1965-07-28 - Shocking Time at the World's Faire
Summary: Deadpool, Daytripper, and Mon-El have an electrically charged time at the world's faire.
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It's a beautiful warm July night at the World's Faire which means that there are crowds coming and going between all of the various exhibits since it is a weekend and there are fireworks promised for later in the evening. Inside the Hall of Science, a demonstration on vacuum tubes and how electrical circuits can be connected together to take punch cards and print out calculations is going on, a very very small scale of what would normally fill an entire laboratory. It doesn't show off much, and yet it garners quite a bit of attention. Outside, there are a number of other electrical displays where experiments are being done, some on the scale and level of detail for entertaining children, and round bulbs are hung all around the area, casting a soft illumination.

For once, Mike wasn't tending bar anywhere, and was just present to enjoy a stroll through the faire and take things in, curious about the primitive technologies of Earth, and always intrigued by the stage at which science was progressing. He is in jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of comfortable work boots on his feet, and is drinking a coke from a glass bottle as he drifts through the exhibits.

Deadpool is simply chilling on a ledge of a sidewalk, in his full red and black-bodied 'condom suit' or so he likes to call it, listening to a mini-radio with duck tape on it…heartfully titled 'Wade's Hits'. Nevertheless, he seems to have his eyes peeled as he makes a crayon drawing of Deadpool decapitating a dude. Does he have a target in mind here? Regardless, he stands up, walks up to someone and in a deep voice, asks 'have you seen this man? No? Okay. Here, have a crayon and free paper!" he then saunters over to where Mike is, giving him a nod.

"Heloooo pedestrian!" suddenly dressed up like one of those game show guys. "Hit the melon and prove your strength! Unless you're a total wuss!"

Amanda Sefton would prefer to be out and about with Danielle, but sadly, her oft-companion was unavailable. Something about horse-riding lessons for one of their fellow carnies. This leaves Amanda to investigate the fair alone. Well, 'investigate' is perhaps a harsh word, but Amanda's progress through the fair has been slow and methodical. She's had recurring weird dreams about this place, and while she has never known her dreams to be prophetic, she doesn't take chances, either. She's a dozen or so steps behind Mike, her gaze darting about as she continues on.

When Deadpool suddenly appears infront of him, he lifts his bottle in greeting and says, "Evening." But then he raises a brow and says, "A contest of strength? Where is the melon? I'll give it a shot." He doesn't seem inclined to shy away from the proposed challenge, but neither does he make any boasts about his abilities either.

It's about then that a noise comes from within the Hall of Science. There's a bang, and then another, and then it sounds like the world's loudest microwave popcorn except that microwaves don't exist yet. Suddenly each individual bulb in the area bursts, showering little sprinkles of glass over anyone who happens to be standing near one.

Deadpool smiles to Mike, stepping aside to show off the machine where melon smashing must occur! "Right this way sir! if you win, you win a wonderful spandex suit much like my own! Except, MUUUCH less spiderman looking amiright?" he says with a wonderful flourish of his cane, before he looks at the 'screen' "Becuase $#!& The Writers! wait…was I just BLEEPED?!" ….who is he talking to?

"Yeah! well, @ your mother!@#$ing dad in the $#@! !@#$!@#$!@#$!@$#@!$#@!#$!!!"

Is Deadpool sane? anyway, back to the present! "Anyway, right this way Chris Wood!" he tells Mike, yes, fourth wall breaking. He looks as sprinkles of glass fall on people! including him! he gets a shard in his cheek! "owowowowowow owie!" he pulls it out. "WOW! that's a $^&#1843." he looks upset. "REALLY! BLEEPING AGAIN?!"

Her right hand lifts, forefinger and middle finger touching as Amanda spies the glass shattering across the various bulbs. She gestures quickly, and, at least around her, glass shatters in convenient circle around people, leaving some people glass-free. Just as they should be! Deadpool was… well, easily ignored, because he fixated on Mike, and judging by how…. unique he is, Amanda just assumes that he's part of the show. "Is nothing in this city ever normal?" she mutters.

"I don't have any particular need of a spandex suit, but I don't mind taking part in the contest," Mike says and then corrects the merc with the mouth, "Mike. Mike Matthews," he introduces himself. Then there's a shattering of glass and Mike looksa round quickly to try to figure out what is going on. He watches as the glass seems to shatter harmlessly around Amanda and both brows raise a little bit. He's somewhat caught between Deadpool's apparent insanity and the fact that glass is shattering all around the Hall of Science.

Suddenly people come streaming out from inside, crying out that things have gone haywire. There are all kinds of mumblings and screams coming from those who are escaping, saying that the machine is alive, or that someone is trying to kill them, or that the machine is an alien. There's a lot of different rumors and theories but it seems that most people are just trying to get away rather than figure out what's going on inside.

Pffft! Deadpool? Insane? Pish Posh!…but oh so true. Deadpool is suddenly back in his regular red spandex clothing, katanas on his back and guns at his side. As per his usual motif. clapping and rubbing his gloved hands together, Deadpool looks to Mike. "…wanna help me make chimichangas?" and without another word as to what he means, he rushes towards the Hall of Science. "HEY HEY HEY!! MOOOOOVE! DP coming through!" and he dives headfirst through one of the windows.

"Oh…holy $#@!nuggets." the Merc with a mouth simply gazes on. Whether or not it's actually a giant deal or not remains to be seen however. Though, he has noticed Amanda…somehow, thus is there randomly a piece of paper flying into her face, unless she dodges. On it? 1-800-CALL-WADE. Did he give her his number?


WHUMP! The paper catches Amanda right in the face, conveniently slowing her down. She mutters a curse in Romani, tearing the paper away and crumpling it. "Always!" she hisses. And like any unsensible person in this city, she heads -for- the screaming, quickly gesturing about herself with her fingers. She ducks through running people as she does so, and they're all so busy with their escaping they don't notice the casually-dressed young woman now sports white, including a big billowy hooded cloak. Because she's all magic-y. She needs a cloak. It's in the rules!

"Make.. what now?" Mike asks when Deadpool looks to him then takes off toward the Hall of Science, diving through a perfectly unthreatening window despite the fact that the doors are wide open. There's a crash as more glass shatters everywhere as Deadpool goes through and comes up on the other side. When Amanda as well goes in despite all of the people going out, Mike, too, follows the others inside. There's no fancy costume change for him, however, and he doesn't go through the windows. Instead, he manages to move upstream through the crowd into the building beyond.

Inside, a large ten by ten foot metal frame seems to have come to life. Long cables are moving on their own like great spaghetti strands of spite and electricity, shocking those who get near them. Mechanical wheels and gears are turning, shifting and moving the racks of vacuum tubes inside, seemingly all on its own. There are a couple of unconscious scientists in white lab coats on the ground, and one or two tourists sprawled and trying to crawl away.

In the middle of all the mayhem is a girl who appears to be in her late teens, sitting on the floor seemingly entirely undisturbed by the machinery. She has her head held in her hands, face shrouded by long dark hair, her outfit looking like a school uniform.

Deadpool looks upon the metal frame coming to life, cables moving on their own and apparently turning into an epic death machine. Before suddenly Deadpool looks at the robot and just says in the best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. "Come with me if you want to live." and he totally just..extends his hand. Of course, it's a bit…too early for Terminator to be a thing, so it will probably fly over just about everyone's head. "Oh wait, dammit. That's just lazy writing." he then flips off the ceiling for reasons unknown. "$#^ You Dave!" WHO IS HE TALKING TO?!

either way, he draws his swords and he looks at the robot. "Okay box-master 2000. Let's dance." and he leaps at the robot! attempting to slice and dice it. "HEY! Emo chick! ya might want to beat it before you get beat by giant murderbot!"

Amanda Sefton firmly tugs her hood into place, just obscuring the upper half of her face. She can somehow still see. Magic! And she skids to a halt near Mike as the death machine-i-ness of it all sort of dawns on her. And then, there's Deadpool. "…." She could comment, but really, what good would it do? However, she can guess there's an attempt to help there, and she does what she can: her hands move, surrounded in a soft green glow. If the machine moves, she briefly erects a barrier to keep the parts away from Deadpool. Or she /tries/, anyhow. Who knows how hard that thing hits?

Mike Matthews is unable, for the life of him, to figure out exactly what Deadpool is talking about, but he's not even from Earth, so that's not entirely an uncommon thing for him from time to time. He glances toward the ceiling, and then over at Deadpool and watches as the man hurtles himself through the air toward the giant metal frame with its flailing cords and wires. Those katanas easily slice through several layers of wire, but that doesn't mean that several more don't reach out to grab at the red-suited man. Amanda's quick motions to try and prevent them from hitting him, however, seems to keep him from being entangled in the snapping and crackling live wires. That doesn't mean that one or two don't hit him, causing a burning and sizzling against his suit.

The girl doesn't seem to hear Deadpool nor does she react to his advice that she try and get away from the machine. The machine doesn't seem to have noticed her, or if it has, it doesn't seem hostile toward her.

Mike runs in to try and grab the girl to get her away, crouching down beside her and saying quickly, "Come on. I will get you out of there." That's when she raises her head, and her eyes, crackling with electricity fix on him. With one hand, she places it on his chest and a sudden burst of electricity throws him backward several feet.

"OW OW OW OWIE!" Deadpool shouts as, despite Amanda's timely intervention, a few wires manage to break through and give him a shock. Nevertheless, Deadpool is still going, though he acts like a mime now behind Amanda's barrier…before pulling out a gun and hopping OVER the barrier to unload it into the machine! all while twisting to try and slice deeper into it!

"Thanks for getting the kid pal! Here, have a banana…but wait! SUPERHERO LANDING!" and he lands epicly…but he hurts his knee. "ooooowwww…." he whispers painedly to himself. But he straightens up easily enough.

"Alrighty! so which ball-fondling moron made this beautiful chrome death machine?!"

Oh good. The girl at the centre is responsible! Or… something. Amanda shifts the barrier as Deadpool jumps over it, using it to block a wire headed her way. "I think it is more important to be destroying it!" she calls out in her sort-of-sounds-German voice. With one hand keeping the wire away via the barrier, she gets to Mike's side as quickly as she can, kneeling. "Are you all right?" She casts a glance away from his prone form to make sure Deadpool is… doing whatever it is he does. Impressively effective as that is.

Mike Matthews seems to be only a little dazed. The sudden jold of energy was enough that it took him a moment to absorb it. He rubs at his head a little bit with one hand and then begins to pull himself up, "I'm alright. The girl seems to be.. not alright though." He can't tell if she's the one controlling the machine or the other way around, "I'm not.. sure what's going on there, but she packs a shock. Be careful."

Meanwhile, Deadpool's acrobatics seem to be making relatively quick work of all those cables that snake out from the thing until it is a giant largely inert metal frame shooting sparks off in every direction. Whatever is going on with it — it isn't happy, but it also has significantly less moving parts thanks to Deadpool's efforts. Amanda's shields likewise manage to keep the red-clad chimichanga lover from taking too much damage — well, too much non-self-inflicted damage anyway.

Deadpool then does a superhero pose with a loud 'YUS!'. Arms extended in cheer, full squat….the whole nine. Before he looks at Mike. "Oh hey buddy! you okay? Oh! Is this the part with Jack meets Jane?" he looks between Mike and Amanda, probably aware by now that that isn't their names. "Pool. Dead. Fullname Deadpool! Mercenary and ultra-hero, you probably don't give a shit but that's okay!" He looks between them.

"So…..who are you?" he asks with a complete no-nonsense look on his face…which can't be seen because the MASK! HAH! take that writers….

Though judging from the fact that Deadpool's head is tilting in certain directions, he probably has noticed that a lot of this is filler text.

"Lazy. $#@!ing. Writing." he murmers to himself….then proceeds to take his OTHER pistol and empty the clip into the sparking out like crazy robot. He double tapped. Well…more like penta-tapped?

Amanda Sefton stares for a long time at Deadpool. She glances Mike-wards, as if to ask "Are you seeing this?" She does not, however, ask. This is New York. If this was the wackiest thing to happen this week, it'd be a slow week. "I'm… not fond of being shocked myself," she finally says to Mike. She gets up, offering Mike a hand up… but the man manages to do that all on his own. That settled, she heads in the direction of Deadpool and the girl beyond. "Are we sure that thing isn't going to move?" Introductions? Not yet. She's still not settled on this whole 'fake name' business.

"Yeah, I'm alright," Mike says to Deadpool as he then nods to Amanda. He's seeing it, all of it. It's clear he has no idea what to make of it, but he also seems to be more focused on the current state of affairs, and since Deadpool seems to be effective, if weird, that seems to be all that matters at the moment. "Nice to meet you," he says to the man before saying, "I'd avoid getting too close to the girl then," to Amanda. He doesn't look sure about any of it, truth be told, but he makes another slow approach toward the girl. "Hey.. look.. everything's okay. But we should probably get you out of here. Maybe we can talk? Without the zapping?"

The girl stares at Mike but at least she doesn't immediately shock him. Then her attention shifts to Deadpool and over to Amanda. Electricity still flashes in her eyes, but the giant mainframe behind her seems to be rendered entirely useless — not that it did much to begin with — but now it does decidedly less.

She pulls herself up off the ground and begins to walk away from it, slowly, in the direction of the exit. The further that she gets from the big metal box, the less sparks shoot out of it until it finally ceases to move altogether, going dark and cold and silent. What few lightbulbs remain intact around her, however, continue to go off. She says nothing, and continues to walk out unless someone moves to stop her.

Deadpool looks at Amanda. "Hi." Deadpool says with a smile behind his mask. though still…not able to be seen. "Prettttyyy sure that ain't gonna move." Another bullet from his gun into the chasis of the sparking robot. "See? Dead. Like me. Deadpool. Pool of Dead. Piscina de Muerte. (deadpool.)" He then starts mumbling a song about chimichangas and maximum effort. But then he turns to see the girl walking off like nothing happened.

"Hey. Hey. HEEEEYYY LITTLE GIRL!" he literally runs after her, guns reloaded, and sheathed, before he jumps in front of her. "HELLO! msytery woman, would you like to tell the audience why you are crazy?" he leans close then, as if staring her down in the most awkward way possible.

The girl turns when Deadpool gets right up in her face and looks back at him with those eyes that are still crackling with electricity. Though, the longer that she stands there, the dimmer they get, until eventually they are just a pale blue, and she seems a little bit dazed. Then, she wavers, and falls onto him, whatever energy that had been within her draining away.

Mike tells Amanda to keep an eye on Pool and the girl while he goes to check around and find out from the scientists what went wrong, and if something happened to the girl before they got knocked out, leaving Deadpool to deal with the aftermath, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, most of the tourists have fled the immediate area and some of the faire's security as well as the NYPD are beginning to converge on the location, to answer distressed calls from those who had been attending the faire as well as faire workers.

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