1965-07-23 - Godly Affection
Summary: Thor confesses affections for Diana, and leaving her a bit out of her element in how to approach it.
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Insanely busy as usual was Times Square in New York City. Though thankfully, it was in the later evening. Thor had asked Diana to join him for a night on the town, actually leaving Stormbreaker in a place where nobody could find it. Thus is Thor dressed rather casually today with the warmest smile present for Diana if or when she arrived. "You look beautiful, as always Diana." he'll actually reach to hold her hand, if he was allowed…since she allowed him to when they walked through that garden at the Asgardian Embassy…

For once Diana herself is dressed rather casually, a pair of blue capri pants with a matching blouse. Seems like someone had finally shown her how to better blend in, than just simply wrapping herself in a cloak. "I appreciate the kind words, Thor, you look rather dashing yourself." She doesn't seem to have issue holding hands with Thor, likely because she doesn't make much of a significance to it as most would on Man's World. "How are things in the Embassy? Busy work as usual?"

Thor is simply wearing a jacket with a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Bootso n his feet as he smiles to her. "Thank you." he smiles warmly, happily entwining his fingers with hers, though as she asks about the Embassy, he shrugs. "Same as usual, I suppose. Nothing much has occured. Same work as usual. But…there was something I kinda wished to speak with you about." and he turns to face her.

"Something you would consult an Amazon about?" Diana wonders, smiling warmly at Thor, rather appreciating he finds her something worthy of confiding in. It's always the unspoken compliment that is the most flattering.

Thor nods. "Well…yes, see…I..um." he seems to ponder what he'd like to say before he looks into her eyes, taking her other hand in his own. "I have feelings, Diana. For you. Of a romantic sort." he lets that thought sink in for a moment. "I am not certain if I'm worthy of any affection you might have, if there's anything in mutuality at all for you as well, but…I would like to ask you out on a date." he asks her then, looking into her eyes with a hope then. It's not often at all that Thor actually speaks from the heart.

"What…?" Diana seems a bit taken back for a moment, not quite expecting something like this from the Asgardian, "are you certain?" She queries, looking deeper into Thor's eyes. Not quite an acceptance, nor a rejection, so much as bewilderment. She arches a curious brow, as she recites, "us, Amazons, are beings of warfare. We fight to perserve, to protect, to better…we do not walk in Aphrodite's path." She looks at a loss for a moment, before noting, "but we do not shy away from adventure and experiences. What do you expect us to do on a date?"

Thor remains close, as much as Diana would allow him to be as he looks into those beautiful eyes of hers. "I am. Nothing else explains the way my heart beats faster in your presence, how your name is on my every thought." he puts her hand on his chest, so she can feel that heart beat. He was right. Though as she seems to possibly refuse him at first, despite her bewilderment, he seems to brighten with hope when she asks him what he expects them to do on a date. "umm…well, perhaps we could get something to eat or even go and see one of those films that Midguardians speak so highly about." he nods lightly and he blushes. "We could even…share physical touch. A subtle thing, like a kiss or…whatever you would like." he looks at her then, hope still glittering in his perfect blue eyes.

"It is flattering, Thor, Asgardian God of Thunder," Diana speaks as her hand is guided to touch against his heart. "A kiss…?" Diana seems amused, "I would sooner share in a sparring session. Physical touch, and good practice too." She does seem to ponder the possibility of a film, "I had not seen a film. I am told by my guards that it is much like an oracle's vision come to life. Do you find it so?"

Thor seems to smile warmly at Diana as she tells him how flattering his words are. "Perhaps we can spar, and the winner will choose a reward, which can be anything they ask." he smiles to her then, though at the possiblity of a film? it seems to bring another smile to the Thunder God's face. "It is like so, or so I hear from my midguardian friends. I have been advised to see one many times…so..perhaps my first will be with you?" he chuckles a bit.

"Well, if it is a first for the both of us, it can certainly be a bold new adventure…" Diana offers, though truth be told, she might not feel the same after having the experience. Surely it will be remarkable, but not at all like what she's seen from the Oracle of Themyscira in the past.

"Then, shall we be off?" he smiles softly to her, his hand still resting and holding her own as they stand now side by side. "I will try to make it an experience you will love." he chuckles a little bit to her, before starting to walk with her to the theater, which was only down the street.

"Right now? That's little warning…" Diana notes, a mirthful tone to her voice, after all, it is no great battle they march towards. Preparation doesn't quite matter here. "Is there any dress code for this film? We dress regally for the Oracle."

"Of course." Thor says with a bit of a laughter. "Suddenness is what adds to an adventure, does it not?" he walks her through the front doors, though when dress code is asked about, Thor simply smiles as he buys tickets to see the original 'Maginificent Seven' western, he looks to her. "Not that I am aware of. Though unlike the Orcale, where I believe fortunes and wisdom and secrets of the future are revealed for one's wel lbeing, these 'films' are for entertainment."

"I will grant you that much, Odinson," Diana says with a smile, before following Thor to this magical hall of film. It does seem more like a temple than other structures in Man's World, but doesn't quite carry the mystique of a visit to the Oracle. "So these are idle fleeting visions?" Diana tries to translate it to something more familiar.

Eventually reaching their seats, which appear to be reclining, he takes his seat after letting Diana sit first like a gentleman. Now seated right next to each other, the film starts to play. "In a manner of speaking, I guess they are. I do not have knowledge of suc hthings to tell you with certainty." he says with a small frown on his face, before he tries to wrap his arm around her shoulders as the movie begins. a bold move, Odinson.

Diana peers at Thor from the corner of her eye once they are sat and he wraps his arm around her shoulder, "I do not need protecting, I will not break, particularly not when sitting for a vision…" she makes her remark rather cuttingly. Apparently not fully comprehending the gesture to begin with.

Thor looks at Diana with a raised brow as she seems to tell him that she can protect herself. "I know. But it's always good to have a helping hand no?" he whispers into her ear as to not disturb others who watch it. Though Diana might notice that Thor has been looking at her for periods of time. "…do you have any idea how beautiful you are, Diana? Not just of appearance, but of heart and soul?

"Tis but the gifts of the gods," Diana down plays any qualities that may or may not be her own. Her smile, nevertheless is quite charming as she speaks the words, "let us observe this vision as it unfolds," she motions Thor at the screen when the picture comes to life, a grin spreading wider on Diana's lips, "it is quite lovely, is it not?"

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