoyed, when given. But then Johnny's claim about 'real gods' draws his attention, and Balder looks at him with confusion. "Of course actual gods exist, young mortal. You stand in the presence of Balder. You drink in the hall of a child of Dionysus. And you claim we are but figments?" Balder's smile doesn't fade this time, but is a tinted with a look of disbelief. What nonsense, these mortals. "That is, I will admit, an impressive trick," he comments on Johnny's fire spelling, and its subsequent extinguishing. "Who else has a trick to perform?"

"I can kind of glow, too," Kai tells Balder. "It's just moonlight, nothing fancy. Nothing like you can do." Is there a little hero worship in Kai's tone? Maybe. He's a light elf. Balder's all about the light. He continues circuiting the courtyard, playing waiter and errand boy. "Maybe we should push these tables here back a bit if there are going to be feats of strength." He sets aside his tray to begin doing that. For a little fellow, he's got strength in him. Those heavy tables might as well be made of Styrofoam for how easily he manages them.

Julie smirks a little bit, and says to Ben, looking with a bit of sudden concern for Lambert, "He's a nice guy, I just hope he didn't drink himself blind or nothing." But as for 'tricks,' well, she drags on her smoke and takes from her pocket a rather nicely-machined yo-yo. "Well, I guess you could say I'm pretty mortal, but hey." Out the thing goes on its string, it comes back, up and down, and, well, hey, it's tricks.

Ben Grimm furrows his rocky brow a bit, "I don't do circus tricks," he says with a slight grumble. He won't object to the others doing so but he isn't about to make a display of himself for anyone's entertainment, drunk or sober. Especially not people he just met.

"Nothin' wrong with mortal, toots. World would be a lot better with a lot more mortals, ya ask me. Not that there's anything wrong with bein' different, just…aw, hell, I dunno what I'm sayin'," he says. He gets another bowl and drains it, leaning back, "Don't mind me." he says, keeping a close eye on Johnny. If the Torch starts to get too out of hand, Ben will have to put the kibosh on things, whether the kid likes it or not.

"You're an alien of some sort." Johnny says casually to Balder, "I don't deny you might be powerful. So am I. Does then power define the godhead? Or longevity? What is god but a being beyond the understanding of the simplistic?" Good, this distracts him from the special reserve. Holding it in one hand, lifting his right hand, which suddenly becomes wreathed in flame, "If in another era I did that, would people not proclaim me god of fire? Ah, but that's a trick." He sets the drink aside, and the flame rushes over his chest and arm and head, and then the whole quality of what's happening changes. Johnny's upper body is not wreathed in flame, it is pure, liquid plasma, yellow and white burning power— the radiant heat of which does *not* reach anyone nearby, its worth noting. There's no display of threat intended here. There's nothing human left in the half-flaming being's top half, but he can speak, voice only a little odd, "It isn't a trick. It is who I am, the fire. If the two of us showed up in a nordic village some thousand years ago and argued— and no I don't want to fight you— could they look in any real way and say which is the god and which is not? Because neither are." The flame just…vanishes, into a guy. The jacket? DId not survive, and is ash slowly floating to the ground. The shirt and pants survived, though. "You're an alien of power, and this 'mortal' business assumes you think you'll live longer then me— our testing is unclear if our aging is affected, we'll see— what I deny is you had anything at all to do with creating the cosmos. Whatever did, gets the god title. Everything else is just a peer who has failed to notice humans can be gods now— don't underestimate the human or other alien races, Balder of Asgard. Divinity doesn't mean anything at all to some of us." he glances over to Ben, and gives a look. He's forgotten the special reserve. Is only a little drunk. But is in it to win it on this subject, stubborn as he is as much as any of the Four are. Ben might be able to contain him, though. Mostly, he can't really hurt Ben.

Lambert says to Ben Grimm "I try to be sober as little as possible." He does wave nervously "Please, no plasma in the courtyard! Or anywhere! That sound very hot - oh, you are the _Fantastic Four_!" That description makes sense, but then Greeks do like their elements. Lambert picks up his bowl of wine and tosses it away brightly, and he then says "I like this Balder fellow - he knows what is up." He pulls himself up and then he says "Yes! Okay, great grandchild, but my grandfather _is_ a pure bred satyr, and I've met him. Great huge curling horns - like a massive ram. Beard. Fuzzy legs, massive cloven hooves. When he plays panpipes, everyone dances. The gates of dawn open. All that jazz. Girls throw themselves at his feet." Lambert is describing his _own_ grandfather. He adds "You should see what they do to Dionysis, but on the other hand, we got Maenads too, sooooo…" Aww, no kisses? He sighs. And then he says to Balder "So. Uh. Question. Do Asgardians do surgery? Like. Cataract surgery?" And then Johnny is speaking about gods, and Lambert says "Errrr…" And looks up nervously. In case. Because Zeus is a _bastard_.

Amber watches Johnny's show between bites of some lovely sausages Kai's been serving. She'd hug him, but he's busy and it's rude to interupt."That's a mighty fine lightshow, sir.", she says to Johnny, tipping her hat to him. "Half of New York's apt t' seen it.", she adds. "But Gods? You bein' one? Like to think they're less showy.", she notes. "Us humble mutants just stick to what we're given."
Turning to Balder, she inquires. "Did I hear you say you were kin t' Loki?", she asks, offering her hand. "Name's Amber.", she adds. "Heard tell you were kin t' Kai somehow."

Julie smacks her forehead a bit at the 'humble mutants' bit, but, really, it's better to let that slide. She's actually very good at yo-yoing even without doing anything particularly unnatural, having had her senses since she was, well, of yo-yo age and needing something to do with said senses. Goes over a few steps closer to Lambert, so she can say more quietly. "Cataracts? Is that what this is? I know this guy, he'd see you about this. Could help, ….Also, he was a real doctor so he could look at it anyway." The yo-yo's stopped in a hand absently propped on a hip. She'll probably be someone's spinster aunt one day, despite the leather jacket.

Ben Grimm nods to Lambert, "Can't say as I blame ya. Felt the urge to drown my sorrows a time or two. Still do, now'n again, although the tap down at the ol' brew ain't exactly as endless as it used to be. Although your potion's doin' a right good job o' me, no doubt about it," he says.

He pushes himself up to stand and says aloud, now obviousy perhaps a little bit inebriated from the swagger in his step, "I used to be a wrestler. Did you know that, Johnny boy? Back in high school. Handsome Ben Grimm. Nobody called me that, but fuck 'em, they shoulda."

So much going on! Balder smiles at Julie' yo-yo, amused by its simple entertainment value. He has never seen this particular toy, being rather new to Midgard in the modern age; so much to catch up on. Kai gets a firm clap on the back and a laugh, "Your gifts are many, my elvish friend." Ben gets a more serious nod, and also a firm clap on the shoulder, even if he has to reach over to do it. "As you wish, friend. Another time, perhaps," he says with a grin. Oh yes, there will be the feats of strength. Some day. And then Johnny.

"Young mortal," he starts, and takes a quick sip of wine. "There is power, and there is Power. You are the fire, I will not dispute it. But you are not Fire itself." The way he speaks, the capitalization comes through easily enough. "Surtur, perhaps, may claim the title, but no mere mortal of Midgard." Balder laughs. "But I am no alien. We Aesir are as much born from this realm as our own. And perhaps you will outlive me, young one. We are immortal, but nothing is eternal. My time will come again," he says with some seriousness, looking at Kai for a moment. "I do not doubt the potential of the mortal races, and I certainly did not create the cosmos. I doubt the All-Father himself would make that claim." He smiles, and bows his head toward Johnny. "You are free to believe as you will, my friend. If it comforts you to think of me and my kin as otherworldly visitors, then so be it," he says disarmingly.

Lambert's interjection brings him back to the reverie of the evening though, and he lets out a loud laugh. "I should like to meet your grandfather one day, my good host. I'm sure he has many stories to tell, as do you, no doubt." Balder drinks again, and looks thoughtful for a moment at the satyr's request. "Perhaps Frigga, or Idunn, may be able to help, but I am afraid such a thing is outside of my ability. I can certainly ask, my friend." Balder's got the Asgardian hook-up, or at least seems to.

"Yes, fair lady, Loki is my brother. As he is coupled with Kai, so too is Kai my kin. Brother-in-law, perhaps, to use your earthly terms?"

Johnny eyes Balder for a long moment, clearly not buying it. "Surtur, fire-giant? I'd challenge it in a heartbeat and with no doubt I'd win, in a contest to claim the heart of what Fire is. I am Fire." The utter confidence that he has is without a doubt. True or not? Another story. But he shrugs then, "What constitutes a 'realm' we'll have to discuss another time; 'alien' means more 'non-human entity' then 'otherworldly', to my usage. I know several aliens. Some of great and amazing power. Gods, though? Gods author the cosmos in some way. I don't buy it. There can't be gods of Asgard and gods of Olympus at once: there's too many contradictions. Therefore, you're all aliens. But be welcome, alien."

Johnny looks over to Amber then with a flash of a grin, "That's the show half of New York sees everynight, love." Johnny is shaking his head, but his smile remains, "Did you get the idea that people didn't know me or what I do? Every night I'm out there, flying in flame. I don't begrudge you hiding, you don't have the advantages we have. The Four didn't choose to reveal ourselves, but being revealed? We fight for you to show everyone in as showy a way possible that we're people too. And we're rich and white-slash-yellow-orange…" Pointed glance at Ben, "…and secure. If you think our public profile is an accident, you're mistaken. I'm out and about as _Johnny_Storm_the_Human_Torch_ every other night to raise the profile of what it is the metahumans can do. My role is the bad boy, party celebrity, flashy. Drawing attention is what I *do*. I draw it to myself on purpose, love, because I can take it. The others? Reed is the consummate scientist tirelessly devoted to bettering the world. Ben… is Ben. The threat and promise for what wants to fuck you up will get itself fucked up."

Shrug, He gives a wary look over to Ben, "If you're getting a wrestling Johnny idea in your head, stop, stop right now. I'll give that stone skin of yours the suntan it wouldn't even believe. Don't start something you can't stop, Ben." Serious voice, that. Telling off gods? Easy. Ben has to be … managed. Though not by folding. Its Johnny's version of respect.

Kai glances between Johnny Storm and Balder. Of course he'd be wearing a t-shirt reading Team Balder already if he had one. The god himself said it: they're family. The clap on the back Balder gives him gets a broad smile from him. "We mean to travel soon to Asgard," he tells Balder. "If I can convince Thor to bring us, and I thought I might seek help for Lambert there if there's no help to be found here." He lifts his wine to Balder, adding, "Either way, there will be revels. I'll see that we bring some of Lambert's wine." He drinks, finishing off the bowl this time. Now he's starting to feel it, and he smiles broadly, all dimples and pearly white teeth. "Remember, friends, we're here to get plastered! I'm going to go find more baklava for us," he says, and he makes his way toward the kitchen.

Amber listens to Johnny's tirade, nodding here and there as it goes.
"I got a response for ya, sir.", Amber drawls, pausing to swig off the last of her wine.
"Can somebody hold this f'me?", she asks those around. "Won't be a tic.", she adds.#-1ith that, Amber moves towards Johnny, perhaps a bit unsteadily."Boop.", she says, touching Johnny's nose.
"I call coup.", she says after, moving back towards Balder and Julie.
"You'll wanna look that up, sir.", she adds.

"You wish, pretty boy. Ain't nothin' you can dish out that I can't take," he snorts, but shakes his head, "Nah, I ain't gonna fight ya, kid. I ain't gonna fight nobody. What's the point? Even if I win, just shows that you cant' beat the monster. An' if I lose, I look like a putz and somebody else gets to be the conquerin' hero. No thanks. I'll stick to picklin' my snoot with this magic…bowl…stuff," he says.

"Same, Ben. Same. We're one annoying stalemate." Johnny notes to Ben with a grin, then a shrug, its only then he notices he got booped, which just leaves him looking confused, at Amber, "You…call…coup." He has absolutely no idea what that actually means.

Julie is only too happy to take Amber's empty glass, all the better to not look too much the 'designated driver' tonight, perhaps. Eyes said glass. Nudges Ben and says, "People from out of town, what can you do?"

"A discussion for another day, my young friend," Balder says with a more chipper tone, and a bow of his head. He didn't come here to debate theology, or reality, for that matter. He came to drink and eat, and that's what he's happy to continue doing. Things are starting to get loopy, now that he's had at least three bowls of this stuff. He's holding it together remarkably well, considering this wine is designed to get gods drunk, and more.

"If my brother offers resistance, I will bring you myself, my elvish friend," Balder says in response to Kai's talk of an Asgardian vacation. He must be drunk, if he's willing to challenge Thor's ruling on such a subject. The Thunderer would not lightly abide such insubordinate talk, no doubt. He's about to say something else, but then Amber boops Johnny right on the nose, and Balder bursts into uproarious laughter. "BOOP! SHE BOOPED YOU RIGHT ON THE NOSE LKE SHE WOULD A SMALL DOG!" He slams his hand on his knee, and points at Johnny. Aaaaaaaand we have lift off.

"Hey, hey, keep it down some, sir.", Amber replies to Baldur as she rejoins him. "Braggarts tend t' rile me some.", she sighs. "This what'cha'cailum joy juice sure ain't helpin.", she smiles, more drunk than she thinks she is.

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