1965-07-01 - A Visit To The Embassy
Summary: Diana finally takes Thor's invitation to visit the Asgardian Embassy
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While it has been awhile, Diana has finally taken Thor's longstanding invitation to come visit at the Asgardian Embassy. Wrapped in her hooded grey cloak, she simply walks inside and without any semblance of potentially being out of place, outright asks if Thor happens to be there.

As it happens, the God of Thunder is in the lobby with Stormbreaker in hand. From the last time Diana saw him, clearly he's exchanged Mjonlir for the battle maul-axe that was Stormbreaker, and his armor was different, and his hair was cut short. But honestly? it made him look all the better. Smiling to Diana, he approaches her. "Diana! It is good to see you." he smiles to her warmly. "You look beautiful as always. About time you came down. Makes me want to try and visit the Themysceran embassy, no?" he says in a friendly manner.

"That is actually one of the reasons I decided to have a look for myself, seeing about potentially establishing a Themysciran Embassy…I am of yet uncertain my mother would approve. But I'll have a look and report to her, do you have many visitors?" Diana asks curiously, as she walks further inside, taking note of the axe, she asks, "a change of heart in a weapon of choice? Or more to it?"

Thor smiles lightly to Diana. "Well, that'd be a lovely sight indeed. We do have some visitors, but they tend to be politicians and the like coming to see the 'aliens'." he shrugs. When asked about his axe, he smiles lightly to Diana. "Oh this? Well…Mjolnir met a valiant end when facing against a primordial being, but Stormbreaker has served well in it's absence." he smiles warmly to her. "Please, make yourself at home."

As they walk further inside, Diana removes her cloak, feeling quite comfortable to display her Amazonian Battle Armor in the presence of Thor. "That is quite alarming, is that being still lingering a threat on Midgard?" She poses a question that immediately concerns her, using the Asgardian term for Earth, "I should like to land a hand if it is."

Thor seems pleased that Diana has made herself comfortable. Her armor was quite well-made and rather perfectly displayed. "No, it was on Niflheim actually. Thankfully, Midgard is very secure on that note." he smiles warmly to Diana as he turns to face her, standing at a very short distance from her. "But tell me, how have you been? It's been quite some time."

"That is reassuring, I would loathe for otherworldly threats to find their way here…there is so much good in this world." She shares her perspective, inspite of the many wrongs she can see as well. "I have actually had chance to flex my muscles, my bodyguard and I having faced Circe the witch. She was up to no good, but we put a stop to all that. For the time being. She is a mischevious soul, always up to tricks and foul deeds."

Thor nods lightly to her. "Agreed, Diana. Oh? you did? I am slightly saddened you didn't call upon me, but don't worry, I won't be jealous for long." he teases her lightly. "Nevertheless, it's good to see you in good health." he smiles lightly to her. "Besides, fighting a magician is always challenging!"

"We had three Amazons on hand, that was more than enough to handle the threat," Diana speaks of it proudly, but the playful grin on her lips recognizes the excitment of potentially sharing a battlefield with Thor. "It is true, they fight dirty, often without honor."

Thor laughs a little bit. "Hah! Fair enough. Amazons are worthy warriors indeed. Nevertheless, he smiles playfully back to Diana, clearly also excited about potentially sharing a battlefield with her. "Very true. Shall we walk through the garden? or do you wish a tour?"

"I shall enjoy such a distraction, particularly with such worthy company," she winks at Thor and moves to walk at his side, "do you have any exotic displays at your gardens?" She wonders.

Thor smiles softly to Diana and he even offers her his arm! "Likewise. Especially with one as beautiful as yourself." he flirts casually before he walks out to the gardens with her. at her question, he smiles. "We have a few plants and items found only on Asgard that are on display here. But we have nothing -too- magnificent." he winks.

"Those I will be most interested in laying eyes upon," Diana had seen some fantastical things in her time, but she never been to Asgard, so the thought excites. "I would imagine some things are best left where they belong…but not us, I wager we both like venturing forth outside of comfort and see what adventure lay in wait?"

Thor smiles warmly to Diana. "Kindred spirits are we?" he asks her curiously. "I was never one to sit idly by. I wanted adventure, the stories, the life. and I never turned back."

"That precisely is my draw, my mother wished for me to stay on the Island and be a proper Princess. Doing courtly things. I ever longed for adventures and what awaits in Man's World," Diana shares, noting yet another similarity between them, "I would say we are sides of a coin, if we are not more alike than that."

Thor chuckles softly. "and I, the crown prince, expected to perform only a few deeds." he chuckles. "Well..if it is any encouragement, I am happy you made the journey." and if she allows it, she might feel the brief warmth of his hand on her own.

"Likewise," Diana concurs as she allows Thor to take her hand, something she hasn't done in years, walking with him towards the gardens. "What then does a Prince of Asgard does in an embassy such as this? I wish to learn how it works."

An Asgardian And an Amazon, holding hands? Will wonders ever cease? Thor smiles to her as they walk, though in response, the Asgardian prince nods. "I mainly just make sure everything goes as it should. Bit my primary job is making sure our diplomatic relations are strong. which means paperwork and meeting with officials and many other boring things." Thor says amusedly.

Diana arches a brow as Thor describes the work in an embassy, and notes, "maybe I shouldn't ask my mother, this sounds like the kind of work I may not necessarily enjoy!"

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