1965-07-15 - A Wiccan in Asgard, oh my!
Summary: Whoever thought this trip was a good idea is — nto today, but soon — going to be wincing.
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Between meetings, negotiations, and revels, there is time to just enjoy Asgard. Kai has spent the morning being a Good Son. First he visited his imprisoned parents, then he sat in discussion regarding what is to become of them, and with their future yet uncertain, he wanders until he finds two of his friends. Billy! Lambert! The youthful Elf is dressed in full noble regalia for someone from Alfheim, in shades of silverblue and midnight, the colors reflected in his surreal eyes. Without the trappings of Midgard or the illusions that humanize him, there is no mistaking him for anything other than Ljosalfar.

He approaches the pair down a long corridor and calls out, "Bertie! Billy! Please tell me you don't already have plans. I'm in dire need of familiar faces."

So Lambert has been dressed up - the style is up to Kai, and whatever version of Lambert he thought would blend with Asgardians. But the colours are those of the chef - a warm white linen for his pelt, gold for his skin colour, and bright blue on everything else, like a Greek afternoon. Lambert is currently sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying the sight of Asgardian maidens moving back and forth, and sometimes telling them how beautiful they are. Yeah, that might get him slapped. He springs up, light, his tail twitching. He has a ribbon tied around it in blue "Kai! Kai, have you _seen the girls here_!" he says, and turns an grins at Billy too.

Billy? He's boggle-eyed. He's on an alien planet and-or another dimension and-or intersection of probable reality which has solidified into a constant state. Whatever. But that's pointedly none of those things earth. He's _not_ been dressed up and resists any and all urgings to do so, guest of Kai of Alfheim or not. He's got a pair of jeans and a tight, fitted blue t-shirt, and his fingers are sorta nervously tucked into his pockets "Kai." He looks relieved, because, hey, he can stop thinking about turning people (viking gods?) into toads or hiding behind the goatman from them. He's undecided which would be the best course.

Kai only tries to drag people to the tailor once. If they resist, so be it. He smiles broadly in approval at Lambert's more Asgardian-themed clothing. The colors suit him! "I have," he says with a laugh. "Just wait until you see the girls in Alfheim." No offense to the Asgard ladies, but. Pleasure Elves. He hooks arn arm around Lambert's and walks with him toward Billy. "What do you thik of Asgard?" he asks. "Isn't it astonishing?"

Lambert pats Billy generously on the shoulder, and gives him a broad wink. Lambert's eyes are _golden_ now. Clear, all hint of damage washed away. Indeed, they are almost identical to the eerie eyes of his satyrish father. He links arms with Kai with the ease of one for whom continental affection between men is normal "I love it!" he says "It's so _colourful_." And made even more extreme by the fact he has not been seeing correctly for possibly years now. He is quite happy to go to the tailors more than once, and has even given himself something quite ridiculous - a bell around his neck on a blue ribbon. He says to Billy "Come with me, I'll protect you, Godling." And he grins. Then Lambert says "I want to see a park, if we may?"

"I don't even know where to start. Astonishing is a good a word as any." Billy shakes his head slowly, "I'm afraid to touch things. Touching things in Dad's house is bad. Touching things here seems extra bad. I might break a world or something. What's up, what did you need a friendly face for?"

Kai looks around and admits, "I'm not sure where a park is, but I know they've got them here. You can see the trees from the palace. I was only here before the one time, and I didn't have time to wander around." He turns a warm smile on Billy. "I wouldn't worry about breaking anything. Wait til you see a proper revel." He gestures for Billy to come with him and Lambert. He is determined to find a park. In a strange, alien city he's been to once. "I've just had a dreary morning," he says. "I'm trying to negotiate the release of my parents based on nothing more than the fact that I don't want them to be in prison anymore and I'm here with the Princes. Unfortunately, I don't think they're impressed that I"m here with one of the Princes. Happy as I am about that, it means I'm getting looks and people are talking. Around me, not to me. I can't tell yet if it's good or bad."

"They receive people like your father here, and also people like Prince Loki, so I am sure that there is at least some basic protection against what you might do by accident," Lambert says to Billy, offering him a hand "So come on! Ah, I see, Kai. Well, let's use our noses then." He inhales, clearly, and beams, eyes-half closing. And then Lambert sniffs and moves his head around. He will probably just take them to food. Lambert is _particularly_ bouncy - and is not bothering with shoes at all. He is up on the front pads of his feet, moving this way and that, and he sasy to Kai "Difficult. I feel for you. I am used to delinquency in my family, but for us, well…it's easier, I think."

'I wouldnt worrry about breaking anything' The look Billy gives Kai is flatly and plainly readable as: have you met me? But he laughs softly, and follows along, "Okay, what do they have in parks? Goldfish fountains?" He pauses, and holds up a hand, "I can scry if you like. Finding a park can't be at all ahrdeven in…whatever this place is."

"Asgard," Kai tells Billy, ever helpful. "I bet they have statuary. They seem to like statuary here." Indeed, there seems to be a thing about long corridors, columns, and massively tall statues around here. It's all vast and great and glorious. "Sure, scry us a place, Billy. Oh! Your father was here the other day to see the Queen. I forgot to tell him you were with us. I'm sure he doesn't mind." He then tells Lambert, "It's easier for you because your delinquents aren't currently being punished. At least they're treating mum and da all right. About as well as can be expected."

"The Queen here? Or elsewhere?" asks Lambert, always happy for a moment of gossip. And then he says to Kai "Also because, I think, it's just easier to get mine _out_ of trouble." By which he means they would probably just get out of mortal issues with supernatural powers. And then he wrinkles his nose, peering around at all the tall, gracious columns "Do you think I could get my horns tipped here in something?" he wonders "Everyone's been very polite." Not that he has the ability to tell the difference between 'polite to some weird jester attatched somehow to Prince Loki' and 'polite to a visitor'.

"Where's the garden? Where'sthegardenwhwere'sthegarden…" Carefully, hushed, because you don't YELL in a palace and since this whole damn city seems like a palace? "where'sthegarden" is said, instead of loud, forcefully. What appears in front of his hand is a faintly glowing cube that…inverts itself. Then does so again. And then again. But then it whistle and zips off, pauses to wait with what is almost impatience, and zips off again, only to pause again, this time zipping in a circle. "Umm, that's a little too almost sentient hten I intended."

"Yeah, the Queen here," Kai tells Lambert. "Loki's mum." He takes a moment to quietly look into the distance as it hits him yet again. Queen of Asgard, practically his mother in law. There's a small flicker of panic, but he bottles that shit up tight, and he's smiling again. Everything is fantastic. "You could probably get your horns tipped," he continues. "I don't see why not."

He blinks a few times at the thing that appears before Billy's hand. "What is that?" he asks with keen interest. "Do we follow it? Will it stand still long enough to let us?"

Lambert eyes that cube, and after a moment he says "_Please_ tell me that these powers did not manifest at birth, or I am going to wonder how on earth you ended up this well adjusted." Still, not understanding what is going on has never affected Lambert before. He bounces up and begins to follow happily, saying back to Billy "Well, I guess you're a father now. Should have used some barrier protection." Bounce bounce, and he grins towards Kai "Heh. Imagine the wedding."

"First time one happened I was on the roof and fell off and missed the ground." Billy explains in a completely blase tone of voice, "I was 15. Not breaking my neck was grateful but oh boy was I a little more confused then I already am." He flashes a grin, pauses, "What does 'horns tipped' mean?" He nods to Kai, "Oh, we follow it." And he moves to do so, "In fact I have a feeling if we don't it'll come and beep us in the nose or something to get our attention. It's a scrying spell. Its whole existance is finding something and if you don't let it find something it'll be sad. Do you want the spell to be sad, Kai?" He flushes at Lambert's father comment but doesn't, himself, comment.

Kai eyes Lambert. "There's not going to be a wedding," he says. "We had a ceremony of our own, a handfasting. It was so subtle I wasn't even aware of it for months. I'd said something about a pity we'd never marry and he said we already did." Kai smiles softly. Who says romance is dead? He then tells Billy, "I couldn't have a sad spell on my conscience." He starts to follow the cube. He then says, "Bertie, show Billy your horns." Then, to Billy, "He's very proud."

"Ahh! After you had a chance to develop and not melt the earth around you," says Lambert, so very reassuringly. But then he says brightly "Can mean two things - the tips taken off, or having them covered in a decoration. Don't want the first - my horns go directly into my sinus cavity, so who wants _that_ done. But I do like decorations." He certainly does. He pushes his fleece back to show Billy the one inch long horns projecting from his head. SO PROUD. And then Lambert eyes Kai "…traditionally, people should know they are getting married," Lambert says, but then he is following along behind…until. He sees a bunch of bright Asgardian youths walk past. Yeah. Lambert never makes it to the park. Too busy off mooning at eyecandy.

"Also the magic needs words and I'm not entirely sure if 'goo goo gah gah' would work as a spell." Billy pauses, "I'm not entirely sure it doesn't, either." He eyes Lambert, "I see the horns, its just— oh." It is explained. and he nods, "An, uh, engranved golden coater depicting a vineyard with satyrs dancing in it would work. I could get that done." He nods to Lambert again, then looks to Kai, "Usually you ask before that happens, yeah. And make sure someone says yes. I mean its your relations, don't let me but in, Kai. Just… Oh hey look." The cube zips back to them, spins quickly around Billy's head until his eyes cross, then zips forward three feet. Billy steps forward, it zips forward one foot. Apparently thie is scry-spell speak for 'you can not be trusted to walk'.

Kai watches Lambert wander off after the nubile Asgardian youths, and he just shakes his head. That goat. "Oh, if I had minded, I would've said something," Kai says. "It just so happens I was thrilled. I still have days where I can't believe a Prince of Asgard would even give me the time of day let alone want me to be his husband." He watches the buzzing cube, and he loos positively charmed by it. Magic is in his nature as an Elf. He trusts the thing without giving it a second thought. "I think we've lost Bertie. He'll find his way back to the palace."

The husband word makes Billy flinch slightly, but he just shakes his head a moment and doesn't comment on that detail, saying only, "Well, congratulations. Did you at least talk him into throwing a party? He sneaked a wedding on you, a girl's got to at least get a reception out of it. And cake. Big cake. With two guys on top— which you'll have to buy yourself because DO NOT order a cake with two guys on top." He casts a glance at Kai and chuckles, "Is anyone really in danger here? I feel if the worst thing happened someone would show up and usher us back where we belong."

Kai grimaces a little at the flinch and admits, "It sound strange to me, too. We don't exactly have that around here. Still, it's nice to think about." The congratulations make him smile, though. At least he's got the kind of lifespan where he'll see legal marriage on Midgard someday, and it's not like they'll jail him here. "I haven't thought about the party yet," Kai admits. "I suppose I'm waiting to see if we'll last through meeting the parents. His are the royal family, and they put mine in prison. If it manages to go well, it'll be worth a party, I think." His smile takes on a wolfish quality. "I'll have Lambert make the cake." He waves a hand, then, and says, "We're fine. It's just like you say, we'll be ushered back where we belong if we wander off. I've no doubt they've got the palace flooded with babysitters posed as servants."

"Hey, that's a good handfasting present, no? I humble ask something something as a boon on my handfasting somethingsomething let my parents go?" Suggests Billy, in what can not possibly be a helpful suggestion, but he shrugs.He knows nothing at all about this weird world or its rules. "BAbysitters, guards, people ready to clap us in chains. Whatever, what diff, y'know?" He flashes a dimpled grin at that.

Kai laughs and says, "That's exactly what he might say, for all I know. I could end up right in there with my folks." His levity implies he doesn't really think that'll happen. Probably. "Don't worry about being clapped in chains, though. No one wants that kind of ugliness in the Highest Realm. Besides, we're guests of the Princes. That's a free pass. And the Queen consults with your father, I'm sure he can get you out of a fix if something comes up." He grins, dimples and all. "Just relax and have fun. The Nine Realms remain secure. Anyway, it's Lambert you've got to worry about. There will be little Asgardian babies with tiny horns if we're not careful."

"Yeah, I'm not _worried_, though I'm not relaxed." Billy shakes his head with a grin, "I learned to teleport." His body seems to vibrate a little bit,a nd *voosh* he disappears and appears ten feet forward, walking backwards, but then he spins on his heel and there! Is a park. "Tah-dah, part." The cube squeaks happily and ceases to exist.

Kai claps his hands together. "Well done!" he says. "Try to relax. It's a holiday in one of the most beautiful places there is. Of course the most beautiful place is Alfheim, the Valley of the Moon Elves. You'll see." He beams at the happy cube. Aw, it fulfilled its little purpose. He strides into the park and stretches. Despite everything he's dealing with (and bottling up), he can relax anywhere. "What's got you tense?" he asks as he sprawls on a bench. His golden hair glitters in the sun. Damned Elves.

"This is _weird_, Kai." Billy laughs, shaking his head, "There's no proper frame of reference to describe how weird it is. I'm not against it, but the only place not-on-earth I've ever been was the Mirror Dimension which is like, well, as the name might imply, a reflection of eart. This is something else. Thay have to have rules I don't understand. What's okay, what's not. What is praised and waht is taboo. I've been through that, its hard! I just…" He shrugs, chuckling, "I'm gonna walk around in a circle and just relax. See you in a bit."

Kai smiles up at Billy, looking for all the world as innocent as a newborn lamb. Only a fool would believe it. "I won't let anything bad happen to you, Billy," he says. Then he closes his eyes, settling down to have a nap while Billy wanders. He didn't sleep a wink the night before, worrying about the meetings that are now over. Surely nothing bad will happen while he has a little snooze in the sun.

"It's less I'm worried about me, I'm fine. It's me causing an interdimensional incident — do you know what Dad would do if they tried to lock me up?" Billy laughs as he shakes his head, not even WANTING to imagine what the hell crazy scenario would lead to that. But he's heading off for a little walk.

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