1965-06-30 - Do You Even Lift
Summary: Kellan proves just how strong he is not by bench pressing the bar.. without any weights on it.
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Dressed in a pair of running shorts and shoes and a tank top, Kellan has been working out a bit using the equipment that is there as well as running around the wide open space. He is not what anyone would call muscular. Nope. He is an average height teen with an average build. Everything about him is average. He's a little bit sweaty from the running around as he slows down and goes to grab a bottle of water, tipping it back to take several long swallows. No Olympian this one, but he's trying at least to stay in shape.

While Teddy is generally comfortable in his home with the nice terrace and even nicer Billy, there are still times when he just needs to get away from things. Narnia is good for that, because it's generally empty at certain times and not too far away that he can't be summoned in case of an emergency. Even when seeking some alone time, Teddy can't help but consider the group. He walks in now with his school bag slung over one shoulder to find the room occupied by a Kellan in running shorts. "Hey," he calls out, waving with one hand. Though he watches the other guy with a grin, he avoids in the exercise equipment in favor of a spot at a table nearby.

Kellan slows his pace as he comes around the loop toward Teddy and lifts a hand to wave. He comes to a stop near the table and stretches out just a little bit. "Hey," he says, "How have you been?" He then glances around and asks "Were you looking for some quiet to study or something? I was just finishing up so.. I won't be banging around much longer." He offers a friendly smile.

Teddy unslings his bag and drops it on the table with a thud. Something in there weighs a lot. "Been okay, but I've got this Sociology exam coming up," he admits. "I really like the subject, but I hate taking tests, you know?" He shrugs and does't move to take anything out of the book, instead turning his full attention on Kellan. "Don't run off because of me, though." He nods to the heavy weights in the room. "Need a spotter?"

"I haven't taken any Sociology classes yet, but they sound interesting." He laughs then and says, "I'm kind of used to taking tests. I sometimes take Kaleb's classes for him, though not so much anymore now that we're going to school where people can tell." Kellan flashes a smile and then he looks over toward the weights. He rubs a little bit at the back of his head and says, "Uh.. I might be able to lift the bar.. without anything on it."

"Lucky Kaleb," Teddy says with a small laugh. "You're going to have to tell me how you do it. I'm used to just…acting, but if I do that on a test the results are pretty crappy. I do finish early, though." There's always a bright side to things. With a look at Kellan's arms, then the weights again, Teddy's smile brightens and he says, "That's a start! Maybe I can get more reading down if I'm also doing something physical," he considers, reaching out to unzip his bag and fish out his sociology textbook from among the others inside.

Kellan grins and says, "Well we're twins. I mean. I just show up with one copy and take the test for him while he's off doing something else." He gives a little bit of a shrug. "It's not really something that most people can do." He chuckles and says, "Yeah? I mean I can read and work out at the same time. I can do a lot of things at the same time, but I would probably just have one body working out while the other was sitting over here reading."

Teddy hoists the book under one arm and considers what Kellan tells him. "Your powers are so cool," he admits, grinning. "I would love to be able multitask like you." Of course, if he actually /could/ do that, he probably wouldn't as much as he's imagining now. "Hey, have you ever raced yourself? Is that a thing you can do?" His brow scrunches a bit as he tries to manage the logistics of that.

"I mean, I could race myself," Kellan says with a little bit of a grin, though I suspect that it would always come out in a tie since my reflections are identical in every way. There's no telling one from the other. So the skills are all the same as well. It's a shared single consciousness just split across physical forms."

"Sure, but don't you sometimes just do better than other times at things?" Teddy thinks about this, along with what Kellan just explained to him, and shakes his head. Nope, it's too confusing for right now. "Anyway, are we going to lift that bar or not?" He thumbs over to the weights and then heads that way, apparently having already decided for them, despite Kellan looking like he's been through a solid workout already.

"Well sure I mean, sometimes I do better at something on one try versus the next so I suppose it's possible that one copy could get a better foothold or catch a different breeze or.. something, but it seems like it wouldn't be much of a difference since it's all my head. I think part of it is mental, too, so like racing Kaleb even though we're identical — he's his own separate consciousness and that makes a difference," Kellan explains as he ponders through it. Though when Teddy mentions the bar again, he eyes it skeptically, then says "Alright, I'll give it a try."

"There's also outside interference, right? One copy might hit a patch of broken ground, another might get dumped on by a bird. Life happens." To Teddy, this is what makes sense more than anything else. "Don't worry," he says when he reaches the barbell, "I won't let you get hurt. That's my job." He tosses the textbook on the bench and then goes about removing all the actual weights until just a naked bar remains set on a pair of upturned hooks.

"Right," Kellan agrees easily enough, since that is definitely a thing as well. He then moves over to the bench and he lays back on it, getting himself situated so that his shoulders are squared and his feet firmly planted on the ground. When the naked bar is set on the hooks, he reaches up and takes a hold of it to ilft it. "Yeah, I trust you," he chuckles when Teddy says he won't let him get hurt. He then makes an attempt to lift the bar, which rises, and he is able to lift it, perhaps a bit more easily than he expected to, though he does strain just a little. Upper body strength is not Kellan's forte.

Teddy swipes his textbook from the bench before Kellan lays down on it, then walks around behind the weights as the other man sets himself up. His right hand rests just below the middle of the bar, barely touching it, but there in case some help is needed. With his other hand, he opens his book to a page marked with a bookmark featuring cartoonish spaceships. "We'll be adding actual weight to this in no time," he remarks.

"Sure we will," Kellan says with some skepticism as Teddy takes up his textbook in one hand and helps to make sure he doesn't drop the bar with the other. He begins the process of raising and lowering the bar. His muscles, what there are of them, strain a little bit with the lift and release. His form isn't bad, so he's at least practiced with the bar, but it's clear he's never actually tried it with weights.

Up goes the bar, then down goes the bar. Up again, and once more down. While Teddy isn't a professional or anything, he knows enough to keep Kellan on track form-wise if the need should arise, but that doesn't seem to be the case since the shapeshifter is mostly eyeing his textbook. "The socialized self," he mutters, moving his hand along with the bar. "I wonder how television is going to play into that. You know, with everything moving over to color, which is so groovy."

Billy blurs into existance, in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and with a big handled white tub of something else. He blinks as he sees they are exercising, and shrugs, heading for the kitchen-ish area, "Just wait until 3D comes about." he remarks with a dimpled grin over his shoulder, and sets the tub— its probably got a gallon of something in it— on the counter. "Are we training Kellen?" he wonders casually.

"I've never seen a color television," Kellan says as he raises the bar once more, and then lowers it again, though it's not without a heavy breath as he manages to get his arms straightened and hold it, then begins to lower it again. "What's 3D?" he asks as Billy's voice reaches his ears. He doesn't look away from the bar, though, for fear perhaps of dropping it on his head. "We're uh, proving that Kellan can lift a bar.. without anything on it." But it seems that he's flagging even just doing that, and just barely gets it back up onto the hooks before letting his arms flop down.

"You're a witness," Teddy says, peering over the top of his book at Billy with a grin. He scoffs a bit at the idea of a 3D television, then lets his gaze fall back onto the book. He reads a couple more lines and then sighs, shutting it and tucking it under his arm. "Don't lock your elbows," he tells Kellan, pulling his hand back when the bar is abandoned on the hooks again. With a look back to Billy, he asks, "What have you got there?"

"Three dimensional. You'll either love it or it'll make you nauseous when they do it." Billy grabs out a bowl, an ice cream scoop, and tugs open the tub. "Wait." He looks back at Kellan, looks closer, "The bar has no weights." He sounds puzzled, but then he looks to Teddy, "Its rum spiked chocolate gelato swirled swirled with roast chestnuts." This is Billy undermining the workout, apparently.

"Don't lock the elbows," Kellan repeats and tries to bend his elbows a bit more, making sure that he isn't locking them in an extended position. "Yes," Kellan smirks at Billy, "There are no weights on it." He pulls himself up into a sitting position then and glances over toward the icecream. "That was in here and Vic didn't eat it all?" He raises both brows in surprise. Because Vic eats everything, constantly.

"This bar, though a weight itself, has no additional weights," Teddy adds for further clarity. And now that it's put away along with his textbook, he can give his boyfriend and the tub of ice cream some attention. "That sounds really complicated, but I think I like it." He walks over to the kitchen area, gives Billy a bear hug from behind, and peers at the ice cream. "Mm. Chocolate."

"Oh, I just bought it in Sicily." Billy grins over at Kellan and offers a shrug, "I don't leave food within reaching distance of Vic, which is why he doesn't have a key to our apartment. Want some?" He looks to Teddy, "It'll only last a couple days as good— gelato goes bad faster then ice cream— so we'll have to find some way to put a whole gallon of it away. I don't know how we will manage." He leans into the hug, though.

"Of course you did," Kellan says with a bit of a grin and shakes his head, pulling himself up to his feet and stretching a little bit. He makes his way over toward where Billy and Teddy are and he pulls up a stool to sit on. He says, "I'll have some." For all that Kellan isn't particularly strong, he has a healthy metabolism and a bit of icecream isn't going to have any effect on him.

Teddy squeezes, then lets go of Billy and says, "I guess if it looks like it's going bad, then call Vic?" Since he's been tagged as having a bottomless stomach, that'll solve things. Of course, Billy probably didn't mean they'll /actually/ have a problem, since they regularly put food away like champs. "I'll have some, too, but I don't expect much out of me today. I have an exam to study for." He lifts his book and then adds, "Seriously," as if to convince himself, if anyone.

"What class?" What is this letting go of Billy business? He casts a look over at Teddy. Bad Teddy. But he scoops some scoops into bowls, and offers them over to each of the other guy before heading for a couch, "Really that was a joking challenge that we should eat iat all."

"Well, I'm happy to put in a valiant effort toward the challenge, serious or otherwise," Kellan chimes in and thanks Billy for the bowl and grabs spoons, handing them out. Then he makes his way over toward a chair nearby and plops down into it, settling cross-legged on its surface and scooping a big mouthful of gelato into his mouth, which renders him speechless for a bit as he navigates that brain freeze.

Bad Teddy lifts his glossy new Sociology text. "This one. It's really popular, but that just means nobody notices if I nod off in class." This makes him frown, but only until a bowl of ice cream is put into his hands. "Thank you," he says, leaning in for a quick kiss before heading to a table where he get to work on both academics and dessert.

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