1965-07-05 - Planning of Perilous Pirate Parties in Paradise
Summary: Max returns homes and the Millers plan their 20th- now complete with skeley pirates
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Kaleb was home, in his own room with the windows open to the world though that lovely texture to his walls, though difficult to accessorize around, make the room positively eat sound. It was, in a word, glorious. His turntable had something new playing on it even, with a woman's voice warming the place, though still, definitively, Jazz. He wasn't comatose wrapped in a blanket though he also wasn't often that sort when he had a directive. He also didn't seem to have any damages from the communication cube when it, um, spontaniously developed a new feature. Finally he pushed himself away from his drafting table having made some ridiculous progress on a number of projects to go find and haunt his brother.

Kellan isn't hard to find. He's beens pending most of his time at the school or in Narnia doing some training. He's been working on lifting weights — and by lifting weights — just the bar with no weights on it yet. He had come home not too much earlier and had gone off to shower. Coming out, he has on a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt, grumbling a little about the heat and the little breeze that manages to get through the place, which is warm in the summer air. He makes his way toward the kitchen to pour a drink.

Maximus comes into the safe room with all the casual attitude of someone who was NOT gone for a stretch, and tries to grab part of the blanket to let himself in. A half dozen parcels were dropped at the entrance, bags he has had to carry /himself/. UGH. He doesn't look like there is anything wrong with him…no more than the /usual/ anyway, and has a refreshed pallor from the time spent in the clean air.

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 13

Kaleb was about to ask Kellan for a drink too and… well we'll be honest. The drop at the door didn't stop him. "What are you getting yourself?" He paused and one could already know he was waiting for an answer to follow with Okay but what are you getting myself? though he waited. Because that was somehow polite?! He turned and opened the door and looked like he had cold water thrown at him for a moment and said out loud, "Max." Surprise, disbelief, and relief. As quickly as it came he was at ease though he paused and looked from Max to the floor to Kellan and to teh floor. "Are you okay? Where… where are my door people?" OH the scowl of indignity. SOmeone… was getting a very strongly worded letter, likely.

"They were down by the door…" Max replied. "And sadly, my teleportation missed and I ended up on the roof. Better that though, than inside a wall or something I suppose." Maximus shrugs. "I keep telling them that we really need to start compensating for wobble of the planet. Are you fine? Is Kellan fine? Is there anything I need to know about.?"

"Just lemonade," Kellan says when he glances over in the direction of Maximus coming in through the front door and dropping off his packages. He lets the two greet one another as he gets a pitcher from the fridge as well as some glasses. He pours out three, in the event that Max wants some as well. "I'm fine," Kellan says to Max as he comes out of the kitchen and offers out the glasses to them both.

Kaleb seemed abated at tehlogistic conundrum. He murmured, "I hope you didn't land on Scarlett's plants. She works hard on those." He stood aside and let Max actually get IN the busilding. "You look… great." He looked to Kellan and let him answer and admitted, He's been getting in shape and I've been drawing them" He paused and flapped his hand ina circle, "Shapes that is. Sit. Stay a …long while." All the whiles. Looking to Kellan he actually got a thank you today. "Glad you're both here. I wanted to talk to you both about the trip but… how was." He paused and looked to Kellan reaching out to give his shoulder a squeeze, "Max everything okay back home?"

Maximus nods once. "Yesssss, for the most part. Obviously I was not welcome at first, but they got over it." He does not explain how they 'got over it'. "Its usually just /easier/ to agree with me, than it is to oppose. So much easier." He smiles. "I did bring you some clothes though. I believe many of them are Black Bolt's…"

Kellan takes his glass of lemonade and accepts the squeeze to his shoulder, but he doesn't interrupt the reunion between the two. Once the lemonade is given out, he glances between the two and then smiles a bit and withdraws, heading back toward the kitchen and leaving them to talk.

Kaleb laughed and actually grinned, "You …raided his closet didn't you?" More than likely things from when Blackagar was younger and had outgrown. He didnt' tear into it yeat, first taking a drink from his lemonaide, set it down. Yup. That was patient enough. THis was where Kaleb gave in and just hugged max to the decimation of clean lines in his shirt, yes, wrinkling him. Generally he wouldn't infront of anyone else but Kellan wasn't ever anyone else, he was extension of himself and from Kellan he hid nothing. Sometimes he should, but he didn't. "Come on. Sit. I really… really want to talk about doing this trip. Our birthday trip is here and…Kellan we are turning twenty only once because doing it a second time would be…super weird, and I don't… " He fished for the words he was terrible with. Bunk. "I don't want to birthday without you again. It was…terrible."

Maximus burrows in the blankets. "Is his…boyfriend…still around too?" Max asks curiously, since, before, he hardly saw one without the other, it seems odd that the man isn't here, to him. He frowns and then decides that it is rude to ask Kaleb and yells into the kitchen, "Did you break up with your boyfriend or is he just working?!" He has absolutely stolen Kaleb's warm spot since the man got up, though his eyebrows loft and he looks at Kaleb, expectantly. "Come be with me. I have had to sleep by myself." The horror.

"No, I didn't break up with my boyfriend," Kellan says as he returns to the livingroom and then past it to Kaleb's room, leaning up against the doorframe with his glass of lemonade and smiling a little amusedly at Max. "He's probably working. He works quite a bit." Then he looks over at Kaleb and says, "If you want to do a birthday trip, we'll do a birthday trip. What did you want to talk about?" He seems curious. "I thought we were going to the island. Is that still a thing?"

Kaleb was dragged, with clothes, and a MAx, and lemonade to his room. It wasn't often that Kaleb was just happy and bemused withthe world. Today all of his stuff was put back where it belongs safe and sound. Joyous! The sonic grinned and said, "Yeah that's…that's totally a thing. And I still am waiting to hear back about the Caamaran but I can't see any reason to not just have mom and dad give it to me if I oromise, ya know, to share it with you. I came up with six solid business reaons as well. Sooo… island?" He grinned and looked to Max on teh sly, "Not that… I need to convince you but it's very entertaining for me to try."

"Island. Shall we go tomorrow? Endure the wilds of that place. We need to be prepared, but not…/too/ prepared, or it won't be any fun." Mad Max chuckled and his steel eyes glinted blue. "Of course, do not worry about any thing at all. We will be fine. After all, we took care of much of the enemies there the first time." Max waves his hand with some assurance, though there's just no reason to believe him!

"I can go whenever you want, though if Vic is coming, I'll need to find out if he can get some time off from his work," Kellan says, glancing back over his shoulder in the direction of the apartment where he knows Vic currently isn't. Then he looks back toward the both of them and says, "Enemies?" There were enemies? Kellan isn't sure he heard this part of the story.

Kaleb considered roughing it, "Yeah, well skeley pirates were pretty neat." He grinned to Kellan, "That's where I got you that cool sword and those coins from." He considered this thoughtfully, "I might need a pirate coat. and like an eyepatch but for my ear?… ear muffs?" He pause dfiding the idea not only ridiculous but terrible. "You know what let's move past me ever bringing that part up." Instantly regretable. To answer Kellan's question he summed up, "Max was dressed like a boy scout, I yelled at some of them and dusted em and Vic beat em with a stick he found yay verily… honestly? IT was scary buuuut kinda fun. I mean cause we won and weren't eaten alive but it was super neat."

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