1965-07-25 - Meeting the Boys
Summary: Elmo brings Bobby Drake over to meet the X-ternals.
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Theme Song: "My Boy Lollipop" - Millie Small
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Since Elmo had pitched the idea of joining the X-Ternals to Bobby (which is all completely Lorna's fault for making him get competitive with the Brotherhood), he's now bringing him by the garage to meet the boss and see what they're all about. "He might hit on ya," he tells Bobby as they walk up. Well. Warns him, really.

Bobby isn't sure if that's a warning, an offer, a promise or a threat. Maybe it's all four. He's dressed coming from his part-time accountant's job, with a white shirt, black tie and slacks. His blonde hair is a bit fluffy on top and his blue eyes shine with crystalline clarity, "I…okay. Wait, you mean, like, flirt, not try to punch me, right?"

Elmo hesitates long enough to make it clear he doesn't know the answer. "Probably," he settles on, and grins a wry lopsided grin at Bobby. He's wearing his usual sunny-yellow-and-electric-blue clothes and he's a little eye-searing compared to Bobby's normal work clothes. "Don't worry, you're gonna do great." He heads into the garage, calling, "JP! Brought someone for you to meet!"

The radio was going on with MIllie Small singing "My Boy Lollypop" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwrHCa9t0dM which might be the peppiest damn song on the radio right now, and there was JP half covered in grease and smudges living every bit up to the name 'greaser' the world put on him. Wrench flipped in hand to sing along with it, spun in one circle and put it away as he was packing up his tools in the garage.

Bobby Drake smiles at Elmo, "I'll try to stay prepared," he says. He lets Elmo do the introductions, hanging back a bit as he takes in the mechanic before him. So many blue collar mutants. He felt a little bourgeois.

Elmo's grin transforms into fond amusement when he sees JP getting his dance on. He makes a little 'pipe down' gesture at the radio and it turns itself low. "Hey! C'mere and meet Bobby Drake. The Iceman. Met 'im at Atomic, thought maybe he could work on the team. Bobby, this is JP Bonaventure, my partner. Kinda calls the shots around here."

Arriving at the garage is Nathan Grey, dressed in his usual leathers except he's not wearing a shirt, revealing the X tattoo with futuristic writing all around it on his pectoral and a lazy wave being given by gloved hands. "Hey hey."

The radio died and there was JP singing along with half the wrong lyrics having a grand old time of it. "You maaaaaaaa sugar dan…dy?! Millie? Aww, ne faites pas cela. Reviens, belle…" He walked over rolling up with that partially headback tilt sizing Bobby up passively, "Ass, Sparkplug, You make mon belle go away? She was sayin such nice things bout me too, nes pas?" Those dark eyes went back to Nate, "Elmo drivin the gals off again. Help me tell em 'cut it out?" Looking back to Bobby he mused, "Damn Atomic still have all the best toys." Yup. Elmo called it, but business face was still on. "Jean-Pierre. E'ryone call me JP or Gearhead tho. Use' know another guy go by the name Iceman… maybe that was Icepick tho. I dunno. His jaw was wired shut at the time. You lookin f'a job or a cause or what mon ami? C'mon in. Sit." Elmo got the look from JP that was the faintest of scowls with no heat behind it, "An turn Millie back on"

"I imagine it's not an uncommon nickname. It's an awfully good one. But most of them can't do what I do," he says. He reaches out and takes JP's hand if he can, giving it a firm handshake and glancing over his shoulder as Nate arrives, earning a nod from the tow-headed mutant. "Bobby's just fine, though. I don't need a job, per se. I'm not good with this technical stuff anyway, although I can help out with your books if you need it. Elmo said you guys worked to make things better for mutants. That is something I am down to do."

Elmo smirks at JP, and now that he's got his attention, beckons the radio back up. LOLLI-pop! My boy LOLLI-pop! "Hey Nate—aw, man, I guess it was too much to hope you'd keep the shirt on." He sighs, shakes his head. There's too many very well-built half-naked guys at his garage. It's distracting, okay? "You guys wanna drink?" he says, already dragging the cooler over from where it rests against a wall.

Nate looks at Elmo and shrugs a little bit. "The old one got trashed." he states pretty matter-of-factly as he enters into the garage officially. "yeah, I'll take it." he tells Elmo in response to the question of drinks. With a smile on his face, he sits down, looking to JP. "Sup JP." he greets the fellow before he looks at Bobby. "Hey Bob." he gives a small nod to the fellow.

JP took the handshake with a lopsided grin, "Tha' what he tellin you? He mention how by any chance?" eyes followed his partner to teh drinkks "I see you avoidin lookin, Rosencrantz." He looked up at Nate with a chuckle and then down at himself also highlighting the obvious, "What is he gon' wear one of mine!?" No because Nate was not a tight medium t-shirt kinda guy and he wasn't sharing the other two roomier ones he had. "Nate, How the hell is you?"

Bobby Drake assesses Nate's ink with a curious eye. Not a lot of tattooed guys from his side of the tracks. "I have an undershirt if someone needs to borrow this one," he says, tugging on his button-down. "And he wasn't that specific, but it seemed like mostly helping and protecting. Maybe not as aggressive as the Brotherhood. Not that there isn't a place for aggressive. Laundry detergent, for example. I like an aggressive laundry detergent. Really gets those hard-to-reach stains."

Elmo mutters, "Shut up," and gets a touch pink around the cheekbones. "I didn't go into details, 'cause we were in front of that Lorna lady and in the middle of Atomic." He tosses a can of beer to JP, then to the other two. "We go after normies makin' their money off us," he now tells Bobby, forthright, cracking his own beer. "All of us. Not just mutants, but …yannow. Everyone else who gets preyed on, too." The poor, the immigrant, the queer.

Nate looks at JP. "Damn good, that's how good I am." he does look at Elmo as he seems to avoid looking at Nate, before he shrugs a little bit. "Hey, I don't want to hear any shit talkin' 'bout Lorna. You may continue." he says to Elmo with a smile, nevertheless, he looks at Bobby. "I see you're still dressed all nice and fancy. So, here to join the squad?" he asks curiously, awaiting Elmo to deliver him a beer.

JP let his head swim, "Seen her. She sho can light a firecracker." Hang on let him have his moment. Okay moment over. "Look the Brotherhood a'Mutnats? I dunno. They angry, they got the reason, Elmo. But…I digest," Yeha his English was a little skewed, " We focusin on what we can do. Sides, They wan' go fight like congress an' shit? Lettum. Ri'now? This neightbourhood is all mos' people got. So long as Lorna gon' fight so my kid don' wind up in no Gov'ment box? We coo. Tha'said? That ain' gettin food on no tables and keepin the first out in the meantime neither, nes pas?"

Bobby Drake nods, "I'm more interested in concrete solutions than politics or philosophy. Doing something practical at the ground level makes sense to me. Profiteering and exploitation are definitely, y'know, bad, so taking down those kinds of rats is worth my time," he says. He smiles to Nate, "Hey, I figure I'm a big time recruit, might as well shop teams. You should see my jump shot."

Elmo throws Nate his beer, and holds up his hands in surrender. "I ain't talkin' shit about her. She's got great taste, and that hair? Gorgeous." Which from him is high praise. "She's gotta do what she gotta do, she wants to go after the real big game. We're tryin' to keep kids outta juvie and put food in their mouths and some cash in their parents' pockets. Way I see it, guys, we and the Brotherhood're both needed. If they wanna work from the top, we can work from the bottom."

Nate looks to Elmo and he catches the beer without even using his hands, his telekinesis easily displayed before his hand reached out to grab it, then starts chugging it. "ah." he says then with a small smile. "Good." he smiles softly to Elmo winking at the fellow in a brotherly manner. Nevertheless, he also looks to JP with a small nod. "Agreed." he says with a bit of a smile, then looking to Bobby. "Heh, if you say so mate."

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 6

JP was listening and furrowed his brow listening… nodding slowly… the machinists in teh area could almost hear them slow to a halt. Bobby Drake is an empassioned well-educated young man and a powerful speaker with a grand way to turn an idiology into a phrase. JP was on of seven of those things. His take away left a concerned look on his face. The hand came out pointing at the drive outside (Still cracked from Naate's super human ka-boom) and then making a circle infront of him as if indicating 'here abouts'. "Woah woah woah, don' you go doin nothin t'my concrete. We have t'pave this ourself. The city only give us one! There be no explosin for profits on' my porce, got it?" OH he will defend this garage. "An' I dunno the rest but it better not be about me maman, oui?"

Bobby Drake blinks at JP for a moment after that outburst and runs a hand back through his blonde hair, "Um. Yes?" he says. He isn't sure what he's being asked, but he knows that's what 'oui' means in French.

"The point is, top, bottom, in between, I want to make sure we do what needs to get done."

"He means like what them mobsters do, with the queer bars," Elmo Englishsplains it to JP. "He's sayin' he agrees." He takes this communication issue in stride. "Don't punch him, he don't know you only speak French and jailbird." He tips a hand over at Bobby, wry, like what are you gonna do with this JP? "Lorna offered you a trial run, only seems fair. You wanna go with us on somethin'? We got some plans."

At this point, Nate is lounging on the couch, sipping on his beer. He doesn't appear to have anything to say, but he seems to smile amusedly as JP starts to get vocally active at Bobby, which is always a hilarious time. With a small shrug, he also looks to Elmo with a small nod. "JP has a unique way of speech."

JP was eyeing up the Iceman and listening to the wise and educated council of his right-hand wrench nodding slowly. His brow furrowed, "Yeah them fuckers gotta go." His jaw set, but unclinched, fingers still hangin loose. He nodded, "A'ight then we good." He looked to Nate and snappointed, "That…is absolutely true. So, Bobby, you' stance on breakin a few eggs. THought, mona mi? Before I volunteer you in all honesty? I need t'know how far you willin t'get your hands dirty for these kids out here needin help."

Bobby Drake smiles, "I've met a cajun or two in my time," he says. His brow furrows a bit and he sighs, "Breaking a few eggs. What a metaphor that is. 'How dirty am I willing to get my hands?' Honestly, not that dirty, not metaphorically. Don't get me wrong, I"m not afraid to hit somebody in the mouth. I'm not afraid to fight for what's right, to protect those that need protecting. But I'm nobody's assassin and nobody's muscles. Things can happen in the heat of the moment, but, as a matter of intent, my answer is: no, I'd rather leave most of the eggs whole if I can. Perhaps lightly chilled so they don't spoil."

JP slapped Bobby on teh shoulder and smiled at the answer given, "Good. Keep that. F'one we def' try an leave them cops out of it. You clip a cop? It ggame over and they will make up bullshit reasons to hunt all us down. Not lookin f'no contract killers. I mean, people shootin at us? Do what you got' do t'survive but you don' want no murder rap man. This good. Tres bein. What we say we fire up the barbecue now? it's almost supper and Nate didn' come watch the chicken stay frozen I'm sure."

Elmo nods, listening, drinking beer, eyebrows thoughtful. He glances to JP, and to Nate, before saying, "We ain't about that, neither." On occasion he's been accused of being the conscience of the team, despite the irony involved in being a moral career criminal. "Stay for dinner," he invites Bobby.

Nate smiles softly then to JP as he seems to be giving Bobby some life advice. Not bad advice, either. Though his eyes then shift to Elmo. "Good." before he looks bac kto Bobby. "Might as well. JP makes some mean shrimp."

"Mean shrimp, huh? I knew one of those, too. Hairy little Canadian," he says.

"But yes, let's avoid me being in jail anytime soon. My mother would go plotz," he says. "Food definitely sounds good. Unfortunately, my powers are really good for freezing, but not so good at the unfreezing. You're on your own for that one."

"No short jokes," Elmo says, narrowing his eyes at Bobby. Seriously? Nonseriously? Hard to tell. He's honed a decent game face. But then he sighs and adds in resignation, "Not that that stops anybody. Hey, Nate, I gotta talk to you about somethin' when you got a minute."

Nate looks to Bobby for a moment as he sips his beer. "Heh…well, guess we'll just need to find a fire guy now." before Elmo tells him he wants to talk with him later. "Alright." he easily agrees, still drinking his beer as he remains lounged. Hey, Elmo said later.

Bobby Drake holds up a hand, "I will refrain. It's hard for me to pass up on a good joke, though, sometimes it's the only thing I've got to make the world tolerable," he says. He takes off his tie, folding it and putting it in his pocket, unbuttoning the top couple of buttons on his shirt. He doesn't ask what business they might have, other than that it's probably none of his.

Elmo grins lopsided at Bobby. "Don't mind me. I'm crabby. Everybody knows it." Crabby, short, Jewish, and in love with vibrantly colored suits. He looks back at Nate. "You gotta tell me about the robots." Just that.

Nate looks at Bobby as he starts taking off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. "There you go, now you at least look the part." Nate teases, before his eyes travel to Elmo. "Robots….really? You want me to tell you about the Sentinels?" he asks curiously, rubbing his eyes. "Fine, fine."

Bobby Drake unbuttons his cuffs, rolling the sleeves up a bit, albeit neatly. "Robots? I'm not sure I like the sound of that. I was never much for science fiction. I'll take a musical or a bit of light comedy, thanks all the same."

Elmo shoves his hands in his pockets, beer can left on a workbench forgotten. "JP's seen 'em," he says, "some kinda future…vision, maybe he went there, I dunno. Giant robots, controllin' everything. So I gotta know. If that's really in the future….I gotta make plans." His eyebrows are cocked up, his expression tense.

Nate rubs his temples lightly. "Right…never told you where I was actually from, did I bob?" he looks him in the eyes. "Im from the future." moving on, his eyes look back to Elmo. "It depends on what we do here in the now. Make plans anyway. They are machines that adapt to any mutant power and pack a helluva punch." he tells Elmo, before he shrugs lightly. "but that is a long….long…long…LONG ways off. You'd probably be an old man or dead by the time signs of it REALLY started showing.

Bobby had the glass about halfway to his lips when Nate started talking. He froze there for a while and, when Nate finally finished, he lifts the glass up and finishes taking his drink of water. He doesn't comment aloud. Nate seems like a nice enough guy, for a stranger with tattoos. And Bobby had no idea what he could do. So, for now…just smile and nod.

Elmo glances at Bobby, with sympathy. "He didn't wanna tell us, either. JP already knew about the robots, though." He takes in a deep breath and stares at the concrete floor. "JP said it was 1980s. That's less'n twenty years. Maybe that's enough to change it. It's gotta be." Looking between the other two men, he says, quiet determination, "We're gonna work on everything we can reach, guys. Tikkun olam. We're gonna fix the world."

Nate looks to Bobby as he can just SENSE that Bobby thinks he's nuts. Honestly? he would too. Either way, he looks to Elmo with a look on his face. "Well, then his vision either fucked up in terms of actual accuracy because I'm from teh year 2025." he tells Elmo "OR me just BEING here is fucking things up. and I guess so."

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