1965-06-30 - The Day Before The Interview
Summary: Lorna and Nate have a brief conversation before they plan to execute their plan to change a Senator's heart.
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Lorna enters the hideout, a bottle of beer in her hand, which she sips directly from. "Are you ready for the interview with the good Senator? It's finally happening…tomorrow's the day. Feels good, doesn't it?"

Nate was already sitting there in a casually relaxed manner, sipping from a beer with a small smile on his face when he hears Lorna's voice. "Well hey there beautiful." he teases her lightly. "Yeah, I am. I just hope that this actually gives us a big step forward. Feels good to try and change things for the better…maybe my future can be avoided."

"Yeah…Vogue called, they wanted me as a cover model…please, nobody likes my green hair," Lorna scoffs, clearly the teasing worked, as she drinks some more of her beer, "sorry I didn't get you any…and I do hope so, you're pretty good with this telepathy stuff, right? He's not going to realize what is happening while you do it, right?"

Nate laughed a little bit. "I dunno, green looks good on you. Maybe you can get picked up by one of those 'unique is beautiful' campaigns." he teases her just a bit more before it's down to business. "and don't worry, I got my own." and he nods lightly. "Don't worry about it. I can take care of the telepathy business to sway his thoughts. It will be really easy if he happens to be a moron, but if he's not, I can still do it effectively. He won't even know whats happening to him…nor will he notice."

"'Unique is Beautiful'? What? A blonde whose eyes are not crystal blue, just sky blue? That's the only variations I can think about in what's considered beautiful." Yeah, Lorna heard quite a bit about her green hair through her years, she won't believe that suddenly people will start liking it. "So I can be safe and sound with asking neutral questions, giving him a chance to explain how his bill is cool for cats, and then you'll do your thing, and he'll have a change of heart, right?"

Nate chuckles lightly. "Hey, you're talking to a guy with a white-haired birthmark on the front of his hairline. I think I kinda know how it feels to get dirty looks because your hair is an unnatural shade." he teases her lightly. Not many people have natural split brown and white hair. Nevertheless, he smiles to her. "Right." he nods softly. "I can tell someone's nervous."

"Fine, I'll give you that…but at least men are not expected to be judged solely on their looks, not that simple for women," Lorna snorts, there is so much broken in the world, she fears she won't have enough time to fix it all. "Are you suggesting I'm nervous? Because I'm not, I'm cool…the Senator better be nervous, because if your telepathy thing doesn't work…I'll be back for his life."

Nate simply smiles very lightly. "True. But island of misfit toys, right?" He shrugs very softly. "But suuuure you're not. Just the future of mutants at stake. Nothing big." he teases her softly. But he nods. "It'll work and you're not killin' anyone. If you do, it will only make things a thousand times worse. Trust me, you do NOT want to have my future come to pass."

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes Nate," Lorna groans, not liking the insinuation, but she nevertheless does remind him, "we are going with a non-lethal solution, right? So let's just hope it works."

"Yeah, I can see that." Nate tells Lorna as she groans. "Yeah, we are. I'm just hoping that it works, just like you." he shrugs lightly, though he offers to clink his bottle with her own in a 'cheers' kind of way.

"Well then, to our success," Lorna concludes before downing her drink, "now let's put some TV on and see if we can see our target bragging about his solution to the 'menace'."

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