1965-06-27 - Coffee And Sketches
Summary: A brief interlude with Kai and Cap.
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Kai comes and goes around the manor like an alley cat that wanders as it will. Today, he's in the kitchen, sketching in a sketch book. The image is a sleeping man with black hair and fine features that are sweet in repose. Kai's in a white t-shirt and running shorts. He might even have intended to go work out, but he's gotten distracted. There's fresh coffee made, and Kai has a mug on the table in front of his sketch book. With his attention diverted, he's let the illusion he usually wears drop, leaving his features finer, more elfin.

Who should arrive at the kitchen but the Captain himself, splendorous in his spangled regalia? Even down the star-marked shield on his back, vibranium bright and untarnished despite the day's events. He considers Kai and even seems to have a slight stutter to his step at the dropping of the glamour, but doesn't let this stop him from approaching the coffee maker.

"Hello, Kai. What brings you to the manor today?" he asks as he rifles through the cupboard for a mug.

Kai glances up, and he smiles, and boy, it's a dazzler. He loves the getup! "Were you out fighting crime?" he asks, and he tucks a lock of hair behind one tapered, pointed ear. He glances down at his drawing, then takes a drink from his now-cool coffee. "I thought I might do some training, but then I found the sketch book I left here last time." He's never exactly denied he's easily distracted. "Do you ever just go out like that for the fun of it?"

"Not crime, no, and I don't go out wearing it for fun," the Captain replies as he finally finds the mug he wants. It's got some witticism on it, half-worn away by use and washings, and he fills it with the dark brew. No cream, no sugar, but it's a light-enough blend that he doesn't think to complain. Nothing like what counted as a cuppa in the European Theatre. "I had a friend call in a favor. The kids wanted to meet me." At this, Steve does look cheery if not slightly embarrassed. He wanders then over to the table and tilts his head to one side as he considers the sketch. "Not bad," he says before sipping at his coffee.

"Thanks," Kai says, his cheeks dimpling. "It's Loki. I must have filled a dozen books with him by now, I can draw him from memory." Not that the Elf has it bad or anything. "That's so cute, though! Little humans getting to meet their hero. I don't have a lot of experience with children, but I know they like to climb people a lot. Did you get climbed? Oh, my gosh, I hope someone got pictures." Kai sits folded up, more or less, with one knee drawn to his chest. God forbid he ever use a chair properly.

Steve laughs and shakes his head even as he paces away to the far side of the table, apparently unable to keep still. Maybe he doesn't need more coffee, but good luck telling him that.

"They didn't climb on me, but they did ask me all sorts of questions and tell me about their adventures. There were pictures, yes, that I'm sure they'll treasure once they're older."

"I think it's great that you did that for your friend," Kai says. He closes his sketch book so he can give Steve all of his attention. The Elf's expression has gone soft and squishy. "They look up to you. You fill their head with good ideals. It's another kind of heroism, isn't it?"

He takes up his coffee cup, studying its contents (cream, no sugar) with a thoughtful look. It's not as nice tasting when it gets tepid. With a wistful sigh, he admits, "I wish I could inspire people like you do."

"I'm sure you inspire them, in your way, small or big. People need inspiration at all levels. Some people need a symbol, some need to see courage come from someone like them — someone who isn't a symbol. Being in the limelight isn't all it's cut out to be." Steve's brows draw together. "Not only that, but…times are different. Honor and bravery…those haven't changed. Society's interpretation?" He considers his reflection in his mug of coffee. "Gotta be who the people want me to be without sacrificing my own morals."

Kai watches Steve as he listens, those big blues fixed on the super soldier's face. "Midgard is ever-changing," he says, "and then there are those who come along who are ageless in their nobility and righteousness. Now that, I don't envy, to be truly good in a world where the definition of 'good' changes from one news report to the next. I admire it, but I don't envy it."

A small smile plays upon his lips, and he ducks his head. "I like to think I'm at least entertaining, and I used to want fame, but…" He shakes his head. "Obscurity isn't without its high points."

A short laugh from the Captain is friendly rather than derisive. "You've hit that nail on the head. I wish sometimes that no one knew about me, but…" and he reaches back to knock knuckles lightly on the vibranium shield, making the metal resound almost chime-like. "Can't exactly hide away with a design like that. At least they changed the boots," he mutters mostly to himself, giving the updated boots a mildly-relieved look.

"There's nothing wrong with being entertaining — with bringing happiness where you can. Happiness is an elusive thing, hard to pin down. Sometimes, a smile can change someone's day. I hear they spread like wildfire if done correctly." Are those little dimples? Just maybe.

Kai grins. It comes easily, especially in the presence of dimples. "My people are supposed to be happy people. We're all that's light and good, and all that." He doesn't sound entirely convinced, but he's content about it all. "Sometimes I think a lot of crime would be prevented if people felt better in general, you know what I mean? Like maybe Dr. Doom wouldn't be such a downer if he'd had more birthday parties as a child."

"Who knows? Man's a nut-case." And that's about all Steve apparently has to say about the Latvarian maniac-scientist. "Some crime might be prevented, but what I've noticed over the years is that folks need a way to recognize that the good is…well, good." He considers Kai, in his elfin glory. "If you've had a great day, you notice it. Three good days in a row, that's probably lucky in itself. A week of good days? A month? How do you know they're good anymore? You know you get a flat. Or stub your toe or…lose your job. It makes you realize what you have. I wish folks wouldn't resort to crime to find this idea of happiness. There's…not a lot simple about life these days."

Kai nods quickly, curls bobbing. "I get you," he says. "If all you know is easy, comfortable times, it doesn't feel good, it just feels normal." He sets his cup down, then tucks his pencil behind his ear. "I should get going," he says. "I want to meet Loki for dinner. He and Thor's brother is back in town. You should meet him sometime, he's a hoot." His brow stitches, though whatever troubling thought occurs to him, it goes unspoken. He unfolds to his feet, tucking the sketch book under his arm. Steve gets a big, broad grin. "I love the getup," he says, "Never gets old."

"Huh. I didn't know Thor had another brother. I'll have to inquire about him." Something for Steve to consider, given his interested expression — or even ask after next he speaks with the tall and blond Asgardian prince in question. "And thanks, Kai. Here's hoping freedom never does get old." He gives the Elf a lift of his coffee mug and then makes to disappear himself, up into one of the many bedrooms of the manor. Time for a hot shower and some catch-up on history past.

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