1965-07-22 - In the Graveyard
Summary: Thor comes to visit the Graveyard and happens about a dogsitting Dead Girl
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The Gothic Revival entrance a the north side of Green-Wood Cemetery is something of an unofficial landmark in New York City. It's no wonder why- it is an impressive edifice of welcome into this sacred space. To the place where the dead rest in peace.

On Battle hill- where so many lost their lives- Dead Girl sits quietly, back to the statue of Minerva- looking out over the harbor towards the Statue of Liberty. An ugly little dog runs around the lawn with her- yapping at pigeons, but keeping his distance. "Kevin, they're always going to fly away." she says to the dog, grinning a bit.

Arriving at the cemetary after hearing the barking sound of a dog, the God of War seems to enter the cemetary, as if expecting undead things to be inside. Which he was probably right. Dressed in casual clothing and not in his godly ensemble, with Stormbreaker disguised as a simple walking cane, he approaches and follows the voices, where he finds Dead Girl!


But he recognizes her from that one time he caught her messing with people. "Dead girl, I believed you wished me to call you, yes?"

The ugly, scraggly dog looks up and notices Thor- he immediately rushes to hide in Dead Girl's arms, "Oh, it's okay Kevin. He won't hurt you.." she assures the dog as she gathers him close for a hug- comforting, despite the coolness.

"Sure! I'm always up for a call." Dead Girl states, "What do you need?" she wonders as she looks towards Thor quietly- "You're the thunder guy, that's right. I remember you!"

Thor approaches her as the dog looks up and runs away from Thor. The dog probably knows how Scary thor is when he decides he wants to fight so…this is good! Though the Thunderer kneels next to Dead Girl and smiles a little bit before he looks to Dead Girl somewhat confusedly.

"I don't need anything. I simply heard voices and wanted to make sure no undead were prowling and looking to feed on mortals while also making sure nobody was grave robbing, for it is a terrible dishonor to witness and not do anything about it. But, you are an excpetion, since you are actually a nice lady who I don't believe feasts on human flesh."

"No, I don't eat anything at all these days." Dead Girl says as she gently pets Kevin who cowers from Thor- a coward of a tiny dog, he is. But here, in Dead Girl's arms he is surely safe! Auntie Dead Girl will protect him!

"I don't think you have a lot of grave robbers in New York City these days." she remarks, then, still looking out over to Lady Liberty from her perch against the statue of Minerva. "I like this view. It's also a great place to talk to ghosts." she notes, "The dead have a lot to say, and not a lot of people to listen." she continues, "I find a certain comfort in cemeteries these days, though. It's funny- I can feel them all. The bones. The bugs. The bacteria- I can feel it all around me. Here, I feel really, really powerful. Like I could call on the dead and take over the world. I mean, I wouldn't, but I feel like I could."

Thor tilts his head very lightly to her with a curious expression on his face. "Why? Is it because you don't need to or don't want to?" he asks her before his eyes shift to the dog, as if curious as to why it's so afraid of him. "….I've seen this dog with Kai. an Elf." he states then, looking at Dead Girl with a curiosity, and only partially wondering if the dog was dog-napped!

Regardless….at listening to her words, he definitely feels like she's going to eventually try to raise the undead to conquer the world. Probably. I mean, it's safe to be paranoid about it right? Regardless, he smiles to her though. "It's good to be in such a state of awareness, however."

"That's because it's Kai's dog, Kevin." Dead Girl answers the second statement first, "I'm dogsitting for him. That way I get to be Auntie Dead Girl and spoil you, don't I, Kevin?" she wonders of the pooch- giving him a kiss to the cheek that he seems happy to return with a slurp! "But you're a little scaredy-cat, aren't you?!" she giggles, "He's afraid of squirrels." she notes, "And he likes to bark at the pigeons." she goes back to petting the shivery, little fuzzball- just quietly holding the animal. "He's a good dog. Yes you are, a very good boy." she assures Kevin. It is important not to ruin the pooch's self-esteem!

"Eh, you don't want to mess with the dead." Dead Girl notes, "Most of these people have moved on, sure, and it's just bones and bodies down their- but, you know, the dead are still pretty attached to their bodies." she says, "You can talk to the dead through their bodies. Call them back from whatever reward or punishment they're enduring… and just talk. I mean, if you know how." she goes on, "But, it seems cruel to invite people back from paradise, and if they're being punished, why should I be the one to give them respite? That's all way beyond me, you know? I'm just one Dead Girl."

Thor listens to Dead Girl as she tells him that it is indeed Kai's dog Kevin, and while at first he looks like smiting might be done to return royal kevin back to his family, before it's revealed that kinder than kind Dead Girl is dogsitting. With that information in mind, Thor visibly relaxes and he smiles lightly. "He always ran away when I arrived. Perhaps he fears Asgardians?" he asks curiously before he just shrugs.

"It's very true. It's considered a serious crime in Valhalla. If a body is robbed or desecrated, the owner of that body has the right to go and claim vengeance, or enlist someone in the mortal realm to do it for them to give them the peace they need." he shrugs lightly. "Maybe, but if you can give people peace…you might as well, yes?"

"Kevin? No, he's just afraid of everything." Except, it seems, the terrifying Dead Girl with her angry, glowing red eyes. Her cold flesh. Her lack of breath or heartbeat. That, apparently, isn't frightening at all to the coward of an animal. Indeed, he seems rather happy to be 'protected' in her arms. "But, he's just so cute- aren't you, Kevin? The cutest!" Kevin, to many, would be just an ugly dog. He's not exactly the beauteous perfection of canine might that many prefer. He's small. Scraggly. Derpy.

And Dead Girl seems to just adore him, showering him with affection even now. "But, he's a good boy, most of all. A very good boy." The praise is not unrecognized, and Kevin's tail is indeed a wiggly-wagging.

"It's frowned upon here, too. Grave robbing is a crime in this state, I'm pretty sure. Even if it isn't, no one will be happy with you if you do it." Dead Girl remarks, as she pets the dog some more. As for smiting- Dead Girl doesn't seem particularly worried. "Or they'll come find me. Ghosts in this city know I can see them and talk to them. They come all the time, and sometimes I have to tune them out."

Thor nods accordingly. "Fair enough, young dead girl." he says then, looking at the dog as it seems to literally be adored and absolutely loved by the undead woman who holds him, and that much love between the two does cause Thor to smile just a little bit, but otherwise, he seems content just to listen for now, setting his cane down but still nearby in case he needs it in a pinch. Regardless, he also nods.

"Good. such acts of incredible dishonor should be punished swiftly." he states then. "Ghosts speak to you on a normal basis? Very interesting." of course, Thor can see ghosts to because…well, Asgardian God.

"Oh, all the time! I mean, they know I'm dead, too. I sort of exist between the plane where they exist, and here at the same time. I mean, I can see the Astral Plane, and the material plane at the same time. It's a little confusing to explain." Dead Girl says, "I mean, basically, I exist on both places at the same time- just more one one side than the other at any one time. Anyways, that's not important, really." Dead Girl says as she continues to snuggle with Kevin.

"So, are you actually from Asgard? Is it a real place that someone can go?" Dead Girl wonders quietly, "My parents were way into the old gods as part of their faith, although, with a bit of a Germanic tilt. You know, Woden instead of Odin. That sort of thing."

Thor seems to smile to her for a moment. "Oh…so like…you exist between worlds?" he asks her curiously. Clearly Loki or Balder are more intelligent with the different planes of existence than Thor is. But! he seems to smile nonetheless. "Yes, I am from Asgard. I am the Crown Prince and my younger brothers are Balder and Loki. My father is Odin and my mother is Frigga." he says with a kind smile on his face. "Midguard knows many legends of us coming to midguard to help humanity…butm any stories are made up."

Well, at least he's blunt.

"But ah, I see. Yes, you can go to it, but usually you need another Asgardian to do that for you, but there are many ways and many doors between the realms.

"I see. They'd have called you Donar." Dead Girl says another name for Thor, writing in the dirt in runic script from Germany, "I don't speak the language, but I remember some of the words." she notes, as she draws the runes in the dirt. "See. Donar!" she says, "They're big into that stuff. Real new age types." she says, "They've even got a sacred tree." The runes are Germanic and not Nordic.

"Well, maybe I can go and visit one day." Dead Girl says, with that same smile- "It be neat, but I'd have to bring my camera. I'd *have* to get pictures of me in Asgard- that would drive my parents wild." she says with a laugh as she leans back against Minerva's statue. Lazy now, it's not like she needs to sleep or anything. "That be really cool. I mean, to go somewhere like that."

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