1965-07-07 - A prototype for Chris
Summary: Peter has a plan, and a prototype to boot.
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There is a knock at Chris' door, and when its opened, there's a Peter. He's grinning, in a button up shirt with rolled up sleeves, jeans, and a neat belt. That, and a backpack. "Chris!" He grins more, "I have something for you. Its not a final product, its to test my theory." Then he suddenly blushes slightly and ducks his head, letting the guy who actually lives there speak before he gushes out his words.

Chris opens up the door to find Peter standing on the other side and looks momentarily surprised to see him there, which is covered voer by the fact that Peter immediately starts talking, saving him from the fact that his mouth just opens and no sound comes out at first. Then it dawns on him that he's still standing there in front of the door and he steps back and in to let Peter in. "Hey," he grins, and then says, "Yeah? Is it something we can test in here or do we need to go out somewhere?" He glances around, "My mom and brothers are out at the movies so they won't be back for a bit."

Peter nods to Chris and is immediately shrugging out of his backpack, gesturing within, "Oh, here. Its nothing fancy. Its Phase One of Project Control. Well, its Phase One *and* Two, but I'm only sure Phase One will work. Phase One will be what makes everything else possible. I've put off Skin-B to work on this for a bit, don't tell Mister Stark, but I figure Skin-A was for Sergeant Barnes, and you're on the team too… team first, world salvation second… plus I just want you to be free of this… burden."

"Oh, I mean, you don't need to put anything aside to work on anything for me," Chris says, suddenly looking a little abashed. "I mean, I appreciate it but I don't want to interrupt the stuff that you are already working on." He smiles a little lopsidedly but still looks curiously at what Peter has in the bag. "But.. yeah, I can't wait to see what you came up with."

"Shut up." Peter waves away these words of not-worth-it with a wave, heading into the living room area and claiming a spot on the couch, "Do you have something to drink? Anything really?" He then laughs, the sound is so light and easy. "But seriously you do know that Mister Stark doesn't _pay_ me at all right? I'm an intern. I'm an Avenger first, a Stark Intern second, so when someone who I have to trust with my *life* and more importantly the lives of innocent people, needs something? They get priority. But I'm super thirsty." He starts digging in his backpack.

"Um yeah, sure," Chris says, distracted from what he had been saying, both by being told to shut up, and being asked for a drink. It renders him unable to argue for the moment, and so he just goes into the kitchen and gets a glass and then just fills it with some ice water and brings it over, holding it out to Peter wordlessly. Finally he says, "Okay.. okay.. Avengers, priority one, got it."

"Sorry." Peter says, tone a little bashful, "I didn't mean shut up seriously, that'd be rude, I meant like… don't fret, I do what I need to do." He accepts the ice water with a tentatively warm smile, "Thank you." And he takes a long drink before he sets it on the nearest coaster he can find if there is one, if not, on a surface. He pulls out a little box and pulls it open and takes out some kind of… band. About six inches long. "This is the interface. Its… semi-permanent. I mean it can come off at any time, but its got an adhehsive material to be sanitary and skin-tight and flexible." He holds his own hand up, drapes it over, and shows where two hard rectangles are meant to overlap to make a kind of bracelet. "When attached, a needle inserts and begins drawing a very small amount of blood. The needle is very shallow and very small and will pinch momentarily, but will soon be forgotten. I wore one for a week, it'd pinch for a few days depending on how I moved then it stopped. Once it connects, the adhehsive is released which bonds with the skin. I have a solvent to remove it if you ever need to— or frankly you can peel it off, though that'd be uncomfortable."

There's a coaster or two on the coffee table where the glass can be set down. Chris moves over a little closer and sits down on the arm of the couch to watch as Peter takes out the little box and then the band inside. He studies it with curiosity and listens as Peter explains what it is, his head tilting a little bit to the side as he chews a bit on his lower lip thoughtfully. Finally, he nods a bit and says, "So it wil always have a needle sticking into me?" That seems to make him squirm just a little bit, but then he settles and says, "And.. so, what does it do exactly? Once it's there and hooked in?"

"Yeah, I know, its a little weird. Its a _really_ small needle. I thought of having the watch itself insert and withdraw a needle only for when its needed, but the thing is? That would be actually riskier in terms of infection, because it wouldn't be in a bio-sealed environment. The interface creates a patch of skin where its impossible for bacteria to grow as its entirely sealed in with the adhehsive." Peter explains encouragingly, "But what it does is sit there and wait to be activated. On *top* of it is phase 2, the monitor. It attaches to the interface, looks like a watch. You press a button, it engages with the interface and every five minutes takes a tiny amount of blood— and tests adrenaline levels. If they are elevated while its on, it administers an adrenaline antagonist to neutralize that hormone, keep you calm."

Chris studies the device from his perch on the arm of the couch, head tilted a little bit to one side, fingers curled around the arm, tap-tap-tapping perhaps a little bit nervously, but then he stills himself and nods, "Okay so.. everything is all sealed up and not poking in and out is good.. if you can't feel it after a little bit, that's fine, too. I'll get over the whole needle thing and try not to overthink it too much." When Peter mentions the adrenaline neutralizing antagonist he looks thoughtful and says, "What if I'm in the middle of a fight and I kind of need the adrenaline during the fight? Is it just for after? To help come down after swapping back? Or.. it would have to be, since that's when I'd be out of the suit again."

Peter Parker pulls out what looks like a regular looking watch, "Good questions." Peter nods approvingly, "That's why I'm not making this automatic. Its something you turn on when you come out of the suit, and leave on for however long it usually takes you to get…better…then turn off. What that 'better' time is I might be able to automate if you know if its like usually an hour? Two? Three?" He shakes his head, "Once on it'll introduce the antagonist on adrenaline surges, but you can always turn it *off*. So if you're out of the suit, get attacked but don't want to go into the suit again for some reason, you can just turn it off." He gestures to the watch, a knob at the side, "This you pull out and down, for on. Out and up, for off. You control when its monitoring has an effect. Its to let you use the suit and then be *yourself* after, safely, at least at this stage."

Chris examines the watch as what it is supposed to do and when it is supposed to do it is explained. He looks over the little knob and nods with understanding as Peter continues to describe how that works. "Yeah, I suppose if someone chases me and I need to run or something, but I don't want to go into the suit, that'd be good not to have it on, but I could turn it on before goign into the suit.. it shouldn't do anything to me while I'm possessing the suit since I don't think my body actually feels anything while I"m in it. Then when I pop back into my body… then that's when it would go off. Then I can just turn it off once I feel normal again."

Peter reaches over to grasp Chris' arm encouragingly, giving an excited squeeze, "Yeah, exactly. Nothing here is about weakening you when you need to be strong, its just letting you have more control. Now this watch? Doesn't have any drugs at all. Its a testing circuit and a tiny beep. We want to know if adrenaline is really the issue. So, wear it over the interface— it'll snap into place— and next few times after you are in the suit, if it beeps when you … get fighty? We'll know we're on teh right track." He realizes he's squeezing Chris' arm and blushes and pulls his hand away then.

Chris seems to be so focused on the science of it all and the little band and watch that he only half notices that Peter is squeezing his arm, until he suddenly blushes and pulls away. He blushes a little bit, himself, at that and ducks his head, a bit of a smile quirking his lips. "Umn.. so yeah.. put the band on.. band has the interface. Snap the watch onto the interface.. and check the monitor to see if it's beeping when I get all cranky/fighty.. I can do that. That's pretty easy." He reaches out then, to lightly catch Peter's arm, giving it a little squeeze. "Thank you.. for working on this for me."

Peter reaches out after a moment of WHAT DO I DO, when his arm is catched, to snag Chris's arm, and slip the interface around his wrist, "It's just a pinch." And when he seals the two hard parts, which releases the adhehsive liquid that seals it so it feels like only slightly stiff skin with that pinch felt only when the hand does something weird, "You got it, man." The watch is just handed over, and he hesitates at the thanks, asking softly, "Well, you'd help me if you could, right?"

Chris blinks just a little when his arm is taken and the band slipped onto it, and then chuckles. He should have expected that, perhaps. He moves his hand around, and feels that little pinch. It makes him go a little pale at first. He may have understated his dislike of needles. But despite that momentary cold clamminess and feeling of ugh, he takes a firm grip of the arm of the couch and steadies himself, breathing slowly while his composure returns. He takes the watch bit and stops wiggling his hand around until the pinching stops. Once it stops, he takes the watch part and affixes it to the band before looking up at Peter. "Of course.. any time."

The paleness makes Peter look concerned, reaching a hand up to grip Chris' arm and squeeze, "My very first and only concern was your health, Chris. The adhehsive goes on first and its antiseptic, and the seal is permanent without a solvent or a lot of scraping. So when the needle punctures… there's no risk of infection. It has to go through the antiseptic skin. I know its a lot but trust me, this won't make you sick. I won't hurt you. And if you decide you don't want this, I won't be mad and will take it off you."

"Oh, I know," Chris says with a bit of a wobbly grin. "It's just the thought of a piece of metal sliding into my skin, poking in there.." He stops himself before he makes himself turn green again. "I told you.. I'll overthink it at first, and I'll probably make myself sick.. unless I stop thinking about it. It'll be fine. I just need to.. not think about it." He rambles just a little bit.

"I'll check it every week for the next three months to be sure." assures Peter seriously, "And I get it, I do. Its entirely reasonable. Trust me though you'll be fine." He lays a hand on Chris's lightly and gives a brief squeeze, "This is about you, you being you, you controlling you, right? We'll figure it out." But then he pulls away and flushes a little awkwardly, "Right, so! Beeps. Track if it beeps."

"Okay," Chris says when Peter promises to check on it. He pokes at it a bit, as much as he poked the webbing that was wrapped around his arm last time. But it's a light poking, just feeling the band around his wrist. He looks up at the squeeze to his hand and smiles a ltitle bit, nodding once more. "Yeah, this is about giving me the control that I need." When Peter pulls away again, he reaches out and catches his hand again, for a moment or two in silence. Then he says, "Yeah, I will remember the beeps."

Peter Parker isn't quite sure what to do with caught hands; its not that he objects, he's just.. what? Hand! Aiee! He doesn't panic but he's just a little unsure. But he nods, "Beeps." Then rises and smiles, "If there's any discomfort at all beyond the pinch.." He pulls form his backpack a little bottle, "This solvent will entirely dissolve the adhehsive and let you get it off in less then a minute. Let's uhh." Pause, think, how do you want to word this. Professionally, he decides. "Let's meet up in a couple days…. over lunch…. to see what you're feeling about it."

Chris releases Peter's hand and then flushes, himself, and pulls both hands back to tuck them under his thighs as he sits on the arm of the couch, effectively trapping them from doing anything else. "Right, beeps. And uh follow-up check-up thing, got it." He looks at the little bottle and for a moment wavers between freeing a hand and taking it and not. He opts finally to reach out and take the little bottle, holding into it with one hand. "Sounds like a plan." He looks around and sets the bottle down on the little table by the couch.

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