1965-07-06 - Saving Old Ladies
Summary: And why conquer the galaxy?
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"Stop! Thief!" An old lady shrieks, as an irish thug rushes off with her purse down the street, knocking people down as he shoves past them.

Peter is an Avenger now, and so really, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gig is a little overkill, but he's never going to stop being a goody two shoes and saving the old ladies. He was just happening by, swinging from building to building and trusting on his Spidey-Sense to find a point of interest, when he sees the theft. He swings down, landing gracefully even as a hand comes up and he flings a web— the thief is slammed into the building's wall next to him, well and truly stuck. "Now, now, don't you know to respect your elders?" he quips.

Noh-Varr was in the park when he heard the shout. Walking over to the entrance, he looks down the street but it seems to already be over. And he knows that web-slinger. "Should he be stealing purses from younger women instead?" he asks, walking toward the little scene. "Better he should just get a job and not steal at all. It might get him hurt."

"Don't be so literal." Spider-Man glances over at Noh-Varr, shaking his head. He tugs out a bit of webbing, to grab the purse, and pad back over to the old lady, "Ma'am." He ducks his head and he offers her the purse. She thanks him and then he heads back towards where Noh-Varr is, glancing around, he ducks into the nearest ally, "Let's go upstairs. I'll web you and pull you up, don't worry, it won't hurt." And he jumps up to attach to the wall, and scrambles up on his way to the roof. He doesn't know Noh-Varr can do that too.

Noh-Varr follows Peter into the alley, looking up to watch him scamper up the wall. "I didn't think it would." he answers then jumps up onto the wall and climbs up right behind Peter. "No need though. I've got this." he continues once he reaches the roof.

Glancing back, Peter blinks behind his mask, "Oh, hey, we actually have something in common." But once he gets to the top and hops over, he rolls his shoulders and reaches up to grab his mask and pull it off, rubbing at his face as he tucks the mask into his belt, "Are all Kree able to climb up sheer surfaces? Its a fairly unusual trick for humans."

Noh-Varr sits on the ledge and gives Peter a grin. "No. My parents were extremely good scientists, among other things. I was designed to be better than other Kree. That included using DNA of other species as well."

"Okay…" Peter has no idea what to say to that considering their last conversation, so shrugs after a moment, running a hand through his hair, "Anyways, what brings you here? Just passing through? I'm patrolling. Well, was. And will be again."

"No, I was in the park." Noh-Varr answers, gesturing to Washington Square Park. "The day is hot, the park is green, the people are attractive. What better way to pass the time? Do you regularly 'patrol' and stop petty thieves?"

"Patrol?" Peter suggests helpfully with a wry grin, before he nods his head, "Whenever I have time, which isn't as much as I used to. Between school and my internship, there's not a lot of time to spend stopping crime or helping people. But whenever I can, I do."

"Sounds like you need to relax more." Noh-Varr suggests. Now he's not at war with humanity, he's got the time to just relax and have fun. So long as no one's trying to conquer the Earth that week. "You should come with me to my ship and I'll show you a few planets. And bring something to swim in. Also something warm to climb in. Actually, no need. There's enough on the ship."

Peter blinks at Noh-Varr a moment, shaking his head, "I mean, sure." Despite the body language and words differing, "But, I relax enough. I find patrolling relaxing. There's nothing quite like flying." Pause, adding with a mild grin, "Though I more swing and fall creatively and repeatedly. Wait, your ship has a swimming pool?" He squints. Of course he knows about the simulator, it just doesn't…occur to him.

"A swimming pool?" Noh-Varr laughs. "Any time I want it to. But I was thinking more of an ocean. As for flying, unfortunately, I can't do zero gravity. That takes a lot of power and many of those systems were destroyed. Aside from that, it's capable of almost anything you can imagine."

"Zero gravity wouldn't be the same thing. If you can't feel the world pulling you down its not really flying— its floating." Peter shakes his head again but he smiles this time, "I have nothing against oceans, mind you, but they tend to be rather on the cold side to swim in."

"Well, in this case, they can be whatever temperature you like." Noh-Varr points out. "To the exact degree. And buoyancy. Fully customizable. I created one environment that's a collection of all my favorite parts from about a dozen different worlds."

Squinting, Peter shakes his head slowly, "So its a complete fabrication? That doesn't sound as interesting, I thought you were going to be all, behold! Planet X, with purple frothing oceans, guaranteed non-toxic but don't follow the tentacles." He snickers softly.

"That's what I had in mind." Noh-Varr agrees. "There are some really interesting planets out there, among the various galaxies. I know the ones in the Kree's home galaxy best, of course but as diplomats, we visited others. The one I designed I just use to relax in. But the temperature can still be modified even in a nearly exact replication."

"Wait, I got you were an alien. That you somehow managed to solve the faster than light problem. But you're saying you're from another _galaxy_ entirely?" Peter stares for a long moment, "Galaxies aren't exactly close to eachother, except when you consider them in relation to eachother."

"Oh, yes." That it would be something considered strange didn't really occur to Noh-Varr. "You didn't know? Let me see…" He thinks a moment and looks up at the sky. "Northern hemisphere…" After a moment, he points to a section of sky. "There. That's where the Kree Empire is. You call it the Large Magellanic Cloud. Over there…" He points to a different section. "The Skrulls control what you call Andromeda. And over there is the Shi'ar Galaxy."

Dryly, "You mentioned in the past the three races that are in this region of space. Most people do not refer to the Local Group as 'this region of space'." Peter shakes his head in amusement, "A hundred thousand million stars in one galaxy but that's not enough, you guys have to go war for more?"

"Not every star has viable planets. Not every viable planet developed life. Not all life develops sentience. ANd not all sentients develop useful technology." Noh-Varr points out. "And then there's always the usual reason of 'Your ancestor to the xth generation did something to my ancestor of the xth generation and we're going to kill or enslave you because of it.' I'm proud to say after a million years of war, we managed to arrange peace."

That response earns a very unimpressed roll of Peter's eyes, "Really. You don't say. Are there any more _completely_obvious_ facts you want to tell me? It's still a *hundred thousand million* stars. Besides, that's what terraforming is for. Seeding." He shakes his head, "Best we have managed is a whole hundred years of war, though I'm not sure if the Cold War will ever end."

"If I think of any, I'll be sure to let you know." Noh-Varr sounds totally serious when he answers. "Terraforming doesn't make planets full of useful bodies to expand your empire. Anyway, obviously, they're still going at it in this reality so be prepared for more excursions. The Shi'ar might even get involved if they start paying attention. Your planet is very close to a major hyperspace route so it's useful."

"That's what seeding and patience is for— if you can hold up a war for a million years you can wait for your seeded planet to start producing. Growth and development is exponential. Very slow at first, but eventually a decade makes up as much advancement as the last century, then a year…" Peter shrugs, then wrinkles his nose, "That's inconvienent. Eh. The Avengers will handle it."

"Don't be overconfident. You're outnumbered if it ever comes to real conflict. And there are Kree and Skrulls and Shi'ar with abilities in the same way the Avengers are to normal human. And that's not counting the technology advantage." Noh-Varr shrugs. "But hopefully it won't come to that. Thinks are different enough here that I can make no predictions about what will happen."

"It's not being overconfident. True or not, there's absolutely no useful value to having any other position. Pessimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy." Peter grins suddenly, "And hope springs eternal. Either I'm right and the Avengers will figure out a way to solve the problem, and we win, and maybe I survive, or I'm wrong, and I won't survive, and what's it matter to me?"

"Or you just end up stalemated. There's usually more than complete wins or losses, especially since the odds of a full scale war are so small. Limited invasions are more likely since you're no real threat. So when do you want to come to the ship?" Noh-Varr asks.

Peter pauses at the conversational shift, and shrugs, "Sunday? I don't have anything going on sunday except for church in the morning."

"Done. Why don't you come to my apartment around noon." Noh-Varr suggests as he stands up. "We can take lunch and eat under an alien sky." More or less.

Peter hesitates, but finally he gives a serious little nod and lifts his mask to tug it back on, "Okay, umm. I'll pick up sandwiches or something." He winces slightly. His budget is tight, but still. "See you then."

"No need. I'll have something brought in. Chinese food, I think. I like that very much. If I was going to conquer your planet, it would be because of that." Giving Peter a quick grin, Noh-Varr jumps off the building, reaching out to the wall to slow his fall.

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