1965-07-01 - Interview
Summary: Lorna and Nate are joined by Peter Parker, as they go to interview Senator Williams. At the end of the day, a change of heart takes place. But is this the start of a friendship or something else?
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Lorna, to those who know her, is dressed quite out of character. For once she's dressed sharply, like a woman who holds a high secretary post in one of the more successful business in New York City. A fine two piece red dress, matching gloves on her hads, holding a notepad and pen for notetaking. Her hair is covered by a raven wig, a Jackie O inspired style. She's waiting in the hotel room outside the designated meeting spot in the business room. When Peter arrives, she holds out the notepad and pen towards him, "two options Peter. You can ask the Senator the questions, I figure you've been around reporters longer than I have. I can be your note taker, or we can switch and I'll ask the questions, you take the notes…he might be entertained by that. Any preference?" She points at Nate who is with her, "he'll be my supervisor. Or yours, depending on the case, as the good Senator is obviously a big 'get' for us."

"Not me!" Peter quips quickly, shaking his head swiftly, "I don't actually go around reporters often, my photography is freelance, not attached to stories. I don't know how to frame a reasonable question in a way which is journalistic, unless its about a topic I'm an expert on, and this _isn't_ one of those." He's dressed in a button up shirt, slacks, and a jacket, the picture of professional more or less. SO he reaches for the notepad, "But I can write shorthand." he notes, "Look what's important here is that you're not going to do anything to hurt or threaten him. I'm responsible for what you do with those badges— which you will give back the moment we leave— and that's why I'm here. I won't make a scene but you're just here to talk, right?"

Not only is Lorna dressed rather sharply, but so is Nate! Dressed sharply in a black Tux and standing behind Lorna to keep to his role, he dyed the white part of his hair a temporary brown to fit the rest of his hairstyle, but he is without a notepad or pen, instead just here to stay on point with Lorna and keep up the act. He looks to Lorna with a bit of a smile. "I'll be your supervisor." he looks then to Peter "Don't worry, we're just here to chat and after we're done, we are out of your hair." he assures.

Lorna inclines her head, handing the notepad to Peter, "of course, as I said, there is no need for you to worry. We are not here to do something stupid." One could imagine the horrors that would be inflicted on Mutant Town if the Senator most adamant on anti-mutant legislation found himself murdered at the hands of mutants. "Shall we?" She asks Nate, before heading into the room.

Senator Williams is already there, with a security team, and aides. "Ms. Dane?" A member of the security team asks, as Lorna puts on a brilliant smile and extends her hands, "indeed, from the Bugle," she flashes the badge she got from Peter. "These are my associates, I have my supervisor, and my note taker," a brief once over is given to each. They seem to look smart enough, and are allowed to approach the table. Lorna takes one of the seats, after extending her hand to the Senator, "a pleasure, Senator Williams, I am quite the admirer of your bold work!"

Senator Williams seems rather pleased with the flattery, shaking Lorna's hands, and making it a point to shake hands with Peter and Nate as well. "I'm a busy man, Ms. Dane, let's keep it brief."

Lorna nods at his request, turns to look at Peter to ensure he's ready, and starts with the first question, "many people are bothered by the unpleasant sensation attached to such terms as 'anti-this', 'anti-that', how would you explain to them the necessity of your bill and its affect on the mutant menace?" She doesn't look towards Nate, but assumes that should be cue enough for him to work his magic.

Peter glances at Nate, nods a bit, though he doesn't look entirely comforted. They're shown in, then. If Peter is anything, its an excellent student. Excellent students take notes. His hands are up and notepad ready before Lorna even looks. Still, he's not actually good at faking it, and looks tense. Perhaps it'll come off as hey, Senator. But his tension is palpable, nonetheless.

Nate simply gives a little nod to Peter before they are shaking hands! He shakes the Senator's hand with a forced, but extremely convincing smile before he stands in the background to watch overt he precedings. As soon as Lorna starts with her questioning, Nate's left eye will glow VERY subtly as he uses minimal amounts of his powers with telepathy to slowly tamper with and change Senator Williams's views on mutants and his bill. Sometimes, a needle is to be used other than a hammer, after all.

The Senator certainly seems to take note of Peter's nerveousness, as he gives pause to Lorna's question, and turns to him, "young man? Is anything the matter? You need a glass of water?" With but a glance, one of the Senator's aides hurries to fetch Peter a glass of water.

Lorna turns to cast a very sharp glare at Peter, before laughing in a distracting manner, "please, Senator, he's only moved by being in your presence…we are all big fans of your work. Think nothing of it, shall I repeat my question?" If anything, she's at least pleased that Nate has more time. She has no clue how good he really is after all.

Then the Senator turns to Lorna, "that really is the core of the problem isn't it? People putting a negative spin on what is factual statements, the mutants are often misunderstood as being like any of us just with added abilities. People fail to realize how it makes them…a danger, not only to other people, but to themselves. All my bill is looking to do, is help them."

There are a few looks exchanged between the Senator's staff, but none interrupt, as Lorna peeks at Peter to ensure he's taken the notes, but not at Nate as to not draw attention to him. "I see. Would you therefore agree that perhaps by providing a specialized police presence in mutants, such as officers trained in sensitive handling of mutants, rather the bullying we've been seeing, it could instill a more serene ambience to that section of the city?"

"Sorry, I'm new." Peter offers a sincere smile at that, because its true, it comes off as true. And he is, indeed, taking notes. But he listens, and watches, between notes fingering one of his watches. Webbing someone here would be disastrous: it'd reveal who he is. How much of a bad idea agreeing to this is just spinning through his head — he just doesn't have the ability to openly act to protect the Senator if he needs to. Thoughts swirl. But he takes notes. Then it happens, a thought. He speaks out with clear, calm, reasoned tones, "These people have powers other people don't have; that's always going to be true. You can't change that. If you want to, you can try to *limit* that power by reducing or constraining its numbers, but good luck with that— studying history limiting the advancement of power is a fool's errand. Isn't the real question we should be asking, how to ensure people are safe? Guns are easy to buy. A gun is horrifically powerful against a person without a gun. Do we try to make guns go away? Restrict people with guns? No— we create task forces to go after gangsters. Its not the power, but the criminality, we focus on. Senator, are mutants the problem? Or could they not be allies with you going against criminal powered people abusing both communities?"

Wait. Peter wasn't supposed to speak.

Nate remains silent, instead continueing to influence the Senator's mind and actions with but the gentlest touch. the subtle replacing of words and convincing him to be pro-mutant instead of being so provocatively anti-mutant. Every little bit helps! Though as Peter blurts out his words, Nate looks to him, and seems to multi-task, attempting to VERY SUBTLY read the young reporters mind as well, though he's about 90 percent focused on the Senator.

Lorna certainly did not anticipate Peter's input, and she looks quite impressed as she turns to look his way. She has no doubt the Senator wouldn't normally agree with Peter's assessment, even if she does, but with Nate on hand that might prove a turning point in this 'interview' as it were. "That is an astute observation, wouldn't you say, Senator?" Lorna comments in turning to the Senator, looking as if it was the first she ever heard of such an argument.

The Senator himself seems to consider Peter's words so heavily, that he entirely forgets to answer Lorna's question. "I have actually never considered that point," he admits, looking amused that a much younger man would look at something that might otherwise seem obvious. "It is never the gun that is at fault for being a gun, it is a criminal handling the gun that makes it dangerous," he nods in agreement. "Perhaps there is room to consider which mutants do what with their powers…" a few of the staffers in the room look aghast.

Lorna for her part looks as if she just discovered something utterly new, "I guess we could concede that a mutant with the power to change the color of fabrics really isn't a threat, now is he?" This actually tuned out better than expected, seems approaching Peter Parker was an unexpected win.

Peter's eyes are suddenly drawn to Nate's in a sharp movement, and there is absolutely no denying between those two that there's a reason for that look. For his part, Peter might not know what causes the hairs at the back of his neck to stand on end, but he knows where it comes from. He's suddenly a great deal tenser, but where him being nervous was obvious? Tense is not. He falls into a steady posture ready for action, one well trained that looks casual, even if its most dangerous. "I've been weak, Senator. I got beat up a lot in high school. No sympathy needed, I dealt with it." He shrugs, "Then I made friends with a friend of a bully. My friend defended me; his friend, the bully who used to beat me up, defened me. Its not about power, but people. Some people will be criminals. Most people want to be safe. If you can help mutants feel safe, can you imagine what it will be like when they are on *your* side, sir? When its *them* helping fight the criminals. Making everyone safer." Now that he's gotten talking apparently the kid won't just shut up.

Nate sees Pete sharply look at him. though Bate is now aware that there's more to Peter than meets the eye, he doesn't know..-WHAT- that is. but at least he knows Peter wasn't about to do something crazy, so he leaves the kid alone. though he seems to smile subtly as the Senator is easily falling under his telepathic sway. he keeps up the pressure! they were so close!

The Senator seems rather taken with Peter's conviction in his words, as he largely ignores Lorna for a moment, "you know, if you want it, I think you could have a future in politics," he chuckles at Peter, and then finally turns back to Lorna. There a bit more of back and forth in questions and answers, now deviating from the original course thanks to Peter's interjection.

Before long, the interview ends with the Senator announcing he will be withdrawing his bill, and considering a better approach to handle the mutant situation, a distinct downgrade from the aforementioned 'menace'.

Lorna is satisfied enough, and after words of parting are spoken, when they leave the room she winks at Peter, "see? No harm, no foul," she takes the press badge and hands it to him before they had for the subway, "thank you for your help. Not just the credentials, your words helped us tremendously."

Peter never intended to be really a part of this, but as they withdraw, his eyes are only on Nate. Wary. He does wait untilt he badges are back, and he shakes his head, "You used me for something here I don't entirely understand. I'm not accusing you, I just want you to know I know it happened. I'm not saying that makes us enemies, it doesn't. I don't know what this was but it wasn't what it appeared to be. I'll always help mutants, but I don't want my helping to be, me being used, you know?" Something has triggered him there.

Nate seems quite satisfied as a day for mutants was won! he walks out with his compatriots after handshakes and farewells before Peter seems to want words with him. "…what are ya on about? I was just taking a precaution that you weren't going to say anything stupid when you spoke. I wasn't prepared for it. either way, you were the dealbreaker." Nate smiles approvingly, apparently not threatened by Peter, instead just being friendly. "You weren't used, so don't worry."

Lorna smiles faintly at Peter, not appreciating his tone, but also too appreciative of his help to hold it against him. "I spoke no lies to you, Peter, I said you can help the mutant cause with this simple action. And I said we will not harm the Senator. All came to pass." The way she smiles cryptically, it seems like she's well aware what Peter is alluding to, yet isn't sharing. "What's important is you did good, and we kept to our word. Today you helped more people than you realize, Peter."

Peter Parker says, "You were a threat." Peter looks to Nate with a very serious point of view there, "I wouldn't have known, but I knew. I want to understand why before I get you anywhere like that access again." He backs away. This is all a bit weird for him. He looks to Polaris, "You weren't the threat." he declares, "It was him. I don't understand what that was." He waves a hand, turns and moves away, "Just know if you make this a war, I won't be on your side. I won't be on their side either, but the enemy of my enemy is *not* my friend.""

Nate simply keeps Polaris in his peripheral vision while his focus remains on Pete as he sees fit to try and declare the terms, which just earns a smile from Nate. "Noted, kid. noted." and he'll let Peter walk. he gives Polaris a 'I like this guy' in an approval kind of way -type look.

Lorna looks a bit surprised at what Peter says, but this being neither the time nor the place, she deviates. "He didn't do any harm to anyone, did he? Let's just call it a night and take it from there…I appreciate what you did, Peter. I would like to meet with you again, if you will allow it."

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