1965-07-27 - Birthday Lunch and Building Plans
Summary: Lunch in a cave under a waterfall on an exotic lost Inhuman island without supervision? What could go wrong? Nothing absolutely nohing.
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Under the waterfall, suddenly, seemed like a pretty fantastic place to eat lunch, make out, and there's plenty of space. Its nice and cool…and Kaleb can hear that there is NOTHING living in the cave. It echos, of course, making their voices sound weird, but it just sits there dark and damp, without being overly threatening. Its enough to get some space and some shade…and is blessedly free of creepy crawlies. Max leans against the wall and stretches out his feet, seated. "Lets not go back."

Kaleb was a very different person here. Here away from everything fee as he had been in Attilan, but without the need to have a place to remember. There was no one here and yet he could feel Kellan up in his skull nesting like a presence. HE was free of everything and almost entirely liberated of his usual political burdens welcome to explore and just try new things. His hand reached out as Max talked like one might swish fireflies playing with the sound with a grin letting it tingle against the back of his arm. The words caught him off guard though. Blue eyes found him in the cavern and weighed that and decisive as eh ever was said, "Okay. At least… not for now." Lookig around he considered and walked over to Max free from his suit and extended fingertips to forehead to move Max's hair and feel the contour of his face. "I think I needed to come back here the first time I set foot on it."

"I remember it seemed like you did not have enough time. It seems like that is always the way of it. Not enough time. This time…as long as you want. I know you have a life, and…maybe we made some promises to help with this or that, but…the world hardly needs you back before mid August, at least. And for me? Mmmm. If I have you around, its enough." Max leans into the touch, then tries to tug him to sit nearby. "I suppose its odd to want to be alone, seeing as one of my abilities relies on others being around." He grins. "But for you? This place must be marvelous. What is it like?"

Kaleb let himself be pulled and dropped to one knee and then the other and a sitleaving one leg tangled. Kaleb smiled faintly and offered, "Well… your most flashy aptitude relies on having other people. I think your best one is to see the possibility beyond what physics knew it could do ya know? I noticed it's not just… inventing. You do it with people and I htink that's what actually makes youa strong politician. You know what you want and you'll create the way to get it and that's its own skill which I've oddly been learning from over the last year. But yes. I will stay with you here until August. End of August." He leaned over and stole a kiss and one more letting it fade off into a thoughtful pause. "You wnat me to show you I'm prety confident I could safely recreate it."

Maximus nods with complete trust, and that's hard to come by for Max, where his mind is concerned. "Yeah…show me. Well, not show me. But I don't know the word for…forcibly making me listen to something." He closes his eyes.

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 2

Kaleb grinned and boggled, "I dunno. Kaleb do the thing usually works for everyone else. I'll figure out what you mean." He laughed and shook his head reaching out with more control than he did a year ago bringing up all teh ambient noise, but not necessarily the volume. "Warning, keep your eyes open or your equilibrium is likely to become shot." And with thst he accidently shifted all the sound lopsided and with a look of alarm dropped the sound eintirely for a moment rather than bring it up. Okay so he wasn't a master yet. He took his earplugs out and tried that again. This time the sound went up evenly and then pushed out so things much further sounded clear withthe insect trill outside and the waterfall having a musical tone to it in soft percussion. "When I … hear it I can feel it vibrate into me and resonate and feel I guess connected to it. How far out the sounds are. How fast they are changing position building a mental awareness of size and scope making an imprint of the world around. I guess I used to hate it but… it's kinda super pretty."

Maximus winces at first at the soft sideways shift, but he relaxes again and stays still and silent while Kaleb has another go of it. NOW he gets to really hear what Kaleb is hearing, or similarly enough to it. "Hearing shapes. You are experienced to do it. I…not so much. But, I can hear what you mean. Distances, heights. Things around us. Here is the best place for me to notice it, sinceeverything else is beyond the waterfall, except us." He smiles and falls quiet again, then peeks his eyes open. "You have always had an incredible gift…and are more excellent than most at controlling such a power."

Kaleb sat down in front of Max watching him experince the IMAX Dolby surround sound in Echovision as his fingers hung in the air like an orchestra conductor. Thoguhtfully he offered, "You know, all my life I fought for my parents to be proud of me. And they were for my conquering achievements that showed that their children were jsut born and bred better than others," He paused wen was frank commenting, "You know." Max was royalty in a society where perfect genes were flaunted. God he knew. "and in one breath gave me praise for intellect and ruthlessness and ambition taking credit for the sum of my effortsand I've been so… angry that I've become the perfect thing they wanted me to be on the surfaceand it's not enough for them to give me the one damn thing I wanted." He wasn't even hurt or angry. It jsut was. "I just wnated someone to be proud of me for me. I wanted that time you know. You ask me for just my time?" He chortled at he paradox of it, "Maximus you can have all of my time. You're right. I mean I got a LOT better but it was due to no small amount of help from you. You get to fucking share this with me."

"I am not going to exactly share it with you, Kaleb. I will nod when you say that I helped, but you earned it. You worked for it. And…I can see what your parents made you. You wear it like a suit, almost. Its not you, but it fits you well, and you are good at it. You are something else. Not a business king. We will find out, eventually." Maximus smiles softly at Kaleb. "I can already see it…" Max looks a little odd, then, his eyes unfocused, "You're going to build something important." A beat. "Don't worry…I am not a prophet. I am just right."

Kaleb grinned easily. being isolated from the world that gave him hives from constant anger left whoever this was that lived inside the Kaleb-bot body. This was not the same at all and Maximus the Mad's gift to the world was just changing the game, the circumstance, and the control of the board, or in this case just reset it so the shields could just come off.

Kaleb looked to Max with a serious expression and total lack of humility, "I wear all suits well. and…" He looked around at the cave with a critical eye and thought about it more, "We were born destined for great and terrible things. I trust you're right though. I mean…" He considered looking back to Max sliding his hand into that of his lover king, "I want to do it with you. I want someplace- this place. Build it and maybe someday a refuge. I'm greedy, sure but I'm not… " He paused and really had to think about his next words carefully for accuracy, "Well alright I'm a little selfish but I think everyone is and I'm just better at it then they are."

He shrugged and looked to Max and laughed with a relaxed joy, sobered and turned around, crouched over where he sat with back to cool cave wall looking at those marvelous and terrifying eyes of Max's that held the world both hostage and possibility. "Except you. I am very comfortable being entirely fucking selfish with you. You're mine, this place is ours, and I'll correct anything in this world or beyond that tries to tell us no. I want to build something here. for us to fall back to." FOr now though that could wait. this was their afternoon, and dammit, it was Kaleb's birthday, and worrying about right now seemed a lot more interesting than today or tomorrow.

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