1965-07-27 - Strike Team Awesome (pt.2)
Summary: The adventures of Strike Team Awesome continue
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Picking up where our heroes left off...

The trio landed the bird with the understanding that Fitz was going to stay with the jet to cover their approach. As Kitty pointed out, getting in? Easy peasy! Getting out? well that would be fun.

The place was a bunker, though not of a new design and a hold over from maybe thirty years ago but in decent shape for a remote facility. The front had some sort of electronic encrypted. Clint had the few custom arrowheads but those weren't for the door. As it was cold there were fewer outside patrols on the ground and with some experience, yes, Clint could pick out what was effectively decent camera surveillance.

Kitty scans the visible parts of the bunker, "This thing is mostly underground," she mutters, "So it has to have a pretty well developed ventilation system. I think that's our best way in." She gestures at the large bunker doors. "I'm just as likely to short that out or set off an alarm trying to open those. And like I said this place is mostly underground. They'll need oversized vents to move enough air for all the people and equipment." She shifts back on her heels, "You see anything?"

Clint shuts the hell up long enough for Kitty to make the first call. He's typically a soloist, but he leaves plenty of room for his partner to get in there so at least he's not a complete prick to work with. Well. Not in that at least. "Eyes on the outside," he points out. "We're going to need to find a blind spot, or make one."

The blond then asides, turning his head to Kitty. A pair of upside down reflections greet her in his mirrored sunglasses. "Really hoping for mole men." Idiot.

The wind around the forest brought that crisp Arctic air down with it. Leo tested ear pieces and looked to both Clint and Kitty with that look of worry and concern for a long moment steeling himself with faith in their skills and his tech. There was no good luck just a reaffirmation, "Strike Team Awesome." which was audible over the comms.

Off across the forest Clint and Kitty crept quietly closer to the building. Over the comms he manages "I can manage to try to disrupt camera feed by throwing electronic interference at it. Not a hard fix from here but you should be able to get closer to the ventilation in 3….2…Gogogo."

The path was there and Kitty wasn't wrong about the ventilation. It was a vertical stack for a time that had a vent cap on top that could, with tools or effort be removed and ran roughly 30" across which meant for anyone with HVAC backgrounds that the structure below ground was both large and deep.

Kitty groans, "Mole men?" She then pauses as of giving the comment serious thought. "Well, there are these special goggles sometimes used in labs…" she shrugs, "Can't promise anything, but you might get uncomfortably close to your wish." She nods as she listens to what Fitz says on comms and points to the nearest vent cover, "Got it. I can pull us in, so we don't need much of a window on the camera feed." She turns to Clint to try and make sure he is on board with the plan. She only spares a quick glance at the surrounding woods before darting toward the cover as Fitz gives the go.

"Turn mine up, Fitz. It's a little spotty," Clint said of his comm. "Nope, keep going. Keep going. Keep…yeah…okay." When they sucker was cranked up to 11. A crooked smile flitted ruefully up onto Clint's lips as he heard the tinny electronic buzz of Fitz's voice touting that call. "Strike Team Awesome," he echoed confidently. Then took off at a dead run through the forest, sticking as low to the ground as he could manage and light on his feet. Bow in hand and the comforting feeling of his quiver against his shoulder, Clint bolted like a ghost from trunk to trunk toward the building, checking every so often to keep tabs on Kitty on approach.

Perimeter approaching fast, Clint stopped and waited, ducking his head out around the rough tree his back collided with. "Break in guard. Cameras," he reported automatically in succinct terms into the comm. And waited as Fitz did his magic, using that time to exchange another direct glance toward Kitty. A stupidly boyish grin thrown her way, he strapped his bow to his back, then spun and sprinted like his life depended on it, kicking up loose dirt and tree debris where he once stood. Skidding to a stop directly, he honestly had no damn clue what 'pull us in' meant, so the archer simply stopped, crouched and angled toward where he knew the nearest guard was stationed; the picture of a wild animal waiting to be set upon.

Fitz kept comms clear noting, "Cameras….clear for 40 seconds of free movement-" It was convenient to have eyes in the sky, but that wasn't going to help them in base much. The perimeter patrol was a tasty target. It would be a risk to go back for him and try to pulls comms off of him, vs. continuing inside, though Kitty seemed to be confident with having an idea to get them past hurdle #1. Presently the guard on foot was coming out for patrol clearly not anticipating today to be any more exciting than the last several days. Because who visits Kamchatka? 3 people only and they were very quiet about it.

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