1965-07-08 - Legally Tamaranean
Summary: Starfire meets She Hulk and, after a bit of a chat, hires herself an Earth lawyer who stands out as much as she does.
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Jen Walters is a regular at the New York Metropolitan Law Library. It's one of the best curated collections of legal information in America, as old as the library and containing case law, precedents, and judicial ruling going back over a century. She's dressed in conservative work clothing— skirtsuit, black jacket, her hair back in a tight librarian's bun with just a single tendril flopping obstinately over her forehead as she browses the stacks. She drops her weight back on her rear foot and looks down at the book in her hands, cracking it open and skimming a fingernail along the words.

She is, professional mien aside, somewhat distinctive, being near seven feet in her stylish black heels and a very emerald sheen of green, from nose to toes. Even her hair has a subtle viridian hue, despite being otherwise near-black. She stands near the section on immigration and naturalization, a few books already loaded onto a little handcart she's pulled up near her.

Starfire, although dressed in as close to what she believes to be Earthling work attire, somehow manages to stand out at the library. Even when compared to a seven foot tall green lawyer. A white blouse, not tucked in and only partly buttoned and short black skirt over the top of her purple alien hotpants & top combo. Sensible shoes which don't actually touch the ground. And a three foot high stack of legal books, all on various immigration policies and laws, balanced on one hand.

The alien princess floats between the various isles whistling a tune which doesn't quite line up with any musical style heard on Earth. One which sounds especially discordant to the average human. But all the while smiling as if she's having quite the most wonderful time.

Jen turns around at the whistling, and almost bumps right into Kori. Her mouth opens minutely, then closes. She blinks twice, over round, thin-rimmed spectacles that hang low on her nose. She gives Kori an up-and-down, hugging the book to her chest, and her lips quirk into a lopsided smile.

"Wow. I cannot remember the last time I was at a loss for words," she says, after recovering her aplomb. "That is a /great/ look," she tells the Tamaranean princess. She looks pleased she can look Kori in the eye, too. "I take it you're not from around here, though?" she inquires— again, her good humored tone indicates she's defusing her awkward faux pas with a bit of humor.

Despite the sudden close call Starfire and her stack of books remain remarkably stable. It's hard to tell if that's because she reacted quickly or if her method of motion is simply very hard to jostle. "You have lost words? Is this due to a memory problem and if so should I find you some help?" She asks earnestly, her head tilting to one side. "You are right however, I have recently moved to New York from over in Europe." Another smile. "I travel a lot. Which does make it hard to follow fasion, so I am glad these garments are appropriate."

"My name is Koriand'r and it is a pleasure to meet you," She adds holding her empty hand out for the ritual shaking of hands. "Are you also here to learn about the local law making customs?"

"I don't think I have a memory problem, but if you see any words laying around, lemme know and I'll tidy them up," Jen says. It's hard to tell if Kori's being literal or yanking her chain, so she just rolls with it. "Europe, huh?" she inquires, gently shaking Kori's hand. She makes no effort to squeeze it, and actually does execute a very European sort of handshake instead of a conventionally American grip. "Welcome to America, then."

She glances at the stacks of books around them, and her smile returns at Kori's peculiar but sincere question. "Fashion's a cruel mistress sometimes," Jen agrees. "Me, I'm here doing about the same thing. I'm an attorney," she tells her. "Jennifer Walters, I'm with a local law firm. Mostly criminal defense and prosecution, though we do some civil work as well. What part of Europe are you from?"

Starfire blinks a few times and doesn't /quite/ look around in case words have fallen out. But her eyes do flick around the immediate area. "It has been a most… interesting welcome here so far," she admits with a sigh. "But on the whole I have met more pleasant people than unpleasant."

"You will have to excuse my English, especially my idioms, it is not my first language," Kori explains, floating a little closer to the table. "I have been all over but my family is technically from Monaco. I am.. not really employed. But I travel a lot and study."

"Sounds tough," Jen says, with a grin that belies her sympathetic tone. "Being unemployed and travelling around the world." She flickers a glance at Kori's feet. "Cute shoes. Never seem ones that hover like that," she tells the woman. Also, the stack of books is a bit of a giveaway. Law books are heavy and Koris' balancing them with a skill that'd make a diner waitress envious. She drifts along with Kori, clearly not in any great rush herself. "I hope you haven't run into any jerks," she tells the woman. "My firm does a lot of pro-bono metahuman defense work. Mostly civil issues, but we've handled criminal defense as well. If you ever run into trouble—" she offers Kori a business card.

"Oh no the shoes do not float," Starfire assures earnestly. "They are simply attached to my feet by straps. Without which they would fall. I do not really find the fit comfortable, but I was told my purple boots were not appropriate attire for a law library." She shrugs. "I have very low requirements when it comes to my personal needs. Also I can fly quite fast. So really it is very easy for me to see the world."

"I do not wish to speak ill of the people of this city but…. Some have been /very/ rude. I was shot by some sort of explosives launcher, fired upon with various small arms weapons and one time a building was set on fire while I was inside. Nothing very serious really. But I have lost several outfits that way," Starfire puts the big stack of immigration books down on an empty table nearby and accepts the business card. "These cards must be a tradition for the legal profession? I recently met a young man who offered me a similar type of help and he summoned some small cards out of thin air."

Jen's smooth brow furrows deeply, and there's a glint of anger in her eyes that probably transcends any inter-species dialogues. "Shot at?" she huffs. Her skin literally darkens a shade, before she visibly forces herself to calm down. Her normal hue regains dominance on her high cheekbones, and a grin appears. "Bullets don't make me particularly angry, but I did lose one of my favorite silk blouses last month to a grouchy guy armed with a sword-whip. It's not easy to find clothes in my measurements, and they're not cheap."

She flicks the corner of the card on Koris' hands. "It's not really a tradition. It's a custom. That's my name, my phone number, and my office location," she explains. "Some people have great memories for that, but others don't. This way if you run into legal trouble, you know how to get a hold of me," she offers. "Or, honestly, shopping advice. I am a /great/ shopper," she says, without any trace of modesty. "You've got the look for fashion, for sure. Were you a model, in Monaco?"

Starfire scratches her head, then tucks the card into a pocket for safe keeping. "I have not really been in serious danger," she assures. "I am quite durable compared with normal people. But some of the clothing items were gifts and when they were destroyed it was upsetting."

"A model? I do not really understand, I have always been a real person and not a replica." Kori adds, with genuine bemusement. "My family own land. Unfortunately there was a falling out.. My older sister tried to have me killed. And it's not safe for me to return home anymore."

"Fashion model, hun," Jen clarifies. "Being paid to show people how outfits look." Her smile fades a little bit at Kori's explanation, and she blinks rapidly. "Goodness," she murmurs. There's not much funny to say to that, and she settles for giving Kori's arm a reassuring squeeze. "I'm so sorry. That must be hard for you. Is that why you came here, then? To get away from the family problems?" she inquires. "I can't even imagine." She flickers her eyes to the stack of books, then gives Starfire a speculative look. "You're trying to immigrate, then?" she asks. "How's that process going?"

Starfire forms an o of surprise with her mouth, then glances at the pile of books. "People are paid simply to wear clothing?" she wonders aloud. "That seems odd to me. To be honest I do not really find most clothing comfortable. It is all very… restrictive and poorly shaped."

"That is.. pretty much the situation. My sister and her brutish friends promised not to harm anyone if I left, so I went," Starfire sighs again, rubs at her eye for a moment, then forces a smile. "But do not worry about me. I will be okay. My plan is to immigrate until the day when I am able to reclaim my birthright. I do not know how long that could take, but I am determined to make the best of my situation and enjoy my time on this P..art.. of the world."

"To wear clothing /well/," Jen says. She steps back, turns one heel out, and her posture goes from 'ramrod librarian' to something that looks more like it belongs in the sort of magazines that they're not allowed to sell at the front of the store. It puts every one of her considerate curves on display. Then she relaxes, and looks like a business woman again. "Helps to get properly fitted clothes, too," she says. "Off-the-rack stuff rarely fits very well. If you know a friend who's a seamstress, she can usually help quite a bit. Truth be told, though, I'm more of a minidress sort of gal when I'm not at work. If you got it, flaunt it, right?"

She seems to be trying to cheer Kori up, and her glib tone becomes more reassuring. "Listen, I don't know a ton about immigration law, but I'm a pretty friggin' good lawyer," she says. "Lemme give you a hand. This stuff's kinda dense even if you could actually speak Latin," she says, waving a hand at the books. "It's easier to have a pro help you out. Free of charge," she says, before Kori can ask. "We'll call it my good deed for the month."

"I used to have all my things made by the finest designers," Starfire muses wistfully and, when Jen adopts her pose, she nods appreciatively. "You would look much better if you were like that more often." She points out solemnly. "Truth be told I am wearing my own clothing under this outfit. But people often stare when I wear that in public unless I am on a beach. People are so very prudish or make crude assumptions based on appearance, it makes me sad there is no middle ground."

"I do speak Latin. Along with several other languages which are technically dead. I am /very/ good at learning languages. But.. I think my case might require more work than a typical immigration case and… I would not wish you to put yourself in a situation that'd cause a great deal of trouble."

"Ooh, that is the /wrong/ thing to say to me," Jen grins at Koriand'r. "I love a challenge, particularly if it's for a noble cause. C'mon, how often am I gonna get a chance to help out an exiled royal from Monaco who's just waiting for a chance to reclaim her hereditary titles? Tell you what—" she laughs. "You can set aside a little beachside property for me, when and if you get everything squared up, and we'll call that even," she says, eyes dancing.

She considers Kori's physique at the girl's explanation. "It's all a balance," she agrees. "On the one hand, too little clothing makes men dumb and their wives jealous. On the other hand—" she smiles, a smug and self-satisifed expression, and shrugs her left shoulder upwards as if she doesn't have a care in the world. "That's their problem, isn't it?" she concludes.

She glances at the stack of books, then looks back at Kori. "Would you like to meet up for coffee sometime?" she asks, tilting her head a little. "I think I'd like to get to know you better, regardless of the whole immigration thing," she explains.

"I have read about this thing. The covenant of trust between a member of the legal professional and a client, would that still apply in such a case?" Starfire asks cautiously. "Because I could in theory promise a grant of land and it would be along a beach… But… I am unsure if you would ever be able to see it."

"I am used to people of all genders being very enlightened about matters of love, romance and sex. It has been a huge culture shock. People often tell me I should adapt to the local customs and give people time to adjust, but it is very hard to change everything about myself."

"Sure. Say 'Jen Walters, you're my attorney," Jen tells Starfire. "Then it's official, and no one can compel me to testify against you or share any information about anything you tell me as part of my service to you as an attorney. Done and done."

She blinks at Koriandr's forthright explanation of culture shock, and shrugs. "There's a saying here— 'when in Rome, do as the Romans'," she explains. "Means that when you travel, you try to blend with the customs. It's a little screwy, I know. I used to join the student protests at Berkley while I was finishing my law degree. Threw my bra along with everyone else there," she grins. "I guess I'm a little more progressive than most people," she remarks, frowning at herself contemplatively. "But y'know, I'm not gonna blend in anywhere I go anyway, and people are gonna make assumptions about me no matter what, and… screw it, life is for the living. So I dno't sweat small details."

"Jennifer Walters, you are my attorney.." Starfire repeats, then, with a glance at the table and chairs, she adds. "You might wish to sit down for the next part."

Kori gives Jen a little pause, to sit down or not as she wishes, then continues. "I am Koriand'r princess of the planet Tamaran and rightful next in line to the throne. I /can/ offer you a beach property back home but… I can not provide you with transport there or guarantee you would be okay in the atmosphere. Although I /think/ it would not prove toxic."

"However I /can/ understand fully why you would throw an Earth bra. Those garments are vile. The wires as if to trap unsuspecting animals. Clothing back home provides a much better fit and is /far/ more durable. I could clean a Tamaranean garmet in a volcano and you would never be the wiser."

Jen does sit, resting her hips against the sturdy old desk behind her. Both brows rise upwards at Kori's explanation, and she purses her lips thoughtfully. "…Wow. And … you are not yanking my leg— er, trying to fool me," she says, amending her little metaphor. "Okay, so we can put a pin in the beachfront development thing," she grins. "We'll figure it out later. Anyway, offer still stands. Pro bono immigration consultation, Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran." She offers Kori another handshake— this one a confident and American-style grip that is full of firm reassurance.

"And yes. Bras suck," she agrees. She archs a brow at Kori's description of Tamaranean clothing. "Sheesh. Now I wanna get your residency thing sorted out just so I can import some Tamaranean shirts," she laughs. "We could corner the fashion market. Make a lotta money," she says, eyes dancing.

"It /is/ a much better beach than you have on Earth," Starfire promises. "The climate can be adjusted and there is no risk of asteroid impacts." Her own handshake is fairly careful, knowing most Earthlings are very delicate. "Oh I suppose I should also be fully forthcoming… The 'thugs' my sister has employed are a very evil alien empire who occupy my homeworld. I do not believe they could find me here but it remains a small risk."

"Shirts? Hmmm I do not think anyone back home would make such a large garment. My people absorb sunlight through the skin. So clothing is typically very light and comfortable….. Perhaps you would like to try one of my spare oufits on some time? They adjust to the figure of the wearer. Unfortunately I do not really have enough spare outfits to make the gift permenant."

"Wow. You don't do anything but half measures, do you, Kori?" Jen says, looking more bemused than anything. She seems very unconcerned with the possibility of danger in general. "Wow, this is turning into a total fairy tale here. Rescue the kingdom, save the princess from evil lawyers, get her back on the throne. And I've even got a bad habit of charging headfirst into peril! Sounds perfect."

She considers Kori's offer, then shrugs. "Sure, what the hell? I mean, my skin's not photoreceptive. I just don't like wearing a lotta clothes," she explains. "But suits are mandatory in courtrooms. Tradition," she explains. "Would be nice to have some beachwear, too."

Starfire laughs. "I am unsure what exactly a half measure is," she admits. "Is that a compliment? My people do have a certain reputation for excess, but I feel I have been very discreet during my time here." She frowns. "I do not expect you or anyone on this planet to help me retake my home. Aside from a few individuals with unusual gifts I am fairly sure no-one on this planet could reach my home. Nor would they be able to dent a Citadelian warship if they tried."

"Well, you are more than welcome to try them on and perhaps we could visit the beach. I regret that it would not be a long lasting gift. They were gifts from my parents and I have very little which reminds me of home." Kori hmmms. "Do you think perhaps it would help if I gave you the card for the other person who potentially offered legal aid in this area? His name was Billy and he seemed to have some sort of contacts which he wanted to speak with."

Jen's brows lift. "Billy, huh? Can't place him offhand, but if he's a lawyer in the area, we've probably met at least once." She digs for a little notepad inside her shoulder-satchel— a very meticulously organized person, she is, and copies down the phone number once Kori gives it to her.

"But yeah, why not a little beach day, huh?" she inquires, eyes bright. "And don't make assumptions about the size of dents I can put in things," she says, conspiratoorially. "I'm almost as good at punchin' stuff as lawyering at people, and I am a /really/ good lawyer," she says, with an assertiveness that'd be smug if it wasn't said with such blunt confidence.

"Well," Starfire starts, then she glances around nervously. "I should not really talk about such matters but… even I would struggle against a Citadelian warship. And they have an armada and perhaps a billion soldiers." She bites at her lip, but does pull out the business card she received from Billy. "I should not speak any further on topics like aliens or technology. It is a /terrible/ act of poor manners to bring such things up with pre-spaceflight races. I would not wish to alter the progression of your world after all!"

"Please," Jen says, rolling her eyes. "It's not like we haven't been seeing strange lights in the sky for the last few years, and there are people who can turn reality inside out with their brains. I'm surprised we don't see /more/ aliens."

She gets to her feet, and shoulders her leather satchel, making sure it's neatly shut. "So when do we wanna do our little beach party date?" she inquires of Kori, adjusting the leather strap on her shoulder. "It's been a while since I just sat on the sand and enjoyed the sunlight, and I hear there's a really nice beach out on the end of the bay that's supposed to be just wonderful."

Starfire holds out her hands as if to say what can you do. "Just because other races are ignoring the rules does not mean I should too! I was not trained to /build/ devices but I still know mathmatical proofs and concepts which are beyond anything your greatest minds have thought up. Who is to say your people would not build doomsday weapons and be foolish enough to use them!"

"You wish to visit a local beach? There are some very nice beaches in the world. Uninhabited tropical islands and so on. Only a short flight away if you do not mind being carried?"

Jen blinks. Not at the doomsday thing, but the flight offer. "Iiiii absolutely do not mind being carried," Jen confirms. "Gosh, I mean—" she makes a balancing gesture. "Atlantic-side beach in Jersey, or.." she leans the other way, "beautiful tropical beach in the Bahamas." She eyes Kori. "I /do/ have depositions I need to get back to, so like, if we're talking a 'short flight', I'll need to be back inside of a couple days," she warns her.

"I can reach the Caribbean within four hours fairly comfortably. Providing I am only carrying… perhaps thirty tons. Distances and weights are all a bit… complicated for me. I have to convert into local measures but account for variations in gravity and atmosphere." Starfire explains with a smile. "Some islands are occupied but I have found a few which are empty. They make good places to sunbathe in privacy.. But… I do not know if they would contain all the comforts your species would need." Her head tilts curiously. "I have tried to learn about Human biology, but there are limits to what books can teach and my own requirements for survival are very different."

"Well, I tilt the scales a little over some light motorcycles," Jen says, wryly. "But it sounds like that won't be a problem for you." She pauses, considering, and extends an index finger midair to gesture at Kori's sternum as she thinks. "Y'know, I have a friend who travels down there a lot. I bet we could find a beachside cabana to crash at," she remarks. "Stocked liquor cabinet, minibar, food in the refridgerator— they're pretty luxurious, but if I'm not paying airfare, it's a bit less of a sting to the checkbook."

"You do not need to worry about crashing," Starfire replies seriously. "I have only crashed once in my life. And that was after I flew to Earth and I was /very/ tired." She clasps her hands together. "I would never be so careless while carrying another person." She shrugs. "I do not really need to eat solid foods. So long as I can take in the sun I will be fine. To be honest the climate here is so mild compared with space I could sleep outside without harm for a good four hundred years! Although it might be less comfortable than I would prefer."

Jen laughs merrily, and doesn't even try to clarify her turn of phrase. "Wow, I did /not/ realize how much I use idioms daily," she remarks. "And Kori, you are … really interesting," Jen says, eyes dancing. "And that's a sincere remark, coming from me."

"Anyway— okay. I'll do some research. Come over to my law offices, I've got an idea or two that might be interesting. We'll do a little clothes fitting, and then, trip to the Bahamas!" she declares. "It'll be nice to get outta the Bay area. So I'll see you soon?" she inquires of Starfire, smiling pleasantly.

"You are not alone in regard to idioms. Even I find myself trying to use them," Starfire replies wistfully. "And they are the main thing I have problem with. I can pick up languages perfectly but do not receive 'common use' phrases."

"We will try the clothing in your office?" Starfire shrugs at this notion. It doesn't seem to matter to her. "I would be happy to visit regardless. I currently am engaged in the sitting of the house for a friend, but she would not mind if I left for a short break." She looks at her pile of law books. "I am glad I will not need to read these books. I can return to more interesting topics. I've recently been trying to mammalian biology, even if some aspects are a little alarming." She leans in and, with a conspiratorial whisper, adds "Please tell me that Humans do not die if they do not mate each year like some members of the Mustelidae family…?"

Jen's brows lift at that question, and she bites her lips. Hard. Clearly holding back several responses. She looks skywards. "Golly, when someone hands you a line like that," she mutters, then laughs and shakes her head.

"Most of us wouldn't have made it through adolescence if that was true," Jen says, still trying to suppress a laugh. "But just to be safe, I try to avoid dry spells longer than a month," she tells Kori. "It might not /kill/ me, but then again, it might, so— why risk it?" she says, mirthfully. "How about Tamaraneans? Is it about the same as primates, or do you have larval stages? Little pouches, like kangaroos?"

Starfire frowns and instinctively looks for the window when Jen talks about 'dry spells'. "Is that… another idium?" she wonders. "We have children much as you do, surprising as that might be. Although our puberty stage can involve a brief time in a chrysalis. As for how frequently people enjoy romantic encounters… it is largely down to personal choice and availability of partners." She shrugs. "We live a lot longer and can pick when we produce children. Nor do we have any diseases that can be passed on through such activities. So we have fewer taboos about sex and love."

Jen shudders. "Ugh. No babies for me for a while. Not until I make partner at my firm, anyway," she declares. She gives Kori a flickering evaluation, brow rising. "Hmm. So it's a planet of beautiful beaches, perfect weather, and — is it crazy to assume that most of them look more or less like you?" she inquires, gesturing up and down at Kori with a fingernail. "Because I mean, I am getting more and more on board with the whole 'liberation of Tamaran' thing."

Starfire looks thoughtful for a moment, floating up and down a little, before finally responding "I do not wish to sound arrogant, but I was widely considered to be very attractive even amongst my people, however I think the average member of my species would physically exceed the average here. Everyone is fit, healthy and we remain much the same in appearance for several hundred of your years."

"The planet has a lot of jungle too. Some wildlife is… a bit more dangerous than you might be used to. Zarnics in particular can be quite aggresive." Kori seems to be counting the pros and cons off on her fingers. "And… forgive me if this is incorrect but… you seem fairly unique amongst Humans? Such differences would likely result in you receiving… I am unsure of an English translation. Propositions from groups of males, females and mixed groups. Xenobiology students are especially noted for being.. curious."

"I'm … preeeetty atypical, yeah," Jen allows, cautiously. She ahems, and flicks a fingernail at the open collar of her white dress shirt, shifting in her blazer. It takes her a second to get her train of thought back into the station. "That… all sounds … great," Jen says, her skin darkning just a touch near her cheekbones, and her eyes /very/ distant. "Oh my."

She forces herself out of a dreamy reverie. "But, yes. Unique. There aren't a lot of people my size and strength anyway, let along big and green. Just my cousin, really," she remarks. "But we're pretty far off the edge of the distribution bell curve, too." She shrugs. "I'm already a bit of an anomaly so I don't feel particularly inclined to conform to a lot of social customs, especially the boring or stupid ones."

Starfire watches Jen gesture at her open collar, then frowns for a moment before shrugging. "They are very nice?" She offers tentatively. "Or… do you mean you are green? Does that mean it is not a regional variation? I have yet to visit every continent. I think there is a trend for Humans with special abilities to be more open to new ideas. Perhaps it is rejection of society in return for the rejection they receive." She beams at Jen. "I am unsure if your career prevents this, but I hope that in time we shall become friends!"

"No, it's probably just a little sociopathic part of my personality," Jen tells Kori, grinning merrily. "But yeah, there aren't more than a few green humans out there. Most of them range from pink to… I guess like a sepia color?" she says, frowning thoughtfully.

"Makes me unique, and since I'm unique, I figure I get to make my own rules. But that means I can be friends with a pretty Space Princess if I want, so— I am happy to make a new friend with you, Kori!"

"I do not really think I am qualified to judge Human psychology. So I will defer to you on such a topic," Starfire decides with a shrug. "Ahh. Green is not common, I see. I guess I was misled by the advertisments for vegetables which featured a large green giant fellow… It is so hard to discern fact from fiction."

"Despite this I often have good luck meeting new people in the library. Even if these 'books' are a terrible way to store information!" Kori muses. "Anyway, I should probably let you be about your business. I will have to scout out some deserted islands which might be suitable for day trips from a site more locally based. Then perhaps you can see some of the beaches I mentioned despite their lack of the rooms of the bath."

"Too true," Jen muses. She offers Kori another gentle handsqueeze. "It was nice to meet you, Koriand'r." She even gets the subtle pronounciation right. "We've got some work to do ahead of us, but we can have some fun and games, too." She smiles brightly, and with a waved farewell, turns to gather her things and head out of the library entrance herself.

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